Posted by Adrienne Robinson on January 8, 2018
Happy Belated Birthday my "birthday twin"! I always looked forward to seeing your massive smile as we would exchange birthday wishes each year. You are so missed and so loved, and your memory goes on and on through the people whose lives you touched.
Posted by Charles Curry on April 30, 2017
Love you my dude!!!!! I'll always miss you I think about you every day!!!!love you man!!! Til we meet again!!!
Posted by Diane Ludman on January 8, 2017
Trevor Thomas, I remember all the days you were with Mikie and the guys and times you were at my house. I also vividly remember the day you died - it was Mike's birthday and the Mike Ludman Memorial Game. I remember all the tears from the parents and from your friends. They couldn't start the Game for a very long time. They named a team after you, the "Flavs" which will ever be a part of the Game. Way too many tears from your brothers that I held and comforted. You will always be a part of the group as I've seen in so many pictures and toasts to you in the last months. I hope you and Mike and so many others meet up and watch over us. We will always remember your laugh, your concern for friends and the times you all shared the great times you spent together. Wish you peace and hope you meet up with your family and friends who have passed. I pray for your mom, Victoria, and send blessings in your new life. Love, Ms. Ludman
Posted by Bailey Erica on May 4, 2016
Trevor will truly be missed. I'm still in disbelief and shock about how soon we have to say goodbye to such a wonderful person. Whether running into him at Wells Fargo or at a Hornets game, he always had the same bright smile on his face. I sure am going to miss seeing your face and Charlotte will never be the same without you. I'm praying for your family...especially your mom since I know how much you loved her. We love you Trevor!
Posted by Shannon Redmon on May 4, 2016
I hope he knew how much love, laughter, and joy he brought to so many people! I will miss my friend.
Posted by Tandi Houatchanthara on May 4, 2016
Trevor had a soul that illuminated everywhere he went. He was one of those people that made you feel like his closest friend. It never mattered how long it'd been when I would run into him. Whether at a party, watching a game somewhere or Bonefish, I'd see his big beautiful smile and we'd hug & catch up. Because that's what he did, he greeted people with arms open and so much warmth! He knew how to love and live life to the fullest. That is a lesson we can all take from him. I am still so at a loss from his passing but I know God tends to take the Best, First. That had to be the case with Trevor. To his family and friends, especially his mother who he was so close to, I pray for peace during this difficult time and always. You have a very special guardian angel!
Posted by Diane Ludman on May 3, 2016
Trevor was a comet like person, streaking through our lives in a flash of excitement, love and awe. His smile and laughter will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.
Posted by Corey Fincham on May 3, 2016
I met Trevor in high school and we became good friends. We lost connection a few years after graduation but found one another on social media and picked up right where we left off. Such a great human being that would give you his last without hesitation. I'm going to miss going to concerts with you and talking hip hop and sports with you. You were a true friend that will never be forgotten. I still can't believe you are no longer here in the physical form, but I know your spirit will live on forever. I will miss you until we meet again friend.
Posted by Adrienne Robinson on May 3, 2016
A magnetic smile that could light any room, or cheer any unhappy moment in anyone's world... Our hearts are so broken at the loss of Trevor Thomas. He loved his family- especially his beautiful mother- and his friends dearly, and lived every moment of his life the way we all should- FULLY! We are inspired by who is was, and his legacy will continue to inspire us to live every day to our fullest potential, to truly enjoy those we care about, and celebrate every passion. Trevor will be missed beyond words, but we are so thankful to have been blessed by his presence. Praying peace and strength over his family!
Posted by Georgia Gates on May 3, 2016
"Diamonds are forever." There will never be another Trev for any of us Eastside kids. We all love and miss you.
Posted by Kristie Coe on May 2, 2016
Trevor had the ability to light up the room with just his presence and a smile. He had the most amazing smile, he was amazingly funny and never met a stranger. The world suffered a tremendous loss when you left us. You will never be forgotten. You touched so many lives, I don't even know if you knew how much of an impact you've made on so many people. We love you Trevor and you will forever shine down here in the lives, memories and hearts of the people who lo e and miss you. FLY HIGH AND KEEP US SAFE! WE LOVE YOU!!
Posted by Sara Battiste on May 2, 2016
Trevor, I will never forget your infectious smile and laugh, you made everything brighter and everyone you encountered feel were truly one of the kindest, most positive people I've ever known. It brings a smile to my face thinking of you and all of the lives you've touched. We will miss your amazing presence more than words can express. Your shining light is upon us now and your beautiful spirit will remain in our hearts forever. May we all strive to imitate you and the impact you had on others, you truly made this world a better place. Until we meet again...
Posted by Charles Curry on May 2, 2016
Trevor..... Was a nice person! He was nice to everyone and treated everyone as a brother/sister! Never heard him say a bad thing about anyone!!!!! Not only will he be missed... I am sure that not a day will go by that he won't be thought of or talked about for a long long time!!!!! You will always hold a special place in my heart and the hearts of everyone who knew you!! We love you and rest easy my brother!!!!! Til we meet again!!!
Posted by Colleen Sholiton on May 2, 2016
Trevor, your warm heart and beautiful personality was like a light in everyone's life that was ever lucky enough to know you. My heart is with your family and closest friends during this difficult time. I'll never forget fond memories of us in our younger years, and although we weren't as close in the last few years, you are always someone that could be counted on no matter what. You were real, and genuine and in this world that is worth so much. I am so very sorry. It absolutely crushes me to think I will never get to get one of your bear hugs, or have a conversation with you, or have you crack me up the way you always did. We love you Trevor and we will never forget you. Rest in Eternal peace, my brother! We will soon meet again♡♡♡
Posted by Kristie Coe on May 2, 2016
Trevor thomas ♡♡♡♡
Posted by Kristie Coe on May 2, 2016
Trevor thomas forever in our lives and hearts. Much love. RIP
Posted by Sheree Austin on May 2, 2016
Never will forget the first time I met Trevor at work by the elevators on a Friday evening and he was one way out the door. From that day one, we would chat and laugh about all kinds of things. Never really ever met someone that was so into music...we would always talk about old school rap music and all the latest concerts that were coming to town. Trevor had a smile that would light up the room!! He would turn a bad day into a good one with words of encouragement. You will definitely be misses my home!!
Posted by Kimberly Simpson on May 2, 2016
Thanks for all great memories until we meet again dear friend...❤❤❤

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