His Life

My best friend

I met Trey in 2005 when he came to work at Rocky Mountain Inventory. We immediately became best friends. For years, it seems, he and I were inseparable. We worked together, we drank together, we practically lived together. It seemed 36 hours couldnt pass without us hanging together. I will never forget the years we spent together. The hard times he got me through. The conversations we had over a bottle of Colorado Vodka, or Crown Royal.  The misadventures we had at work. Two months in Europe with Trey as my roomate. God how I remember how he snored. But he always was so jovial. Always a smile on his face. I cant think of anyone who didnt love Trey 20 seconds after meeting him.  He was the life of any party and the best friend a guy could ask for.  He had it all figured out. Just keep on smiling.