Tony's passion for life was a lesson for all
  • 22 years old
  • Born on October 22, 1988 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on February 26, 2011 .

Below are the details for those wishing to make a memorial donation in memory of Tony Cole.   For all donations, please include a note with Tony’s name.

Tony’s family is requesting donations to these deserving organizations in lieu of flowers.
Boy Scouts of America - Anthony Wayne Area Council
8315 West Jefferson Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Snider High School Football
c/o Snider High School Athletics Department
4600 Fairlawn Pass
Fort Wayne, IN 46815
Snider High School Performing Arts
c/o Kathy McVaigh
4600 Fairlawn Pass
Fort Wayne, IN 46815
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity - Beta Mu Chapter House Association, Inc.
c/o Kevin M. Comer
1700 Fairway Drive
Kokomo, IN 46901
Purdue University Flight Team
Donate via the University Development Office website at:
Click on “Make a One Time Gift” (or “set up a Recurring Gift”), and on the next page “Select a Designation Area”. Scroll down to the very last entry “Other – specify in comments”. “Other Instructions” should include “Av Tech Flight Team #1207”. Select “yes” to the question about the gift being in memory of someone, and enter Tony’s name. If you wish to send notification of the gift, please enter Janet and Mack Cole, 1908 Benham Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46815.
Posted by Jane Sowers on 26th February 2018
Janet, Mack, Betsy, Vince - our thoughts are with you all today. We have such wonderful memories of Tony. Love, Jane, Rick, and Casey
Posted by Tom McKarns on 26th February 2018
Thinking of you Janet, Mack, Betsy and Vince, and of course Tony. He left so many of us with a beautiful string of interconnected memories, what a positive impact he had on so many. Lots of love, Tom
Posted by Ronna Parrot on 26th February 2018
My thoughts are with you both and your family. Love you very much.
Posted by Janet Cole on 26th February 2018
Seven years ago we lost our Tony. Such a nightmare. Thank you friends and family for remembering.
Posted by Kathy Ferguson on 26th February 2018
We're thinking about all of you today and saying a special prayer, as well. Ed and Kathy
Posted by Chris Stockwell on 26th February 2018
Janet, Mack and family, thinking of you with love and warmth as you keep Tony in your hearts today and every day.
Posted by Mark Wehrle on 26th February 2018
Now that our kids have grown, Kathy and I have been watching home movies. Tony often pops in for a quick cameo. Watching the play with high energy and higher volume, the children are having fun and bringing a rush of joy and emotions to our living room. Tony remains in our thoughts. Best wishes to your memories. Happiness and Regards, Mark and Kathy Wehrle
Posted by Janet Cole on 22nd October 2017
Tony is 29 today. Our days continue to be full of longing to hug him and talk with him. But, we have learned how to navigate in our new world, how to laugh, how to feel joy, how to exist. Longing remains everpresent.
Posted by Kathy Ferguson on 22nd October 2017
Thinking of all of you today on Tony's 29th birthday.
Posted by Cindy Hallar Cook on 22nd October 2017
Thinking of Tony's loved ones today on his 29th birthday. I pray time is helping with the healing process. God Bless! Cindy Cook
Posted by Janet Cole on 26th February 2017
"There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky. And you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly?" -Erin Hanson We discovered this poem this past year and it touches our hearts. Love to you all, Janet and Mack
Posted by Kathy Ferguson on 26th February 2017
Janet, Mac and Betsy, We think of you a lot, but you are in our thoughts especially today. Praying for you. Miss you guys... Kathy and Ed
Posted by Tom Williams on 16th February 2017
Tony, It was six years ago on this day February 15 that we lost you. I cannot believe how many years have gone by without you. I wish I could tell you now where I am. You would be proud. I will never forget the day we were on a ski lift in Park City when you told me to go live out my passion in the mountains. Tony, I did exactly what you told me to do. I am living in the mountains and every time I take a trip into the woods or strap on my snowboard you are with me. Your memory will never die in my heart. You are missed greatly by your friends and especially your loving family Janet, Mac and Betsy. Your friend, Tom
Posted by Casey Sowers on 22nd October 2016
Janet, Mack, Betsy and family Thinking of you today. I told mom and dad it was Tony's birthday today. So we looked through all the pictures and the stories and we laughed and we cried. Happy birthday to you Tony. Never stop exploring! Love, Casey, Rick and Jane
Posted by Ronna Parrot on 22nd October 2016
Hi Janet and Mack. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today. Today we remember Tony and his birth date. We love you!
Posted by Janet Cole on 22nd October 2016
Thank you friends and family for remembering us and Tony on his 28th birthday. The pain in our hearts remains fresh. We live on trying to help others in his memory. Love, Janet and Mack
Posted by Kathy Ferguson on 22nd October 2016
Thinking of all of you on Tony's birthday today.
Posted by Tom McKarns on 22nd October 2016
Thinking of you today, Janet, Mac and Betsy.
Posted by Kathy Ferguson on 26th February 2016
Great words about Tony - thank you for sharing them! Thinking of you and saying a prayer. Kath
Posted by Janet Cole on 23rd February 2016
We have added an article we recently wrote about Tony for a newsletter. It is listed under "Stories" above. Thank you all for continuing to think of us and sending us your kind wishes.
Posted by Lisa Wiley on 4th January 2016
Hello to your family, I just thought I would take some time to let you know that I think of you all often and I almost stopped by but did not want to bother you, especially during the Christmas season. Maybe that is when I needed to stop by though. I simply care and always will. I am not always good and keeping my thoughts to myself and I am glad where you have this website to let you know all of this. Hopefully you are all well. Take care . Lisa
Posted by Kathy Ferguson on 26th October 2015
I'm sorry I let Tony's birthday slip by this year. I just checked my email today - first time in a week - and noticed I missed it. However, we think of Tony often, no matter what the day, as well as think of you both, Janet and Mac, and the good times we shared. Saying a prayer for you guys right now!
Posted by Janet Cole on 25th October 2015
Here we are again, another October, another birthday for Tony. And again we must thank our wonderful friends and family who continually help us laugh, help us mourn, help us live. We miss you more than words can say Tony bear. Love to all, Janet and Mack
Posted by Karen Allen on 22nd October 2015
Janet, My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mac on this difficult day. Embrace your loving and happy memories to treasure for a lifetime. Remember that God has a plan for all of us that we rarely know or understand. Comfort yourself in God's Love and know that Tony is safe and happy in God's Kingdom and that you WILL see him again.
Posted by Lisa Wiley on 22nd October 2015
I am sure today is very difficult for you and I can only say that each day i say a prayer that you find comfort somehow in knowing that you will see him again someday. Your faith helps in keeping you strong.
Posted by J'Nelle Hamilton on 26th February 2015
II Corinthians 4:18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Posted by Kathy Ferguson on 26th February 2015
Remembering Tony and holding everyone who loved and cared about him in our thoughts and prayers, especially today. Ed and Kathy Ferguson
Posted by Lisa Wiley on 17th February 2015
To your family, I am thankful to be able to share my feelings on this page. It is difficult to just go day to day not knowing whether you all know that you are in my prayers every day. I pray for you to hold onto your faith in Jesus and to continue on with life which has got to be a struggle at times still. I know there have been many happy events as well but at the same time you always have that place in your heart that misses Tony. I also pray that God fills that place in your heart with a sense of reassurance that Tony is still with you although in a different way for now. Someday you will see him again and that is something to look forward to for all people who have lost a loved one.
Posted by Lisa Wiley on 17th December 2014
I watched the video and saw the added pictures. Tony really could sing well!! It as always stirs up a very bittersweet feeling but it was great to watch and I am glad you posted it. Thoughts and prayers are for you all every day and will be forever by me. You are a wonderful family and I am fortunate to know you
Posted by Janet Cole on 15th December 2014
With the release of the movie "Into the Woods" this month we are reminded of Tony's portrayal of the Wolf his sophomore year in Snider High School's 2005 production of "Into the Woods". To see Tony's song go to Gallery then Video above. We thank you all for your continued love and support. Janet and Mack
Posted by Kathy Ferguson on 23rd October 2014
Mac, Janet, Betsy and Vince, We continue to hold you all in our thoughts and lift you up in our prayers, especially on Tony's birthday. Love and miss you! Ed and Kathy
Posted by Tom McKarns on 23rd October 2014
Thinking of you, Janet Mack and Betsy, and remembering Tony.
Posted by Ronna Parrot on 22nd October 2014
Remembering Tony today. My heart and thoughts are always with you! Love you all.
Posted by Karen Allen on 22nd October 2014
Janet and Mac, Today I remember Tony with a smile on my face but have you in my heart. Prayers for your continued healing and strength. May you know that Tony is with God and that God holds you in the palm of His hands. Blessings.
Posted by Roger Miller on 3rd June 2014
Mack & Janet, I haven't been able to find words that adequately express my heartbreak over Tony's accident. I still can't but I want to let know that you are on my mind and I grieve with you and I think of Tony often when I fly. I know he loved aviation and got a lot of joy from flying. Roger Miller
Posted by Ronna Parrot on 27th February 2014
All of you are always in my heart and mind…love you all...
Posted by Cindy Hallar Cook on 27th February 2014
Thinking of you and your son Tony always! Whenever I take my hike on my parent's farm and wander the woods Tony is in my prayers. As soon as the bluebells arrive I will make him a bouquet. Love, Cindy
Posted by Karen Allen on 25th February 2014
Janet and Mac: My thoughts and prayers continue for you and your entire family. Let's get together soon when I return from Florida. I think of you often. Karen Allen
Posted by Laura Hossler on 25th February 2014
So many fond memories. So many prayers of strength and peace surrounding you.
Posted by Janice Cass on 24th February 2014
Thinking of you all as another tough day approaches. It's hard and my prayers go out to you. Tony will always be alive in your hearts.
Posted by Lisa Wiley on 24th February 2014
So glad to have stopped by the other night for the brief visit. I appreciate it that you accept my randomness! But there is still not a day that I do not think of you all and the forced change that has had to be made. Its just on my mind all the time and I care so much for you and others who knew him so well. I just wish there were more I could do
Posted by Janet Cole on 23rd February 2014
It's been three years since we spent our days & nights at the hospital hoping Tony would get better. Thank you all for keeping our family in your thoughts & prayers. We couldn't have made it this far without your support. Love, Janet & Mack
Posted by Ronna Parrot on 26th October 2013
Hi Janet, Mack, Betsy, Vince, Ian, and entire family. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers, especially this month...but always. We will always remember Tony. Love you all!
Posted by Deb Thiel on 23rd October 2013
Every time I see a small plane fly over, I think of that handsome hunk tipping his wings to us old gals! Love and prayers to your whole family, . Deb T
Posted by Janice Cass on 22nd October 2013
Thinking of you all and sending a prayer your way.
Posted by Tom McKarns on 22nd October 2013
We are thinking of you and remembering the lasting impressions that Tony had on all of us. He brought lots of energy to everyone he touched! Love, Tom, Lisa, Kate, Jack and Will
Posted by Ken & Mary Zick on 22nd October 2013
Dear Janet & Mack Hearing that Tony would celebrate his 25th birthday today brings our heartfelt prayer that you would experience peace and strength for this time.
Posted by Karen Allen on 22nd October 2013
Janet and Mac ~ My prayers continue with you on this difficult journey. I am learning to "see and listen" since my brother was killed 18 months ago and Dad passed a year ago. God will provide what you need in your most stressful moments. I will recommend a book I have found so comforting and have read more than once: "Heaven is for Real". Hugs for your family.
Posted by Kathy Ferguson on 22nd October 2013
We remember Tony, especially today on his birthday, and are thinking of you too, Janet, Mack, Betsy and Vince. Our prayers are always with all of you. Miss you guys! Love, Ed and Kathy
Posted by Janet Cole on 21st October 2013
Tomorrow is Tony's 25th birthday. Our family wants to thank all the special people who continue to walk with us down the difficult path we have been forced to travel. Love, Janet, Mack, Betsy, Vince, and Ian

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