On Monday April 26, 2021 Adetoun Iretioluwa Adebola Achi went to be with the Lord after a glorious 45 years here on earth.  Adetoun was born in Mainland Local Government Area in Lagos State, on August 08, 1976 as the second child of late Julius Badejo and Omolara Badejo (Nee Banjoko) who both hailed from Ogun State.
Adetoun attended National Primary School in Gbagada Lagos for her Primary education and National College, in Lagos, for her Secondary education.
For her post- secondary education, Adetoun attended Ibadan Polytechnic where she obtained a National Diploma (ND) in Mathematics and Statistics . She also attended Yaba College of Technology and obtained a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mathematics and Statistics.  Passionate about advancing herself, Adetoun went on to obtain her Masters in Business Administration from the prestigious Caleb University. As an avid learner with a thirst for knowledge, she obtained several certifications along the way.
Adetoun started her career as an IT (Industrial Training) student with Baico Insurance Plc. She joined Daystar Christian Center in 2007, working as a Customer Service Personnel in the Front-Desk Office. She was later reassigned to the IT department as a Data Analyst, where she provided Management with strategic reports for decision making and served in different capacities within the unit. Adetoun worked diligently and served tirelessly in this position until the Lord called her home on 26 April 2021.
Adetoun married the love of life Frank Achi on December 16 2006. Together they both had three (3) lovely children, Seyi, Jomiloju and King-David. Toun was a virtuous woman who always sought for the best for her husband and children. She purposely poured out herself into her children and raised them in the way of the Lord. Her greatest joy was the Godly heritage and value herself and her husband were giving to their children.
Adetoun was a devoted member of Daystar Christian Centre, where she faithfully served the Lord through the Cell System (Daystar Small Groups), Women of Destiny (women group of Daystar) where she is fondly called Babe of Destiny, the Registration Team, Watchforce and several other units in the church. Adetoun is an alumna member of YCT-CU (Yaba College of Technology Christian Union). The YCT-CU was a calling for her and she served wholeheartedly and became a bridge between the older and the younger alumna of the YCT-CU. Toun allowed herself to be used by God.
Adetoun actively sought peace and harmony wherever she went, she was humble, respectful, ever smiling, calm and always willing to assist and give herself.
Adetoun will be sadly missed and lovely remembered by her husband Frank, children: Seyi, Jomiloju and King-David, her sibling Ade Badejo, Mojiisola Soremekun, Dele and Salewa, extended family members, Daystar colleagues, church members, numerous friends, and acquaintances.

Posted by Takeet Oluwafunmilola on August 9, 2022
Sister T, it's been over a year without you and everytime I remember you I feel a mix of emotions. Happy that I met you and sad that you're no longer with us.
Keep resting in the bossom of your Lord
Posted by Oluwaseun Dauda on August 9, 2022
Happy Posthumous birthday dear beloved of God,
Your memories are so are greatly missed.
May your soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Funmi Adesanya on August 9, 2022
Rest on Toun. I miss you. May God keep and protect your children.
Posted by ProphetPrecious Oluleye on August 8, 2022
Posted by Abosede Chizurum-Ekwonye on August 8, 2022
Mummy mi..... been a long day without you

Thanking God for the gift of you maami

Keep resting and balling with Jesus
Posted by Jesutofumi Toluwani on April 27, 2022
Just like yesterday, miss you dearie. May you soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Abosede Chizurum-Ekwonye on April 27, 2022
Thanking God for His mercies over us momma. Thanks for sharing love, laughter, joy and thoughts

Hope you love the streets of gold, Sure you have seen the fine face of Jesus,
did you tell King David about your life of worship.

Forever in my HEART Mummy Toun
Posted by Adoggang coutoure on April 26, 2022
It's a year Already you left us sis Tee!
And it feels like yesterday! Keep resting in the better place,Your good deeds still speak after you re gone 
Posted by Toyin Awopeju-Soneye on April 26, 2022
Adetoun dearie. One year already! It seems just like yesterday and the pain is almost flooding back. Surely, you are resting in perfect peace and we are glad you lived a good life of impact in service to God and humanity. Rest on beloved aburo ❤.
Posted by Abiola Dauda on April 26, 2022
It is 365 days already beloved. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord till the resurrection morning when the dead in Christ shall rise first to join the angelic choir in the celestial Halleluyah song. Adieu Toun.
Posted by Rose Nnamdi-Ubani on April 26, 2022
How time flies! Toun, May you continue to rest peacefully in the bossom of our Lord. Amen. Love ❤ you.
Posted by Wale Thomas on August 9, 2021
The loss of a friendship through death is a cruel and cold companion. Warmth is found through fond memories, so curl up with them whenever you need to."
"I am better for knowing you, better for having you as a friend, better for having met you. May you be as blessed in the next life, my friend, as I was in this one by knowing you."
Posted by Victoria Jaiyeola on August 9, 2021
It's well... The Lord will heal all our hearts for this wound and pains. Sleep on our beloved Adetoun. Gods countenance upon all that you left behind. May His favour rest upon them forever and ever. Amen !!!
Pst. Funmi Jaiyeola. USA.
Posted by Nkiru Onwordi on August 9, 2021
Happy post-humous birthday Toun. Keep resting in peace.
Posted by Mary Adewunmi on August 8, 2021
Happy posthumous birthday,Sis Toun
Posted by Moss Agbon on August 8, 2021
Beloved Sister Toun, we trust God that you made it to heaven. Continue to rest in the blossom of the Lord till we meet again at the great reunion fellowship in heaven, we remember you today on your birthday. May the Holy Spirit continue to comfort your dear husband, children and the brethren.
Posted by Adoggang coutoure on August 8, 2021
Happy post humorous birthday sis Teeheaven rejoices over your soul
Posted by blessing igbani on August 8, 2021
You may be in heaven, but you’re not far enough away for me to forget that it’s your birthday. Birthday wishes to my dearly missed Sis Toun. As you celebrate your birthday with the angels, I celebrate the memory of having you as a dear sister. Best wishes on the day you were brought into this world.
Posted by blessing igbani on May 10, 2021
My Oga! Oga mi! Too much sauce, too much swag, much humour.
Your presence lighten up a place, you ensure to leave a smile on our face whenever and wherever we meet. You always ensure thing are run smoothly even when you aren't there physically.

Your words of encouragement still ring in my ears *you will be alright laslas*

You served fervently as if there was no tomorrow.
You were never tired of work and hardly complain. Looking back now, it seems you knew you will be called home soon.....

Even in your weakness you put up a brave face, you fought till the end....

Ha! I miss you, I will miss........ I know you are in a better place. But is still painful. Its still hard to talk about you in past tense.

Sis Toun! The peace maker....... *Blessing leave am, leave am, na them you dey work for? Na God, so commot face*. "Gboju" You words of caution still ring in my ears...

Indeed you finished strong. Rest beautifully in God's bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ untill we meet in eternity.
Posted by Stephen- Orji Kelechi on May 7, 2021
Met you during our counselling, while we were waiting for our counsellor, you quickly introduced women of Destiny to me and did a follow up until I became a member.
You always look out for me and I always got a bear hug which I started looking out for at every WOD programme.

You told me, you need to get more babes of Destiny so you won't be the only babe, I had to join in this recruiting exercise for Jesus and will continue!

While we were still waiting, someone mentioned to you I just lost another pregnancy, ah I remember the hug and the whisper in my ears,"keep serving, don't stop, he will reward you".
I remember the last WOD exco hangout and all the gists. Thank you sis Toun

Thank you for the living a life of influence!
Thank you for making your life an epistle!

Adieu sis Toun
Adieu the very Babe of Destiny
Posted by Nkiru Onwordi on May 7, 2021
We went for an official visit together...and that's how we connected.

In 2018, you gave me faith.

In 2019, I used your faith. Oh!!! How we prayed out testimonies that year in our early morning prayers and DEEP Sisters' Circle.

Do you remember that your call in 2020? Everything you prophesied...You prayed out your heart!

In the Registration team, you were my ROCKSTAR TOUN!!! You always held it down for us all and ALWAYS kept a meal for me.

I miss walking down to the basement to take my breaks with you and Efe...Before long my Manager would call the basement because you both were the first SUSPECT...Lol.

PT asked me to come over on the last Sunday you served in the Registration team, but it was soo tight for me that weekend. I just had to do Church online. Maybe I would have had the last chance to serve beside you in the Reg last time...just like old times. Then we would have our arguments, jokes, and LAST time.

I missed the closure...but I miss you more.

Good night babe!!!
Posted by Yemisi Adebayo on May 6, 2021
Your gentle spirit and warm smiles I will always remember. You are hard to forget, you always leave a reason to remember you.

Thank you for being a blessing.

Posted by Alero Ukwunna on May 6, 2021
Until We Meet Again


Those special memories of you will always bring a smile. If only I could have you back for just a little while.

Then we could sit and talk again, just like we used to do. You always meant so much and always will too.

It's hard to turn the page when you know someone won't be in the next chapter, but the story must go on.

The fact that you are no longer here will always cause me pain, but you are forever in my heart until we meet again.

Posted by Balogun Oluwaremilekun on May 6, 2021
You have been a blessing to a lot of pp.i remember our first exco meeting we had in yabatech you left a lasting impression.Sis t. If I had known that I would not be able to see u after that sunday.ahhh I would have hugged you longer. We miss you and know that definately you are in a better place which is our consolation...Adieu my sister till we meet to part no more..
Posted by Bimbola Idowu on May 6, 2021
This is hard. It’s hard to forget someone like Toun. When I handed over JMDF to you at YCTCU, it was very easy because you handle responsibility with such grace and smile on your face. Your sheer energy was contagious. You will be missed for now but with faith we all will not have to miss you again.
Posted by Murphy Eyenike on May 6, 2021
Thinking back now, I think sister Toun knew this day was getting closer and closer. The Lord had been magnanimous to give her extra years and that allowed her pour herself into the Lord, to please Him and empty herself serving the one she loves the most in the world through serving others. My heart is so heavy but I am encouraged she is in the Lord's embrace and her struggles are ended.

Good night sister Toun, see you at the master's feet.
Posted by ab josh on May 6, 2021
To an ever approachable big sister and friend, we are gonna miss you...YCTCU will surely miss you. Rest on Great Soldier of Christ.
Posted by Odubanjo Olayiwola on May 6, 2021
Adetoun Achi, goodbyes are the hardest to say. Please do not forget your hubby and children. Rest on dear.
Posted by Ositelu Oluwagbohunmi on May 6, 2021
“I know for certain
that we never lose the people we love,
even to death.
They continue to participate in every act,
thought and decision we make.
Their love leaves an indelible imprint
in our memories.
We find comfort in knowing
that our lives have been enriched
by having shared their love.
And wherever a beautiful soul has been
there is a trail of beautiful memories.
And I am proud to have known and been impacted by your positivity.”
Posted by Tosin Alaka on May 6, 2021
Never really knew her, but through her son (Seyi), one could tell she raised a fine gentle man! My heart goes out to you and your family Seyi. May her soul rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Mary Adewunmi on May 6, 2021
Looking out for you at the information stand has always been an habit whenever I am going out of the church.The Sunday hugs during COVID-19 and your words linger throughout the day.

I remembered when my daughter was very ill,I will never forget how you stood by me in prayers

I looked forward to WOD meetings just to see you and chat briefly with you.

You are a light to the world,you never failed to shine it brightly wherever you are

I will forever missed you,Sis Toun
I just knew,Heaven gained an angel
Posted by Lolade Jaiyeola on May 6, 2021
Sigh, I miss you so came so shocking to me. You were such a great mother, you impacted so many lives and anyone who came across you felt what it meant to be good. I find it really hard to believe you're gone or to let the thought of you go. You were a virtuous woman ,always there to correct me and I really appreciate you.
You will be missed and you will forever remain in our hearts.
Rest in Perfect Peace Ma.
Posted by Olivesfield Schools on May 6, 2021

There are so much left unspoken,
Too soon for our conversation to end,
We thought we had so many more years,
But death has stolen you away;

Olivesfield College greatly misses you,
As a parent, you were very phenomenal,
No more shall we hear or see your ardent wisdom for excellence;

Your memories will always linger on,
Our hope is in Christ Jesus,
Rest on in His bossom,
Till we meet to part no more,
Adieu, Mrs Adetoun Achi!

Olivesfield College,
Magodo-GRA, Phase 1,
Isheri, Lagos.
Posted by Moss Agbon on May 6, 2021
Dearly beloved Sister Toun of God, at the last reunion fellowship of Yabatech CU Alumni you were so vibrant, passionate and full of life and ideas. You struck me as an outright and unpretentious lover of Jesus, this stuck with me and I would ever remember you as such. Rest on in the Lord dear sister, until we meet at Jesus' feet. Truly your transition is a loss to us earthlings, but a gain to Heaven.
Posted by Precious Oluleye on May 6, 2021
An Awesome sister with a presence that always leaves an indelible mark on hearts.
You will be remembered! God's blessings on all you left behind. Rest On sis Toun!!
Posted by Oluwaseun Dauda on May 6, 2021
Dear Sis Adetoun,

The news of your demise was a rude shock to me. I saw you last at church on Sunday 18th April and you helped the children get into the vehicle with an umbrella while it rained cats and dogs, I never knew that was going to be the last time, I will be seeing you.

You were a dedicated and vibrant person. A lover of God, dedicated to the work of your maker from way back in school.

It is my prayer that God comfort and bless the family you have left behind.

Rest on dear sis and Good night.
Posted by Joy Atomon on May 6, 2021
If I was told I would be writing a tribute for you few months after consoling me on my sister’s death, I wouldn’t have believed it. But who are we to question God?
May God console your husband, children and the entire family.
Rest in the bosom of the Lord, Toun.
Posted by seyi abolude on May 5, 2021
O death, where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory? .... But thanks be to God, which has given us the victory through our lord Jesus Christ!!!!
Sis Toun as you were fondly called! It was such a shock to hear of your demise as we had a discussion about you on the same day!! You lived, you loved so passionately and it radiated to all of us around you. Alas, Christ has called you home. One thing we will all be remembered by is the impact we made, and you did, so much, yes you did...... So rest on sis Toun!!
To the Achi's, stay Comforted!!!!!
Posted by KUNLE SONEYE on May 6, 2021
It's so painful to write about Toun in the past tense.

I remember meeting her for the first time in class at Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA). We became good friends inspite of our age difference. She was ever so humble, friendly and full of life. Her lively personality and infectious smile kept our group alive during class activities and joint assignments.

She was always ready to serve and so helpful to all that came to her desk in the church office. Her love for God and zeal for service was unparalleled.

Toun was a 'serial volunteer', always ready and willing to serve in any capacity. I don't remember ever seeing her without a smile. She was a very strong woman with an unusual ability to carry her burdens without betraying anything on her face.

She will be sadly missed by all of us in Daystar. Rest on, dear Sister. You came, you served and gave a good account of yourself even within the short time.

Our condolences to our dear Bro Frank, the children and the entire family.

God be with you till we meet at the feet of Jesus.
Posted by Toyin Awopeju-Soneye on May 6, 2021
Sis Toun served on the Exco of Daystar Women of Destiny Fellowship and also in one of our service teams i.e the Logistics Team.

She was not arm chair member in either group and she served with intense passion and in such a way that you will miss her when she wasn't available.

All you need to do  is tell her what needs to be done and she moves. She'll also do the assigned task with utmost dedication that will make  your heart bless her. You'll pray for her because it'll be clear that she put her very best into what she did.

Summarising who I knew her be, I will say she  was very loving, open, respectful, helpful, diligent, dedicated and highly committed.

Our nick name for her  in Women of Destiny was "Elè  WOD, Babe of Destiny.

My last interraction with her was about 3wks before her demise. I reached out to find out how she was fairing  and I recall she said things were a bit overwhelming and I responded that we would find time to talk, but we never did. This loss is a very deep pain for me as she was a special aburo to me beyond the fellowship. Her ever ready smile, warmth and boisterous nature will be greatly missed.

I guess the question most of us ask is why do the beautiful ones go early? Why?  It's a question we'll never be able to answer.

However, I personally found a comforting answer for me in Ps 90:12TPT:

"Help us to remember that our days are numbered, and help us to interpret our lives correctly. Set your wisdom deeply in our hearts so that we may accept your correction".

Certainly, this answer is for those of us Toun left behind as she is already resting peacefully with her maker till we meet to part no more.

To my dear brother Frank, Seyi, Jomiloju & David; God will envelope you in His lovings arms and comfort you. He will fill every vacuum that she left. You will never be stranded and will not lack help in any form. God will bind all of you together in His love and cause all His perfect and beautiful plans to be fully established in your lives in Jesus name.

To the entire Daystar Women of Destiny and all her loved ones, I say, stay comforted.
Posted by Victoria Jaiyeola on May 5, 2021
Mummy Seyi/ Jomiloju like you're fondly called by me.

Thank you for been there, you're a friend in need, a friend indeed. Thank you for filling in the gap. You're there when I am absent. Thank you for been there for the children. Thanks for your love and kindness. Thanks for been my eyes, my hands, my mouth, a very strong support system. A foster mum to many children, thanks you for sharing your food and love, the advise.
You're greatly appreciated, you can never be forgotten. We love you but God love you most. Sleep on Adetoun till the ressurection morning. God will uphold your husband and your children will never be alone. Adieu.....

Pastor Funmi Jaiyeola (USA).

Posted by Bose Olatunji on May 5, 2021
My Ever Smiling Sis, words fail me at the moment but I take solace in the fact that you are in a better place free from worries and struggles of this world . Thank you for being a part of my life. I will forever miss you. Rest on dear sis.
Posted by Ify Nwanze on May 5, 2021
Its indeed a great stock! Sister Toun and she answers ify ba wo ni! Just like that eternity has come for you. Hummmm can still remember the Sunday in church before you passed on to Glory, little did I know it will be the last time I will see you. Life o! Life.
Thank you for pouring out your all.
My prayer will continually be that God will keep your husband, children and every one and grant all the fortitude to bear this.
Will surely miss you but our consolation is that you are in a better place.
Continue to rest in the blossom of our maker. Good night to a dear sis. Heaven's gain a soldier.
Posted by Bukola Adebayo on May 5, 2021
Sis mi as I fondly called you ,you left too soon, Thank you for been you, Thank you for every support, the blunt advices, for leading and showing how its been done, you were a phenomenon, I know you are in a better place ,who are we to question God , Rest on sis you are greatly missed.
Posted by PATIENCE AKHIDIME on May 5, 2021
Toun, words fail me. Indeed I'm dazed, trying to accept that you are no more.
Two years we spent in Caleb University during our MBA was indeed a time we bonded together. We shared the joy and stress of combining family life, work life and academic life. We laughed, complained, appreciated, celebrated milestones together. I can't seem to forget your admonition each time you see me taking iced tea (smile). Or your down to earth nature...
Who would have thought that less than a year after the travail you will join the heavenly host in singing praise to the Father? Indeed life is flitting, a flower so fresh in the morning and withers at the scorch of the sun.
Psalm 90:12 KJVS
So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Adieu Adetoun, the memories we made together lives on.
Posted by Kehinde Akingboye on May 5, 2021
Sis Toun, your demise is sudden but full of beautiful memories that are impossible to erase. Since I know you till your glorious departure you remain an inspiration to me. The Reformers, a family you served under as AGS/JMDF of YCTCU can never recover and will not be able to find a replacement for you. You are a bridge builder, a path finder, an incurable optimist and above all, a lover of people and God. I bid you goodnight and to meet at the resurrection morning.
Your friend,
Kehinde Akingboye
President YCTCU 2003/2004 set.
Posted by Abosede Chizurum-Ekwonye on May 5, 2021
Mama Toun, As one of your babies at YCTCU, I was in shock hearing of your passing.

You were called and you fulfilled your calling
You cared so much for everyone
You gave so much love and care
You spent and was spent
Knew when you emerged as Joint Mid day coordinator, You were capable and you proved your calling

I thank God for the gift of You
I thank God I knew you
Thanks for been mummy Toun of the Living God

The last time we spoke, you said you missed me.... Kai and I responded, I missed you maami

Maami... I missed you too
God bless you soooo much,
God bless your children and their children

I miss you Maami
Posted by OLATUNJI FATAI on May 5, 2021
Sister ADETOUN, you will forever be missed, rest on ma
Posted by Titilayomi Kikiope on May 5, 2021
You will forever be missed. Rest on my super woman
Posted by Leke Adenuga on May 5, 2021
Toun, you are an amazing soul.

You burst always with energy.

One person I know to be openly blunt, spirit filled & free.

Your unique gift of being straight & direct makes you one of the most predictable & straight up individual that has crossed my path.

You are such a selfless being, the way you submerge yourself in support of others can never be forgotten. Your commitment to Daystar & the things of God is always at the next level. It makes one wonder if you ever considered you for once.

A wonderful family you have, your love for your Husband (Achi) & Children (Seyi, Jomiloju and King David) has no rival. I remember how you always brought them to every of our discussion, your husband in particular.

I cannot even imagine using past tense for you.

All I can say is I am thankful for the memories of you that I can hold on to.

May your family be greatly consoled & get through this with full assurance of the amazing future you have always desired for them.

Do rest in peace & well in the bossom of our dear LORD.

It is indeed well...

LA (Leke Adenuga)
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Posted by Takeet Oluwafunmilola on August 9, 2022
Sister T, it's been over a year without you and everytime I remember you I feel a mix of emotions. Happy that I met you and sad that you're no longer with us.
Keep resting in the bossom of your Lord
Posted by Oluwaseun Dauda on August 9, 2022
Happy Posthumous birthday dear beloved of God,
Your memories are so are greatly missed.
May your soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Funmi Adesanya on August 9, 2022
Rest on Toun. I miss you. May God keep and protect your children.
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Shared by Akinyemi Bamidele on April 30, 2021
You will forever be missed Sis. Toun.