We will remember our dear Pastor Tola forever and would like to celebrate his life, and memories of him every time we reflect on him as a gift to us...

Please post your tribute for him here and as many pictures, videos and stories, as possible.

He was a kind, humble and generous man and he touched so many lives in ways that won’t be forgotten - A true servant of The Most High God.

It would be lovely for us all to share our memories of Pastor Tola so that friends and family worldwide can smile while reading them – no matter how random they are. Your pictures and words will keep his memory alive. 

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Posted by Elizabeth Oshodi on June 15, 2020
Posted by Olayemi Fatungase on June 15, 2020
Sweet is the memory of the righteous......May your soul continue to rest in the Lord's bosom. Happy Heavenly Birthday!!!
Posted by Abisola Christos-Wahab on June 15, 2020
Hmmm my darling husband, today would have bee your 63rd birthday but alas the Lord as called you home. You left a good legacy. This time last year we had a family meeting to celebrate your birthday. You were so happy spending time with your core family. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. May your soul continue to rest in peace.

Posted by Mayowa Adeyemi on June 15, 2020
Continue to rest in peace
Posted by Simi Fatukasi on September 21, 2019
Rest Peacefully Uncle.
You were always such a great man & I always had and will have a true admiration for you.
Posted by Emanuel Akinleye on September 19, 2019
Daddy. My Godfather. How great of a man he was. You raised me like your own biological child and taught me things like I was your student and I remember the last thing you taught me, and that was patience
It's all happened in a flash after my own biological father died. You came into me and my mom's life and stood beside us with what was going on in our lives. All I can say is you were a knowledgeable, loving, loyal, lucky, motivating, a one-of-a-kind, positive, protective, compassionate, soft hearted man of God
I remember how on our outings to Southend or Mercedes-Benz World you would start by telling me to pray before we started driving as you were a man who loved praying. You stood by me through my education up until now. When I was called for a reward ceremony you came. You supported me when I said I wanted to be an actor. And I can't measure up to you. In Proverbs 23:24 it says the father of a righteous child has great joy a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him". And I wish you could have stayed to to reap and rejoice your labour on me.

Goodnight Daddy. You are wonderful. Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Olukorede Osinowo on September 17, 2019
To a great Brother in law Pastor Tola,
Jesus said I am the Resurrection and the life , the one who believes in me will live even though they die and whosoever lives by believing in me will never die: John 11:25 therefore I believe you are living an everlasting life with joy and smile all threw and by the Grace of God you will protect your family Amen (abiyamo too to. A great dad) Pastor Tola , you gave me the best gift on my 50th birthday even then I was not close to you but you came to the house prayed for me you said all destruction would be averted, Praise God that you Prayed only God knows what would have happened on the day but with your prayers all devil's play was cancelled " l appreciate you for the love you shared with my cousin you loved her to the highest level you spoilt her so much with love that she walked Majestic and the company name aroused Praise God Hallelujah

Even though, cousin, you walk through the Valley of jordan, Busola my cousin, and the children shall fear no evil because the Rod and staff shall comfort you , because Pastor Tola, you left them with Jesus christ you lay a Good solid foundation for them, Cousin please try and Rejoice by the feet of jesus christ who is the comforter as you 've said WHO? WHO? But by God's Grace and divine favour, The Good Lord would be there ijn because we believe in him As he says in John 11:25 Go in Peace and continue to share Testimony ijn
As to my Anuoluwapo, the lord would strengthen you because we believe in him and Dad is by his Feet so therefore Anuoluwa, you will share great testimony, My Proud son's Tola jnr, Yannick I pray that God continue to Grant you Grace to carry the pillar, my great Daughter in law Senior wife Olaoluwakiiitan, God would give you wisdom to Excel in the family you will be a great comforter while jesus christ , that we believe in would perfect his comfort , Joy, and Peace of life to the Entire Family

This tribute would not complete if I dont mention Mama Pastor Tola please all, do be her comforter and I pray that God strengthen her and uphold her
cousin, I pray that God speedily strengthen you to be on your feet and continue to live peacefully 
Cousin , I repeat Who? Who? But Jesus christ would has you believes in him the perfecter and finisher, God grant you Grace and divine Favour to Endure in jesus name Amen .
Posted by Adenike Johnson on September 16, 2019
Our sincere condolences to you all . I don’t what to say there are things that happen that are beyond our understanding.But I know that he was sent to do Gods work and has left having done the work God called him to do . What I will forever remember are those pearly whites , he would smile and it would warm your heart . He gave the best advice even when he would tell us off it would be in a way we could relate . I thank God for your life uncle . We love you all and pray God will strengthen you all. May the Lord shine his love upon you and wrap you all with his loving arms .

Love the Alex ,bisi , nikky ,oyinkan ,Alex and George ,akintola ,Olivia and Kunde

The Johnson Family

Posted by Beatrice Bose OJO on September 16, 2019
My sincere condolences to you sis Bisola and family, may the Holy Spirit continue to comfort the family.
I will forever remember Pastor Tola - always asking about my Christian walk whenever I see him, always with the assurance of the grace of God.
Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Niyi Soremekun on September 15, 2019
Bros Tola, Always lending a hand to others and reaching out when they were in need, truly a blessing to the community. My memories of you, serves as guidance and I will miss you.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and God rest you in peace. My heartfelt condolences go out to immediate family. I will surely miss the presence of a truly kind person.
Posted by Abby Akinleye on September 15, 2019
Please accept my condolences. May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. Abisola, I pray that our Lord brings you and your family the much needed peace during this sad time.
Tola was a great individual, I remember the first day we met, starting my new job at National Bank of Nigeria Ltd-London. He was all smiles and very helpful showing me around, we clicked right there and then, that was over 40 years ago.
The last time we spoke , I promised to see him in December even though I will be in transit going through London-now that will never be realized.
Sometimes in our lives we feel a great deal of pain because we lose someone special, those feelings we can’t explain and more so because he was gone too soon. Memories are there to remind us of things that have gone before and he will be missed.
To the family, my deepest sympathy but know that those we love and lose are together with us in heart, forever with us in memory. God’s blessings and may his soul Rest In Perfect Peace.

Posted by Yemisi Akindele on September 14, 2019
Aunty, we are sorry to hear of the tragic news of uncle's passing. There aren't any words to express comfort to eleviate the pain you and your family are going through but we are here for you and hold the whole family in our thoughts and prayers. If there's anything we can do please let us know. From Jide Akindele on behalf of the Akindele/Awotunde/Busari family
Posted by Timi Owobowale on September 13, 2019
I hereby express my sincere condolences to Bisola and the family as they deal with this painful time. I pray that the comforting power of the Holy Spirit will garrison your hearts and the the Lord Himself will grant you the fortitude and grace to handle this season. All shall be well.
Posted by Adebisi Adekoya on September 12, 2019
To a great bro -in - love, it's hard to say goodbye but to God we all belong and
he knows the best for us all. You are more than a brother to me, always positive about life. My family and I will miss you greatly. May God comfort my sister( Abisola ) and the entire family.
Posted by Kehinde Oguntuga on September 11, 2019
My sincere condolences to you my dearest sis Bisola and family. May the good Lord comfort , strengthened and uphold you all.
It is well IJMN
Posted by Oye Fatukasi on September 9, 2019

I met Brother Tola for the first time, when I ushered him through the main "security-gate" of our house, into the living room. He came over to meet Dad formally, to ask for my sister's hand in marriage. Besides, we clicked instantly, given his likable demeanor. That was 30 something plus years ago.

Bros Tola and I became very close over the years. We have had opportunities to spend family times together, when I would visit England and stay over at their house. Likewise, he would visit me in Washington DC. Also, we have had some Faaji times in Nigeria as well.

Bros T, was someone that I was very comfortable with. As such, he was an individual that I could rely on for advice and/or a second opinion, in areas ranging from business, professional networking, to personal matters, etc.

Our conversations and/or one-on-one meet-ups, would not be complete without him exhibiting his art of good penmanship and a closing prayer session, at all times.

Moreover, I not only had in him, a good-natured in-law, but also, gained a trusted Brother. We have shown each other nothing but genuine brotherly-love for over 30 plus years. Later years, we became even more bonded, as "bald-head" brothers.....laugh!

I am grateful to God Almighty, to have had this pleasant individual as a family. He was a complete gentleman, a caring husband to my dearest Sister, Mrs Abisola Christos-Wahab(nee Fatukasi) and a great father to his well-grounded children: Tola Jr., Yannick and Anuoluwa.

Furthermore, He lived a good life and left us with good memories of an enjoyable journey.

The entire Fatukasi family of Ibokun-Ijesa, has lost someone special. His kind heart and positive gestures will remain with us forever.

Ogbeni Oye Fatukasi
Ibokun-Ijesa, Osun Nigeria
Posted by Rafiat Onitiri on September 9, 2019

Before I begin any Tribute on our dearly beloved in-law, please permit me to say the prayer below:
Oh heavenly Father, we pray for strength for this difficult time and moments. Teach us acceptance of what we cannot understand, teach us understanding of what we cannot change. For our lives, dear God are in Your good hands, You give life, sustain life and grant eternal life. You and You alone, know us individually in our depths and know the sorrow in our hearts. Keep us, comfort us and surround us with the love and presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
“Not unto us O Lord, Not unto us, but to your name, we give glory, because of your mercy, because of your truth. Why should the Gentiles say, “So where is their God? But our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases.”
There is no pain in writing these words about our dearly beloved Pastor Tola, who was called to eternal glory because the quote and verse below remind us of and illuminate the person he truly was:
‘It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died, rather we should thank God Almighty that such men lived’ – George Patton.
‘A good name is better that precious ointment and the day of death than the day of birth’ Ecclesiastes 7: 1
We are eternally thankful that God created our amiable in-law (Pastor Tola) and brought him into our lives. Within the short period both families met through the coming together of Holy Matrimony between our precious daughter and her heartthrob – Yanncik it seemed like we have known each other for decades. He was elegant, simple, and his evergreen smiles endeared him to many. His knitted family epitomizes his position as the father like no one to his children, and pillar of support to his dear mother, and jewel of inestimable value to his lovely wife., Little did we know that this was going to be very short lived,  But we take solace in the fact that he came, he saw and he conquered but not the grave and as such has gone to be with the Lord.
Jesus, You have come to heal the brokenhearted. Our heavenly Father, comfort the Christos-Wahab family because You have loved them. Give them everlasting consolation and good hope through your abundant grace.
Give this family who mourn in Zion, beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness: that they might be called a tree of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that You alone might be glorified.

May the Holy Spirit - Thou Creative Arm of God and Great Comforter uphold his wife
May He Breathe on her, breath of God and Fill her with life anew.
May the Holy Spirit replace the darkness within her with His gentle Light;
Replace the Tension within her with His Holy Relaxation;
Replace the Bitterness within her with the sweetness of His Grace,
Replace the Fear within her with His Strong Faith;
And the anxiety within her with His Quiet Confidence. Because she seeks You oh Lord let her find fulfillment in Jesus name.

Pastor Tola has ran his own race by completing his assignments here on earth and has witnessed his own RAPTURE, What about the REST of us? When the TRUMPET shall sound where you will be? Where and how do you want to spend ETERNITY? NOW is the day of SALVATION and REPENTANCE.
Heart-felt Condolences from the Dabiri Family (Mrs Omofela Olatoye nee Dabiri)

Posted by Elizabeth Oshodi on September 9, 2019
MY CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY . My Heavenly Father will continue to comfort the family
Posted by Solomon, Omofela Olatoye on September 9, 2019
Pastor Tola Christos-Wahab lived with an infectious enthusiasm, wonderful sense of humor, generous and filled with wisdom.

He had a way of focusing on someone with total attention, and a great delight in who they were and what they were saying. It was a gift of himself that he gave to others. He cherished his children and loved his family.

We lost a great friend, but the universe received a new beautiful star. Nothing is more painful in life as the separation of a jewel. When you speak of him, speak not with tears, for thoughts of him should not be sad. Let memories of the times you shared give you comfort, for his life was very fulfilled. May God rest his soul. Our most sincere condolences to the family.
Posted by Buky Olaniyi on September 9, 2019
My sincere condolences to the whole family the Lord will continue to uphold and strengthen you all.
Posted by Lanre Fayefunmi on September 9, 2019
Received the demise of Pastor Tola with a great shock. Still can’t come to term that he’s gone to rest with the Lord. What a great loss to the family and Romford Apostolic Church and all those he has touched their life. So passionate in serving God, always smiling, a great encourager. Wao, wao, still can’t believe such a good and a great man departed the world so soon. Who are we to questions God? He took the righteous away so soon. May God in His infinite mercy comfort the entire family and the body of Christ. Rest in peace Pastor Tola.
Posted by Paolo Angioni on September 8, 2019
A great colleague and man, a great loss indeed, always smiling and helpful. Deep and sincere condolences to all the family members.
Posted by Mayowa Adeyemi on September 8, 2019
I’m still in shock & disbelief. Gone too soon. Full of life and energy to serve his maker on earth. May His soul continue to rest in peace and may the good Lord comfort his family. Only God will fill the void he has left. Bisola, be strong & dwell on the wonderful memories. God is in control.
Posted by Tola Owodunni on September 8, 2019
The news of your husband came as a shock as l was looking at your status this morning. Am so sorry Bisola, know that u are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. May God give you and the family the grace and fortitude to bear the loss. It is well my sister
Posted by Yemisi Akindele on September 8, 2019
May the LORD of Light shine His light upon you Abisola, may He strengthen you and fortify you. Uncle Tola was a kind hearted man, humble and God fearing, he ran a good race and was a good and faithful servant of God. We loved him and he shall be missed but we thank God because God loved him more than the world loved him. Rest in peace uncle Tola, you left a great legacy, Yannik has picked up the baton of ministry and he too will finish well in Jesus mighty name. Amen
Posted by Olayemi Fatungase on September 7, 2019
My heartfelt sympathy to you all....may God comfort and strengthen you and may the soul of your loved one rest in the Lord's bosom. Bisola, pele o.....odun a jina so ra o.
Posted by Akintayo Wusu on September 7, 2019
I celebrate the wonderful legacy you left behind. Am very shocked to hear about the sudden passing away. But I know you're with the almighty God. Thank you uncle for standing by me when I was very ill years ago. Thank you for the bible cds you gave me, that helped restored me back to life when I was very ill years ago. Thank you so much uncle for coming over to pray for me beside my sick bed years ago. I will always appreciate the God you served till the end. I pray and ask God to comfort the family you left behind in Jesus mighty name Amen. RIP uncle Tola.

Tayo and Bola Wusu.
Posted by 'Femi Ashi-Sulaiman on September 7, 2019
Our days on earth are numbered.....
We all are here on a lease and certainly the tenure is granted by God Almighty alone......
Though you have gotten of the ride of life,
Your legacies shall be transfered unto your genearation.
Though we grief, our consolation is that HE that created you, Loves you more......
You have left an irreplaceable void in all the lives you have touched but the Good memoirs lingers forever......
Gone but Never to be Forgotten.....
Rest on Peacefully in bosom of the Lord.
Adieu brother!!!!!
Posted by Sika Fadairo on September 6, 2019
I pray that the soul of the faithful departed RIP. May the Lord have mercy on Pastor Christos-Wahab's soul in Jesus name. Amen.

Sis, the joy of the Lord will strengthen you, your dear children and your entire family during this time and you will have no cause to sorrow nor be overwhelmed in it but to believe that Pastor is in the bosom of our Lord.

Be strengthened in the Lord and in the power of His might Sis. It is well.
Posted by Shola Rosanwo on September 6, 2019

“Unable are the Loved to die. For love is immortality.” “Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the Love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.” “He spake well who said that graves are the footprints of angels. We love and miss you, Tola and would keep lifting Bisola’s spirit till you meet again
Posted by Keni Somolu on September 6, 2019
My sincere condolences to the entire family. I pray that God will continue to strengthen you all. Rest in perfect peace Pastor Tola. Pèlè gan ni oh Bisola.

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Posted by Elizabeth Oshodi on June 15, 2020
Posted by Olayemi Fatungase on June 15, 2020
Sweet is the memory of the righteous......May your soul continue to rest in the Lord's bosom. Happy Heavenly Birthday!!!
Posted by Abisola Christos-Wahab on June 15, 2020
Hmmm my darling husband, today would have bee your 63rd birthday but alas the Lord as called you home. You left a good legacy. This time last year we had a family meeting to celebrate your birthday. You were so happy spending time with your core family. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. May your soul continue to rest in peace.

his Life

Continue to Rrest in Peace

  • 40 Days Thanksgiving service for late Pastor Tola Christos-Wahab.
Date:27th of October 2019
Venue: Romford Christian Centre, Ingrave Road Romford RM1 4FB
Time: 11-1.30pm
RSVP: 07886292566

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I am so missing you this Christmas

Shared by Abisola Christos-Wahab on December 25, 2019
1st Christmas without you my love. It’s a difficult time for me having spent 32 Christmas with you without fail... Christmas was BIG in our house from designing Menus to all the fine dining, all my fine dinning wares comes out of the cupboard, table set....hmmmm. You were big on family coming together sharing food and love. 

You  always commented that Anu and I  watching food programs like master chef etc as not gone to waste.. because our menu will have pea purée. Confit duck, chicken lollipop, sweet corn purée, plantain glazed with bourbon sauce, cave Leroy, Asparagus, cauliflower 4 ways...etc. 

Anu and I use Christmas time to practice all we have learnt over the years and the food was delicious. 

I don’t even have the motivation to cook this year .. but Anu and Kiitan are doing the cooking.

I can’t even put out the Christmas tree or light...hmmm ...

 You never join us in our games because you use that time to connect with people to pray and then join us at the family movie only to be snoring and we quickly send you back upstairs lol  

We miss you !!!!!!!!!! We miss you!!!!!! We miss you !!!!!!

A man of his word by Funke Ayoola (Friend)

Shared by Folashade Oginni on September 21, 2019
Uncle as I fondly called him was a man of his Word.An upright and kind man. A man of integrity. He will always make time for you and will end up sharing the word and conclude it by saying “Let us Pray.”  He always said his word was his bond and lived it to the very letter. 
We were a classic case of Neighbours becoming family. He was a peace maker.  Thinking about it I have never seen Uncle lose his temper. I saw more of his beautiful smile that could light up a room. He was just a rare gem. A family man, loved his family with all he had and you could always see him glow when Aunty is near him. I still remember when we were to open a business in Ghana we had all worked so hard but Uncle missed the opening because he couldn’t live Anuoluwa his daughter. That’s how much of a family man he was.

A loving husband and one that was truly loved and adored by his wife. He was so proud of his children and they have all done well.

I remember I was thinking that the way Aunty served Uncle his food with love and respect never changed over the years. I can count the number of times they actually addressed each other by their names. It was always darling, darling.

Uncle loooooooved the Lord. The last conversation we had was living upright and aligning to God’s word.

He Loved people and passionate about the Youth’s success. I remember when Anu was in Nigeria schooling he practically moved to Nigeria. He had projects helping people on the streets. He will raise funds to help the needy. He wasn’t concerned about the accolades. He was just more interested in speaking the word and making letting the hopeless see hope.

To so many of them he was indeed the light at the end of their tunnel.

I pray for the Lord to grant Aunty B and the children the strength at this time and journey. A good soul never dies. Uncle T “Pastor” lives on in eternity.

My namesake like you always say ... by Oluwarotimi Odeneye

Shared by Folashade Oginni on September 21, 2019
To Brother Tola, My namesake like you always say, I can’t believe you are gone. I have been struggling to pen a tribute to you as this would confirm that you are really gone. I thank God for putting you my way, always calling at the right time to pray and encourage me. You were excited to hear about me starting a course in Spurgeon's College, and wanting to know more. I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. It was evident in the way you looked at things and your entire approach to life itself.
        You were very excited about sharing God’s love and encouraging Christian relationship in young people and marriages. Your passion for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and promotion of love among brethren was exemplary. Who would continue your “Christian Matchmaking Service” now you are gone? Anyway you left a good legacy in your children in that they are well rooted in Christ. You were looking forward to Yannick’s ordination at Stockwell Baptist church.
        Your hunger for spreading God’s love through our Lord Jesus Christ was Infectious, we would talk about the dailyaudiobible(DAB) conversation and discussion often and brainstorm on using it in educating the youth. We would talk about happenings in Nigeria and the inner city here in London, about moral breakdown in society and so much more. I miss you so much already. You lived your life to the full, sharing your life experience with me. You would say men need to a forum for them discuss and train young men growing up in the 21st century Britain without judgement.
You always know when to pickup the phone to call me, telling me you got prompted to call me, even though I haven’t said anything to you. You would pray for me and my family.  What happens to all the plans we were making for the month of September and October now? As you would say everything is by God’s grace and God should not be taken for granted. I know you have gone to a better place, God be with you till we meet again…

Prince Oluwarotimi Odeneye