Let the memory of Tracy be with us forever
  • 51 years old
  • Born on May 6, 1961 .
  • Passed away on June 6, 2012 .

This website was created in the memory and celebration of the life of our loved one, Tracy Clow, 51, born on May 6, 1961 and passed away on June 6, 2012. We will love and remember him forever.

Please share with us your memories, stories, photos and good times that you had with Tracy. 

Posted by Carla Bell on 6th May 2017
Happy birthday in heaven Tracy. I still love you so very much. I miss you every day. You were my Only..... hope they throw a gigantic party up there for you today XO!
Posted by Russell Klinger on 8th May 2015
You are gone but not forgotten...
Posted by Robert Small on 6th June 2013
R I P Tracy you were the guy who knew how to live. God Speed Bro. May the fish always bite and the hill climbs never end .
Posted by Lizzie Buell on 6th May 2013
Miss you, dude. We celebrate the day you were born.
Posted by Carla Bell on 6th November 2012
You fill my thoughts right now.....miss you
Posted by D'Ann Forbes on 16th July 2012
A sweet memory came to me that I haven't remembered in years. When Tracy and Carla were sweethearts in high school.... Carla and I had a party at the new place my parents just bought. Tracy came by the next morning to pick up the keg he helped us get. Saw what a mess the place was and because the cops took Carla home late that night. He asked if I had any help to clean and well, I ddin't. He
Posted by Craig Gass on 8th July 2012
/Users/craiggass/Desktop/IMG_1171.JPG Tracy take care lots good times.
Posted by Robin Buell on 24th June 2012
I did not know you well but you sure had a big part of my daughters heart (Elizabeth Buell) and she always talked highly about you and she loved you so much! So I Love You too!! Wish I could have known you better!! I heard you were a WONDERFUL PERSON! I am glad my daughter got to be a part of your life!!
Posted by Sandra O;Malley on 19th June 2012
Thank you Tracy for giving so much love to my niece. My heart is with you Carla and I so deeply love you.
Posted by April Yoakum on 17th June 2012
So many good times and memories at Searra Lumber and Doheny Builder supplies party's . Tracy was a guy no matter what when or where he just looked happy , the smiles , the laughter along with his good looks just made him a people person . Tracy has left a special touch with everyone he met , for that he will deeply be missed by all . Peace , Tracy
Posted by Russell Klinger on 17th June 2012
Tracy, Thanks so much for your generosity, your great love for my sister, the great memories I have of you from when I was just a young boy, and your ability to bring smiles and laughter to those you infected with your love for life. I will miss you but you will forever be in my heart and thoughts. Adios my friend.
Posted by Janna Brockman on 17th June 2012
if you were to measure a man by how many friends he has there is no one richer than tracy .we will miss you and never forget your love of life and friends. all my love tom and janna brockman
Posted by Janna Brockman on 16th June 2012
What a special man and what a privillage to know him! I met Tracy through a mutual friend, Buffy. Immediately we were instant friends. He dated one of my best friends Connie who lived next door to me and my husband Tom. Perfect guy to have close by because every night he would BBQ! Oh' the San Felipe trips, camping, and all the wonderful parties at DBS - amazing and loved - XOXO
Posted by Laura Rasor on 15th June 2012
Tracy, I will always remember you, You are one Great guy! you will be truly missed by all. Thank-You for being a good friend,one day until we meet again. PEACE OUT Love, Laura
Posted by Meri Kellems on 15th June 2012
Carla I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know I haven't seen you in a long time, Terry kept me updated and I know from Terry that he was a wonderful man. Know that he is with God now. I will be praying for you and your family. Meri
Posted by Margaret Bhola on 14th June 2012
Carla, my deepest sympathies to you and the family for this huge loss. While I didn't know Tracy personally, I know you and the kind of woman you are which tells me how great Tracy is since you picked him. You are in my prayers. I believe there are angels protecting us daily. I know that Tracy is one of yours. Love, Margaret xxxooo
Posted by Christie OMalley Trinidad on 14th June 2012
Tracy, my regret is that Julio and I didn't get a change to get to know you better. But what I do know, is that when I met you for the first time, I knew you were a good guy and I knew how happy you were with my cousin, Carla. You both belonged together. My memory of you is a big smile with a genuine spirit you shared with everyone you met. You will be missed by many.
Posted by Debra Pember on 14th June 2012
We're all still trying to accept that Tracy isn't with us anymore. Carla, I can't express how deeply sorry I am...it's just heartbreaking. One of my favorite memories of Tracy, was one of his greetings, "Hey Baby". I will never forget that warm and joyful tone and smile, his sincere squeeze hugs. Tracy made my sister, Carla, happier than she's ever been in her life. I love him for that!
Posted by Joe Morin on 14th June 2012
Tracy, From all the EL & EL Family you will be truly missed. I was fortunate to have you as a customer and a friend for twenty plus years, Always a good attitude no matter how bad the problem and always appreciative when things went well! You will always be in our Hearts. Joe Morin and the EL & EL Team
Posted by Michael Howell on 14th June 2012
Tracy my friend you will be missed by a ton of friends, you always had a smile on your face and that says so many things about you as a person, my brothers and i loved laughing and telling old stories from the good old days, life will never end with you,the memories will last forever, my love go out to your family.
Posted by Rachel Baroth on 13th June 2012
Tracy, you lived life to the fullest, laughed heartily,worked hard, played harder. You made everyone laugh, had great stories, fished like a fool and made the best ceviche on this earth! I am so grateful that when you left us, you were happier than I'd ever known you to be! Your light will shine brightly forever, you will always be loved and never be forgotten! With respect, Rachel Baroth
Posted by Terry Thompson on 13th June 2012
I will forever be grateful for the happiness you brought my sister. You truly are an amazing man with a huge heart of gold. I love your laugh, your bear hugs, your ability to tell a story in a way that makes me laugh so hard my gut hurts.....your passion for showing everyone a good time....the way you guided my nephew and helped him become a better man....and so much more......I love you
Posted by Darlene Pierce on 13th June 2012
Posted by Carla Bell on 12th June 2012
Huge heart, huge hugs, huge smile, huge love......Tracy I love you, I have always loved you, I will forever love you. Not too many people get a second chance.....How blessed am I that you let me in....again.

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