Daddy's girl

Shared by Cherish Patten-Parker on April 24, 2019

I have so many memories of my dad that have helped me through the last eight months since his passing. As many know, we didn't have the best relationship at the end but the beginning was amazing. I was a daddy and Granny's girl, what I wanted I got, yes I was spoiled but also very much loved. I have memories of riding horses on Raccoon Mtn, spending Friday nights renting movies curled up with him on the couch to watch them, waking up to a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast (if we weren't at grannys.)  My dad was one of the hardest workers I knew, he drove trucks for Roadway and Covenant Transport with his best friend, his brother my uncle Bo. The two of them also owned a couple of pallet companies together. They were always together. I remember getting hurt during a gymnastics class down the street from his house and while waiting on the ambulance my dad ran all the way down the road in his pajamas to get to me. We had our hard times at the end and had problems communicating with each other, but all I had to do was look into his eyes and see that he was proud of the woman and mother I became and most of all that he loved me. I will forever miss him smiling at me, giving me one of his back popping hugs, and hearing him say "Let's ride Clyde."

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