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Todd loved this so many other things he told me...I wish that I could remember the whole story and not just bits and pieces....but I know what it stood for..,,,freedom,,,simplicity,,,


Daniel Wants Grape Soda or Is It Orange!!

 So..Daniel was sooo sweet as a little boy, but he could really be a bratt sometimes. One time in particular was...... Daniel was just three when Todd and I started dating. The three of us had spent the weekend together, and that morning we had gone hicking. On the way back to Sanford (were Daniel and I were living with my parents), we stopped at a gas station for drinks and a snack. Todd asked each of us what we wanted...Daniel answered.."orange drink" no, "grape drink"... Todd asks "which is it?" Daniel says "I want grape drink" soon as Todd got in the store, Daniel decided he wanted "Orange drink". ...I told him it was too late because Todd was coming out of the store by that what did he do.... He threw a tantrum ALL the way home...I thought I would KILL him before then but I wanted to look like a patient person in front of Todd. So I just kept saying.."calm down"..."Stop showing yourself"... "buckle up".... "GET BACK IN YOUR SEAT!!" ... I think that is probably when Todd was wondering "What in the world was he getting himself into..."...Daniel has grown up a great deal from then, Todd has helped to mold him into a strong and mindful man...although I will say he has never let Daniel forget his orange/grape soda episode. 

Todd and Joy meet- Love at first sight!!

So where do you meet the love of your life....well, for me and Todd was just by chance. In fact, I had already been offered a pretty good job in Sanford, but had never worked in a factory before.A factory job just seemed the time. Both of us just happen to be interviewing at the same company, at the same time, and (luckily) for the same building. (Just different dept.) As we both sat there, waiting to be called back, he started the conversation, never thinking it would be more than name swapping, we talked as if we had known each other forever. Well, fate connected us again as my interview director was called away and we were given the facility tour together. That is when we found out we would be working in the same building. He was sooo sweet. And cute...I love that slightly crooked grin.... and those eyes...Well, after our tour, we said good-bye. I was kind of disappointed because I did not know if I would get to see him again. I went to attempt the drug test... OK not that I could not pass it but I am not an on command kind of person.... so you have to be there 15 min. before they let you try the test..while you drink so much water your eyeballs float...but then I thought I could pull it off...NOT!! have to have it to the line and it must be the right temp. so do not take 15 min. while she stands at the door as she is fussing at me..and embarrassing me in front of everyone.. in comes Todd.. Of course he had downed like a gallon of water or two and had to go a then he had to sit and wait the 15 min. with me. That is when we found out that I started on Thur. and he started on Mon.... I remember that Monday morning looking to see if he would remember to come to say hello to me... as I watched him walk towards me...I remember looking at his sweet...but there was this glow about him....I remember thinking..this is it..this is good just seeing him made me feel. We would sneak around just to get to speak to one another, pass notes,or steal a kiss. I still have those notes..I kept his and he kept mine. It is just recently, a friend said to me that Todd had come home from work one day and told him that he had finally meet the girl he was going to marry. So where do you meet the love of your life.... I guess it would be where ever God plans for you two to meet!

Todd Wesley Horner

Todd was born on August 10, 1971 to Cora and Wesley Horner. His grandparents May & Curtis Kennedy and Tom & Sally Horner were so proud of their first grandchild. He was spunky and "hard headed" even at birth. Cora had to have a C-section in which Baby Todd's forhead was nicked leaving a small scar.

Todd's favorite toodler memories mostly include chocolate milk, cookies, big breakfasts with milk gravy, and sitting on his Pap Arch's lap.

He has told me about many of the "adventures" he shared with his family and friends growing up in Robbins. From dirtbike riding, girlfriends, breaking bones, skipping school, tricks pulled on others, tricks pulled on him, cars he had, and the list could go on. There is no doubt that he lived life and had fun. He understood that we all make mistakes and we are not perfect. He would always tell me not to worry about some things because family and true friends will love you no matter what.....

Todd was very proud of having a large family. He really looked forward to the cookouts we had here because everyone would come. He looked up to May and Curtis for their strength and wisdom. He loved his sister (Wendy) and always wanted her to be happy.

The proudest things Todd cherished were our relationship and the boys. Beleive it or not; most of the arguements we had were over him trying to make my life easier or me doing something he thought that I should let someone else do. He was like that. If I needed something, all I had to do is ask. (I have never even bought my own razors,purfume, fuzzy socks, or shoes.) He would say.."Don't do all that work  (etc.-house work/ laundry), you have "three strong boys" put one of us to work. We can do it."

He was so proud of Matthew playing the piano. He would sit there in the evenings and listen to him play and tell him what a great job he was doing. Todd could even play some (by ear). Todd loved music. He was very gifted in many ways.

Todd was also proud of Daniel. He loved that Daniel was going to school at the early college and was doing well with his grades. He was proud that Daniel is a good boy and that we do not have to worry about him.

There is still so much to say, but I don't know how to continue right now. I just ask that if you have a moment to add something it would mean so much. Our family is using this site as a way to deal with the loss of  Todd.

"Memories are a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose"

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