Southampton UK, 2010-2011

Shared by J Metcalfe on June 5, 2021
I first met Tom around 2010-2011 when he lived with me in Southampton. 

Tom shared many stories from Australia which were lovely to hear along with photographs he had taken.  He enjoyed going to the local pub for the quiz which he excelled at.  Willing to have me on his team even though I didn't really "add value" I have to respect him for that!

Tom was always helpful if you had a problem (be it a practical one or not) he was always approachable and tried to help.

Tom liked food and was excellent at cooking! He make some scones one day and gave me a new recipe for them.  On a funnier note he was also instructing our Italian housemate on how to make pizza (she wasn't best pleased). To add insult to injury, she also discovered that the tea towels that her mother had bought her from Italy had been used by him to clean his car (of course he didn't know they were hers). When she got in the car for a lift and saw them on the floor I think she was horrified bless her.  He did replace them however and all was well.

In town we used to go for breakfast at the lovely Yoma Kitchen in Bedford Place lovely memories.

Tom also took a few of us to Acres Down Farm (Lyndhurst, New Forest) in his car for a lovely cream tea.

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