Her Life

My big sister

Well where do i begin my sister is the type of person that would  give you the shirt off of her back if she likes you she likes you if she didn't then you would know it .  Tracy was the type of person  who loved too smile laugh cut up and to be around people in general. Tracy did not have to die in the way she did it was inhumane for the one who was supposed to love her and and watch her and to not let anyone hurt her but the one that she loved took her life in a way that I would not want to see anyone go. She was easy to talk to would give advice if needed she loved her family more than anything in the world including her kids her sisters brother and Mom. We will miss her surely everyday there's not a day that goes by that our mom thinks about her or cries about her it's so hard when you lose a loved one to recuperate from it easily but we know every day in our hearts that she's watching over us