Posted by OLATOKUNBO AJASIN on May 12, 2021
Toks, your departure brought some sweet memories- remember when I used to come to Queen’s college in the late sixties to see Ronny, your close friend and the few occasions during the holidays when I called at your house in Surulere in her company. Those were some good old days!
Our paths did not cross again until we met at VOR. As usual even though we had both grown older, you were still your bubbly self and a very active participant in our activities and the social media.
We will miss your tremendous contributions, particularly your legal and informed political advice, more so at this very precarious time in our history.
We thank God for your life and believe that you are now resting in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Sun re o.
Your namesake
Posted by Olufemi Adegoke on May 11, 2021

Every hero and heroine is possessed of an individual metaphysic which is no less than a navigational beacon, a lodestar, guiding thought, speech and action towards a higher ideal. This is true of the person we pay tribute to on this occasion.

Mrs. Tokunbo Sholu-Ekukinam was a founding member of the Voice of Reason Foundation (VOR) wherein she was known and referred to as “Lady Toks”. Her commitment and industry earned her the membership of the Board of Trustees of the group.
In interacting with her, one was reminded of the Prime Minister of a European nation who reprimanded a colleague in 1990, with the words “...This is no time to go wobbly”. Lady Toks did not suffer fools, backsliders or waverers gladly. Her early exposure to the commanding heights of national party politics had convinced her of the futility of sugar-coating her words. More than 40 years in the field had demonstrated to her that seemingly minor insincerities and inconsistencies had the bad tendency of ballooning into catastrophic outcomes. She spoke bluntly and to the point. She attended meetings regularly and punctually and she contributed robustly to debates. As a lawyer, she was a stickler to rules and regulations. She vetted our public releases for mature language and compliance with the law. Without equivocation, one can declare that she stayed faithful and true to her convictions to the very end.

She served on the planning committee of the Yoruba Summit Group that organized the Ibadan Declaration of the Yoruba position on Restructuring in 2017 as a representative of VOR and in that capacity also attended many meetings of the Southern Leaders and Middle Belt Forum (SLMBF) which took her on numerous journeys across the county to avert what she considered to be an evolving doomsday scenario. She had a global network of activists and like minds which is now unfortunately unavailable to us.
Despite her tough exterior, Mrs. Sholu-Ekukinam had a soft spot for and was very apprehensive about the future of her compatriots.
How can anyone forget the opening paragraph of her speech directed at the younger generations of Nigerians, on the occasion of the 2nd Goke Omisore Annual Lecture, held on February 19th, 2021?

“…We can help you succeed if we build this dialogue, if we build this synergy together; if we can work together to put people where they should be in the scheme of things. Money politics has always been the bane of our Nigerian system, but we’ve seen a move away from that. The recent elections in Edo State is noteworthy. The young people took control of their destiny and decided what their fate would be. If they can do it in that State, they can do it anywhere. It just takes the drive, the passion and a vision to set up a common front to do it. From what I can see of our young people nowadays, you can do it!”

Today, these words of Lady Toks return to us in the manner of a prognostication from the Great Beyond. It is an understatement to say we shall miss her greatly. We pray that her spirit find favour with her creator.
Adieu Lady Toks.

Dr. Olufemi Adegoke
For and on behalf of VOR
Posted by Felix Alao on May 10, 2021
My darling sister, words cannot express the sadness that enveloped me upon learning of your sudden departure! A sound political juggernaut & technocrat, Lady Toks as I fondly called you, I will never forget your long distance calls during which we held long discussions on the way forward for Yorubaland. I benefitted immensely from your matured analysis of contemporary political situations in our unstable contraption of a country. But little did I know that you were merely bidding me goodbye. We love you but God loves you more and until we meet to part no more, Sun re o, Omoluabi Obinrin dain-dain t’Olorun da.
Posted by Jumoke Anifowoshe on May 7, 2021

I thought ‘Funke was your friend', so somebody remarked when I was grieving over Tokunbo’s demise.  Yes ‘Funke is my friend', the four Sholu sisters are my friends.  Each has a special place in my heart because they have all shown me love.  Tokunbo talked and discussed so many things with me.  We became 'chummy chummy'.  She didn’t have any reservation in expressing her feelings to me.  She felt comfortable with me thus her sudden departure has left me numb.

Tokunbo visited me on the 1st of March, 2021.  We were together for over three hours.  Talking about our days at Ife, education then and now, friends, Nigeria – economy, security, politics, Yoruba race, our children and life generally.  She didn’t allow me to prepare lunch for her.  She was alright with coffee and biscuits, which we both shared happily.

Tokunbo was away in the UK for about 20 years after her husband, Ntie’s death. Yet, when she came back home she bestrode the Nigeria space like she had never left.  She re-connected with old friends, made new ones and was so ever active on our Ife ‘74 Law graduates’ whatsapp platform.  The platform will miss you Toks because of your vibrant no holds barred contributions on the platform.

I shouldn’t forget, Tokunbo was/is (I hate to use the past tense for her) a poet.  She shared many of her poems with me, which I encouraged her to publish.  I hope Bimbola and her aunties will locate the poems and get them published.

To Bimbola, Billy and her grandchildren, please accept my condolences, cheer up, mummy has gone home to rest.

To my friends, the 3 remaining Sholu sisters, Funke, Yomi and Femi, I say take heart.  Ojo a jina sira won. Amin.

Adieu Toks – Rest in peace.

‘Jumoke Anifowoshe nee Ajasin
Posted by Toks Ojutiku Akpanika on April 29, 2021
Where do I start? ...memories from weekends and adventures at Ife, to your hospitality at Ilorin, your loving support as a 'big sis. Spoke to you only a week before, so forgive me if I can't yet accept your not being here. All is fought a good fight and now you're at rest with loved ones, may your beautiful soul rest in total, absolute peace and give those you've left behind comfort and strength. Sun re o!
Posted by Sena Anthony on April 21, 2021
Tokunbo and I have been friends for so long I cannot remember how we became friends. I believe that we have been friends for about 45 years . She was a perfect lady. She never liked to disturb anyone. She was Always very supportive, very caring , very loyal and a wonderful friend to have. She loves supporting friends when they have functions. Always one of the first to arrive and always stays to the end. She placed great premium on friendship.
Sometime in1983 she invited me to Ilorin to be Godmother to her daughter at the naming ceremony. I spent four days in Ilorin and had a wonderful time with her and her late husband as they both had such a great sense of humor. I wondered how she would cope when she lost her husband but Tokunbo was a woman of Faith and was strong.
Tokunbo was very proud of her African and Nigerian heritage. She loved wearing local fabrics. I remember that she posted a picture of herself on our Ladies RoundTable Whatsapp platform showing that she wore Aso oke Gele to the Queen’s Garden party in Buckingham Palace in London in 2013. She also made the comment that out of the four African ladies who attended she was the only one wearing anything African.
Tokunbo was very intelligent and did not hesitate to express her views in an articulate manner on any subject.
Her death was a huge shock to me. May God Almighty console her family and in particular her siblings as well as her daughter Bimbola and her family.

Posted by Esther Likolo on April 20, 2021
My sweet aunty! My heart is broken I didn't have a clue when we spoke few weeks ago would be our last chatting, I was expecting to see you in London this summer. I missed your call on 16th of March on Wats up hoping to catch up at the weekend. Little did I known the night of the Guardian Angel( The powerful prayer of the Archangels St. Michael you sent to me on 27th of March is your last prayer for me is a goodnight.... writing this my heart is filled with sadness.
It was done on me when you did not return my messages or call. And I said this unlike you until I saw this on Facebook .
OMG! it was a sad day, a vacuum is left in my heart, I never get to say goodbye.
Remember praying together, joining regular online prayer sessions together is my only comfort, I have no doubt you have made it to heaven.
You took me as your little sister, and a friend you didn't see me too little to relate with.
You always been there for me when the race was tough. Thanks for all the advice you given me.
I will forever cherish our time together in Camden, and Dagenham in London, and our regular chatting.
I am great full for all you have taught me over the years. My aunty! you've gone too soon.
I will miss your voice, your beautiful face most importantly your calls.You are beautiful in and out always ready to help others.
You will always be in my heart, goodnight my sweet aunty.
Posted by Yomi Essiet on April 19, 2021
I have tried so hard not to believe this truth, but writing this tribute is acknowledging that you have really departed this world.
A bitter pill to swallow, so hard to acknowledge.
You, my sister, my friend.
We talked, we laughed, we quarrelled.
Not once did it cross my mind that a day like this would come, and so soon.
Tantee, you snuck away. Peacefully in the quiet of the night, you departed.
I comfort myself with the promise of eternity where we will meet again, but till then, we carry on, building on the legacy you left behind.
Rest on my dear sister.
Your aburo
Posted by Folu Kamson on April 19, 2021
Wow, what an unexpected blow to the gut. I will always remember that vibrant personality, a go-getter who never seemed intimidated by any topic of conversation and who felt very comfortable in her skin (as they say). You would always know when Tokunbo was in the room by the speed of her voice and the broad smile which invariably turned into laughter. Tokunbo was good natured and kind hearted, and always ready to help. May the Lord console the family and may the soul of the departed find eternal rest, Amen.
Posted by Nike Adeshina on April 17, 2021
I froze in shock when I read the incredible report of the
passing of your beloved sister and my friend Mrs Tokunbo Ekukinam . She was my National Assistant Secretary of the National Council of Women’s Societies -NCWS while I was the National Secretary in 1982/84. She gladly chaperoned Nigeria’s master Potter Hajia Ladi Kwali of Abuja Pottery Centre Niger State to attend World Women’s Craft Show in Thailand in 1982 . An indomitable , brilliant articulate and humble young woman worked well together and maintained contact until she got rather busy with her career. Only a few months ago , our mutual friend Prince Lekan Fadina brought us back together on his Women in Development Project.
I commit you Funke and her children and your family to God Almighty for comforting and healing in the mighty Name of Jesus. It is all too bewildering . May her noble soul Rest In Peace..

Emily Aig -Imoukhuede
Posted by Nike Adeshina on April 17, 2021
Tantee....the shock of your sudden passing still reverberates in my head and my heart as memories of times spent together rush through like an uncontrollable train. We spoke, we chatted, about everything and nothing, we went on for ages till we ran out of what to say... I was expecting you to come and visit with Mrs A. Mo kan ni ki ngbo ohun e le so......little did I know that it was our last conversation. Tantee young at heart, so vibrant, so active. Now so silent. Rest in Peace my dear sister. 
Posted by Yetunde Martins on April 16, 2021
What a shock it was to hear the news of Sister Tokunbo's passing. I recall what seems like just a few years ago when she and the children arrived in the UK. I remember the cosy times we had at Burnt oak before the family moved to Luton. Time seems to have sped by and taken you with it on its way; a way we shall all follow when the bell tolls for each of us. May the Lord comfort and console Bimbola and Billy. May He also uphold and strengthen her sisters. Till we meet again to part no more, rest in the Lord's blossom. Yetunde Martins-Opaleke
Posted by Prince Fadina on April 13, 2021
The news of Tokunbo's death was painful and irreparable loss.
Tokunbo was a friend and close acquaintance who shared our vision and believe in women and development, youths , mentoring and development and good governance.

Our last contact with her " possibly her last public engagement " was at the Knowledge Hub Nigeria Strategic Planning retreat in Lagos where in her usual way made insightful contributions and expressed her concern for Nigeria.
Her advice to the youths to be involved and not be on-lookers in the Nigeria project was well received.

She was a strong, focused, energetic and committed person who believed that one must leave one's mark on the sand of time.

Tokunbo we love you but God needs you having completed your journey of life. May God receive you in eternity and may your contributions be remembered by generations unborn.

We express our condolences to the daughter and other members of the family.
We shall keep up the dream-the unfinished task and your advice.
Prince Lekan Fadina +
Posted by Halima Adasi on April 13, 2021
Toks was full of life, passion, never a dull moment whever she went. She brought joy and sunshine to any occasion. Our loss, but certainly Heaven just gained an Angel.
Toks was inseparable from her sister, Funke, my bosom friend. Her death reminds me of our own mortality that we must be prepared at all times by our actions and deeds. May your sweet and gentle Soul be a source of comfort to your loved ones. Our condolences to the entire family. You will be sorely missed.
Adasi Family
Posted by Ladi Awosika on April 12, 2021
I got to know Tokunbo Ekukinam only four years ago. Lady Toks (as she was fondly called) a quintessential, knowledgeable and forthright activist on the political rights arena. She had a good grasp of the issues and deep knowledge of the antecedents and precedents of actors on the Nigerian political scene.
I always looked forward to the one-on -one discussions we shared as members of the Political Committee of the veritable Voice of Reason of which she was Chairman.
She would be sorely missed.
Posted by Rita Finni on April 11, 2021
Hmmm, sad news ... just makes u realise, yet again, that time is sooo precious and waits for no-one; that when we make promises to catch up, we must endeavour to do just that!

Tokunboh, Funke and I were together at Our Lady of Apostles when we all returned from England ... we created many cherished memories together during our young ‘crazy about the ‘Beatles’ years’! We would always reminisce whenever we’d catch up as ‘adults’, and have a good laugh: we promised to catch up more now that we were in our 70s w more spare time on our hands: alas, time waits for no-one!

I thank God for your life and ever so beautiful soul Tokunboh omo Sholu! Ah, rest in perfect peace : you more than deserve to : u paid your dues with such inspirational dignity for sure! Life! I’ll continue singing our song ... ‘we love you, yeah yeah yeah’ ... till we meet again in glory ... to die no more!

REST IN PEACE Tokunboh, in the loving embrace of God Almighty, in Jesus’ name AMEN❤️
Posted by Gloria Soetan on April 11, 2021
Dear Toksy! Ever so jovial, so loving, so friendly and full of compassion! I'm going to miss you! I remember visiting you in Luton so long ago! We gisted and had so much to catch up on! I know how passionate you were about our beloved country, Nigeria! By God's grace your dreams for the future of our children in Nigeria will come true! Good night Toksy until Resurrection morning. You remain in our hearts forever. It is well with all of us members of the family and friends.
Posted by Jide Ottun on April 11, 2021
Aunty Toks!, you left us without a goodbye! It is hard to believe that you boarded a flight with the angels at a time we least expected.

You were more than an Aunt! 

Sweet memories fill me anytime I remember your counsels, they will forever be cherished.

Your benevolent smile lifted my heart anytime I met you. It’s gone now!

Surely, you will be dearly missed!

But gladly, I know you ran a good race, and you are now rested in the Bosoms of our Lord and Saviour.

Rest In perfect Peace Ma.

Missing you!!!. Jide
Posted by Toyin Olugbekan on April 11, 2021
Auntie T, as I fondly called you, though you corrected me a couple of times when I got your position in family wrong. And you told me the meaning of your name to help me remember . You were such a star and a gem with a heart of gold.
You and your younger sisters were closely knitted .... `the Sholu sisters’. I always admired the love and the bond you all shared from the days of Ilasamaja to forever. You surely are going to be greatly missed, but there is comfort in your legacies living on.........Your love impacted and memories in our hearts ♥️ Adieu
Posted by Femi Olu on April 11, 2021
We called her ‘Lady Toks’.
Since the day we met, in VOR, I have been impressed by her passion and utter devotion to the cause of improving society. Sometimes the strength of her commitment to Restructuring, championed by Voice of Reason made her seem almost inpatient, but it was clear it was a labour of love and she was putting her all into it.
I was privileged to engage with her a few weeks ago on a webinar on Intergenerational Dialogue, where she was both on the Organising Committee and a featured speaker.
Her passing on so soon after such a marquee performance in both roles came as a rude shock to me, as it must have done to many others who knew her. She looked set to go on and on with the battle, until victory was won.
My heartfelt condolences go to all her family.
May her great soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Supo Shonibare on April 11, 2021
Met Toks on the 3rd of August, 2016 , at the Ikeja home of General Alani Akinrinade(rtd). I had been invited there for lunch to discuss the state of the Nation, with particular reference to governance in the Southwest. The outcome of that event was the formation of an Advocacy group- Voice of Reason. Committees were also formed.

 I was the inaugural Convener of the meetings of the political committee of the group. Toks was the Chairman. After watching her conduct a couple of the meetings, I gave her the “ Magret Thatcher “ nickname. She was conscientious, dedicated & extremely passionate in her prescription for the political reorganization of the polity. She was also an advocate for Restructuring of the powers & functions of tiers of government, with less centralization & fairer distribution of economic resources. We immediately struck up a close friendship & would often spend hours on the phone after formal meetings, discussing live issues in our body politik. We had both been active participants in political parties. She had been an active National Office holder in NPN. I had been a member of UPN & a very active founding member of Alliance for Democracy ( AD).

Curiously in our phone discussion just a week before her demise, it turned out that we had both attended Our Lady’s of Apostles Primary & Convent School in Yaba in the 1960s.
Lately, she had been proffering strategies on how we could enlist the participation of a more credible nucleus & increase capacity in the Social Democratic Party; which I lead as the Acting National Chairman. She was going to submit a position paper the following Wednesday in that regard. Was therefore shocked & completely dumbfounded to hear that she had passed only a few days after that telephone discussion. May her patriotic, engaging soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Olusegun Akinsanya on April 10, 2021
The sad news of the call to glory of Mrs Tokunbo Ekunkinam- Lady Toks as was well known in VOR is shocking and devastating. She was so friendly,and caring .An intellectual with clear analytical mind and a deep understanding of national and international issues She was passionate about Restructuring, and deeply committed to a new Nigeria where equity and justice reign. A proud mother and grandmother greatly loved and respected in the family. Eternal rest grant her O Lord as she sleeps in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. My wife, Yeye Otunba Ajibike and the children join in mourning this irreparable loss. ADIEU LADY TOKS.
Otunba (Ambassador) Segun Akinsanya, mni
Posted by George Etomi on April 10, 2021
I remember Tokunbo so well in Ife as she was inseparable from her sister, Funke who I respect and admire. Ife was such a convivial atmosphere we all felt like we belonged to one big family. I guess Tok’s departure reminds us of our own mortality and we must spend our time to build bonds that will make us remember each other for good. Rest in Perfect Peace. My deepest condolences to the family.
Posted by Funmi Atilade on April 10, 2021
Dear Tokunbo, it was with great shock and dismay that I received the news of your sudden and sad demise! Tomorrow is definitely not guaranteed to anybody! We will certainly miss you and your weird sense of humor in our Ladies Roundtable chat group. My sympathies go to FUNKE and the rest of the family. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die. Sleep on and rest well Toks . It is well with your soul and those of us you left behind.
Hon Justice Funmi Atilade .
Posted by Jerry Sodipe on April 10, 2021
Dear Mrs Ekukinam, you have returned to your maker and may you find rest.
Sweet memories of you will continue to linger on our minds. When I say on " our minds" , I speak for all junior colleagues who worked for your sister, Mrs Funke Adekoya. You adopted all of us, showed us love and respect. You were simply a lovable person. You radiated warmth, love and friendliness.
May God grant you eternal rest and may God grant all those you left behind the fortitude to bear the loss. 
Odigba Odigbere Odoju ala.
Posted by Funke Adekoya on April 9, 2021
Tokunbo, my sister, my running mate, my sparring partner.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; "

When we were young, it was as if we were twins. We were very much alike in physical stature, voice and mannerisms. While our younger siblings bowed to Yoruba tradition on our return to Nigeria in 1962 and to them we became ‘Sister T’ and ‘Sister F’, I refused and insisted on calling her by her name. Afterall, there was less than a 2 year age difference between us, and we did virtually everything together.

Early on, our lives were intertwined and on similar tracks. By a fluke of fate, in secondary school, Toks was the last set of the 6 year WAEC programme and I was the first set of the 5 year programme, so we sat for the WAEC exam together. We separated thereafter for ‘A’ levels in different schools which we again sat for in the same year, but met again in the then University of Ife where we both read law and graduated together.

We both spent our summer vacations, working at the Nigerian Television Authority, acting in drama programmes such as Village Headmaster and Play of the Week.

We even got married within six months of each other!

After marriage, our paths disengaged and we became separate entities, developing separate interests, she in politics and I in law. We realized that we were not twins, and our lives were no longer intertwined. As the years passed, we became engrossed in bringing up our families and after Ntie passed on, Toks was a mother hen to her daughters; they were her life, her ‘raison d’etre’, the true centre of her existence.

We often disagreed on issues and in recent years, we came to accept our differences in interests and outlook. Toks had strong views on many subjects, and never hesitated to voice them, no matter whose ox was gored. She cared less about being ‘politically correct’ or observing any societal norms that she disagreed with. At a ‘certain age’ wearing boubous becomes ‘the norm’ in Nigeria; Toks insisted on her Ankara knee length skirt suits which became her trademark dress code. If she wanted to say something, or do something, she just went right ahead.

Toks lived in the moment and had a ‘joie de vivre’ that made her the life and soul of any gathering. However, although she valued her friends and her relationships, she also valued her privacy. She had a few health challenges, which she would brush off, if you asked. ‘My eyes are growing old before the rest of me’ was her response to my enquiry as to her perceived sight issues. If I proffered health or dietary advice, her answer was ‘death will find something to latch onto when it is time!’

Writing this, I thank God for the times we had together, for the outings we shared, for the laughs we had together, for the arguments we engaged in. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Loved you then, love you still, always have, always will.


Your ‘aburo mi ni’

Posted by Chuk Obasi on April 9, 2021
Iyaa Bimbo, Toks, (as I usually called you), so we cannot have 'speaks' anymore; it is more than a 'Bem'. You quietly sneaked away to our Maker and Lord, no goodbyes. May you have rest in the Lord. Goodnight. We thank God for the blessing you were, and the light you shed among us. May He that called you from us grant your close ones strength to bear this loss.
Posted by Peter DaSilva on April 9, 2021
My wife and I pray God grant her sweet repose.
Posted by Agnes Afolabi on April 9, 2021
Just reading about the passing on of Sister Toks. What a big loss to the family and friends! Funke, please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your dear sister. May her soul rest in perfect peace. The good Lord will uphold the entire family in Jesus name. Sleep well Auntie Toks !
Posted by Ayotunde Phillips on April 8, 2021
Haaa Toks why now? You left without saying goodbye to anyone. Such a shock but who are we to question God as He alone gives and he takes away in His own time. You lived a lovely life and now have gone to rest. Sleep well in the bosom of the Lord and rest in perfect peace my childhood friend. It is well with your soul.

My heartfelt condolences to Funke and her other siblings, e ku roju I feel your pain. Ki Olorun ko dariji ko si te Ore mi si afefe rere. Odun a si jina sira lagbara Edumare. Amin. Goodnight Toks till we shall meet to part no more.
Posted by Bayo Oduwole on April 8, 2021
It is a rude shock to just read on fb that Toks has answered the call of here creator . My knowing her through her sister Funke in our Festac days was the beginning of a life long family interactions.
The way she called Uncle Bayo left no one in doubt that we are blood relations.
She will surely be missed.May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Victoria Jones on April 8, 2021
Toks, roommate extraordinaire, so glad to have known you. You will be greatly missed. Rest in peace until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Napoleon Okonkwo on April 8, 2021
Toks. You were fondly called. It is sad to hear that you passed on. We give thanks to God for the life you lead. Rest in peace with the Lord Jesus. We shall miss you. Good night my Sister.
Posted by Mabel Ekukinam-Bassey on April 8, 2021
Aunt Tokunbo, may your soul rest in peace, Amen. 

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