Remembering and celebrating the life of Tom Kandra
  • 49 years old
  • Born on May 12, 1962 .
  • Passed away on September 22, 2011 .

This site was created in memory of Dr. Tom Kandra. We celebrate his compassionate, kind, fun loving spirit and we will remember him always.

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Posted by Ruth Talley on 12th May 2018
Tom still is vital in all our lives at work, and personally in me. I often think, "Tom would have done this," or "Tom would have said this," and, most importantly, "Tom would have thought that was funny." His presence was unique, no one can duplicate it. So sorely missed among everyone who knew him. His name comes up so often ..... Comfort to his parents, siblings, Moni, and his precious daughter Rowan. And everyone who ever met Tom. Happy birthday, dude, I know you are watching over us !
Posted by Ruth Talley on 22nd September 2017
Remembering Tom and his family today. Still feel his missing presence. Our thoughts are still with you, his loved ones. .
Posted by Ruth Talley on 19th May 2017
Tom is still remembered fondly by everyone in our practice. He was a gentle and sensitive doctor, had a great sense of humor, and was a good friend to all who knew him. The nurses still recall events of his time here with great warmth. We miss you here at EMMC, Tom.
Posted by C Brinkman on 1st March 2016
I have just discovered Dr. Kandra's passing and I now have a very "empty" feeling.....I credit him with a correct diagnosis that most likely saved my life - respiratory issues. I grew fond of "doc" and got to know him as he did me. He was a really caring person and I never left his office with any question unanswered. My sincere thoughts go to his family. I will miss him.
Posted by James Doyle on 24th September 2015
Love and prayers for Tom's family, always.
Posted by Debbie Beninati on 23rd September 2015
Tom I still struggle to understand how you left us so early. I'm in a research collaboration with some doctors from Stanford and when I worked out there we were at a site on top of a hill at the golf course that looked down over the university and the hospital. As I looked out it was bittersweet for me to see the place where you went from being a brand new intern to a gifted pulmonologist. I remember your stories about how beautiful it was in those hills and I wondered if the paths I walked there were ones that you used to walk with Monique. The world and our profession are poorer for your absence, but richer for those of us you taught. I hope that I bring some of your legacy to my patients and that I'm doing my part to keep that beautiful spark alive for them. We miss you too much. Bill and Debbie Beninati P.S. - Our tiny Mary called you Dot (short for Doctor Tom I guess), she lit up when she saw you, and she looked like a toy doll in your arms - she is in college now!
Posted by Barry Kurland on 22nd September 2015
Many people who know Tom would surprised to hear that when he was in college he was one of the leanest bouncers ever hired by a local bar. Whenever fights would break out, he always told the other bouncer to take care of it and he would get the next oneā€¦but of course Tom was smart enough to never get the next one. Tom was a great friend and I appreciate all of the memories of the time I spent with him. Love and best wishes to his and always.
Posted by Mark Suster on 22nd September 2015
What I remember about Tom? In the decade+ I knew him he always made our family gatherings a pleasure. He was funny, charming, a prankster and out to make other people smile and be happy. I literally can't think of a single time he had any negativity or created any conflict. I know all of that sounds Pollyanna-ish but it's really the Tom I remember. I'll always remember football at the Ram's Head Dec 2010 with Jeff, me and Tom. I seldom drink beer during football games but it was Christmastime so I figured what the hell. We sat and watched my Eagles get pummeled by the Giants until 8 minutes left and a game still known as "The New Miracle at the Meadowlands" ( we scored three touchdowns and won the game. Silly memory, I know, but hanging with the brothers-in-law drinking beer and watching football is as memorable as family gets. We miss you, Tom. It's been four years and we still honor your life by getting together every summer possible with your family whom we continue to cherish.
Posted by Ruth Talley on 22nd September 2015
Tom's presence is still strong here in our office practice. We miss him terribly. He's still mentioned fondly by nurses and other ICU staff, whenever some little thing reminds us of him. He was unique in his easy-going nature, his sense of humor, his gentle compassion, and wisdom that belied his young age. We truly miss you, Tom.
Posted by Jeff Sommer on 22nd September 2015
Seems like just yesterday I was trying to beat Tom in basketball, in a drinking game, or an outdoor activity. I was never succesful in any of the three. Still so vivid in so many wonderful memories. Thinking of him and his family, today and throughout the years. Jeff
Posted by Joanne Kechejian on 9th October 2014
Getting ready for 25th Reunion from Georgetown School of Medicine this month, and sad we will be missing someone who was truly admired by his peers, for his easy spirit, his intellect, his humor, his kindness. He has inspired us to establish the M'89 Scholarship Fund, in memory of our deceased classmates, so his spirit may be passed on to the next generation of Georgetown doctors!
Posted by James Doyle on 22nd September 2014
Thinking of Tom on this anniversary. My love and best wishes to his family.
Posted by Jen Moody on 24th June 2014
I worked with Dr Kandra in Landstuhl Germany. I will forever remember his sense of humor, his kind spirit and his willingness to share his knowledge with a curious young Army private. Love and blessings to his family.
Posted by Barry Kurland on 15th October 2012
Tom was a great friend in college & afterwards. Too many fun times to list..those Jeff mentioned, rappelling w/his 6'5" frame on my back, taking Katri & Tania to see The Who, hiking down Mt Marcy in the dark, great times in Nashua, Vegas, Annapolis, Palo Alto, ME, etc. Tom touched many w/his kindness, humor, intellect, integrity, sincerity & compassion, I miss & think about him every day.
Posted by Jeff Sommer on 12th October 2012
So many memories from UVM, College St/Camp Cave, traveling out West through Vegas, visiting him in DC, Germany, ME, etc. As I watch the Yanks beat Baltimore (sorry Balt. fans) this morning (China time).... Sinatra starts singing NY,NY. Reminds of the time Tom won the lip syncing contest at Minerva's with his NY, NY Heinz A-1 sauce. A special creative, person who truly cared!!!!!
Posted by Marianne Lynch on 30th September 2012
When my husband was looking into the "possibility" of finding a new job we began by coming to EMMC. Tom was the first person my husband met. At the end of the two hours, my husband was enthralled with him and decided to come to Bangor to work with him. Tom was never too busy to ask me how I was adjusting to Bangor, he always asked after my children. Our heart still aches, we miss him...
Posted by Jeanne Kandra on 26th September 2012
I will always think of Tom on 9/22 (and other times as well). Not seeing Tom much as adults, as a kid I always thought he was a gentle, kind soul and as it turns out, this is who he was as an adult as well. A good man indeed....and sorely missed.
Posted by Catherine Thomas on 25th September 2012
I'll always remember Tom calling me at home one day just after Cameron was born. He spent two hours on the phone with me --- listening, sharing medical advice, and sympathizing with me while I cried. The amazing thing is, we had never even met. He was an angel to me that day, and always will be. Thank you, Tom. Your kindness, friendship and warmth will never be forgotten.
Posted by Mary Ellen Mela on 24th September 2012
I can believe a year has gone by so quickly. One thought I have about Tom was how much he "towered" over me. I could not believe the little cousin I had known as a boy would grow up to be such a tall man. I have fond memories of Tom and all the Kandra family events. Tom, as a part of our Kandra family, lives in our hearts and memories forever.
Posted by Mike Kandra on 24th September 2012
I had the pleasure of meeting Tom only a handful of times due to geography. One of the most vivid thoughts that I have about Tom is that whenever you spoke to him, he REALLY listened. What a caring, compassionate individual. The world is missing him dearly. Kimberly Kandra
Posted by Tania Kandra Suster on 22nd September 2012
On this one year anniversary, please help us remember the many wonderful things about Tom. We hold his memory in our hearts always.
Posted by Tania Kandra Suster on 22nd September 2012
Tom thought it was hilarious to have me paged in airports and other public places as "Tan-ya". He also like to take our shoes and throw just one of them onto the roof when we were kids. :)
Posted by Mike Kandra on 22nd September 2012
Was staying in Nashua for a week with Kay and Myron. Tom came home, had been traveling, and he wanted to have classical musical playing while we ate dinner. He then preceded to tell me about his travels and how you had to live life with passion. He reiterated to me that I had to find my thing, whatever it was, and love doing it and not worry about what others think. Best advice ever.
Posted by Mark Suster on 22nd September 2012
I remember the first Christmas with Tom. I was new to dating Tania. She told me her brother was 6 foot 5. Gulp. What a Teddy Bear. Whew. We watched a 2-year-old Rowan entertain us by staring at us through the sides of her eyes. We all laughed. In 12 years I never heard Tania tell any story about childhood withTom that wasn't told in fondness & laughter. I'll remember him that way.
Posted by Jonny McFarlane on 22nd September 2012
Tom had the most beautiful, angelic smile - but there was always a hint of mischief lurking there... and we will never forget how when my brother's heart stopped on the operating table and he had to be in deep coma for many long weeks to allow his heart to recover, Tom so very kindly volunteered to be the "translator" between brother's doctors and my family - an incredible gift!
Posted by John Beidler on 22nd September 2012
Kay,Joe and Tom came for a visit to New Hope.Joe and Tom were wearing sweatshirts with there ages on the front and we walked around our neighborhood.I loved that I had a cousin who was a Dead Head and I think of him often when listening to the music.Tom and Myron race with me everytime on the race track.Rock ON!!
Posted by Judy Gorberg on 22nd September 2012
I remember when Tom was in California doing a rotation at Travis Air Force Base and he stayed with me. I introduced him to my group of friends and I remember how much they all liked him. Instantly, he became one of the gang and did everything with us. That was a very fun 6 weeks with Tom. Lots of smiles and laughter!
Posted by George Thomas on 22nd September 2012
When Tom was in med school at Georgetown, there were a few special Sundays in Great Falls for him to get a home-cooked meal, shoot hoops, pass the football, and just hang out. What a great role model for our sons. We think fondly of him often. George and Carol Thomas
Posted by Katrina McLellan on 22nd September 2012
Tom thought is was great to call in the middle of the night on my Birthday...said he wanted to be the first one to wish me a Happy Birthday! I remember bumping into furniture and getting bruises on my way to pick up the phone. It was always my favorite call...
Posted by Andrea Tidwell on 22nd September 2012
Tom had a wonderful way of making you feel so cared for and loved. I shared so many special times with him while he was in med school. He had such compassion and love to share. I also loved his wonderful sense of humor, he made things fun and memorable. I always wanted him as my older brother! What a special guy!

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