Memories of Tony & Brandy's babies'

Shared by Brandy Lykins on May 12, 2011

I have so many lovely memories that I've shared w/ Tony. The most important ones were our beautiful children. Kallep 13 & Makenzie 11, which Kallep is a spiting image of Tony & Kenz looks a lot like him as well. I remember how excited he was when we found out that our first was gonna be a boy. He couldn't of been any prouder, that was exactly what he wanted! We sat for hours thinking of what to name him. Tony wanted a name from the bible, Caleb,& I wanted Kallep to have some part of my daddy's name in there, and a name that was different. Tony picked Caleb out of the bible and of course I had to make it difficult like I always do and decided to spell it & have it .different. Poor Kallep's name was gonna be Kallep Austin Micheal Lykins Lyons. Then we just settled for Kallep Austin Lyons. While I was having Kallep it seemed like everybody and their brother was in there, which I'm pretty sure there was. I had my dad & mom taking pics & taking a video. Yes a video talk about embarrassing! I still have the pics from it, they're crazy let me tell ya. You'd think someone might have sexy naked pics not nasty pics of your private while having your beautiful baby boy! After Kallep was here he peed on my dad & Tony both! Kallep had to show his butt just like his daddy while having his baby pic. It had to be a lady whom took his pic cause he had his lips all puckered up! It couldn't of been any cuter! I would swear to it that Tony was so fertile. It only took one shot and there I was pregnant w/ Makenzie. Of course it probably wasn't the best time for some people considering that we wasn't together at the time, but it didn't matter whom Tony was w/ or what he was doing if I needed him he would be right there. At that time Tony & I was trying to keep it from my parents that we were running around together. I wasn't at the best place in life at that time, and I ended up going to a rehab, but like always I stayed in contact w/ Tony. He knew when I had Kenz so after my mom & everyone else left he came up there and stayed the night at the hospital w/ Kenz & I. He brought gifts for her & I both. I still have the carousal horse where he wrote "Love always Mack Daddy" on the bottom. Kenz a precious moment glass little bootie & a tiny daughter poem book. Which I've kept in this jewelry box that I've had since I was a little girl. I got it out not too long ago for Kenz to put in her new jewelry box cause I thought she'd appreciate it more now that she was older. The kids just had their basketball & (Kenz) cheer leading award ceremony a couple weeks ago, Kallep's coach shared something about the kids having to deal w/ the passing of their father. It was real heart felt and tore me apart, which just like this has been sharing these memories. This was a lot harder than I expected it to be, but I got to get out some feelings of hurt & laughter! We all miss & love you dearly Tony!

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