Posted by Teresa Hayward on April 25, 2021
Well Trev on the 12th April you got another greatgrandson Reggie. Weighing 6lb 08oz looks just like our Roman. Dollies wishes you could meet him. Miss you everyday. Teresa and the girls x
Posted by Teresa Hayward on February 25, 2021
Two years today was our last goodbye. Time ticks by slowly your still very much missed by all of us. I think of you everyday but today i shed a tear of the memory of last goodbyes.

Forever missed love always Teresa and Girls x
Posted by Teresa Hayward on January 29, 2021
Two years today. It seems like yesterday. It gets no easier people say it gets better with time but it don't. We just learn to live without you. I know deep down you wouldn't want us to be sad but memorys form tears. Dolly said today that you were a wise man and she misses you more than ever. Megan so wishes you could of met harvey tate but promises that when hes bigger shes going to tell him all about you untill we meet again all our love sleep tight xx
Posted by Teresa Hayward on January 21, 2021
Nearly the 29th another year another tear.
Bridie left a message on the special tree wishing you a good christmas. Its not the same now your gone. Natasha is having a boy in april. Another little man to tell all about how we lost a piece of our heart the day you left.
Untill next time lots of love Teresa xxx
Posted by Teresa Hayward on January 1, 2021
Day one of 365
We miss you so much, as another year goes by the sadness in our hearts stays. Until we meet again. All our love Teresa Natasha Megan Caoimhe Bridie xxxxx
Posted by Teresa Hayward on December 21, 2020
Nearly two years. I miss you as much as the day you left. Tomorrow we hang your messages on the tree christmas wishes we send every year.

Forever missed love Teresa Natasha Megan Caoimhe,Bridie xxx
Posted by Teresa Hayward on September 27, 2020
white feathers,white butterflies. Robins they all remind me of how much you are missed. It dont get easier. But we carry on and never forget you. Bridie often says if wishes were true she would would wish for you to come back to nannars.
Till next time love Teresa, Dollie,megan,caoimhe,bridie xx
Posted by Teresa Hayward on August 4, 2020
hey trev megan had a little boy on stevens birthday. Harvey Tate corthorn weighed 7lb 6 oz ♥ how we wish you could hold him  

Miss you everyday. Bridie sees you in every white butterfly we see. Take care of JR. xxxx
Posted by Teresa Hayward on July 7, 2020
Well we still miss you everyday, still talk about you everyday. Covid 19 lockdown is comeing to an end. Bridie said shes waiting till its time to put a message on the tree. Miss you love teresa dolly megan caoimhe, bridie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Teresa Hayward on April 27, 2020
People say it gets better in time..............
It don't i still miss you the same as the day you left us x
Posted by Teresa Hayward on April 12, 2020
Well we're looking after mam. I would love to know what you would make of this covid 19. Locked in for weeks schools all shut. Its easter sunday and we will light a candle for you. Miss you everyday. Love Teresa, dolly, megan, caoimhe, bridie x
Posted by Teresa Hayward on January 29, 2020
One year today you left us. And i still tell myself your bed sleeping. Bridie misses you unreal amounts..... till we meet again all our love.

Posted by Teresa Hayward on December 19, 2019
Miss you every single day x

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