Let the memory of SSg Travis Tompkins be with us forever. Remember all the good times spent with him over the years.
  • 31 years old
  • Born on November 26, 1979 in Lawton/Ft Sill, Oklahoma, United States.
  • Passed away on March 16, 2011 in Pul-e-Alum, Logar Province, Afghanistan.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved son, Travis Tompkins, 31, born on November 26, 1979 and killed in combat in Afghanistan with the 4th BCT 10th Mountain Division on 16 March 2011. I will add pictures from his life  over time. Please, any who loved or knew him that wish to tell a memory of him feel free to add it.

Posted by Leland Tompkins on 16th March 2019
How very much I miss you , son . Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and look at pictures of you . Your pictures will always be in places of honor and love within our home . You were a great man and father . I was so proud of you and knew that you were such a loving father . I still find it so hard to accept your being KIA as I felt so certain you would survive as all Tompkins men had before . The odds ran out as many different things that night happened to add up and end up with your death . The Army has a very bad habit of not remembering lessons learned in other wars and people are doomed to repeat stupid actions . When it comes down to the final reason it was those two individuals that fired their RPG's at your MRAP . A simple chain link fence stand-off up from the front may have made for a different out come . I Love You
Posted by Vickie Tompkins on 16th March 2019
Here it is eight years since we lost you. I miss you just as much as I have since the day the two soldiers came to our front door. I guess it will never stop being so painful. I remember the way you could make us all laugh. I miss your big laugh. I love you Travis.
Posted by Vickie Tompkins on 16th March 2018
I never thought I would still be crying seven years later. I miss him so much. I couldn't have had a better son. I love you my son.
Posted by Vickie Tompkins on 26th November 2017
Here another birthday has come. There are not enough words to say how I feel. I miss you so much more every day. I love now and forever.
Posted by Leland Tompkins on 26th November 2017
Son , it is so very hard thinking how you should be 38 years old now . I know how much you would be looking forward to hitting retirement in only two years or so . I'm sure you would have had more than enough of the Army at twenty ! I just wish you had the chance to have spent these passed years with your girls and with us once in a while . Holidays don't mean much of anything without you and most days don't either . The fight continues against the Taliban and other groups . Our country is messed up more than ever . It would be so much better if you were still here . Love You , Dad
Posted by Leland Tompkins on 16th March 2017
Six years without you to talk to and laughing with you . Never having been able to see you play with your girls and Jenny's children as you used to do . No fishing trips with you and checking out places to eat looking for great food and lots of it ! I miss you so very much , Travis . I feel so sorry for Madison and Gianna not having you there for them . Afghanistan is still a mess and cavemen still rule much of it . I only can hope that will change , as you wanted it , with the determination of our new administration . I love you , Dad .
Posted by Vickie Tompkins on 16th March 2017
I can't believe you have been gone six years. I miss you more with each day. Your girls are beautiful. I know they miss you. I miss you calling me everyday on you way home from work. You could always make me laugh. I miss the pool parties with everyone here. I love you so much.
Posted by Susan King on 16th March 2016
NEVER FORGOTTEN...Watching you grow up into the proud man, soldier and hero you became was one of my life's greatest rewards. I will always carry you close in my heart as the son I never had. I miss your phone calls and look forward to the day we meet again.
Posted by Vickie Tompkins on 16th March 2016
I miss him so very much. I am amazed that we are still meeting people that were so touched by Travis. In his 31 years he touched so many more lives than I have in 65 years. He never met a stranger. His soldiers have told me he was tough but extremely fair. Our family will never be the same without him. We not only lost our son but for all intentions we lost his family as well. I miss my son every day. I honestly thought that there would come a day my soul would not grieve for him. Now I know I will miss him the rest of my life.
Posted by Angela Blake on 15th November 2015
I have thought about you and your family in these past horrifiying days. You taught me to be a better person and soldier, you never made it easy because of your high expectations that you knew I could always meet. You left me the best memories of my time in the army, one of the best NCO's (including Sgt Wilburn) I ever had the pleasure of working with. I'm so grateful for all the lessons you taught me. Your memory will live on in my heart as well as so many others. You are always missed.
Posted by Leland Tompkins on 25th May 2015
Today is the fourth Memorial Day since you were Killed In Action and believe me, son , you are Not Forgotten. People may not leave comments on this site, however they sure do on Facebook. You touched so very many people during your life. I have said this before and will say it again, you were a better man than me. I am still trying to be more like I was before your death and I will never be completely there. I was, and am so extremely proud of you, Travis.
Posted by Vickie Tompkins on 26th November 2014
Thirty-five years ago today you came into our lives. In your short lifetime you touched so many people. We all miss you so very much. You will always be your Mom's hero.
Posted by Alison Doerfler on 12th November 2014
Travis, I remember all the mischievousness you would get into when you were young. Most of all, your love for family and friends and the heart of gold. When I think of you, I see the blonde haired boy trying to sneak up for a scare through the doggy door or behind a door, around a corner and that cute laugh. Forever you will always bring a smile to me. Lee, Vicki, and Jenny my love and prayers sent daily. Alison Dee.
Posted by Vickie Tompkins on 11th November 2014
He was my baby. It didn't matter how tall he got he was still my baby. I miss his phone calls the most. He was such a good person. He was loved by so many. As time has gone by I find so many people that he touched. His touch was never soft it was a touch that will last a life time. He was a great son, brother, husband, father and soldier. I will never forget. I love you son.
Posted by Katherine Wilburn on 10th November 2014
a good man. He was always either banned from my house or my husband was banned from his because the two of them were always up to something. A good friend, a great father and a man who loved his wife without reservation. Travis isn't the kind to ever go quietly in the night and his memory will linger in that small still voice that tells you right from wrong...even though he himself was neither small, nor still. Your light still burns bright friend. And I remember my promise.
Posted by Ben Wilburn on 10th November 2014
When we met we United in a campaign to bring about the best platoon we could together. We angerd people. We changed the hearts and minds of those who shown the wronge way of being leaders. Our personalities fed off of each other's to drive us both to do better. Never had I met a brother who challange me the way that you did. Kept me humble and made me better for it. I'll never forget our time as brothers or the legacy that you have left behind. If I ever get to back in the military you will be an example I use as a leader and a friend. Un yealding in your values and commitment no matter the price you always did the right thing as will I. RIP brother we are watch your family the best we can as I know you are.
Posted by Susan King on 10th November 2014
Forever in our hearts as your candle will "FOREVER SHINE"
Posted by Rebecca Kerr on 10th November 2014
I remember when he was stationed back at Sill I hadn't seen him yet and he walked up to me. It looked like in 5 yrs he grew another foot. It was so great to see that day and the days to fallow. Loved him he was so much a little brother to me.
Posted by LaCrisa Black on 10th November 2014
You were an amazing soldier, leader, husband, father and friend. Our memories of you will never fade. Thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice for us. You are forever remembered, thought about often, and always missed.
Posted by Leland Tompkins on 1st November 2014
Let him never be forgotten as with all others killed in action against our enemies. Enemies of Freedom and killers of decent people everywhere. He gave his life in a effort to give the people of Afghanistan a chance to have a better life. He was a wonderful son, brother, husband, father and soldier.

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