In loving memory of our brother, son, friend, partner, and the all round best guy- Tokunengieyeoforie Michael Darren Ogan, 25 years old
Sunrise : May 28, 1995
Sunset: May 4, 2021
You will be remembered  forever
Posted by Destiny Nwadire on May 4, 2022
I thought by this time it’ll be easier to look at your pictures/videos and not shed a tear but it’s just crazy how you’re not here and it’s been a whole year. I miss your madness (ish) but also your compassion and support. You were the glue that held us all together and I can’t lie it’s been tough but I know you’re by our side with your Angelic bad boy wings during those dark days cheering us on from up above.
Better days are coming for sure !! Thank you for leaving us with beautiful memories that can last forever and when it’s time for me to get to heaven, you better be at those gates with a bucket of wine doing that uncultured cutting shapes dance you always do in some golden, bedazzled crocs LOL.

Miss you x100000

Love you Always,

your homie Des xxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Olamide Onajide on May 4, 2022
My Dear Toks. It has been a year since you left us and not one day passes where I don’t think about you. I miss you so much! Wish you were here to celebrate with us. To celebrate every milestone and our journey through life. Thinking of you always
Posted by Somiebi Ben-Willie on May 4, 2022
It's been a year and I am still processing everything till this day. I miss you so much and I wish you were here. So much has gone on that I needed your guidance for and I miss you for how amazing you are whenever I spoke to you about anything . Forever in my heart.
Posted by Krenara Divadi on May 3, 2022
Dear Toku, tomorrow will be one year since you left this earth. I have barely spoken to you since college but I really have thought about you so much this last year. I pray you’re resting well and smiling and making everyone around you laugh like you always did. I’ll forever treasure the advice you shared with me, I’ll forever remember your laugh and the way everyone around you loved you a lot. Take care always, you’ll really never be forgotten. Lots of love T ❤️
Posted by Samuel A on May 1, 2022
Bro it’s been almost year…. I thank you for who you were. I’m glad for your unconventional approach to life. I was meant to be mentoring you but you’re one of the first people that taught me to free myself. I hope you’re getting the rest you deserve.

Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Anna Z on May 1, 2022
Hi Toku,
I was looking for something today and opened a random folder on my phone just to find a photo of you, Liz and me. Really made me stop in my tracks. Just wanted to let you know that we think of you. When we see photos, something we want to send you because we know you would think it's funny, a song, anything. Miss youxx
Posted by Bobo Akpapunam on November 4, 2021
Miss you so much my bro. Sometimes I don’t even realize I miss you till I miss you. Don’t know how to explain that. Still find myself texting you to rant when Tolu vexes me or Mumc vexes me lol.
Hope you’re keeping the angels happy sha make the CP of Angels no tear your garms lol
Love you bro 
Posted by Chizi W on May 29, 2021
My brother Toks, Happy Birthday! On this special day, I miss you even more. Not one birthday went by that you were not one of the first to wish me a happy birthday. (Yourself, Firi, NamNam, Betty and SG) all have birthdays within a week of each other but this week has not felt the same at all.

I remember, today especially, my 21st when you travelled to NYC to come and celebrate with me and all the other trips you made just to spend the weekend on my special days. You were a true friend and brother. I wish we could have spent the day together but I stay here with the fond memories of all the birthdays we spent together and the amazing times that we shared. We were supposed to be at the Jetski beach this weekend!

Thank you for constantly supporting me and being there for me when I needed you the most. I will never forget the brother you were to me.

UPDATE 28th-29th May (12AM): i spoke with Firi, Titch and nam about you today. We all miss you bro! I am still trying to figure how to get throUgh this...

I went for dinner tonight. The same way we always go for dinner brother. The same way we go everywhere in the world. Tonight I went out for a bit Myself, Bettyna, Tito, Ariadne and a few of their friends. They played the song we both vibed to a few weeks back and I told you I sent it to ODH to ask him the name of the song as we could not find it on Shazam. I remember us siting on my couch May 3rd, i replayed the snap like 6 times to get the song!! I know you aren’t fond of 9JA jamz but you liked this one! I have been bumping the song all night long!

I have been trying to order a necklace with a picture of you and your picture and DOB engraved forever, Nam said he’d help me source the type that I wanted. Rep da fam ya feel me. I miss you so much my brother. We all miss you. I/We wish this was a dream. The worst year of/our my/our life/lives.

Love you forever and until we see again.
Posted by Krenara Divadi on May 10, 2021
Toku, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. May you rest in perfect and eternal peace. You’ve always been someone who radiated calmness and so much happiness. I still remember you like it was literally yesterday sitting in the corner of the caf in CCSS telling me to fix my “sour” face because nothing was worth scowling about. You made so many people happy and touched so many peoples lives, it’s incredibly painful to imagine a world without you. You will be so missed, you don’t even know how much. May you watch over your family and loved ones and remain blessed for eternity. Loads of love forever, Kay ❤️
Posted by Matthew Hunt on May 10, 2021

I am still in an utter state of sadness in the wake of your passing. You have left us far too soon. Memories of your company have come flooding back to me these last few days and have done nothing but make me smile. Your sense of humour, your wit and your enormous heart will be engrained in my memory forevermore.

I look back on our time together at Scholars house at CCSS, and remember with such fondness the hours we would spend in your room just joking and talking about life. I used to enjoy that so much. It will never stop making me sad to know that I will never experience that again, regardless of what happens from now on. I know you must be watching on from a better place, but be sure to know that you will live forever in our memories.

Take care my friend,

Posted by Daniel Adesiyan on May 10, 2021

Bro, it's almost unbelievable that I am sat here writing this. I remember the first time I met you and all I could do was laugh uncontrollably. We had not known each other a day and you were already calling me 'Bro', and asking me not to leave the house.... But now, you have left, and that's okay, because I know you left to be in a much better place.

Man, I always will be grateful for the moments we shared. The times when you would wrap your arms around me to hug me while cracking one of your customary jokes with that huge smile on your face, you being the 'life of the party ' at Joshua's house, or you trying to throw shots down my throat... all of it man. I will miss all of it.

Thank you for being such an amazing young man. Thank you for being a good friend. Thank you for the unforgettable moments you gave to each one of us. Thank you for being Toku. Heaven surely rejoices now that you are up there and I cannot wait to see you again.

Rest easy brother !
Posted by Morewa Fola-Alade on May 9, 2021

to the sweetest, kindest soul,

i can’t believe you’re gone...i still refuse to believe it.
i can’t imagine not seeing your smile, hearing your jokes, feeling your kiss on my cheek, hearing your accent or getting your funny random memes.
you were unconditionally kind and ridiculously funny.
seeing you was often the highlight of my night, you always made me feel like the most beautiful star.
i’ll miss that. i’ll miss you, Toku.
i wish i knew the last time i saw you was the last, i would have hugged you extra hard and made sure you felt as loved as you are.
I hope you’re at peace, i hope you’re resting in Jesus’ arms and making him laugh.
Until we meet again, gentle giant ❤️

Love always, Morewa
Posted by Dikachi Osaji on May 8, 2021
Dear Toku,

I can't believe that I'm writing this for you. This wasn't part of the plan but here we sweet boy, thank you for being the sweetest, most kind, gentle soul that I could ever ask for in my life. Thank you for protecting me and caring for me the best way you knew how. Thank you for supporting me and encourgaing me in everything I ever wanted to do. The last time we spoke you told me that you believed in me,I want you to know that I'll carry that in my heart everyday. I'll miss our drives and deep talks, our laughs and sharing our dreams but most espeically I'll miss you. I love you forever

-Dikachi Osaji

I'll miss Toku's big loving hugs the most
Posted by Aramide Akinkugbe on May 7, 2021
Toku, I can’t even believe I am writing this about you right now. You were such a light. I don’t think there was ever a time I looked at you and I didn’t burst out laughing or smiling. You just had that effect on people. I remember being at events and if I looked quiet you would come and shake me or do something to make me laugh.

You really were the sweetest, kindest, loving soul. I saw how much you loved Orafiri, and how you always had her back. You were the epitome of a twin brother.

The outpouring of love for you is like nothing I have ever seen before, you truly were so special to so many people. Although I wish there was more time, I am just grateful I got to know you. I am grateful for all the laughter and joy you brought into our lives. I will miss you so so much Toku. But those memories will never ever be forgotten.

Rest in perfect peace.

Posted by Liz Maarseveen on May 7, 2021

I still can’t fully comprehend that you’re gone. Every time I think of you I can’t help but smile. You were one of the funniest and most caring people I know. You made my time at CCSS so much better, I’ll never forget all the moments we shared together, from messing around during our law class to you carrying me around the room to you donating all your spare change to the homeless man sleeping next to Scholars. Even when we had a disagreement, you’d try to be mad but you could never hold back your cheeky smile and laugh. I miss you already, Toku❤️. Rest in peace.

Love, Liz (although you’d probably say lemon head)

Posted by kasi ugo-beke on May 7, 2021
My Toku,

My brother, my person, my hustler. Thank you for always being unapologetically you. I'm still praying that I'll wake up and find out that this was just a nightmare.
I can't imagine a future without you. We spoke about our grandchildren growing up together, you interrupting my wedding after the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' cue, you beating up anyone that ever messed with me, us working together and so much more. It's heartbreaking to realise that none of these dreams will come to fruition.

There is and will never be anyone like you. Since I met you, you've always looked out for me. From our younger days when you used to randomly buy me credit to the summer after college when I came back to Lagos and saw you almost everyday. You always made sure I felt included and were constantly proud of me even when I doubted myself. You were the glue that held our extended families together, and you never failed to express your love for all of us. You were the most loyal and the most caring brother. Thank you for always visiting my parents on your own accord whilst Tochi and I weren't around.

There are countless examples of you always being there for me. Life will never be the same without you. I don't know who else will call me 'Village Angel/oyinbo' and laugh at my weird moin moin combinations. I will miss you constantly teasing me and our deep, prolonged conversations. I'm mad that you told me 'don't be missing me too much' because that's impossible. I'll continue to make you proud and know that you're with me in spirit. I love you so so much and pray that you're at peace.

Posted by vanessa cole on May 7, 2021
Toku.. gosh where do I begin. It’s hard to tell myself that I won’t get those random hilarious messages from you. It’s hard to tell myself that I won’t be seeing your funny dance moves or hearing your jokes again.
Toku, you were a friend to so many. And all I can say is that I hope you felt that we were a friend to you. You were always there for me. Cheering me on in the stands. Giving me words of encouragement. Making me laugh my ass off. Just like everyone else I’ve seen talk about you, we all say the same thing. You are the one that made me smile, laugh, dance, LIVE!
Not only were you a great time. But you were amazing for the meaningful conversations. We could talk about our ambitions, our next steps in life, our faith... and each one of these conversations remains deep in my heart.
All I can say as I write this is that I am happy you found God before leaving us. I remember the time we spoke last year about taking that step to God. You were anxious about where to begin. What did I tell you? God loves you, and He has chosen you, and He will do the work. All you have to do is let Him. Toku I pray that your journey to the Father is smooth and that you lay at peace watching over us. If you see me down, I beg you send me a slap from heaven to make me laugh. I’ll know it’s you.

Rest well xoxo
Posted by Tosin Akingbade on May 7, 2021
Bro, I can’t believe I’m writing this for you. I literally just saw you and spoke to you on Saturday. Seyi introduced me to you and you’ve always been positive vibes, always making everyone laugh. I can’t imagine the pain you must’ve been going through. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Till we meet again

Tosin Akingbade
Posted by Amarachi Chimezie on May 7, 2021
My brother my friend, I can't believe I am sitting here typing this for you and even planning for you to be buried??I can't even articulate my thoughts properly. As i looked at your body, i was hoping you would just jump up and shout surprise or something for it all to be a sick joke.

It's killing me inside because we had spoken two times that day about a great opportunity you had received,so I would never have imagined that this would come next .

We had our ups and down in our relationship but in the end we finally understood each other and made plans for the future. When you would always tell me Charles dont worry our big breaks are coming soon lets keep grinding''. You definitely believed in me more than i believed in myself.

You would always make everyone around you happy, and I wish we made you as happy as you made us. It's so crazy that even us close friends did not fully understand the sort of impact you had on other people we did not know. You were the reason some people were happy being in Lagos.

I pray that the good Lord in his infinite mercy welcomes you into his bosom. We will all keep grinding because that's what you would want us to do. Saying i will miss you does not do enough justice in quantifying the gap this will leave in my life. I will miss just randomly hearing "IGBOOO"' from afar and knowing Toku is around.

I know that you will rest well knowing that you impacted lives.

Love you bro

Charles Chimezie
Posted by Anna Z on May 7, 2021
Toku - I’m lost for words. I’m truly devastated. What a beautiful, funny and generous person you are.
There wasn’t ever a dull second being around you. I loved going to college with you - you made us all smile and laugh every single day. The cheekiest jokester with the biggest heart.
Thank you so much for all the beautiful memories - the jokes, the night outs, watching you down 5 orange juice bottles at lunch time haha - every single one of them, I’ll cherish forever.
Until we meet again, may your soul rest in eternal peace.
Lots of Love, Anna
Posted by Mobayo Oguntunde on May 7, 2021
Toku Toksss, it was love from the very first second of the very first minute of that very first day that we met.

Looking back at the 15-minute journey in Ruyi’s car that made us friends, you went through all the motions of a quick hazing to decide if I was going to be a worthy friend. I can’t remember what I said to you that night but when we got out of the car you said to me “You know when they first introduced us, I thought you were going to be too normal. But I can see that you’re not normal, just like me”.

I am forever grateful for that moment that we shared and all the memories that follow. From you eyeing me and saying “Mobsss mann” when I was pestering you for no good reason, to your words of love and encouragement (especially through Copa stress!!), to you holding my hand randomly at the function, to you promising to fight anybody that tried me and even teaching us the dance move with the shoulder and elbow combo that I will miss so much. I remember now that when we got to the end destination that night, you told me that we were going to be friends and a great friend you have been.

You have left a legacy of love, of kindness and of warmth. You never failed to put a smile on all of our faces and the world is a significantly dimmer place without you. Toksss my sweet boy, you are so loved. Forever loved. Forever treasured. I am grateful to God that I was able to experience your love on earth and as He welcomes you into His arms, I pray He grants you eternal rest in perfect peace. It is the peace that you deserve. Thank you for always being you, thank you for deciding I was worthy, thank you for your love.

Sleep well my friend,

Mobssss xxxx
Posted by Ibukun Badejo-okusanya on May 7, 2021

My sweet sweet toku,
It hurts so so much to write this. I cannot believe you’re gone. You left me without saying goodbye my toku. Nobody to terrorize me anymore, nobody to put up with me being annoying. Toku was the most loving person you would ever meet. He could always make light of the toughest situations. He brought laughter wherever he went. Always the first to troll me but also always the first to protect me. He always protected everybody he loved no matter the situation. My gentle giant, the only person that can call me on Snapchat call and I’d actually answer . I’m going to miss you so much T, but I take solace in the fact that you have found peace. I promise to honor you in every single thing I do. I’m here looking after uncle bolo, aunty Boma, orafiri , soso and everybody else you left behind. You would have done the same for any of us. I love you big bro, more than you could ever imagine and I can’t wait to see you again. Rest in perfect perfect peace my love.

Ibukun Badejo-Okusanya
Posted by Uyeme Itsueli on May 7, 2021
Man Toku it’s been extremely tough to accept that you’re actually gone gone. Asin it’s actually not a joke, and you’re not about to jump up and say “psychhhhh” ??? All I’m hearing in my head is you repeatedly saying “eeemagine me mudding”. It really is quite strange.

Why is death so final? Why don’t we get a direct line just to hear your voice? I would do anything to hear that your “accent” that only comes out when you’re telling some sweet fibs or the “chai” after every sentence! Lol what a silly guy.

There is honestly so much pain Toku. I wish we had tried harder. This just wasn’t the plan..We were all meant to be in our 50s celebrating all your achievements because you were destined for greatness. Never has anything else been so sure. I don’t get it.

I have a friend who once told me that she hated being called strong because some days she was actually really exhausted and now I understand a bit better. Everyone referred to you as the life of the party, the class clown, the resilient one, all of which you maintained even when you were bearing so many crosses. I wish we tried harder. YOU needed to be made to laugh till you pee’d. YOU needed to be lifted (literally, because each time you saw your friends you actually felt propelled to lift them off the ground, you nutter) and for not doing that enough, I truly am sorry.

I would go back and lift you off the ground 1 million times and then again, because that is the least that you deserved.

I love you eternally. We’ve got Frii baby and Soso for life


Posted by Betina B on May 7, 2021
Dear Toku ,

I still can’t believe I’m writing this I cant even find words to express myself, I was truly hoping to wake up and find out that all I heard is just a horrible nightmare.
Toku I am going to miss you so much words really can’t express I can’t even imagine coming to Nigeria and not seeing you again or coming to chill with you, to talk about what is really going on in our lives because you were one of the only few people I could actually talk to for everything and anything. You were so different , so special , so sweet , so Nice always and to everybody. Such a good friend and a brother because that’s how I see you , it is crazy that we only met in 2018 but I felt like we been knowing each other forever , I am heartbroken because I’ve always thought how we gonna be friends forever and get old together. I truly feel honored to have met and known you in this lifetime, and I’ll always carry the memory for you in my heart and how amazing you were to me and to everybody else . Please forgive me I wasn’t there when all this happened , I wish I knew , I wish we could’ve talked it out..
I know now you are with God and the angels and I will continue praying for you.
Love you forever and thank you for everything.

Rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Oje Etomi on May 7, 2021
Tokuuuu , I'm here struggling to think of things to say because I am in a battle with myself, not wanting to accept this to be true. You were such a loving, funny, sweet soul. You always believed in me even more than I believed in myself at times.

You never stopped fighting for your dreams and ideas for this world we live in, and it is crazy how you were only getting started.

I failed you by not showing the same love and appreciation when you might have needed it. You always had my back, whoever, wherever we were always ready.

In my most challenging year, you were there for me, helped me settle down well in Nigeria, and I will always be grateful for you.

Toku, you will never be forgotten! We will always feel your presence. Remember your loud ass laugh and lovely smile.

I love you so much, brother

Posted by Sarah Robertson on May 7, 2021
Toku ❤️

I am so heartbroken to hear the news of your passing. But mostly to understand the pain you were in. We haven't spoken in years and I keeping thinking I wish I reached out.

You were one of the kindest and cheekiest people I have ever met. You're little smile could get you out of anything. You truly were one of a kind, someone who was deeply loved by so many people. I hope wherever you are you can see that ❤️

I still have one of your jumpers which you gave me sitting in my wardrobe. I kept it all these years and it always reminds me of the good days we spent together.

Rest in peace and I hope one day we can see each other again ️
Posted by Joshua Olubi Johnson on May 7, 2021
My brother, my friend, my G, my partner in everything!!

Honestly it breaks my heart writing this and I don’t even know where to start because speaking about you in past tense speaks soo surreal.

Man, Toku you were a real and special gem, you truly were one of a kind with one of the purest hearts. Bro I miss you soo much and a void has been left in my heart that I know that only God can fill but I trust Him.

Toku thank you for being the definition of what it mean to be a friend who actually sticks closer than a brother! You were always there regardless of what you were going through personally and how hard it was and for you I’ll forever be eternally grateful.

I’m grateful to have done life with you and have the privilege to call you a brother, you know you were always a member of my family. Brother I’m honestly soo broken and don’t know how I will move on but I know you’ll whisper and say “JOJ you’re strong, you’ve got this”.

Watching the amount of love that people have shown you since your departure I think clearly shows the kind of person you are, Toks will literally take the shirt of his back to keep another person warm. I honestly can’t believe you’re gone!! Chaii Tokuuuu!!!

Toku loved his family more than anything else in this world, he always spoke about how much he wanted to do for his family especially his mum and sisters and Toks I promise you, I’ll always look out for them forever.

Chai, Toku I will miss you!!! We did everything together and your absence is creating a giant space in my life but I know that no matter how much I love you, God loves you more and you’re in a better place.

Toku Darren Ogan, I love you forever and thank you for all the invaluable memories and times we shared together. Though you’re gone the Legendary of Toku Darren Ogan “Rasputin” will forever live on. I will always cherish all the moments we had together!

Rest Well My Beloved Brother, till we meet again!

I love you forever bro.

Posted by Aaron Esiri on May 6, 2021
Toku my brother,

My literal day one, born three weeks apart. Even before we were born we were together, Chilling in our mothers womb as they shared a sofa, comparing who was bigger. After making me wait 3 weeks we were finally reunited and the memories began. Obviously there are too many to even try and think about just one at this moment, but when I think about my childhood I can't imagine one without you in it. We made a bond that can never be replicated or replaced and when I think about that it hurts that I've lost a part of me, but Toku I promise I will never forget you. Everything I do will be in memory of you my brother, I'll even try and be more mischievous like you (you know your own was too good but I said I'd try sha), I'll live life and enjoy life like you did. Earlier I said a part of me is missing but know this, a part of you will always live on through me and that contagious personality has touched so many more lives than you can ever imagine.

Rest in peace brother ✌
Posted by Kumbi Abere on May 6, 2021

Sigh, you were the last person on this earth I ever thought I would be hearing this news about or writing a tribute for. Toku you were such a sweet soul. Easily one of the funniest people I have ever met in my lifetime and I am so honoured to have known you. You always knew how to make everyone around you just laugh about any and everything. Your humour was always so bizarre to me because only you could pull off just about crossing the line with a joke, the joke be absolutely hilarious and people not be mad at you for tip toeing that boundary. This has got to be pure talent! Since yesterday, often I will just sit and think and just burst out laughing because I can't get over how incredibly funny you were. You're the only person that could call me 'dragon' and I not only eventually accept it but also find it so funny. I remember me arguing back and forth with you in grange about how I am not a dragon, but you would never budge. I found the funniest video of me dancing and you recording me, just hyping me shouting 'dragon, dragon, hey hey dragon', LMAO, only you Toku.

If only you could see just how much people loved you, I don't think I have ever seen such an outpour of love and light in so long. The number of lives you touched with your pure energy of love and compassion, I don't think you are able to ever comprehend. On my way to your house in London, how random that the Uber driver that drove me there, when he pulled up to your driveway, he was so distraught because he couldn't believe it was you that had left us. He described you as the 'tubby smiley fella, good lad, between here and Nigeria that has a good business'. To me, that just spoke volumes, it was a pure testament to your innate nature to manifest positivity and good vibes in everyone you came in contact with. You have been such an example of compassion for all of us and today, you have taught us all an invaluable lesson to better for one another, and I promise we will. I can count with my fingers the amount of times I have seen you over the past few years and I really regret it. I am so sorry if you didn't feel the same love and light you gave us unfailingly every single day and I just pray you finally have the peace and joy you truly deserve.

Everyone speaks about how supportive you were and I only wish I could've experienced that side of you as well, I am so sure you would've filled me with so much encouragement and love. Your determination and zeal was truly second to none and in my heart I knew you had the ability to be anything you wanted to be. In my heart you were really going to be that uncle that all our kids know is so troublesome but just so loveable at the same time. You filled every room you walked into with so much joy and laughter, made friends with literally everyone possible. Toku, you are one of a kind. 

I know Heaven has such a blast in store because they've just added such an absolute legend to their line up.

Love always ❤️
Posted by Azeeza Sanni on May 7, 2021
I want to say I can’t believe I’m writing this but you would roll your eyes at such a cliche entry. Toku, you were unique like that. You always said I put you in check but really it was you. You always supported and encouraged me to be better. That is simply who you were. Forever wanting better for everyone and helping any way you could to get them there. It’s funny to think that I actually can’t remember how we met but all of sudden, you became an integral part of my life with the snap of my fingers and you meant and still do mean so much to me.

One of the most creative, imaginative minds I’ve ever come across. You always had a great idea looming and wanted to execute, paired with your scream-laugh. Time with you was never boring. I can’t believe I won’t hear it anymore or hear you yell “Zeez!” All the plans we would make when we “blow” or tell me some ridiculous story narrated only the way you know how to.

There aren’t enough words to communicate and express how important you are to me or how missed you will be. I’m sorry our phone calls cooled down. I’m sorry you were hurting so much. You’re so special, so protective and a ball of energy. You looked out for everyone and how you made time for each person was so admirable to me. 

I’m heartbroken. You deserve so much more than these words. Life without you is going to be something, to say the least. “Something” for lack of words to express this pain but as the encourager and the best hype man I will make you so proud. You may not be here physically but you’re always in my heart and in everyone’s who loved you and we are many. Best believe that Mr. Ginseng.

There’s so much I want to say but it still won’t do justice. You were an amazing person and friend. Honestly the best. I’ll miss you so so much. Thank you for being you, you ray of gleaming and beaming sunshine you. I always said you’re a chocolate drop, something sweet and comforting. You still are. Memories of you are those times that are cherished.

Rest easy Toks, I love you. 


Posted by Valerie Aghoghovbia on May 6, 2021
Toku and I went to A Levels together but we got closer when he moved back to Lagos.
He used to message me every time I came in to Lagos to come out or to go to some event. He was always full of life.
He was the funniest person I had ever met in this life.

One thing about Toku was, he was loved by everyone, from A Level to University to his adult life. He was always surrounded by people.
I have never met someone so magnetic and full of positive energy it was very amazing to watch.
He was always encouraging and hyping people up.
The last words he ever said to me were words of encouragement.
I always thought I would see you again Toku, it really hurts me you’re gone.

Rest easy Toks

Val x
Posted by Shamil Yusuf on May 6, 2021
I met Toku in Cambridge where we had both just started our A-Levels in September 2012. It was in our accommodation where the whole house was watching TV and we sat beside one another and introduced ourselves. Later that night I went up to his room knocked on his door. As he opened the door, he looked shocked as almost to say "Oh God what does this guy want?". The more I spoke with him he seemed respectful but quite uninterested in what I was saying but then I started to talk about music and at that moment it's like he had awoken from a deep sleep. Anyone who knew Toku knew he loved his music, and he could tell you a lot about the artists who weren't mainstream. Since that moment we became friends.

The first few days of our friendship I remember thinking Toku was a very calm and quiet individual but little did I know. Over the course of the first term, I started to see the crazy and fun side Toku that everyone throughout his life had surely grew to enjoy and been appreciative of. I had never met anyone who was so comfortable at acting crazy to make everyone else laugh, or who had been so able to bring joy to any negative situation with tremendous ease. Another thing unforgettable about Toku was the way he would tell stories. I'm sure anyone would agree he was certainly up there with the greatest storytellers of our lives. Even though he would add something more to the story that would be untrue but funny you certainly enjoyed his version more. Theres one day in our group chat with friends from school he made me laugh. I had just updated my Playstation 4 (PS4) in order to play FIFA (a football game) against people online and asked if anyone wanted to play.

Toku says: "Oh you want to play online? Theres one update that's telling me it's going to take 6 hours."

I said: "6hours?!"

then Toku, and this is where I laughed, responds: "After the update, apparently the PS4 can yan you some stuff then it will yan your future. All I asked mine was to connect to the ultrafast MTN WiFi. It yanned me 'dust and that I should be going'. I just said God bless you and exed."

Sadly, Toku and I had not spoken for years after we both started university. Fortunately, I had the priveledge to speak with him about 2 years ago when I called our friend John in London who had happened to be with him. We spoke for around 2 hours about our days in Cambridge and all the laughs we had. It felt as if we had never lost contact, that we had been talking daily. I hadn't laughed liked that for a while. Earlier this year I lost my father who like Toku also had a knack for telling stories. I'd like to believe that they are both at peace in heaven telling stories and making others laugh. Toku was a light to many and is a reminder that we all have a little Toku inside of us that we must never be afraid to let out. I pray his family find peace and can celebrate the joy he was. He will live with us forever. Rest in Eternal Peace.
Posted by Salar Ghamari on May 6, 2021
Toku my heart,

All I feel when I think of you is real happiness!

You are the Brother I never had but always needed, You have inspired me from the first day I met you!
All I remember is laughter and fun times, even tho you used to make fun of me and kicked my nose and knocked me out and even when we used to fight for Ben & Jerry ice cream. I loved the every second of it. It was the closest feeling to having an older brother. You introduced me to everything that I love so dearly today, things that I associate my identity with; from your mindset to your taste in music and fashion and especially your amazing culture with its insanely sweet chop!

Living in Hope House and Scholars with you was the best time of my entire life. I don’t think I have ever felt happier. Being with you and the boys gave me a second family that helped me grow and become the man I am today. Even after Cambridge your drive and fierceness still inspires me to this day. I see an older version of myself in you which is why I will always seek your approval in everything I do.

My heart is completely crushed by this devastating news But I know that you live through all of us and we will all meet you in Heaven once again and will play Fifa and chop!

I love you Toku.

Posted by Tina Machingaidze on May 6, 2021

I don't even have the words. I'm so happy I was able to see you this year. Thank you for the laughs and the tears. From Turi to Essex to Lagos, you've always been there. I'll never forget you. Rest in Paradise sweet boy.
Posted by Gizem Dervisoglu on May 6, 2021
Dear Toku,

I can’t believe this. I wish you would just mess with us and come out and say “was just kidding”. It’s been years but the memories are fresh in mind. I always will remember you as the person with the most neatest handwriting in history class. You were fun, naughty but always engaging. You made people feel comfortable in your environment. You were kind and fun to be with.
Hope you rest in in peace big man!
Posted by Tomi Sodimu on May 6, 2021
My Dear Toku,

Considering how we turned out after 12+ years, I still think it’s hilarious that you were my school father in Grange. I’ve always seemed like the more responsible, reserved, and uptight one compared to your fun and carefree nature, but I think it works because we have always balanced each other out.

You were such a good friend, a ride or die for real, and so so caring. Even on days when you upset me, you’d come back to listen and understand why I was upset, and then make me laugh as your apology. And your smile could light up a room, so how could I really stay mad? You are literally the only human in the world who I let call me “Tommy”, not even a foreigner could try it.

Thank you for always protecting me, riding for me, being willing to fight weird men who approach me in public spaces, for encouraging me to keep growing my business, letting me hold your hand when I feel anxious, sitting with me when we were out and I was being awkward, and never making me feel out of place.

Thank you for being a security blanket, for not expecting more from me than what you knew I could give in any given moment. For understanding what I perceived to be my limitations, and then convincing me that I could do anything. 

I’m grateful for all the time we were able to spend together over the last month. From you and Somto spending the day with me in my office, to us going out last Friday, where you still let me hold your hand in public haha. Your ideas, businesses, hardworking nature, and how focused you were for this second half of your 20s made me so so proud. For some reason, I can’t remember if I said that to you recently, but I want you to know.

I still can’t believe I’m writing this. I cannot believe that I’m not going to be able to see you, or receive random messages from you, or hug you. My heart literally breaks each time I think about it; it is the worst feeling in the world. But I am slightly comforted by the fact that you knew I loved you, for who you are.

Thank you for all the years of friendship, and for letting me be there for you. Thank you so much for loving me exactly as I am for so many years, and allowing me to do the same for you.

The last message you sent me said “Love you Tomi!!! From time”… well, I’ll love and miss you until the end of time.

My giant teddy bear, Rest In Peace.


Tomi Sodimu
Posted by Chike Ogeah on May 6, 2021
Honestly can’t even believe I’m writing this, I’m still in shock and I’m hurting so much right now. Toku was the best of us, I still remember Toku, Dami and I starting our first day of Grange together in the hostel in 2007, I remember talking about football and seeing our British accents come out and we both looked at each other and then went on to speak about our previous lives that led us to Grange. It didn’t take long for us to get on like a house on a fire, Toku and I were very different but very much the same, we both considered ourselves jokers (He was the more practical kind though) and it started a long friendship that turned into a brotherhood with a foundation of laughs. I remember how seriously we took our PE sessions in school, Toku always considered himself to be David Beckham in his red F50 Adidas boots, a picture that is forever etched in my memory, I remember Toku leaving and going off to Kenya but always was back in Lagos and visiting school the moment he had a chance to. Toku was a huge staple in my life and along with Tochi, Omatsola, Chizi, Jeremy & Nnamdi that was my home away from home, the brothers I could always count on to have the real discussions that mattered. Leaving Lagos and living in London and Toku moving back meant I only really ever got to see him during the Christmas holidays or whenever he came to London and asked the boys to meet up so we didn’t speak as much as we should’ve thinking I’ll see him in Lagos, we’ll chop it up and repeat. Every time I saw our Dads enjoying themselves, I always pictured ourselves doing the same when we grew up and how we’d all look, I’m so pained that picture will never come to fruition but one thing I can assure you TOKS is your name will live on and you will be remembered and your loving and genuine soul will live through all your friends and all the people you touched along the way. I’m honestly so hurt and feel so lost right now but if you were here you’d probably hug me (breaking my back slightly) and tell me you love me. Even the times we didn’t see eye to eye or my sense of humour just wasn’t up to scratch that day, you always told me “Chike I can never fight you” and considering the amount of people you were ready to fight that always stuck with me and I’ll love you for that forever. TOKS you were the best of us and you were genuine person with a heart of gold, which I can’t say for most these days, I’m praying for Rif Raf and everyone in your family and I’ll love you forever my brother, rest easy my bro.
Posted by Mosunmayo Ayorinde on May 6, 2021
Rest well Toku, we LOVE you.

I pray you’ve found peace. I pray that you’re somewhere beautiful, happy and making angels laugh with that personality of yours.

I pray you know and feel how deeply loved you are. There is a whole army, a tribe of people that will never let go of your memory.

Love always
Posted by renee ono on May 6, 2021
Hi Toku, speaking to you on the phone on Tuesday evening was the best decision I made.

I do not know what to say this time and I am normally so good at that as you know.

Thank you for coming to me in your most intimate moments. Thank you for trusting me and not performing. You know I hate all that crap. Thank you for truly showing me your heart. Thank you for the vulnerability and the realness. Thank you also, for accepting me and appreciating me when I least expected. Thank you for loving me and being a die hard fan man. Thank you for fighting so hard even when it was dark and loving regardless...

The twinkle in your eye and the cheek in your smile - I will miss the most. The best in the game. I see you... 

Posted by Destiny Nwadire on May 6, 2021
Toks my sweet Angel,

I love you so much ❤️ God! This one has shattered my entire core. The car rides, the phone calls, the outrageous laughs and comments can’t be over. It just can’t.

Like guy you only taught me how to cook 1 thing Toks — how am I meant to survive on just chicken curry ??!!! You were meant to show me more and teach me more and laugh with and/or at me for doing dumb stuff (and blast me too)

You would always check up on me, regardless of my mood or the time of the night, if not a phone call, you would drive all the way to see me EVEN DURING LOCKDOWN. Damn, I miss our conversations so much.

It really kills me to know you were suffering in the end and I wasn’t there to hug you or hold your hand. I couldn’t convince you of how loved you are by so many or talk you through it. I’m just sorry because I felt like that was part of my purpose in your life and I failed. I wish I saw your call or turned my phone on sooner.

You have impacted my life in ways no one can understand. Your support was so genuine towards me and everything I did, even when I used to come to cry about the haters/hardships in this life, you’d tell me to ignore them and keep pushing. Sigh. You were so so excited for Ginseng!!! All the proposals and then all your recent work really pushed you above water.

I finally thought you happy Toks. You always told me that, one day when we’re sipping cocktails somewhere with our billion dollar businesses we’ll look back and laugh at when we struggled to stay afloat.

All day I have struggled to write this but now I feel like I can share so much of all the good you’ve done but let me conclude before I reach the max. limit lol

I have cried endless tears and I know you hate when I cry but this one is too bad. My heart is in pieces. I miss you endlessly and I pray that you are dancing in heaven in peace watching over all of us because there’s only 1 Toku Ogan and he’s everyone’s guardian Angel.


I’ll love and miss you forever T

May God protect your soul and may you rest in perfect peace.

Love Always,

Des ❤️
Posted by Samuel Anani on May 6, 2021
BIG SAM!! Every time Toku saw me he'd utter these words with a smile on his face.

Toku was a correct guy. Always showed love, lived his truth. Refused to be boxed in, a dreamer and a doer. It is a pleasure to have known you both professionally and personally.

You are gone way too soon but i will cherish the memories.

May your soul rest in perfect peace brother.
Posted by Ella on May 6, 2021
I don’t know where to start. There are so many things to feel, my words are few but my heart definitely speaks for me.

Being completely honest I feel pain, guilt and a lot of sadness

Our relationship definitely changed drastically but I never forgot you even with the distance.

At some point in my life I really loved Toku more than anyone else and have always felt ashamed to admit it.

My actual friend, I was finally at a place where I could reconnect and start afresh. It took time and sometimes I think about the times you reached out and tried.

Last year, I came to a point where I was ok with how everything turned out and was happy knowing you were fine doing your thing.

My one regret is never relaying that to you, maybe it would’ve changed things and maybe you would’ve felt able to speak to me about things like this again. Maybe

I still haven’t connected with anyone the way I did with you, your soul was truly beautiful.

A man with great potential, I just knew you would make it in life.

Always the life of the party, you really changed my life. No matter how much you’d annoy me, I just knew you deep down you were a good guy just trying to get through.

I still feel like I’m in a fever dream. Even in death your heart is remembered. I truly miss you and I know you’re resting in perfect peace.

- Emmanuella Asiegbu
Posted by Zeinat Atta on May 6, 2021
I am so sad, Toku. My heart is shattered and it all feels like a really bad dream...

All I have are our messages. I keep going through them and i'm cracking up because we were both insane! We had so much fun together and you would always make me laugh till I was in tears. You knew that I was insane but you accepted me that way :).

You were honestly the sweetest and kindest boy ever. I never thanked you enough, but I want to thank you for always checking up on me, encouraging me when I thought I was not good enough, giving me advice and being there for me in my toughest moments. I really regret not doing the same for you.

I have missed you and have thought about you often and will continue to miss you.

I pray that you are resting peacefully and that you can see how much you are loved. ❤️
Posted by Desi Mamudu on May 6, 2021
Dear Toku,

I can’t believe I’m writing this. You are one of the kindest, purest most helpful people I have ever met. I know that I can always depend on you if I ever needed anything. We used to laugh so much and chat about everything. I think we met around 8 years ago and I always knew there was something special about you.

Anytime I was in Lagos it was you I called to help me and you were always willing to drop what you were doing to make sure I was okay.

Our families have an amazing bond and I see you as my blood. Your memory will live on with us forever. One of my favourite memories with you was December 2018 when you came to stay with us for Christmas and we had sooo much fun. You told me a couple weeks ago how you love how close we have become over the years and I still can’t believe this is where we are now. Through tears I am writing this but I will continue to be strong for our families.

I can’t wait to see you again and hear your laughter. I hope you are resting well T.

Love Desi
Posted by Farouk Bello on May 6, 2021
I cannot believe I am writing this, Toku called me at about 4:30pm on Tuesday, May 4th 2021 to tell me he is on his way to my office. He stayed with me till about 7:30pm that day. I believed it was a routine visit and never knew it would be the last day that I was seeing him. We spoke about business and the general tone of his voice was optimistic. I am always happy to see Toku as he is one of the few caring friends I have. When I am quiet, he checks up on me and had genuine love for me. I am very happy to have known Toku for five years, he brought life into any room he entered and was extremely jovial. The events on the May 4th will continue to haunt me for a while however I am happy that Toku is now in a better place. I am writing this from my office which is exactly where I know you would want me to be. Thank you Ambassador II for being an amazing friend, till we meet next time my brother.
Posted by Bobo Akpapunam on May 6, 2021
Toku Toku Toku!
My first ever Business Partner, My friend, my Brother and my mums first son. I miss you bro. Words can’t explain how I feel right now but what I want to do is Thank you.
Your friendship was a blessing to every single person you connected with.
We made a promise when we moved back to hold each other accountable and always push each other to do things and achieve things. From the moment we started Ginseng you just kept pushing me to do different things. You always encouraged all your friends and pushed us to be the best versions of ourselves and I loved You for that.
There was a point for a whole year when we literally switched houses like 4 times. I’ll fight my mum and move to hide in your house. Till you call my mum and force us to make up. Next thing you’re fighting your dad and you come and hide in my own house till my mum tells you you must go back and apologize. And the cycle continued Lol.
But no matter what happened you were literally the happiest soul. As I write this I am certain that the only reason I’m not bawling my eyes out is because I can hear you laughing at me and calling me a “wuss” (or your own more explicit version of that Lol)
Bro I love you so much you don’t even get. I have been so absent this last year because of work to the extent that I used to reach out to my mum to just check up on you when I can’t and she always did. You guys probably spoke more in the Last few months than we did. Now I feel like every missed call is a missed memory I would’ve had with you my brother. But it’s okay. No matter what happens I know you will always be happy. I’m sure the Angels have laughed more in the last 48 hours than they have in their entire existence. You and the original Rasputin are probably cruising angel Gabriel for having long hair or something like that Lol.
I just want to make a promise to you and that promise is that Orafifi will NEVER ever be alone in anything she does. All the brothers you left behind will now be carry the mantle and continue to be there for her in every aspect of life.

I Love you brother. Until we meet again
Bobo ❤️
Posted by Yasmin Mohammed on May 6, 2021
Toku! My one and only neighbour,

I am going to miss you soo sooo much! Living on this street will never be the same without you. Who will come to my gate and shout bring your big head outside? Who will ensure that after every night out I get home safely? Who will do ‘due diligence’ for the friends you see me outside with? 

I can’t believe I’ll never be able to call you Tokstar to annoy you. Thank you so much for having the most energetic personality ever with the most contagious laugh. I love you and you’re going to forever be missed Toku. You’re gone but never forgotten.
Posted by Somiebi Ben-Willie on May 6, 2021
Toku my big bro,

One of the people I looked up to, always giving me advice, always making sure that I was good whenever we went out with each other. We made plans for when I finally finish university this year and I already miss you so much. I know you’re in a better place and I love you bro , we all do. So RIP until we see again my family.
Posted by Munoyo Ikomi on May 6, 2021

From the moment we formed a controversial alliance in class 8C, you were a force for good in my life and such an immense source of joy and laughter.

Thank you for 13 years of selfless true friendship, loving me fiercely and consistently, holding me accountable and mocking me mercilessly when I was being ridiculous.

We were meant to see each other “for sure” in March but we thought we had time. I really wish we did but I will continue to hold on fiercely to the times we did have. The partying,the karaoke, the one sided rap battles you refused to engage me in, the laughter, the joy behind our practical jokes, and all the times you ensured I got home safely from any event you spotted me at regardless of whether we attended together.

To borrow your own words to me on my birthday verbatim, “miss you and love you always.” I promise to uphold our treaty of non-conformity and continue to terrorise our peers with unsolicited nicknames until we meet again.

RestEasy & #NeverChange.


Lots of love,

MOOON! (as you always yelled whenever you saw me)

Posted by Omoruyi Giwa-Osagie on May 6, 2021

My brother. My business mogul, the advertiser, the miner, the procurer, the rugby player, the footballer who loved to dribble and never pass.
The most caring, the sweetest, the gentlest giant.
Toku was a lot of things to a lot of people, but the only way I can sum up what Toku was to me is a brother. People often ask how people are related to me, Toku was my brother, he was a brother to all my siblings and was my parent’s child.
I will cherish all the time we spent together. The nights sitting outside and talking for hours on end, the days spent eating so much food and suya that we cant move after. The phone calls. The dreams we had together, all the things we wanted to do together.
I remember someone saying “you guys love each other so much, you’re always taking pictures together”. I’m glad that there are memories to cherish and I will miss you deeply. I will miss your jokes and upbeat spirit. I will miss your uncanny ability to know just when to call or send a text exactly when needed. I will miss sitting down listening to you freestyle over beats. I will miss watching sports with you. I will miss talking about gangster movies with you. And I will miss your terrible Peaky Blinders accent.
I will miss you more than I can express. You always said we are brothers for life, and I will carry you in my heart forever.

Love you brother.
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Posted by Destiny Nwadire on May 4, 2022
I thought by this time it’ll be easier to look at your pictures/videos and not shed a tear but it’s just crazy how you’re not here and it’s been a whole year. I miss your madness (ish) but also your compassion and support. You were the glue that held us all together and I can’t lie it’s been tough but I know you’re by our side with your Angelic bad boy wings during those dark days cheering us on from up above.
Better days are coming for sure !! Thank you for leaving us with beautiful memories that can last forever and when it’s time for me to get to heaven, you better be at those gates with a bucket of wine doing that uncultured cutting shapes dance you always do in some golden, bedazzled crocs LOL.

Miss you x100000

Love you Always,

your homie Des xxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Olamide Onajide on May 4, 2022
My Dear Toks. It has been a year since you left us and not one day passes where I don’t think about you. I miss you so much! Wish you were here to celebrate with us. To celebrate every milestone and our journey through life. Thinking of you always
Posted by Somiebi Ben-Willie on May 4, 2022
It's been a year and I am still processing everything till this day. I miss you so much and I wish you were here. So much has gone on that I needed your guidance for and I miss you for how amazing you are whenever I spoke to you about anything . Forever in my heart.
Recent stories

Happy Birthday!!

Shared by Chizi W on May 28, 2021
My brother Toks, Happy Birthday! On this special day, I miss you even more. Not one birthday went by that you were not one of the first to wish me a happy birthday. (Yourself, Firi, NamNam, Betty and SG) all have birthdays within a week of each other but this week has not felt the same at all. 

I remember, today especially, my 21st when you travelled to NYC to come and celebrate with me and all the other trips you made just to spend the weekend on my special days. You were a true friend and brother. I wish we could have spent the day together but I stay here with the fond memories of all the birthdays we spent together and the amazing times that we shared. We were supposed to be at the Jetski beach this weekend!

Thank you for constantly supporting me and being there for me when I needed you the most. I will never forget the brother you were to me. 

Love you forever and until we see again. 
Shared by Kiki Parr on May 9, 2021
Tokuuuuu! My baby, My fave of faves
I can’t come to terms with this. It’s all too much to take in. I’m so heartbroken, I keep hoping you can pop up saying this isn’t true. My heart is soo heavy! I can’t get myself to do anything other than cry. You were my GUY! I was your young son, bro and sister at the same time..we shared soo much and I shall forever cherish the bond we had because it special and rare. You gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed one(you were my first friend to see me cry) , you looked after me when I couldn’t and made sure I was ALWAYS okay. I can’t believe all I have left are the memories we created and shared. We had plans to create more! 
We went from being strangers to friends to becoming family. The love I have for you runs sooo deep! Because I saw myself in you and vice versa -we were two peas in a pod. One thing I’m thankful for is being a part of your life. Thank you for letting me in, thank you for trusting me and sharing your love with me. I miss you soooo much toku! All the times I said I missed you does not compare to how much I miss you right now. The void you’ve left cannot be filled
I will continue to make you proud and strive for more in life. I will never settle for anything as you made sure I didn’t. I will continue to implement all you’ve taught  me.
Sleep well baby✨, keep watching over us all- love you 4L! Until we meet to part again no more㊗️❤️❤️.
Lissss x

Ambassador Ogan..Aka Fruity Loopz

Shared by Nicole Sotire on May 9, 2021
Im still in sooo much shock. I keep telling myself that this is some sort of dark prank that you are playing. Please just call me and tell me it's a joke, I promise i wont be angry.

We had sooo many memories together that i cant even begin to narrate. So many times of laughter and joy. You were one of the most joyful souls I have ever meet. I'm glad to have meet you and to have shared part of this experience we call life with you.

You always had a way of bringing people together and making people who had never meet you love you within minutes of meeting you.

I'm sad to be experience the rest of this life without because we defo still had many more memories to make, but I can promise you that I will never forget you Toku.

Toku Darren Ogan
I love you and I promise to make you proud.

Rest Easy Brother ❤㊗️