Travis Allin Corwin
  • 59 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 10, 1955
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Aug 29, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
With Love and Light we celebrate Travis

Dear Friends and Family,


A Memorial Celebration was held for Travis on Sunday September 14th 2014 at 10am

Thank you to all who attended, as well as those who sent their blessings and kept us in their thoughts on this day.  If you have photos from the memorial please upload them to the site, or e-mail them to me.


Tobias Corwin



Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by William Smith on 31st August 2017

"Three years since you moved on.

I still think of you often as I go about daily life in your home state of California. I also have one nephew who reminds me of you.

Still keep in touch with your sisters and my Aunt Sara and your Aunt Angela so our family remains close."

This tribute was added by Darcy Skarada on 29th August 2017

All that is True in us is what lives on! And in our Prior Unity,
it is always fully shared.


This tribute was added by Larry Manzo on 29th August 2017

"The years my pass; however you are still so much in my thoughts. Hope you "cashed" my check for attention. It's an open ended check! Love to you"

This tribute was added by Anne Smith on 29th August 2017

"Missing you still!  Peace my cousin."

This tribute was added by Darcy Skarada on 12th April 2017


I feel you have moved ON and are Well!
I love you.


This tribute was added by Donna Smallwood on 10th April 2017

"Dearest Travis,  I pray with you every night, knowing that you are One with God, as you so often prayed for.  You are always in my heart and mind.  You have a son that you can be very proud of..... Toby was just here for a short and wonderful visit.  And he is a wonderful fixer-upper, now we have so many things in the house that were not working until
he very kindly, got us in working order.  We love him, a great guy, just like you.   Always in my heart...   Your Mom"

This tribute was added by Larry Manzo on 10th April 2017

"I relish our time together at CornU. I am so glad I gave you my "check" to pay attention."

This tribute was added by Anne Smith on 10th April 2017

"Happy Birthday, Travis!  Your presence is still felt.

Cousin Anne Smith"

This tribute was added by Anne Smith on 11th September 2016

"We miss you Travis and think of you often."

This tribute was added by tobias corwin on 30th August 2016

"I have been thinking of my father a lot the last several days. I am grateful for all he has given me and all that we share. Today I spread some of his ashes in a beautiful mountain river in Northern California, a place he would have appreciated for its rugged beauty. He would appreciate all the love that has been expressed here."

This tribute was added by William Smith on 29th August 2016

"Two years and many memories have flown by since your passing.

During those years I realized my childhood dream of being older than my "MAD" cousin from California, yet the realization of that childish dream is bittersweet - bitter knowing that I will never see you again on earth - and sweet in that your passing finally led me to meet to beautiful people in your life - your capable son Toby and your wife Beth when we joined together to celebrate your life. Like you, both Beth and Toby lead lives that promote what should be cherished rather than simply endured to satisfy the fleeting whims of materialist capitalism.

I also, for the first time, connected with your mother, the mysterious Donna from southern California, when your son Toby read her poignant and insightful letter at your tribute, which she was too frail to make.

I think of you often, and stay in touch with your sisters Alex and Deanna and hear occasionally about Toby."

This tribute was added by Darcy Skarada on 29th August 2016

"Two years after your transition, the evidence is that Love only grows!

This tribute was added by Claudia Harrington on 29th August 2016

"God bless you always, Travis.  May you be in the highest heaven merged with the Light, merged with your God.  I love you.

This tribute was added by Brendalyn Batchelor on 13th April 2016

"Dear Travis,
I continue to celebrate the day you were born and every day of your life. Thank you for blessing me and Unity Santa Fe with your consciousness.

This tribute was added by Darcy Skarada on 30th August 2015

In the past year, I have reflected a lot on what my relationship with you has shown me. Its acceptable to be brokenhearted for both of us at  times. But all that stays is the Love... the Only One Who Ever Really Is.

This tribute was added by Claudia Harrington on 29th August 2015

"I will always remember you, Travis, with great love.  You will always be one of my dearest spiritual brothers.  I will always remember how much you made me laugh.  You are in my thoughts & always in my heart.  May you know yourself on the other side as only Love."

This tribute was added by Gary Shapiro on 30th October 2014

"It was very sad to hear the news yesterday of Travis passing.  I knew Travis very well spending time with him in KY and in Albuquerque.  He was my “spiritual friend” at Cornucopia.  I remember him as a very thoughtful, caring, artistic and strong man and always with a smile.  I admired his spirituality and introspective ways, always searching for a deeper meaning, we are brothers in that respect.  Great photos Toby!  My warmest regards to you and Beth

Gary Shapiro"

This tribute was added by Deanne Handron on 17th September 2014

"Wishing peace to all who loved Travis.  May you take comfort in each other at this difficult time.  Only months apart, Travis and I were cousins our entire 59 years.  I will never forget the playful argument we got into a few years back when he insisted he was only 55 although I knew we were both 56.  He was amazed to discover he had lost count of a year.Love, Deanne"

This tribute was added by Ann-Marie McKelvey on 14th September 2014

"Toby, good morning...

Thank you for putting this website together for your Dad.  It is beautiful.  As was your Dad.

And today is his memorial.  Feelings and images have been flowing since your Mom shared of your Dad's passing...

Here's one: Travis was living with Rob and I in an awesome solar adobe home in Santa Fe just off Canyon Road.  We only had a fireplace for back-up heat. Unlike the sun, it hadn't been out for was cold.  Very cold.  And it was night.  The wind was howling...the snow was steadily coming down.

Rob was flying back from Lordsburg after dropping off a client.  He was flying a single engine airplane in all that weather.  I was worried then scared then anxious...and then the feeling cycle would repeat.  

Travis took charge.  He built a huge fire in the fireplace....lit a zillion candles...put on Keith Jarrett...and we cuddled in front of the fire under four or five blankets.  

Then what did he do?  He used the music and genius of Keith Jarrett as a soundtrack and started riffing...and then I entered in...and we made-up stories to each other..

By the time Rob walked in, the night had became a lovely wintery evening with lots of possibilities amidst all that creative love.  

Your Dad was a precious human being, Toby...

Much love and a very deep bow to you, Toby, and to your Mom...

Much love,

This tribute was added by Joy Friedman on 13th September 2014

"I am Travis' Aunt Joy and I just wanted to write and send my heartfelt wishes for my nephew's safe passage.  Travis seemed to be on a spiritual quest, always searching for the meaning of life and human existence.  I believe that Travis is continuing his quest but in a different form. I wish him God-speed.  I would like to believe that he and my beautiful son, David, are in a magical place together, enjoying good conversation and laughter. May you finally find what you've been looking for and rest in peace in that knowing.  
Love, Aunt Joy and your cousin, Susan"

This tribute was added by Donna Smallwood on 7th September 2014

"I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who have written tributes to Travis on these pages.  They are very comforting to me and all members of his family.  Travis is deeply loved and will forever live in my heart.          His Mom,  Donna

Psalms111:  "Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage forever;  for they are the rejoicing of my heart.""

This tribute was added by Leslie Nathanson on 7th September 2014

"Tobias,  Always such a big deal when our dad leaves the earth. My heart goes out to you. I am one of the Wednesday Santa Fe Course in Miracles group. I always enjoyed your dad's uniqueness, sincerity and depth of spiritual love and his smile. Love never dies.

This tribute was added by Brendalyn Batchelor on 6th September 2014

"Travis was a treasured friend of Unity Santa Fe and our 4T Prosperity Group. I regret I will not be able to attend the memorial service as I'll be coming out of Canyon de Chelly after an 8 day Vision Quest that afternoon. I celebrate Travis' life and legacy and cherish the short time I knew him. As minister of Unity Santa Fe and on behalf of the Board of Trustees and congregation of Unity Santa Fe I send my deepest condolences to Travis' family."

This tribute was added by Barbara Herrington on 5th September 2014

"I never had the fortune to meet Travis, but he has given the world a fine son with his lovely former wife, Beth. I know he will be forever in their memories. Our deepest sympathy to you both and the rest of your family."

This tribute was added by Greg Ooley on 5th September 2014

"I never had a chance to meet Travis and have yet to meet Beth, but I am one of many people blessed by my friendship with Toby.  Whatever sort of grand alchemy it was that conspired to bring Toby into the world, I have no doubt that his mother and father played a profound role in shaping him into the wise, considerate man that he is.  

My heart goes out to all of you who knew Travis, but especially to my good friend who has lost a parent."

This tribute was added by Dave Caldwell on 5th September 2014

"Travis, my friend,

It is with sadness that I hear the news of your passing.  Thank you for the laughter & fun.  Thank you for your warm intentions.  Thank you for your courage as you continued searching for answers right up to the end.  Thank you for reaching out and connecting with me and so many other of your old friends in these last two years.  

Peace and Love to you, my brother.  Peace and Love, Chittak"

This tribute was added by Edie Murphy on 5th September 2014

"Travis, you came to us quietly and offered so much of your personal wisdom achieved through direct experience and practice.  So quietly you slipped away.  We will remember your words, your smile, your cheer!  
Thank you for your generosity and good will.
Blessings follow with you,
Edie Murphy"

This tribute was added by Peter Kirk on 5th September 2014

"Travis, My Friend -
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your clarity with the Santa Fe "A Course In Miracles" community.  I and many others are richer for having had the privilege of knowing you.  I'll see you down the road, Brother.  Peace,  Peter"

This tribute was added by Sage Hopkins on 4th September 2014

"I go by the name Sage today, although back many years ago at Cornucopia I was known as Cinnamon's son, "Rusty".. Many of the names here I am familiar with..And, Oh yes, I do remember Travis! I was only 11yrs old the Summer of `78 that I came to stay with the Living Love Community in Kentucky. I recall seeing Travis and knowing that some day when I'd grown up I'd like to be as well liked as he was. I'd like to be as kind, gentle, smart and funny as Travis.  He had what I call a "felt smile", when he was grinning you could feel the positive waves of his energy fill the room.
He was, IS, and always shall be, a very cool dude!
I live in Albuquerque now, moved here a few years ago and would be honored to attend the celebration honoring Travis this month.
~Sage Hopkins"

This tribute was added by Karen Buller on 4th September 2014

"I am so very sad to hear this news.  Travis went to a class with me and i gave him rides sometimes.  I know he wanted to get his knee fixed so he could walk around better.  I was worried when he did not attend class these last few weeks.  He will be missed.  What a sweet soul he is.
I'm glad our paths crossed."

This tribute was added by Patti Lentz on 4th September 2014

"My heart is sad when I think of the loss of sweet Travis.  I have so many memories of Travis in Kentucky and later in NM.  I hold all who have loved him in my heart and prayers.  To see all these messages brings such a sense of our family"

This tribute was added by Michael Gritzbaugh on 4th September 2014

"It took two incredible people to raise my friend Toby. I didn't know Travis well but, knowing his son, this I can extrapolate from who he must've been: He had to have been kind. Definitely a thinker. Good sense of humor, as confirmed by his friends. Handsome with a great smile, just like Toby, as confirmed by these photos. Certainly responsible for Toby's tech savvy. Probably responsible for his wanderlust. Likely a man who was sensitive to this world. I give my condolences to his family and I take comfort knowing his light will shine on through his son."

This tribute was added by Barb Novo on 3rd September 2014

"I knew Travis though The Way of Mastery Tuesday evenings. in Santa Fe.  When he attended he brought so much insight with great contribution to the group.  We all loved him, he will be missed.


This tribute was added by Shanna MacLean on 3rd September 2014

"Travis   You were an inspiration. And you were and are very very loved. Your sharing in our groups was always wonderful, positive and a grand contribution. I hold you in my heart.  Shanna"

This tribute was added by Matt Elias on 3rd September 2014

"I never met Travis. Toby's a good friend of mine. It was nice to see all of these pictures of Travis and family pictures. I can definitely see where Toby got his good looks.
Thoughts and prayers from the Elias family."

This tribute was added by Kris Nevius on 2nd September 2014

"I feel sad to get this news. I knew Travis at Cornucopia and when I read this, thinking of him brought a smile to my heart. I know there were many aspects to his life and his emotions but when I think of him I see his smiling elf self.

My love to you, Beth, and Tobias.

This tribute was added by Anne Smith on 2nd September 2014

"I am Travis's Aunt Angie.  Before Sara and the girls came to the US, Travis used to spend some summers with us.  His Uncle Bill and I had four boys and two girls, some of which were Travis's age.  He fit in with our family and we looked forward to his joining us,  His Dad, Art, was like a dad to my kids since Bill died when my kids were young.  Art was a very kind and fun person and Travis had a lot of the same qualities.
     I have kept in touch with Travis a few times over the years but not very recently.  I was shocked to hear of his accident and death.
     I offer you, his son, my sympathy and prayers.  May Travis find the good life in heaven that he searched for on this earth. May he rest in peace.

Angela Smith ("

This tribute was added by Jim Manske on 2nd September 2014

"Aloha, dear Tobias and Beth, and all of our Friends,
So sad and sweet for me to taste the flood of memories of my brother Travis...

We connected in a deep way at Cornucopia.  Later we both ended up in Albuquerque along with so many Cornucopians, worked together at the Firebird for a time, and shared the adventure of young parenthood together.  I was honored to be present when Travis decided to take neo-sanyas vows, and we travelled once together to LA to see Robert Anton Wilson, the author.

My recollections of Travis feature big smiles, hearty laughs and the willingness to deeply explore the inner landscape of feelings and spirituality.  

Reading of his death makes me wonder when our paths diverged...our kids bound us together during the early years, and I guess when they went their separate ways to different schools, our involvement faded.  Like all of my Cornucopia relationships, my relationship with Travis remains rooted in love and presence.

I wonder so much about the adventures he had since last I saw him.  I am grateful for the connection provided by the notes!
May your celebration of Travis' Life nourish your soul.

With love,

This tribute was added by jan haley on 2nd September 2014

"We are so sorry for those that Travis left behind. We only met him once, but his sweet smile and gentle nature were unforgettable.
Our thoughts are with you. Jan and Gary"

This tribute was added by Anterra NLN on 2nd September 2014

"I knew Travis briefly at CornU. I do remember when he and Beth got together.

Toby, I recall you as a babe in arms.

Travis smiled a lot and brightened our many meetings. I'm sure he will be missed.


This tribute was added by Penny Gillespie on 2nd September 2014

"I am so sad to learn this news.  I clearly remember the light, sweet, smiling, engaged, present Travis from the Cornucopia days.  

My heart goes out to Toby and all whose lives Travis touched.

Love and blessings,
Penny Hannig Keyes Gillespie"

This tribute was added by Claudia Harrington on 2nd September 2014

"Dear Toby, Beth and family,
I so sorry for your loss.  I just found out yesterday about Travis.  I am heart broken and so sad.  I loved Travis so much.  He always felt like the brother I never had.  At Cornucopia, River & I hung out with him a lot.  I just remember how much we all laughed together.  Travis was always so loving, such a bright light, & so generous with himself.  Over the years we kept in touch now & then and I always loved our connections.  Such a deep soul with so much love.  I am sure heaven is a greater place with him in it."

This tribute was added by Catherine Adler on 2nd September 2014

"Dear Travis, Toby, Beth and Family,
My heart is with you during this time of loss.  Travis was and is an important part of my inner family; a brother in my early days away from home, helping me to find a new sense of home in the world.  He was a fellow traveler that knew that we needed one another.  He helped me know that and get good with that truth with his humor with his sheer intensity with his good heart.   Travis, may this next  heart breaking adventure into grief and into all the joy you brought us bring us all closer to home.
Love, Love, Love,
P.S. Toby, I imagine you know this...but your Dad was such a rockstar.  My heart is especially with you as you face this time of such deep loss.  
A poem for you as you: by Diane Der-Hovanessian

When your father dies, say the Irish,
you lose your umbrella against bad weather.
May his sun be your light, say the Armenians.

When your father dies, say the Welsh,
you sink a foot deeper into the earth.
May you inherit his light, say the Armenians.

When your father dies, say the Canadians,
you run out of excuses. May you inherit
his sun, say the Armenians.

When your father dies, say the French,
you become your own father.
May you stand up in his light, say the Armenians.

When your father dies, say the Indians,
he comes back as the thunder.
May you inherit his light, say the Armenians.

When your father dies, say the Russians,
he takes your childhood with him.
May you inherit his light, say the Armenians.

When your father dies, say the English,
you join his club you vowed you wouldn't.
May you inherit his sun, say the Armenians.

When your father dies, say the Armenians,
your sun shifts forever.
And you walk in his light."

This tribute was added by sunshine (mary ann) ohsol (ferris) on 2nd September 2014

"Travis was one of the kindest most caring people at Corn U. He was a good friend, and I am so sad to hear of his passing.  He  was so young! My dear hubby, Blake, passed away just 2 weeks ago.  May they fly together on the other side in joy and love.  Very nice memorial!"

This tribute was added by graciela marin on 2nd September 2014

"When I received Deborah's email letting us know of Travis' death, although it's so many years since I saw him last, his face came immediately and clearly to mind... and he was smiling that handsome, warm grin. I am sure that many others have basked in that gentle, impish smile over the years. Fly high and free, Travis!"

This tribute was added by Larry Manzo on 1st September 2014

"It has been a long time since I have seen Travis. However I thank my stars that I knew him--even briefly--at Cornucopia. He was such a shining, bright hunk of life."

This tribute was added by kerry Thornell on 1st September 2014

"Some of my fondest memories are of growing up with the Smith cousins and Travis, spending time at the lake house and at Woodbine Lodge. I have often wondered across the years of where Travis was and how he was doing. So good to learn of his son Toby and to see the happy pictures of them together. Toby, please know that your father will be in our hearts forever. Godspeed Travis. Kerry Thornell (Sullivan)"

This tribute was added by Mary Harden on 1st September 2014

"It is with great sorrow that I light this candle for Travis, the Corwin cousin that I regrettably did not have the pleasure of knowing.  My prayers go out to Tobias, the family and friends who knew and loved him.  

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal."  (quote from a headstone in Ireland)"

This tribute was added by Jori Manske on 1st September 2014

"Although It has been decades since I have seen Travis, the tears roll down my face with this sense of loss, touching the deep love and appreciation of our connections and everlasting sense of community.

Travis and Beth, Marc and Penny, and Jim and I were all navigating being new parents Living Love with our "bouncing baby boys in bio bottoms," Toby, Ryan, and Jiva.

Thanks for coming to live with us for a while, Travis.  Thanks for the love and light we shared.  Fly free..."

This tribute was added by Diane Fenchel on 1st September 2014

"Dearest Travis,
I am so proud, lucky and very blessed to have you as my brother. I was so happy to have been able to see you and spend time with you last week (a blessing). You are and always have been the kindest, most caring and sensitive soul I have ever known. I really enjoyed our weekly long distance phone conversations when you were in Indiana. I know that when I am alone I can always call on you and continue to talk to you and feel close, as you are one with Divine Love and Light.

You are so loved,

Sister Diane"

This tribute was added by Hina Pendle on 1st September 2014

"sweet Travis,

may you fly on the wings of laughter and joy as you were for so many of us,
Casey, Hina"

This tribute was added by River Dunavin on 1st September 2014

"Since meeting in 1978 at Cornucopia, Travis occupied an especially shiny part of my heart. We instantly fell in brotherhood. Marc Steiner was the third of a remarkable, often inseparable, trio. We made many memories, shared music, supported each other and literally fell down in many hilarious moments. Travis is as funny as one gets.

I have a treasure from him that he wrote around 1980 called "God Speaking." I'll do my best to post it and read it as I recall him reading it to me.

Life didn't bring us together much after leaving Kentucky, and when we connected it was as if no time had passed. I'm much richer; thank you dear brother. Love to and peace to all."

This tribute was added by Deborah Ham on 1st September 2014

"Travis and I met at Cornucopia in Kentucky around 1978.  We connected sporadically over the years, with our last visit being just a few months ago when he was my guest in Portland.  Like all of us, he changed over the years.  Yet some things remained constant:
His loving heart,
an appreciation for music,
a sincere desire to grow personally and spiritually,
a ready sense of humor,
and an intensity about almost everything!

Go now, Travis, beyond what we have known of you!  Continue with your great mission of sharing light and love and energy throughout our universe, in forms we may or may not comprehend.  Peace be with you, sweet brother.
Deborah Ham"

This tribute was added by William Smith on 1st September 2014

"Hip Cousin Travis,

You will always be the California dreamer from the land of the Beach Boys. You will always be the California hippie who brought copies of MAD Magazine to an unworldly farm boy in Iowa cornfields on hot and humid summer days.

Now I keep your "MAD" legacy alive in the land of the Golden Gate and the valleys of silicon just up the coast from where you grew up. The Gate and the valleys feed the computer moving company (IBM - I've Been Moved) I recall you  once worked for and where your cousin Mary still works. Some day soon, I hope to connect with your son Toby and his family.

May you and your story-telling dad, who was my dad as well, both find many ancient arrowheads in the land beyond the skies.

Cousin Bill"

This tribute was added by Marc D Steiner on 1st September 2014

"I knew Travis mostly from CornU and a bit while a young dad in Albq. Toby, your dad was my bud along with Rio (River) at CornU. We hung out mostly and laughed a whole lot. He was a kind, gentle, thoughtful, and so self-reflective. Us buds laughed a lot at this life, knowing how tenuous yet serious it all seemed. His heart, love, and softness continues to be felt and continues to live on through those of us left to live, for now. Calm and peace my brother."

This tribute was added by Angie Smith Harris on 1st September 2014

"Toby and family -
I was so sorry to hear your loss and our loss .  Your Dad is in my prayers.  He was a lot of fun growing up.  I always looked forward to his summer visits.  He was a much needed addition to our back-yard baseball games.   I still remember him telling me at age 8, when he was 11, that I was too young to swear.   He was always full of wisdom for his younger cousin. You couldn't start swearing until you truned the ripe old age of 10.  I regret not reconnecting with him later in life.
Cousin Mary Angela"

This tribute was added by Robert Dryden on 1st September 2014

"Dear Travis,
Thank you for the light and joy you shared with us on this journey. Only your form has changed eternal brother.

This tribute was added by James Smith on 1st September 2014

"Dear Travis,

Will miss the street wise big brother from LA who always had a smile on his face and a great sense of humor.  You were also very patient putting up with you little cousins who liked to tease you about your choice of songs while working on painting the lake house.  By the way, I was not scared by that Indian ghost story you told me one night long ago, but thanks for entertaining me.  Thanks for all the fond memories.

Toby, will there be a memorial service or funeral?

Cousin Jim"

This tribute was added by Karen Puccini on 1st September 2014

"Our heartfelt condolences go out to you Toby, Beth and the rest of the family.  Although we never knew Travis, we know that he was blessed to call you 'son' Toby.  Prayers for comfort, peace and healing are being lifted on your behalf. We're reminded how fragile life is. God bless you.
Karen, Larry & family"

This tribute was added by Allison Moran on 1st September 2014

"Travis, there were so many times that my dad and the rest of the family ( including me) had hoped to visit with you on one of our family reunions or trips out West.  It is with great sadness to hear about your death.  I hope we can meet in heaven one day....your 1st cousin, daughter of Lou and Ann Smith."

This tribute was added by Beth Corwin on 1st September 2014

"My deep and heartfelt appreciation and respect go to the man who gave me the most beautiful gift of all: my son.  Travis and I were only married for a few years.  Even though the relationship did not last, we shared some very happy times, love and laughter during our brief marriage.  But the more enduring legacy that Travis leaves in my life is the twenty years we worked together to raise our son as divorced parents until Tobias graduated from college in 2004.  Our co-parenting years were characterized by cooperation and goodwill.  Travis was always willing to listen to my feelings, to share his own feelings honestly, and to compromise.  He treated me with respect and appreciation during these years, and tried to do what was best for Toby.  I will always be grateful for his good intentions, his positive attitude, his communication skills, and his deep love for his son.  Thank you, Travis, for all that we shared, and all that you gave."

This tribute was added by Anne Smith on 1st September 2014

"Travis is my cousin on my dad's side of the family. He spent a few summers with us on our farm in Iowa. I remember the VW bug he had. He was always kind. I just wish we all would have seen each other more often after we grew up. I did at least get to meet his son Toby when he was around 10. Still there was always a hole at our family reunions without him and Toby there. Travis now has his home in heaven!  We miss you here though!"

This tribute was added by Darcy Skarada on 31st August 2014


I used to 'roll my eyes' when you called me your 'sister is the light'. But today I receive that 'title' with utmost gratitude since I know you now and will continue to know you most assuredly as my Brother in the Light.

You Are Loved,

This tribute was added by Dan Smith on 31st August 2014

"I have many fond memories of our days together.  Woodbine Lodge, iowa farm, fishing, hunting......."

This tribute was added by Chia w on 31st August 2014

"Dear Travis,

Thank you for coming into our lives and sharing this earth awhile.  Thanks for giving us your beautiful son.
Thanks for sharing your feelings and making me laugh.

My love goes with you,
A. F."

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