Posted by Mandy Wehner on April 21, 2021
Hi Grandpa - 9 years since your passing. Time flies doesn't it? I could sure use a good shoulder to cry on right about now. It's been a crazy year but really a crazy few months. I hope you are enjoying a nice drink up in Heaven and looking over us. I'd give anything to give you 1 more hug. Love you!
Posted by Mandy Wehner on April 20, 2020
Hi Grandpa - can't believe it's been 8 years since you passed away. It doesn't feel like it's been that long already. Crazy how time flies. 

Dad copied our old family videos over to DVD and uploaded them to a website so we have been watching those while we are in quarantine right now with COVID-19 going around. A lot of the videos have you in them at certain times and I just cry every time I see you in them. 

I wish you would have been around for Beau & Lucas to meet.....they would have loved to ride around on your tractor and help out at the farm. 

Thanks for watching over us from up there, Love you!
Posted by Mandy Wehner on April 20, 2019
Hi Grandpa -
I miss you. You would have loved to hang out with our crazy, active kiddos! Miss you. Love you, Mandy
Posted by Mandy Wehner on July 30, 2018
Happy 90th Birthday in Heaven, Grandpa Tony! I miss you and love you with all my heart. I wish my kiddos would have gotten some time here on Earth to meet you. Hope you are watching over us. Love you,
Posted by Mandy Wehner on April 21, 2018
Hi Grandpa - I can't believe it's been 6 years already since you've been gone. I miss you each and everyday. Love you Grandpa
Posted by Mandy Wehner on July 30, 2017
Happy 89th birthday Grandpa. Bet you are watching your westerns and having a cigar in heaven to celebrate! 

Love always
Posted by Mandy Wehner on July 23, 2017
Hi Grandpa - I miss you and think about you often. Your memory bear is on my dresser in my bedroom, reminding me of your nice dress slacks and suspenders you always wore. We named one of our baby twins after your name "Lucas Anton"...I swear he has your ears too! I hope you are watching over us down here, I could use a guardian angel right about now. 

Grandma mentioned you would have been married for 65 years this year! I miss you and love you always, Mandy

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