Let the memory of Trent be with us forever
  • 18 years old
  • Born on March 25, 1997 in Terrebonne, Louisiana, United States.
  • Passed away on October 5, 2015 in Malvern, Ohio, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Trent Naquin 18 years old, born on March 25, 1997 and passed away on October 5, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jessica Nice on 31st December 2016
Happy New Year!!! Party it up with the angels and the big man. Thinking of you always. ❤
Posted by Jessica Nice on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas in heaven, Trent. We all miss you.
Posted by Marc Naquin on 15th December 2016
As I sit & read all of these beautiful stories I cry, I smile, I laugh most of all I feel the love and I can tell you all he loved each & every one of you & had nothing but great stories to tell us about you guys when he would return from your houses or when we would get home. It still hurts but hearing Mrs. Jessica talk about his manners, Alyssa speak of the things he would do for her, our awesome Nanny / Daughter Mackenzie Rose speak of the fun times & conversations I know we raised a great young man I only wish he would of known how special he truly was. I could not end this without expressing the love & gratitude to Jessica Nice our seconded adopted daughter for practically twisting my arm so she could do this when all the time this has been such a perfect outlet. All I heard was you have pictures to send me and I need them asap yes ma'am. Thank each & everyone of you for being special to my family especially my son Trent Mathew Naquin. Trent Daddy misses you Christmas is just around the corner & you how much I loved watching you rip through those presents & seeing the joy on your face only to watch you play more with the boxes than the actual toys. LOVE you BIG son always smile your sweet sunshine down on me. Merry Christmas to everyone, hold those babies & grand babies tight. Peace & love
Posted by Jessica Nice on 5th October 2016
One year ago today the world lost a son, brother, nephew, cousin, and friend to many. But, heaven opened it's doors a year ago and welcomed another angel. Trent was always looking out for people here on earth, now he's doing it from heaven as our angel. He always had a contagious smile and laugh and made sure that you had one also when you were around him. That's one of the things that I miss the most about him. He was always so happy. Whenever I'm down, I remember that Trent is watching over me and wouldn't want me being that way. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. Until we meet again, Trent. Missing you always. ❤
Posted by Mackenzie Jeffery on 25th September 2016
I miss the simple things about being with Trent...I was the nanny in the Naquin's house, and Trent and I got to see each other quite a lot. We developed a friendship similar to a brother and sister. One time in particular, Trent was getting the kids all riled up before they had to go to bed, so I asked him to stop. His response was to chase me around the house with a lightsaber, and we all ended up laughing for the rest of the night. I miss his laugh. This is so nice to talk about, I miss being able to share stories like this.
Posted by Jessica Duke on 19th September 2016
Trent was a very good kid. I remember how polite he was always saying yes sir yes mam. You don't see young men like that anymore. He was always well mannered and caring. He would play games with my son when he came over. He loved Mac and cheese. Most of you all might not know he was a picky eater . He told me not to tell because he said parents would freak out but he tried a burger at my home. ❤️ I miss him coming over saying how are you Mrs. Jessica ? He always loved to talk about his family. You could tell he came from a loving family. He would talk about hunting alligators with his grandpa. He will be missed such a good kid brightened up the room with his golden smile
Posted by Alyssa Duke on 19th September 2016
know most people if they do this will start out by saying "Trent was my bestfriend" well, he really was mine. I can't help but wonder sometimes where we'd be today? I miss his goofy laugh and smile and rocking out to the beastie boys and singing on car rides together. Sitting on the beach being the regular two love birds we were. Him getting jealous of his little brother Blake flirting with me while watching frozen haha. Our morning bus rides to school were the best from falling asleep on eachother to eating because we missed breakfast, laughing about stupid videos that probably werent even funny, sharing headphones and listening to music. One morning he had missed the bus and we had to go up and down so many roads I mean he would've been better off just missing the day he ran up and down so many hills in however many inches of snow trying to catch this bus. As soon as he got on he went to our seat ( all the way in the back on the left) I took my coat off and left him use it I know should be the guy giving you his coat haha. I miss sitting under my parents tree in the yard and just catching eachother looking at one of the other and smiling just because we knew what it meant. Can't help but wonder if he'd ever get that bike of his fixed too haha. He helped me with a lot from randomly showing up to bring me whatever I craved to actually helping me become the women I am today. He was so kind hearted. I will never forget when I had Ava and he held her for the first time with tears filling in his eyes saying how beautiful she was. I remember our first actual date out was to pizza hut. Man does he love pizza haha. I miss him dearly and I know I always will. We had a special connection, one I don't believe I will have ever again. His name will live on forever and the memories. I thank him for all the knowledge he's taught me and the love he's shown me. I want to thank whoever set this up, it feels good to share some of our memories together.

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