His Life
Tom was a keen photographer, cyclist and enjoyed the outdoors.  He worked in I.T. as a network engineer. 

Tom was brilliant at fixing, designing and constructing things. His abilities to analyse and problem solve made him a real asset not just in the field of I.T. but also to his friends and others who he was always willing to help.

Tom was an incredible individual who was determined, focused and meticulous in everything he set his mind to.  If he was going to complete a task he would always do his research, experiment and evaluate the information.  If things didn't yield the results he expected, he wasn't perplexed for long because his drive to keep striving for a solution was always there.

Tom was brilliant at understanding how things worked and was also very gifted in being able to teach and explain things to people.  He was able to view a situation from different perspectives and therefore offer advice and help about how to fix things.

Tom was open and honest and easy to talk to. He also really listened to people and was always there for his friends and family.  Tom had a great sense of humour and always tried his hardest to remain positive in the midst of challenges which came his way.