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Tom was one of my role models

Shared by Sal Jr. Rosales on January 30, 2019

I met Tom at the SANSPUG user group. Back then, I was a struggling SharePoint administrator trying to find free resources to help manage this monster of a product. He was president of the group and from then on, we grew to become friends. Tom's questions were always very targeted and super intelligent, he would make me say 'huh, I didn't think of that' many times. He would also call out when I was wrong, which is what I really liked about him; constructive criticism. He was also very warm and made you feel very comfortable within minutes of meeting him. I really admired how he was dedicated to his family and giving back to the community. Shortly before this picture was taken, I admitted that I was star struck at having accomplished a bucket list item of working with him to make the 2018 SharePoint Saturday San Diego a reality.  I will miss this kind and generous soul more than I can imagine right now.

Tom - Dedicated Husband, Proud Dad and Inspiration

Shared by Galen Keene on January 30, 2019

I first met Tom in the early 2000s working at an investment firm in Del Mar.  Hershey Technologies provided services to the company and Tom and I met in passing.  Fast forward several years and in 2010 I met Tom again at a SharePoint 2010 launch party hosted by Chris Givens.  At this launch party Chris, Tom, Tony and I spoke about the San Diego SharePoint user group.  Our relationship grew over the next nine years and looking back; that launch party for me was the launch of lifelong friendships.  Throughout the years we went to many SharePoint Saturdays, conferences, and countless user groups.  Tom was always open to exploring, whether it was in tech, exploring the cities we were in; he was always ready to learn and experience new adventures.

My fondest memories of Tom are more personal in nature.  In 2013 my son experienced some health challenges.  Tom was there for me and would take time out of his day to listen, just listen.  Throughout the years we would share stories of our sons and I cannot express enough the love and pride that Tom had for his family, especially his son.  When Ben went to college I called Tom to congratulate him on Ben's achievement.  He was so proud and I remember telling him that I hoped I would be as good of a dad as he.

Tom, thanks for including me in your SharePoint adventures, thanks for helping me get through some challenging life experiences, and thank you for being a good friend.

Tom Lifted Me Up When I was Down...

Shared by Joel Oleson on January 30, 2019

I moved to California a few years ago, and it was Tom who stuck his neck out for me.  I had lost my job, and came to the SharePoint User Group SANSPUG that Tom co-founded.  He was there for me.  He listened to my story and had empathy for me. 

Tom was a partner at Hershey Technologies and had poured his heart and soul into that company.  He saw the need to invest in the social media, marketing, and increasing the presence of that small company.  Tom needed to convince his partner Neal Fisher.  To invest if they were going to bring on somebody like me.  He knew I didn't have long before I'd lose the house I was in the middle of buying.  After a meetup at Denny's with Neal and Arjay and some convincing on Tom's part, I would be brought in to work with Tom and the whole Hershey crew.  They were a family and they brought me in thanks in large part to Tom.

It was that kind gesture that would bring Tom and I to connect and spend so much more time together and both of us loved to speak.  We traveled to Ignite in Chicago, Atlanta, and the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, the SharePoint Saturdays in LA, Silicon Valley, and my most memorable trip with Tom to Cuba.

I will always remember how kind you were and how much you shared LOVE to those around you.  Everyone is your friend. 

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