This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Toni Rae Marshall, living on this earth from April 27, 1948 to November 8, 2016... Alive in our hearts - forever.  Wise, compassionate, bold, fun...a beautiful smile...a love of music and all that is the arts, cooking, entertaining, gardening and doodle kaleidoscopes...the big sister who loved her siblings and was always available for the late night phone call...a mother who offered her daughter unconditional activist who had a passion for women's rights and made a advocate who supported and nurtured others through her own suffering...Toni Rae...beloved mother, big sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend and associate...who loved to give big hugs...a gift. She will be forever missed.

An open house to remember Toni Rae will be hosted by her daughter, Shelley, and sister, Peggy on Saturday, January 7.

Time:  3-6 pm

5448 Ring Dove Lane
Columbia, MD  21044

Parking is available on Vantage Point Road and Leaf Treader Way (Short Walk)

In lieu of flowers, consider spending time learning more about two organizations that were important to Toni:

-The Weston A. Price Foundation for Wise Traditions for Food, Farming and Healing Arts (
-Planned Parenthood (
And if you are so moved, we would be so grateful for your stories and memories of Toni.


Posted by Sharon Streight on April 28, 2018
Happy 70th Birthday, Toni! I'm thinking of you today, and I know you are smiling at me from heaven. I will love you forever!
Posted by Dawn Surya on November 8, 2017
Remembering you with gratitude for your love and joy in the little daily moments. Thank you for teaching me to stop and smell the roses !
Posted by Sharon Streight on April 27, 2017
Happy 69th Birthday, Toni. You are still here in our hearts. <3 <3 <3
Posted by Fran Hisler on January 23, 2017
I'm so sorry to read today of Toni's passing. I had hoped to make it to visit her in the hospital in October/November. Sadly, I was unable to make it or the open house that I just read about now 1/23/17. Toni was always, along with Elly, the first to step up to the plate and help - and with such dedication and humor. I'll always remember her glee, support and appreciation when joining me to give a much deserved gift to a beloved doctor (despite the monetary contraints that many of us deal with). She was a jewel that now crowns the sky and will missed by many.
Posted by P Benson on January 13, 2017
It is sad the day we hear about our love one passing. We gain strength from their smiles, hugs, foods they like, and sometimes dislike.  These things can help us smile within. Strength comes from a higher source when you may need help. Psalms 46:1
Posted by Elly Brosius on January 11, 2017
Thank you Peggy and Shelley for such a lovely, loving open house! I enjoyed getting to meet you and other family members and friends. It was a wonderful celebration of Toni. Every detail was perfect. She is and always will be proud of you.
Posted by Cecilia Madigan on January 7, 2017
Already, I deeply miss Toni, both as a friend and as a member of the support groups she helped lead. Some of the qualities I will continue to miss most about her are her generosity with her time, listening to me and others who sought her support; her sense of humor, along with her infectious laughter; and her curiosity and full engagement in her own environment, family and social life, and in political and world affairs.

Family and friends of Toni, I'm sending my heartfelt sympathy in your loss. I wish I could be with you to remember and celebrate Toni today, but my health prevents it. I'm hoping to share a story or two at a later time on this site. But today, I'm thinking of her and of all of you, lighting candles in my home, in memory of and in gratitude for Toni, on this lovely snowy day that I think she would so appreciate.
Posted by Sharon Streight on January 7, 2017
I met Toni through CFSupport and CFS NOVA. She helped me in so many ways and I will always be grateful for all the energy she poured into patient support. I loved her writing. She helped me an uncountable number of times with her humor, insight, and compassion. I will miss her and I will remember her fondly.
Posted by Wendy Albrecht on January 6, 2017
Toni, thank you for your help with CFSupport. RIP.
Posted by Norma Lesher on January 6, 2017
Thinking of you Toni, most especially as I listen to the beautiful music and emotional work Ellie put together in your memory. It is sad for us to know you are gone but of course, we hope you are now in a much better place and finding a way to help anything around you!  We will miss your smile and helpful reads!  Your presence made us feel better. You now have the sky all for yourself while we will continue to honor your memory! RIP...

My condolence to your family, friends and all the VA chapter of CFS! Ellie, thanks for keeping Toni's memory alive and involving us _ I imagine Toni smiling at you from yonder!  My sincere condolences to you dear.
Posted by Emily Weant on January 6, 2017
I am sorry to hear of Toni's passing and my condolences go out to all her family and close friends. I never met Toni in person but spoke to her a number of times by phone. She was very supportive and always gave good and helpful advice. I know she was a blessing to many people, including myself. She will be missed.
Posted by Dawn Surya on January 6, 2017
I never met Toni in person but got to know her from EGGDish and conference calls. She gave me the gift of cherishing the small moments — she would write about her delight in berries with cream, soft clean sheets, laughter from a television program. 

Dealing with a very difficult illness takes a lot of energy but she always made time to help others and encourage them.

It was a delight to know her and I am very grateful for the gift of
Toni in my life.
Posted by M S on January 5, 2017
Toni, we never met face to face yet you were influential in my life.  I am grateful that I knew you for a little while on our paths thru life. 

I will always smile and think of you when I see Whole Foods. 

I will use your phrase "oh well"  many times in my life I'm sure, as I've used it already. 

Grateful for your spirit Toni.  Both in life, and now in a different way.

Grateful for having known you.
Posted by Diane Lewis on January 5, 2017
Oh how I will miss Toni! We shared the same disease. The first time I talked with Toni I had just followed the path that she had experienced as a Maryland State Employee, "Mandatory Retirement" of the work that each of us loved. I loved Toni for her straight talk. 

Toni asked about my journey prior becoming afflicted. She kept asking questions that told her a my 20 year horror story of exile and abandonment prior to moving to Maryland, going back to college to support my two children. When she finally had all information, Toni hit me with a line that gave me more hope and encouragement that anyone has ever honestly supported me with. 

In her colorful language she essentially got to the point and stated, "Woman, you have led the life of 3 women in half a life. Shut up and enjoy the rest of your life, nurture yourself, but you totally need to Stop and enjoy your life as best you can! You deserve the rest of your life to be slowed down." I could always count on Toni when I was frustrated & confused to be there for me. 

It was a pleasure to know her and share her burdens as well. I am very sad that she will not be here to learn from and enjoy her commentary, & her friendship. May her family reflect on the good times and know that Toni was a great support for many who could could count on her wisdom. I am sorry for your loss!

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Posted by Sharon Streight on April 28, 2018
Happy 70th Birthday, Toni! I'm thinking of you today, and I know you are smiling at me from heaven. I will love you forever!
Posted by Dawn Surya on November 8, 2017
Remembering you with gratitude for your love and joy in the little daily moments. Thank you for teaching me to stop and smell the roses !
Posted by Sharon Streight on April 27, 2017
Happy 69th Birthday, Toni. You are still here in our hearts. <3 <3 <3
Recent stories

The Art of Shadows

Shared by Elly Brosius on January 11, 2017

"I was trying to photograph the little branch of flowers growing from the right of the trunk of the tree, barely noticeable here. I am amazed and intrigued by the shadows that are the center of this pic." - Toni

Toni sent EGGdish many pictures of her crabapple tree, a natural work of art she appreciated from inside her home. When you can't get out much, it does help to learn to appreciate what is on hand, near.

She came to find art in all kinds of shadows, even the darkest shadows of life, personality, and behaviour, and how they mix in interesting shapes with the light.

Her photograph and words about trying to see one thing, one detail, but finding an amazing big picture, will be an reminder to me to keeping changing my focus to far enough back to see the Art of the Shadows.



Our Shining Smiles with Purple and Sol

Shared by Elly Brosius on January 5, 2017

Here we are with beaming smiles, NoVA CFS/ME/etc support group co-facilitators Toni Marshall in purple and me, Elly Brosius, with a shining sun on my shirt the color of space. We are at the March 2009 support group meeting in Chantilly, VA. This was a favorite meeting for its high attendance of friends and members and for the great speaker, Peter Rowe, MD, of Johns Hopkins, who taught us so much about orthostatic intolerance.