Tracy went from a chubby kid to very muscular and handsome man.... Tracys life wasnt always a bed of roses but he took it day by day... He lived careless and carefree and didnt care what anyone thought.. I loved that about him and I always wished  I could have lived more like him in that aspect... He loved his children with all his heart... He didnt always make the best choices but he made the choices that best fit him and his personality at the time... Tracy had alot of friends and a few enemies too... There were people that loved him to death and then there was people that wanted to tear his eyes out haha but he didnt care... To him he was 10 foot tall and bullet proof and he done as he pleased... The love he had for his family was amazing... He would give anyone the shirt off his back... He was definitatly a mama's boy and didnt care to tell everyone!! As everyone knows drugs took over his life and then took his life.... Making a terrible mistake and getting in the car with someone that was under the influence cost him his life... But his memory will go on... He will live forever through his family and friends