This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Todd Voigt, 45, born on August 6, 1970 and passed away on May 7, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Stacy Carey on May 8, 2022
Got a new gig working the amphitheater. You would have loved being my partner in crime. Me taking tickets you doing security. Miss you my friend.
Posted by Stacy Carey on August 6, 2021
Happy Birrhday in heaven my dear friend. Miss you at every concert.
Posted by Anne Donahue on August 6, 2021
Wishing you a very Happy 51st Birthday in heaven Todd. Still hard for everyone to accept that you're gone. My hope is that you and Cindy are together again and at peace. Miss you Toddy

Love Mrs "D"
Posted by Natalie Voigt on August 6, 2021
Missing you is the hardest part. 51 would've looked good on you. Wish you were here big brother.
Posted by Anne Donahue on August 6, 2020
Wishing you a Happy 50th?? Birthday in heaven sweetie. You should be here to celebrate and have all of us roasting you. You are very much missed and thought of.

Love you always,
Mrs D
Posted by Linda Voigt on December 22, 2019
Missing you so much this and every Holiday Season Todd. You are forever in our hearts and your Momma misses you!
Posted by Natalie Voigt on December 16, 2019
I heard a song today that got me. It was like you were right there with me. I miss you brother. They say it gets easier... It doesn't. The holidays are the worst. My heart aches tonight more than usual. Always on my mind Always in my heart ❤️
Posted by Elizabeth Lamb on August 7, 2019
Love and miss you Todd, but you are in God's hands It was always a blessing that you were born on my daddy's birthday, your great grandfather, Carl. Prayers for you both are that much more special.
Posted by Stacy Carey on August 6, 2019
Off to Billy Idol and Bryan Adams. This would have made an awesome birthday present. Miss you my friend.
Posted by Linda Voigt on August 6, 2019
Missing you on your Birthday Todd. You would have been 49 years old today. There is a hole in my world and a hole in my heart without you. Love you, miss you and thinking of you each and every day ! 
Posted by Stacy Carey on May 7, 2019
Missing you. Wish we could be having an all night talk like we used to. Got my summer concert tickets. Wishing you could go to them with me in person. You are always there with me in spirit. Until we meet again my friend.
Posted by Toni Bowman on August 7, 2018
I love Todd and will always remember his sweet spirit and loving personality. You and Brian and Dave were constantly together. What fun you had together. We were lucky to have a neighborhood were you could play safely and always showed up for dinner without being called. Love you three..
Todd was so polite and respectful I could tell that he was brought up with love. RIP my dear friend Todd.
Posted by Anne Donahue on August 6, 2018
Happy Birthday in heaven Todd. Still can't wrap my head around that you're not here with all of us. You are truly missed by all who loved you, and I miss your smile and " hey Mrs. D ." Gone way to soon, but you will always be in my heart and thoughts...Love ya Toddy
Posted by Linda Voigt on August 6, 2018
I think about you every day that goes by but today is special as you would have been 48 years old. Love you and miss you Todd.
Posted by Sharon Tornatore-Sgroi on May 7, 2018
Spiritual birthday wish sent your way, for you, your Mom, and family.
Posted by Stacy Carey on May 7, 2018
Todd. Another summer concert season withoit you. Going it alone at Lakeview. How you would have loved it. Miss you my friend.
Posted by Sandra Day Day on May 7, 2018
Toddster, you are still greatly missed!  Love ya
Posted by Cindy Voigt on August 6, 2017
Happy birthday Todd. Missing you so much. I think about you everyday. Love you always and forever.
Posted by Anne Donahue on August 6, 2017
Wishing my " 3rd" son a very Happy Birthday in heaven. You are missed each and everyday by all who loved you dearly. Mama "D" misses you Toddy, and I know you are at peace and in the loving arms of EE.
Posted by Linda Voigt on August 6, 2017
Missing you on your birthday Todd. Not a day goes buy that I don't think of you. I hold you dear in my heart until we meet again. Love Mom
Posted by Sandra Day Day on August 6, 2017
Happy Birthday Todd! Hope it's a great one!
Posted by Natalie Voigt on May 7, 2017
Brother, I miss you! I can't think of anything else to say. I just miss you!!
Posted by Linda Voigt on November 23, 2016
As the holidays approach I am missing you Todd. There will be an empty chair at the table and it hurts my heart ! I know you are at the Lord's table now and there is a chair waiting for me and Dad but we miss you here on this earth.
Posted by Linda Voigt on August 7, 2016
Yesterday was such a sad day for Todd. I was missing you on your birthday very much. Life is very different without you and we miss you! Holding you in my heart always. Mom
Posted by Janet Spriggs on August 6, 2016
Thinking of Todd on his birthday. Wishing he were here with all of his family and friends who love him and miss him so much. I read once that stars are the openings from which our loved ones in heaven shine down to let us know they are happy. Tonight, I pray for a sky filled with stars! And as I look up toward heaven, I will search for the brightest star of all, because surely that one will be Todd . . . Smiling down with a heart full of love and great joy. Love you always Todd . . . and so grateful to have had the honor of being your Aunt Janet.
Posted by Cindy Voigt on August 6, 2016
Happy birthday Todd! I miss you so much! I think about you all the time. Today I am remembering your surprise party for your 30th!! Thanks to your mom- we had all those great pictures of you all over the house.. Boy were you shocked when you walked in. I love you always and forever babe!!
Posted by Sandra Day Day on August 6, 2016
Happy Birthday Todd! Don't party to hearty up there! Miss you!
Posted by Natalie Voigt on August 6, 2016
Happy Birthday brother! We Love You
Natty, Cassidy, Anthony and Bella xoxoxo
I think about you everyday.
Posted by Stacy Carey on June 27, 2016
Todd...wishing you were here rocking it out with me at Lakeview Amphitheater with Tesla, REO, and Def Leppard. Miss you my friend.
Posted by Sharon Tornatore-Sgroi on June 24, 2016
As Mother's and Father's days have passed...I wanted you, Linda and Rich to know that I prayed for your peace. In memory of the great parents you were to Todd, sending love to both of you.
Posted by Lynette O'Neil on May 17, 2016
Linda, Richard, Natalie, and Andrew, I am so very sorry to hear of Todd's passing. I want you to know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I have such fond memories of Todd from time spent at your house in my younger years. He was always smiling and so easy to be around. Hoping all your cherished memories will bring you comfort in the days ahead.
Sending all my love-
Posted by Dorothy Gilmer on May 14, 2016
Dearest Linda,Rich,Andrew and Natty. I can't even express how sad I am for you. I can't believe I have known Todd for 41 years. So much comes to mind. Spending so much time at your house when he was so young. Playing games, backyard days on Wexford. That awesome smile he always had. He was a great son,brother and uncle. I pray you will find peace soon. Love you. For.
Posted by Celia Skandalis on May 12, 2016
Todd, there were so many things I admired about you, how easy you were to talk with, your smile, your loyalty, but most of all I loved your heart. You will be missed here but I know you are resting in the arms of Jesus.
Posted by Deb Fouche on May 11, 2016
So sorry for your loss. It was a total shock to hear that Todd had passed. Todd will always be remembered by the Security Staff at BMS.
Posted by Sharon Tornatore-Sgroi on May 10, 2016
When I hear the Carpenters song 'Close To You', I've always had a tear. That was 1969 to 1970, and Linda was carrying Todd. I always thought those words would guide Todd's life and it seems they have by the written tributes of Todd's life. We would sing it at the top of our lungs to Todd. And when he was born, yup, we sang it to him as an infant. I will choose to remember those sweetest of times...the 46 years since, we have seen many changes in our lives. Our lives have gone in different directions, but Linda and I remain the dearest of friends and my heart aches for the whole family. All of those blessings; the forever love, the friendship, the laughter, the joys and the sorrows of life are ours. Forever Close To You.
Posted by Anne Donahue on May 10, 2016
As I have sat here for the last couple of days, trying to digest that Todd passed, I have found it very hard to come up with the words. I am so very sad that this fine man is gone. I have known Todd since he was a little boy. I watched him struggle and fight to be one of the "kids." My boys took Todd under their wings and made sure no one " messed" with Todd. I will always remember his kind, loving, and happy heart. No matter what life threw at Todd, he always had a smile and a laugh. I can still see all the neighborhood kids playing out in front of my house, Todd included.Baseball games down at the park, throwing footballs in the street. Todd was a fixture at my house, and we gladly treated him as another "son." You couldn't help but love Todd. His smile and chuckle would light up a room. My best memory of Todd is, when he stayed at our house for a bit. He was always " bustin" on me about one thing or another. He would always be grinning from ear to ear, and say "Mrs. D" I am only kidding. I love you Todd you,and my heart broke when I found out the news you had left us. Heaven has gained such a beautiful soul. I pray you are at peace, and hope you know how missed you will be. Rest in peace "Toddy" To Rich, Linda, Andrew, and Natty, there are no words to comfort you or make this any better for all of you. Just know that Todd was loved by so many, and you all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you all Anne Donahue
Posted by Robert Spriggs on May 10, 2016
As Todd's grandparents living in California and Florida most of Todd's life, we missed so much. Nevertheless, we saw Todd turn frustration into contentment.and take himself by the bootstraps and pull himself up to be a viable student and a reliable employee. Those who speak of him speak well as do we.

Robert & Virginia Spriggs
Posted by Natalie Voigt on May 10, 2016
My brother, I miss him so incredibly bad. My mind is being flooded with childhood memories I had forgotten. I burst into laughter in the middle of my sobbing. All the times I told on him when it was really me, raiding his bedroom for quarters so I could go buy baseball cards, snagging his Led Zepplin cd's knowing I would probably get my butt kicked and so carefully put it back in it's place so he wouldn't find out. As a child I always wanted him to be proud of me. I always wanted him to know even though I was a pain in the butt little sister that I loved him and I looked up to him. I will forever remember hearing him say "Hey sis, what's up" and the fist bump.
My last memory of Todd was in my mother's drive way. He came out to say hey and Bella went over to him. He picked her up and he had that "toddy" smile. She told him the longest story in her baby babble and he just nodded grinning ear to ear listening. He adored my children and I teared up watching them. I didn't know that would be the last time I saw my brother. Todd, I will hold on to that memory until we meet again. This pain is too great but I know you are now at peace with the Lord.
Posted by Amy Dejulio-Defeo on May 10, 2016
From Robert DeFeo: We have been together since we were 6 yrs old and I can't imaging you not being here anymore. The hours we would spend together at my old house playing pool, watching wrestling and drinking root beer. No matter what happened in our lives we were always there for each other. You were so good to each of my children and they loved when "Uncle Todd" came over. There was never a dull moment with you. I will miss you my best friend.
Posted by Elizabeth Lamb on May 10, 2016
My great nephew, Todd, was always special from the day he was born especially to me.  Todd was born on my daddy, Carl's birthday. Daddy died in an airplane crash at the age of 44. Todd only knew him from stories and pictures. Todd was blessed with his great grandfather's love of life and a caring and generous heart. Carl Spriggs had a heart of gold and it was passed on to his great grandson, Todd. I am missing Todd and his big bear hug for me, with a smile and an " I love you, Aunt Betty".
So, I love you, my nephew, Todd.. We miss you.
Our comfort is knowing how special and beloved you are to the Lord, on your continuing journey of Eternal Life.
Posted by Naomi Canale on May 9, 2016
I did not know Todd personally, but do know, (by way of family) that he had a reputation for being a very kindhearted person. To all of his family and loved ones, you have my most sincere sympathy. Certainly he will be missed, and obviously he had an impact on your lives. May you find peace as you look back on sweet memories. Praying that God will ease your pain.
Posted by Jennifer Denison Scheer on May 9, 2016
I still hear you saying my name in Forrest Gump style "Jen-nay." You were always so nice to me even when I was an annoying little kid. Nat and I took great joy in stealing your CDs out of your room because you had impeccable taste in music.
Every time I walked into the Butternut house I could always plan on seeing Todd's giant smile. I regret that I haven't seen him in a couple of years. I thought we would have more time.
Thank you for being a gentle soul with a pure heart. I will miss you dearly.
Posted by Randy King on May 9, 2016
I'll miss you Todd! In the short time that I've known you I think your an amazing person, if the world had more people like you in it, it would be a so much better place! I'm sorry you had to go so soon. Can't wait to see you again. Forever your boy Randy! Glad I got a chance to meet you. Till we meet again cya later Todd!!!!
Posted by Vivie Pritchard on May 9, 2016
There are no words.....he was such a warm, big hearted guy, who surely brightened my day whenever I saw him. He is at the Lord's table now, full and bountiful, forever more. I will miss you Todd, so very much.........Vivie
Posted by Michael Bronstein on May 9, 2016
I am very sorry to learn of Todd's passing.  I new him from his time as a volunteer member of DFD.

Though I have not seen Todd in many years, quite regularly I'd see something or hear a song that reminded me of him and it always made me smile, with fond memories.

This is very sad news. I offer my condolences to the Voigt family.
Posted by Tim Donahue on May 9, 2016
This news makes me sad. Todd was a genuine, loving person. He was welcomed into our home (Anne & Me) as a child and both Brian & Michael always treated Todd like the brother he was. While I haven't seen Todd in many years... I only have fond memories of him. Thoughts for Rich, Linda, Andrew & Nat.
Posted by Sandra Day Day on May 9, 2016
I have so many memories of Todd from the young boy in my backyard playing with my boys to the grown man he had become. My fondest memory of you as a boy was when my son swung a golf club and sliced the side of your nose. You wanted a Popsicle and you were sucking on that with blood running down your face and wouldn't give it up. A doctor visit on that one. I can see you in the Barnard's pool splashing around. I see you riding that bicycle all over the neighborhood. I remember Graduation and how happy you were. On to your wedding and how happy you were that day. I see you sitting on the couch when we were gathered for birthdays and holidays. You were most always there. I remember how much you loved being an Uncle. I remember you at the kitchen table where we were most often chatting away. 
Even when things weren't going your way, you put up the good front and hardly ever complained.
Todd , you were loved by all and will forever be in our memories. Our lives will be forever changed because of the way you touched us and because of your loss. 
I know you are now at peace and making all your friends and relatives that passed before you happier with your presence. May you enjoy the next phase of your being and guard over us with all that love that you have . 
Until we meet again, LOVE you Todd!
Posted by Andrew Voigt on May 9, 2016
It is difficult to imagine our world without Todd, but there was a time when the world existed without him, and sadly, that time is with us again. May we be ever thankful to have experienced the space in between; may the very best of the man be the invisible thread and unknowable force woven within the tapestry of our lives, to be handed on and on and on...
Posted by Janet Spriggs on May 8, 2016
I am never at a loss for words, but tonight I can't seem to find the right ones to describe how much my heart hurts because we have lost Todd. We used to love exchanging Facebook messages and I went back to read some of them and found this one from Todd in 2009: 

"Hi aunt Janet, whats up? just wanted to write you and Doug quick and say that I love your new puppy. So cute. Also can't wait to see u when u come up and visit. I am so excited I cant stand it. I miss u guys so much and wish we could see u all more often."

Because we live so far away, we didn't get to see Todd as much as we wished. But we have so many special memories . . . Thank you for letting me be your Aunt and your friend Todd . . . You made the world a better place and you will live in our hearts forever. Love you my sweet nephew.

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Posted by Stacy Carey on May 8, 2022
Got a new gig working the amphitheater. You would have loved being my partner in crime. Me taking tickets you doing security. Miss you my friend.
Posted by Stacy Carey on August 6, 2021
Happy Birrhday in heaven my dear friend. Miss you at every concert.
Posted by Anne Donahue on August 6, 2021
Wishing you a very Happy 51st Birthday in heaven Todd. Still hard for everyone to accept that you're gone. My hope is that you and Cindy are together again and at peace. Miss you Toddy

Love Mrs "D"
Recent stories

Big Brother

Shared by Natalie Voigt on June 4, 2016

I come here almost every day to see the pictures posted of Todd. I haven't felt loss like this ever and it isn't getting easier. 90 percent of the kid pictures of us I don't remember but I hold the forgotten memories dear through these pictures. In all of the pictures of us he is so happy!!
Todd was an amazing brother, he always was my protector and taught me how to stand up for myself. Maybe one day it won't hurt as bad as it does now. Todd, I miss you so much!!! and as you know Cassidy and I are all about birthdays so be ready for our balloons come August 6th. Life just isn't the same anymore. Missing you more than ever my brother. Such a great big brother!! 
Love your Lil'Sis 

Missing You

Shared by Linda Voigt on May 29, 2016

Today I am missing you so incredibly bad Todd.  I feel like I'm wading through a sea of sadness trying to put one foot in front of the other but the tide is pulling me back from the shore.  I carry you in my heart and love you so much.  Wishing you were here for our Sunday Morning coffee and chat. Until we meet again my son I hold you dear and miss you so much.  

My biggest Yankee Buddy

Shared by Vivie Pritchard on May 20, 2016

I will surely miss the blow by blow Yankee Game share time knew them all and their personal here is the deal!!!! I have to ask you for a favor....and you always said anything I needed you would be there for me and you Could you please do your best to have the "damn Yankees" have a better season then last year!!!LOL  I am counting on you for that, get them on the right track.
Will miss you my Yankee Bud..Love Vivie/Emee