Man After God’s Heart

Shared by Nike Ademuyiwa on September 10, 2019
Pastor Tola always calls me great designer even though I have not designed anything great. Pastor Tola saw what others never saw in myself. 

Pastor always encourage me to be creative, dress with style as a young lady. 

Pastor called me in July to say he was at Stratford and saw a brand that was well packaged and I needed to understand things better as a Christian. 

Pastor Tola peached on holiness in August and after service  he told me to look for a man after God’s heart not a good man. 

Pastor Tola will always pray for me even when I say I am at work.

Pastor Tola you are an example of a man after God’s heart. 

Love you and will miss the only big brother I have.

Pastor Tola Christos - Wahab

Shared by Folashade Oginni on September 8, 2019
Shared by Lady Gifty Tetteh on September 7, 2019
My dear brother and friend, why have you left soo soon?  We did not even start the many youth initiative programs we spoke about. Did God need you that urgently? I miss you soo much already. Rest your gentle soul in the Lord. I will always love you.

My Love (by Abisola Christos- Wahab)

Shared by Folashade Oginni on September 7, 2019
My Love..

A Blessing to all

Shared by Folashade Oginni on September 6, 2019
Pastor Tola was a blessing to all around him. He was indeed a teacher of the Word. He was always supportive of any initiative that inspires the youths. He was generous with his time and he will be greatly missed. He was a coach, a mentor, a friend and a senior brother. He was so encouraging. He was my angel who always looked out for me.  When I was commissioned to start a youth initiative TRAB (The Right Attitude Bunch) that encourages youths and discussed it with him, he walked through all intricate steps with me in 2007, we prayed and launched it together on the 18th August 2007.  We then worked on TRAB’s first project “Let’s Talk” .  Pastor Tola is selfless, kind, generous and passionate about the work of the Kingdom.  The Most High God will continue to comfort his family.

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