Let the memory of Trevor be with us forever
  • 53 years old
  • Born on January 21, 1963 .
  • Passed away on July 27, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Trevor Doherty, 53, born on January 21, 1963 and passed away on July 27, 2016. We will remember him forever.  Please share your stories and tributes below.

Posted by Jenny Debevec on 27th July 2018
We are thinking of you today Trevor. You would have complained about the beach in Pacifica because it is cold and foggy but then we all could have beer and Taco Bell and make the best. I know you are watching over Savet and the kids as they begin their next chapter.
Posted by Megan Crocker on 16th June 2018
Thought a lot about you last night Trevor, at the Irish Cultural Center watching Jenny sing. You would have LOVED seeing all the kids running around and the abundance of smiling faces. I miss you. We all miss you. I still can't believe you're gone. Rest well, dear friend.
Posted by Sarah Myers on 22nd January 2018
Happy Birthday T-Dogg! We miss you so much. You are in our hearts and thoughts always and forever. ❤️
Posted by Nikki Gresia on 21st January 2018
Happy Birthday Uncle Trev! We sure do miss you. You are in our hearts today and always. We wore our vests today in your honor❤️ I can’t help but think about the time you were at the bank and she asked you how old you were and you realized you had missed your birthday!!! Too good of a story! Xoxo Auntie Boo Boo
Posted by Anne Taggart on 11th August 2017
RIP Trevor, so sorry to hear of your passing.
Posted by Sean Collins on 23rd May 2017
Trevor was my uncle, but we were so close in age and temperament that he always felt like my big brother. I had known him from my numerous visits to Ireland in the summers of my youth, but we really got to know each other when he came to Jamaica to stay with us when I was in high school. Suffice it to say Trevor was loved by all of my friends and everyone he met. We spent many Friday and Saturday nights in New Kingston eating jerk pork, dancing, drinking and chasing girls. Sometimes weekends were spent on the beach in Ocho Rios or Negril with my friends. It was always a pleasure to be around him because he had an infectious laugh, a beautiful ready smile and was always happy to help anyone. When we moved to the states in the 80s, Trevor went home to Ireland and England. In England, it is my understanding that he and my uncle Michael made great sport of robbing the English blind. We spoke intermittently over the years and in 1989 when he returned to the Cayman Islands to work with my father on his construction site, I also returned and we worked together until I left to go to Kuwait. Fast forward a dozen or so years later and after cleaning out the denizens of NYC, Trevor and Michael had moved to San Francisco and taken over the construction business. After 9-11-01, I decided to ride cross country on my motorcycle and visit with him. During this week and a half stay in San Francisco, I met his beautiful, charming and graceful wife Svetlana. I guess I should've known that Trevor would have lucked out with his wonderful woman, he always seemed to land on his feet. Over the years we kept in touch and when my mother Elizabeth, was dying he came over and spent time with us. In the beginning of 2016, I was in California on business and made sure to go and see Trevor, Svetlana and the kids. It was wonderful to see his family and although we only spent a few hours together I could tell that he was genuinely happy. It was sadly the last time that I saw him alive. I believe he may have been sick at this time but he never mentioned it, I only found out later from my sister that he had been ill for a while. There are so many things that I could say about Trevor, so many wonderful experiences that we had together… let me just say this for Svetana and the kids. I'm profoundly sorry for your loss, and for the time that it's taken me to write this to you and the kids. I think I have been a selfish coward, because if I didn't write here he really wasn't dead... Trevor "Me Lad" Doherty. Always remembered and cherished will live happily forever in all of our memories.
Posted by Janet Walsh on 1st March 2017
Deepest condolences to Trevor's family on his passing. May he rest gently. I knew Trevor, his cousin Micky and brother Michael in London in the early 90's. Lots of laughs were had by all, he lit up peoples' lives.
Posted by Megan Crocker on 21st January 2017
Happy Birthday dear Trevor. We will all be thinking of you today. Sending you so much love, wherever you are.
Posted by Jenny Debevec on 21st January 2017
Just thinking about you today, Trevor and your wonderful family. I love how you and Savet would go to see a movie on Saturday night. Also I appreciate how you always loaned me those books you got in Ireland or England. I remember you listening to country music in the living room while we all made dinner. And then you introduced something called "brown sauce" which is apparently an Irish delicacy. I have some in my fridge right now and I don't think it has an expiration date. Just like I love for you.
Posted by Rick Silva on 21st January 2017
Trevor had some of the best "looks" - the responses he'd give, involuntarily, to certain situations. I remember most of all the one that'd appear on his face when somebody said something inappropriate, absurd, or just plain dumb. The look on his face was a combination of dour disapproval, disbelief, and suppressed laughter. Yet always there'd still be the gleam in his eyes. Like Benny Hill, his face would communicate so much, so quickly. And if you were lucky you got to hear him say in accompaniment, "CAN YA BELIEVE THAT?!?!?!"
Posted by Paul Kelly on 16th October 2016
One of a kind. There will only ever be one Trevor. His spirit lives on thru his beautiful children and Savet. Think about him near every day. Sorely missed......and never forgotten. Paul Kelly Rostrevor Co. Down.
Posted by Simon Redmond on 6th September 2016
Trevor was referred to me by a friend to help me out on some last minute electric work. He stepped up and despite his busy schedule helped out another irishman! Always a smile on his face and a sensible / practical way of looking at things....I asked him one time when business was going well for him would he not consider buying himself a new truck - his reply - "sure why would I do that? I'll drive this one till it turns green" I cracked up when i hear that.... RIP Trevor.
Posted by Jay Cryer on 5th September 2016
I worked with trevor for 18 months or so when our crew was building out american apparel stores and he became our electrician starting with the store on haight street i believe. after that he and his crew would travel to whatever city we were in and do the lighting and the rest. trevor approached work with a combination of no-nonsense seriousness and at the same time a sense of humor. he always did what he said he would do, got it done on time, even when the deadline was completely unrealistic, and would help figure out a way to bring the rest of the project in on time, even when it was not his problem. he always wanted to figure out a way to get things done so that everybody succeeded. there was no ego or jockeying for favor with the bosses with trevor, he thought we had a good opportunity, both his crew and mine, to get more work and expand, and he was always trying to figure out how we all could excel. we faced a lot of challenges and had to deal with some bad apples, but trevor always showed up smiling and determined to keep everybody moving forward and in good spirits. he was wickedly funny and after work when we'd be at whatever bar was nearby the store we were working on, he'd have our guys in stitches with stories from back in ireland, and you simply could not buy the man a drink. he'd order another round and no matter how many times you'd say "it's my turn trevor, let me get this round" he'd always insist "oh no, it's my turn, put your money away". sometimes this got old because i'd just as soon get a round or two, but that was his generosity, he wanted everyone to feel good and like they were in the right place with the right people. and with trevor and his guys and the guys on our crew, we were in the right place at the right time, whatever city we were in. i kept up with trevor some for a few years after we quit doing the stores, but gradually lost contact. everytime i go down to the bay i always thought to myself "i should get ahold of trevor". i wish that i had. he remembered people and would always be glad to see me when i'd ring him up. he was one of the best guys i've ever worked with. he's gone way to soon and my heart is with his wife and children. r.i.p. trevor, i'm glad i got to know you a bit, you always made the good situations better, and the bad situations seem manageable, and you always figured out a way we could all have a laugh about it.
Posted by Rosie Williams on 3rd September 2016
I loved that Trevor used to always say, "Isn't it grand?" Or "Ah, that's grand." Grand is my new favorite word. I will use it often, and always with him in mind.
Posted by Jenny Debevec on 1st September 2016
At Precita Park this afternoon, thinking about all the afternoons I would walk by and hope to see you and the family. Still the same. You made me laugh like no one else. I can't think of our birth preparation class without remember you, arms folded across your chest, with a highly dubious look as we watched a film of a woman delivering her own set of breech twins. In a bathroom. With her husband filming it. You are fearless, undaunted, living at full speed joy. Your children are like little drops of that energy.
Posted by Christy Chandler on 30th August 2016
Finn, Shae and Hazel were the light of his life. I have never met a kinder, gentler father who enjoyed his family and life so much. And he was also such a considerate, kind friend. I remember spending a weekend in San Diego and catching Trevor up late reading a book -- such a quiet, thoughtful side of him too. We miss Trevor so much! Love always, Christy, Cyrus, Bodhi & Rohan
Posted by Joel Myers on 14th August 2016
I met Trevor over 15 years ago when he was introduced as my brother in law to be. Of course I did not understand a word out of his mouth, but once I did I was met with a kindness and passion within a mountain of wit. His charm was unmatched and was on constant display. Everyone wanted to hang out with Trevor because he made things interesting and always had good stories to tell when things got dull. Trevor created some great stories in my life. Here is one that illustrates his generous spirit: My wife (Sarah) and I like to talk and plan before making big changes. This process can sometimes take decades. Trevor was quite the opposite and was a man of action. We talked about remodeling our kitchen for several years before Trevor approached us with a solution. He told us to book a one way ticket to SF for Thanksgiving, because we would be coming home with a kitchen remodel we could afford. When we arrived, he drove me downtown to one of his job sites. He took me upstairs in a high end apartment highrise to how me a unit with a beautiful kitchen installed. Then he took me downstairs to the basement. He flicked on the lights and he had stacked lower and upper kitchen cabinets to create a real life model of what we needed for our kitchen. He had enough extra cabinets off to the side if I saw anything I wanted to swap out. He explained: The kitchen upstairs is not up to code and they have to gut the cabinets. Everything is going back to the distributor. Before this happened, I pulled everything you will need to for your kitchen remodel. I was beside myself. I could not believe how awesome this kitchen looked, but i had my usual list of obstacles: Me: How will I get this to San Diego? Trevor: I have a Uhaul Truck reserved for you and you will drive it all home. We will load it up tomorrow. Me: Who will install it? Trevor: I talked to Simon (skilled saint) and he is going to drive to San Diego with his tools and stay there until it is done. At this point I had ran out of excuses.... Trevor had made our dreams come true with the kitchen we had always talked about. I think of him everytime I walk into our kitchen and thank God that I had the pleasure of knowing him for so many years. Rest in peace brother.
Posted by Amanda Harper on 11th August 2016
It was the afternoon of the kite festival on Bernal Hill in the spring of 2105. It was cold, grey day and very windy up at the top. I had hiked up with the boys without their daddy (as he was still at work) and by the time I reached the top I was already done and wanted to go back home. I was cold and tired and my 3 year old was not happy. I came upon Trevor huddled into the hillside with Hazel curled up at his chest and he called out to Kes, inviting him to join him for a cuddle. Kes was at once comforted, being snuggled safely with this loving daddy. I was so thankful for the support and was able to relax and enjoy the celebration. I will remember Trevor in this way, a generous and loving father to all, full of warmth, good cheer and true kindness and caring.
Posted by Margaret Doherty on 11th August 2016
from all the dohertys your uncle mickeys family rest easy son xxxx
Posted by Margaret Doherty on 11th August 2016
trevor you were only very young when I left ballyshannon your uncle mickey my father always spoke about you over the years now you can talk too each other up there in gods paradise son so look around gods gargen find my dad for me tell him that I miss him and give him all my love god rest you trevor god will look over you wife and kids your family you will be sadly missed son xxxx
Posted by Nikki Gresia on 10th August 2016
You told the best stories! The kids loved all the adventures of Winkle and Dinkle.....
Posted by Dara Byford on 10th August 2016
RIP "uncle" Trevor (ha you used to hate it when I called you that especially if we were out and about!!) Rest easy knowing that your legacy goes on through your beautiful children xxxx
Posted by Mary Collins on 10th August 2016
My dearest uncle though you have broken our hearts by leaving us too soon, you leave a legacy of light, love and hope in your beautiful wife and children. Love you Always and Forever, beat on through our hearts and memories
Posted by Mary Doherty on 10th August 2016
Forever in our hearts Trevor. Many a laugh ww had years ago. From your cousin Lena that used to live on Brecknock road, London & her family Mary & John. R.I.P Trevor x
Posted by Nikki Gresia on 10th August 2016
We love you Trev!

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