In loving memory of Bùi Huy Thiện Trí
  • 54 years old
  • Born on September 7, 1962 in Vinh Binh, Viet Nam.
  • Passed away on June 1, 2017 in Saigon, Viet Nam.

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Remember Me

I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore, gazing at a beautiful sea - remember me.
As you look in awe at a mighty forest and its grand majesty - remember me.
As you look upon a flower and admire its simplicity - remember me.
Remember me in your heart, your thoughts, your memories of the times we loved,
the times we cried, the times we fought, the times we laughed.
For if you always think of me, I will never be gone.

Margaret Mead


Dearest Family and Friends,

In times of hardship, we understand that shared sorrow is half the sorrow and shared joy is double the joy. You all had a beautiful place in Tri's heart, so from the bottom of our own hearts we thank you. We thank you for loving Tri.
Tri's life was made richer because of you. We hope that one day our paths may cross so that we may hear your stories of Tri and smile as we look back on all the memories, just as he always made us smile.
Until then, we invite you to share on this page your stories and photos of our beloved Tri.

Trí ơi, you will remain in our hearts forever. We love you.

Posted by Hoa Bui on 1st June 2018
It has been a year Missing you still, dear brother Tears well up I weep. with love , Hoa
Posted by Hien Lai on 15th February 2018
Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Trí ! Thinking of you on this special day and we miss you. Love, Your sis, Hien
Posted by Brian Nguyen on 8th September 2017
Dear Cau Tri, Wishing you a happy 55th birthday. You continue to constantly be on our minds and in our hearts. I know you're looking over us all. We all love and miss you very much. Love, Brian
Posted by Natalie Lai on 8th September 2017
Dear Cau Tri, Thinking of you, especially today. I miss you. I know how much you loved and appreciated traveling and nature. This quote from Henry David Thoreau from his book "Walden" makes me think of you: "We need the tonic of wildness...At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature." I hope that you are continuing to have wonderful views of all things, dressed with your sincere and loving smile. Thank you for the constant reminder to appreciate the world around me and to always continue learning with patience, compassion, and sincerity. Love, Natalie
Posted by Jeffrey Lai on 8th September 2017
Dear Cau Tri, Happy 55th Birthday! Even with the time that has gone by, it is still hard to comprehend the fact that you are no longer with us. I will always remember the times where we would talk about sports and I would have the opportunity to hear your infectious laugh. I still have the souvenir beetle keychain that you brought for us one Christmas. I hope that you are celebrating your birthday with Ong Ngoai up in Heaven and are able to do all the things that you enjoy doing on your special day. Have a great birthday Cau Tri. Love, Jeffrey
Posted by Hien Lai on 8th September 2017
Dearest Trí, Every year on this day we always remember to either email or text you Happy Birthay. And from now on, with aching sadness, we will remember June 1 as " Ngày Giỗ cho em". I don't need dates to remember you because I think of you every day. You have never left us, Trí, and you are always in our heart". Love, Hien
Posted by Jenna Nguyen on 7th September 2017
Dear Cau Tri, Happy birthday! Today marks your 55th birthday; how we wish we could celebrate with you. We all miss you dearly and still can't believe there isn't a day we can see your smile again. That's the thing about life. We have to pick up the pieces and push ourselves to move on, amidst all the heartaches and defeats. But, through it all, you remain a big part of us. Dreary days are made brighter with the thought of your warm smile and contagious laugh. You taught us the meaning of humility and compassion, that we should lend a helping hand to those who need it the most, and that life is too short to not be merry and explore the world. Your spirit lives on as we keep this in mind and look toward the future with hope. So, rather than thinking of this day with sorrow and a heavy heart, we reflect on all our fond memories of you and pay tribute to a wonderful uncle, brother, son, nephew, cousin, and friend. We love you.
Posted by Maitrang Vu on 7th September 2017
Happy Birthday Tri!
Posted by My Bui on 7th September 2017
Happy Birthday, Tri ! Thinking about you every day. Probably you are celebrating your birthday with Ong Ba Noi and Bo today !!! Lots of Love, My~
Posted by Nguyen Hanh on 7th September 2017
Happy birthday anh ! Du anh o dau , bat cu noi nao ,anh van con mai trong tim moi nguoi !
Posted by Ninh Nguyen on 7th September 2017
Thanh tam thap mot nen nhang thay cho loi chuc mung Sinh nhat đen em Thiện Tri. Em se mai luon trong tim cua moi nguoi than thuong va be ban bon phuong.
Posted by Hoa Bui on 7th September 2017
Dearest cau Tri, Our hearts ache when we think that we cannot tell you Happy Birthday anymore. You are missed beyond words. We love you .
Posted by Brian Nguyen on 7th September 2017
from L C L C thương tiếc tặng người bạn hiền, một tri kỷ trong hồ bơi. Mùa Thu Không Trở Lại- Tác giả: Phạm Trọng Cầu
Posted by Huy Vu on 16th July 2017
That bat ngo khi hay tin Tri qua doi.Xin chia buon voi My va gia dinh.
Posted by Paul Lam on 15th July 2017
Sorrow and Pain can't describe how I felt when I knew of Tri''s passing. Tri', It was like yesterday that you and I were on the road trip driving to San Diego, thru the Mojave desert, thru the death valley and up to lake Tahoe. It was only one of many, many wonderful experiences that we shared throughout our over 25 years of friendship, but it was the most special memory that I will cherish forever because It was our last activity together. I have always thankful that God had given me a chance to become your friend, Tri'. You were kindhearted, selfless, filial, intelligent, among other great characteristics. You had touched many people's hearts, my friend. Your friend, Tuan
Posted by James Hua on 13th July 2017
Dear anh Tri, "Anh nằm xuống sau một lần đã đến đây Đã vui chơi trong cuộc đời nầy... Xin cho một người vừa nằm xuống thấy bóng thiên đường cuối trời thênh thang" (Hát Cho Một Người Nằm Xuống) Anh Tri la nguoi thong minh ,thuong xuyen di chua cung PHAT va ham hoc hoi PHAT PHAP .Chinh vi vay Anh Tri hieu rat ro loi PHAT day. Cuoi cung ta chi mang duoc "NGHIEP" theo ben minh het doi nay doi qua doi khac nhu hinh voi bong va tao ra nhieu "NHAN" tot (THIEN NGHIEP/ PHUOC BAU),Anh Tri xung dang nhan "QUA" tot (thiên đường cuối trời thênh thang). "forever missed by all of us
Posted by Chung Ngọc Ảnh on 10th July 2017
Nhớ con trai Út của Má. Thuyền Viễn Xứ Thơ Huyền Chi Chiều nay sương khói lên khơi Thùy dương rũ bến tơi bời Làn mây hồng xa ráng trời Bến Ðà Giang, thuyền qua xứ người Thuyền ơi viễn xứ xa xôi Một lần qua giạt bến lau thưa Hò ơi giọng hát thiên thu Suối nguồn xa vắng, chiều mưa ngân về Nhìn về đường cố lý, cố lý xa xôi Ðời nhịp sầu lỡ bước, bước hoang mang rồi Quay lại hướng làng Ðà Giang lệ ướt nồng Mẹ già ngồi im bóng Mái tóc sương mong con bạc lòng Chiều nay gửi tới quê xưa Biết là bao thương nhớ cho vừa Trời cao chìm rơi xuống đời Biết là bao sầu trên xứ người Mịt mù sương khói lên hương Lũ thùy dương rũ bóng ven sông Chiều nay trên bến muôn phương Có thuyền viễn xứ nhổ neo lên đường...
Posted by Natalie Lai on 28th June 2017
My uncle, Cau Tri, was kind-hearted, selfless, reserved, caring, loving, and polite. Cau Tri reminds me to treat everyone with kindness and to approach things in a calm and peaceful manner because he was that way his entire life. I never once heard him raise his voice to anyone; he was always so gentle with everything that he did, from eating, to listening, to taking care of my grandparents, to talking to his nieces and nephews. In addition to his altruistic nature and personality, my uncle loved to travel. He always thought of us during his travels and brought home souvenirs and trinkets for the family. He would bring home the gifts in October, because Cau Tri always came home every October for my grandma's birthday and my grandfathers gio. Everyone looked forward to his homecoming, especially my grandma, and we all enjoyed home-cooked meals together however long Cau Tri was home. My mom and I have been looking through old photos and thinking about Cau Tri a lot. There is a photo we found of Cau Tri with me, my brother, and my two cousins when we were young. We were at Ong Ba Ngoai's house in the backyard. Cau Tri is in the middle and we are all surrounding him. We all look so happy. This photo wasn't taken because of a birthday party or celebration or anything in particular; it is a photo that shows four cousins loving their uncle's company on a random day. I am grateful for the memories I have with my loving uncle. This photo is something I will cherish and look at often. There are many things I respect about my Cau Tri and am blessed with an uncle who has shown me what it is like to be so selfless and happy. He found happiness in the most simplest of things, and always laughed at everything. Cau Tri's laugh is my favorite. His infectious laugh could brighten someone's bad day. Cau Tri's genuine happiness can be heard through his laughter and I smile thinking about his sincere, loving laugh. We all lost some sunshine in our lives when my uncle passed away. But my uncle taught us to be kind, caring, calm, and loving throughout good times and bad times. And though we have less sunshine without him, thinking of Cau Tri and my memories of him, especially his loving laugh, will always brighten my day and give me some sunshine back.
Posted by Maitrang Vu on 27th June 2017
Trường Việt Ngữ Tuổi Xanh được thành lập năm 1985 tại San Jose. Thầy Bùi Huy Thiên Mỹ đã là một trong những thầy cô tình nguyện đến với các em học sinh. Sang năm 1986 thì trường được thêm sự có mặt của thầy Bùi Huy Thiện Trí. Sự hy sinh thời giờ và công sức của hai thầy là món quà quý giá trong việc duy trì và bảo tồn văn hoá Việt. Đại diện cho phụ huynh, học sinh và các thầy cô, xin chia buồn cùng gia đình thầy Mỹ. Chúng tôi vô cùng thương sót vì sự ra đi đột ngột của thầy Trí. Nét mặt phúc hậu và nụ cười hiền lành của thầy Trí sẽ mãi ghi sâu trong lòng chúng ta. Vũ Mai Trang
Posted by Ninh Chung on 26th June 2017
Cháu Mỹ thân mến, Dì không có Facebook , nhưng mỗi ngày cậu Phước đều cho Dì xem tin tức của cháu Trí trên Facebook mà cháu đã gởi . Khi cậu Phước nghe Dì báo tin cháu Trí mất ,cậu Phước hỏi lại mấy lần rồi hoảng hốt kêu 'Trời Ơi" . Cậu Phước yêu thương Trí nhất . Khoảng 6 giờ sáng nay ( 26 tháng 6/17 ) có một con bướm nhỏ bay rất nhanh trong bathroom khi Dì vừa bật đèn .Dì nhìn theo con bướm thấy nó bay nhiều vòng trên đầu Dì rồi biến mất. Dì tìm mãi mà không thấy đâu hết. Dì nghĩ cháu Trí đến thăm Dì. Mười mấy năm trước , lúc cậu King mất , Dì cũng gặp một con bướm nhỏ bay trước cửa nhà mỗi khi Dì đi làm về ( 11 giờ 30 đêm ), liên tiếp nhiều đêm như vậy. Nhớ Trí là Dì thấy mắt ươn ướt. Dì Ninh
Posted by Nguyen Hanh on 26th June 2017
Cháu xin chia buồn cùng gia đình Bác và Anh , Chị , vì sự ra đi đột ngột của anhTrí.gặp gỡ va quen biết anh17 năm , vui buồn cùng chia sẻ và giờ anh đã ra đi đột ngột để lại niềm thương tiết cho gia đình và bạn bè . Em xin cầu nguyện cho anh được sớm vảng sinh về miền Cực Lạc THÀNH KÍNH PHÂN ƯU
Posted by Ninh Nguyen on 26th June 2017
Biết và gặp Trí chỉ vài ba lần khi còn học ở Trung học Võ Trường Toản, ấn tượng về một cậu bé cute, smart, lanh lợi và hơi nhỏ con so với anh trai (Mỹ). Sau 42 năm mới tình cờ liên lạc được với bạn Mỹ và cũng hay Trí về VN làm việc và sinh sống đã 15 năm. Vậy mà đến ngày hội ngộ hôm nay thì người còn, người mất, hoàn cảnh thật trớ trêu và chua xót. Xem qua Photo Gallery thấy Trí trưởng thành ở xứ người, thật giỏi giang, sportive, trở về VN chuyên tâm làm việc, sống đẹp, nhân hậu và luôn giữ hiếu đạo với gia đình, người thân. Rất là cảm phục. Cầu mong linh hồn Trí tiêu diêu miền cực lạc, luôn phù hộ cho đại gia đình được bình an, hạnh phúc. Tất cả mọi người thân thuộc, bạn bè đều rất thương nhớ và hãnh diện về em. Nguyễn Gia Ninh
Posted by Phuoc Thanh Chung on 25th June 2017
Vô cùng bàng hoàng khi hay tin cháu Bùi Huy Thiện Trí đột ngột ra đi  tại Việt Nam. Được biết cháu Trí rất yêu mến Việt Nam nên chọn làm việc ở đây. Cháu Trí ra đi khi tuổi đời còn rất trẻ, để lại niềm thương tiếc vô hạn cho gia đình và người thương. Xin chia buồn cùng chị Ảnh và gia đình các cháu Thuận, Hòa, Hiền, Mỹ Cầu chúc hương linh của cháu Trí được sớm vãng sinh về miền Cực Lạc. THÁNH KÍNH PHÂN ƯU Đại diện gia đình dì Chung Thị Bích Thuỷ, Chung Thị Hương Thuỷ, Chung Thị Kim Thủy Cậu Chung Phước Thành và gia đình
Posted by Chung Duong on 24th June 2017
Dì Dượng Hai, Dì Dượng Năm, Dì Dượng Sáu rất đau buồn được tin cháu Trí ra đi khi tuổi đời còn rất trẻ. Sau khi mất nước, đại gia đình chúng ta mỗi người sống một nơi, lâu lắm mới có dịp gặp nhau. Tuy nhiên trong những lần thăm hỏi trên phone với Mẹ các cháu, Di Liên , Dì Ninh; bên này mấy Dì cũng biết tin tức của các cháu. Di vẫn nhớ lần nào Dì cũng hỏi: Trí có gia đình chưa? Trí có girl friend chưa? Là vì Dì định giới thiệu con của người bạn rất xinh và ngoan cho Trí. Nhưng rồi chuyện cũng không thành. Dì vẫn còn nhớ rõ, cách nay mấy năm, sang San Jose thăm Má các cháu, gặp lúc Trí từ Việt Nam về, Dì được Má các cháu và Trí mời đi ăn phở. Dì nhớ Trí rất lễ phép, ít nói nhưng gương mặt lúc nào cũng tươi cười; lại còn cao lớn và đẹp trai nữa chứ! Nghe nói Trí cũng rất hiếu thảo, năm nào dầu bận rộn mấy cũng về dự giỗ Cha; Dì lại càng thấy thương hơn. Trí ra đi, để lại niềm tiếc thương vô hạn cho gia đình và người thân. Mấy Dì bên nây biết dùng lời nào để chia sẻ niềm đau với Mẹ các cháu và các cháu; chỉ cầu xin Ơn Trên an ủi và ban sự bình an cho thân quyến ..Không ngờ Dì Sáu không còn dịp gặp Trí nữa....
Posted by Thuy-Dung Ha on 24th June 2017
Today I awoke and remembered again about Trí already gone. I feel very sad and shocked and heavy-hearted. Trí used to work w/me at Mitta Tech, on projects in Virginia in 1998. Then he was off to Vietnam since. Trí was on the same plane going to Thailand with Hoà and me on Oct 2016, a stopover for Bhutan. We departed and waved goodbye, and he was off to Vietnam. I never knew that would be the last time I saw Trí in person. I'll always remember Trí's quiet demeanor, his sweet smile and gentle manner. How fleeting and fragile life is. Rest well in peace, sweet brother Tri'. My deepest condolences to Hoà, Hiền, and Family.
Posted by Brian Nguyen on 24th June 2017
I will always remember Cau Tri for his laugh. His laugh was one of those laughs that was truly contagious and you couldn’t help but smile when seeing him happy. He always had a positive, peaceful attitude and I never once saw anything get him angry. Hearing stories and seeing pictures of his travels inspired me to explore the world and I always admired how independent he was. He really lived his life the way he wanted to live it and never let anyone get him down. Even though he lived on the opposite side of the world, we never forgot about him and always kept him close in our plans. Occasionally when he flew back to the US, he would need a place to stay, and without hesitation, I happily offered my room to him knowing that he would be comfortable and relaxed at our house. I always looked forward to his visits knowing how happy our family became when he was here. He truly completed our family and with his passing it feels like we’re losing a part of ourselves. But one thing I can never lose is the memory of him smiling. I will forever keep his loving and cheerful attitude close to my heart.
Posted by Howard Newens on 24th June 2017
Such a shocking news to us all in the Newens family. Our deepest sympathies to Di Anh, Chi Thuan , Hoa and Hien and To My. We mourn your loss and pray that Tri's spirit is taken care of and guided to eternal bliss in the afterlife. Hoa and the Newens Family
Posted by Tramster Tran on 24th June 2017
We had a vacation together with Di Hai and Tri in October 2011 in New York and Virgina and had many fond memories of Tri. Tri was a very caring, soft spoken person and a good son. He told us stories from Vietnam and once a while he would crack a joke that makes all of us laugh hard. We are very heartbroken and sorrowful to hear Tri leaving us. We did not spend a lot of time with Tri since he lives in Vietnam however he has such a nice personality that you would never forget once you met him. Rest in peace Tri, you will be missed dearly! Your cousins Lan, Bi and Tram
Posted by San Chau on 24th June 2017
One day when I’m grey and old, I will write about my excellent adventures in Asia (names will be changed to protect the innocent). In the chapter on Vietnam, there will be a section dedicated to my good friend Anh Tri. He was my flatmate and some of my best memories and happiest, most carefree times in Vietnam were spent with Anh Tri. He was like a brother to me and my drinking buddy in Vietnam. In our day, we thought that we were invincible. Nobody was stronger, fitter, better looking or can drink more than us. There are many good things said about Anh Tri. His nickname Banh Mi was because he was generous to those around him. To a close circle of friends, he is also known as Oracle because he was the fountain of all knowledge. If I had to describe Anh Tri in one word it would be “gentleman”. He was a true gentleman. His passing marks an end of an era and he will be sorely missed by all those who knew him. I consider myself to be very fortunate and blessed to have met Anh Tri. San
Posted by Anthony Tran on 24th June 2017
Cháu xin thành thật chia buồn cùng Dì Ảnh, anh chị Thuận, Hòa, Hiền, Mỹ về sự ra đi đột ngột của anh Trí. Em xin cầu nguyện cho anh Trí được yên nghỉ trong cõi vĩnh hằng. Em Vic và gia đình,
Posted by Nicholas To on 23rd June 2017
We were friends for a long time. We met in 1976 and graduated from Independence HS in 80. We were a group of close knit friends at IHS. Tri was one of the smartest and most athletic of us. He was also very mild manner and soft spoken, but always come up with some wise cracking jokes from time to time. After graduation we all went different paths, but always remained friends. I caught up with Tri in VN, when I was there in 2003 and we had met at least once every year either in VN or when he came back to visit his family in San Jose until his passing. I will always remember Tri for being a very good-hearted person. He took care of his friends, when they were down and out. RIP my friend as your journey has ended here on this earth. A kind, gentle person and a great friend. You will always be missed.
Posted by Pho Le on 23rd June 2017
Chú thím hết sức bàng hoàng khi được tin cháu Bùi Huy Thiện Trí mới qua đời ở Việt Nam. Chú Thím xin thành thật chia buồn đến chị Bùi Huy Hải và các cháu , nguyện cầu cho hương linh của cháu Thiện Tri được sớm vãng sanh về Cực Lạc Quốc. Nhìn tấm hình hai cháu Mỹ và Trí chụp ở bụi Cau ở sân sau của Ty Thuế Vụ Biên Hòa, đó là thời điẻm Chú được bổ nhiệm về Biên Hòa làm việc với Ba của các Cháu và quen thân với gia đình của các cháu từ đó cho đến nay cũng đã gần 50 năm trời. Chú Phò không bao giờ quên tấm chân tình mà Ba Má của các cháu đã dành cho Chú Thím từ nữa thế kỷ vừa qua. Năm 1984 Chú qua thăm gia đình cháu, cháu Trí đã đưa chú đi xem trận Túc Câu Thế Vận Hội giữa Ba Tây và Ý. Cám ơn cháu nhiều lắm nghe Trí, cháu luôn tử tế với mọi người, cháu ra đi trong thanh thản vì cháu đã sống trọn vẹn với những gì cháu ước muốn, không bị́ ràng buộc gì cả. Quy Mạng Lễ A Di Đà Phật, Ở Tây Phương Thế Giới An Lành Chúng con xin nguyện cho hương linh Cháu Bùi Huy Thiện Trí Được Đức Phật A Di Đà cùng Chư Thánh Chúng tiếp dẫn về đất nước của Ngài.
Posted by Vy Nguyen on 23rd June 2017
chú rất đau buồn về tin cháu Trí mất tại Saigon ngày 1- tháng 6 năm 2017. Cháu Trí rất thích Việt Nam nên năm 1993 về Saigon làm việc, Cháu Trí thích chơi tem và thích các đồng tiền cổ Việt Nam từ thời cổ đến thời Pháp thuộc và Việt Nam Cộng Hòa, Cháu Trí rất có hiếu năm nào về Mỹ cũng đưa mẹ đi du lịch Chú thím Nguyễn Văn Vỹ, Châm, các em Ngọc , Hùng , Nga
Posted by My Bui on 23rd June 2017
Dear Friends, It is with unbearable sorrow that we are writing to share the unexpected death of Tri, our beloved brother. Tri died of a heart attack on Thursday morning during his daily swimming routine, in Saigon. Tri was dearly loved and an important part of our family for 54 years. Tri will be missed beyond measure from all of us. Services are pending , we’re thinking of a cremation funeral for Tri in Saigon and a memorial service in the US. Please keep Tri in your prayers . Thank you friends for your support. Sincerely, Hòa & Hiền
Posted by My Bui on 22nd June 2017
Dear Friends, Thank you for all of your condolences , prayers, and sharing your reminiscences of Trí. Reading your stories warmed our hearts and it comforts us to know that Trí is loved and remembered by many. Thank you also for the thoughtful and generous wreath-- it was beautiful. Thank you thày Chuong, Tung, Tai, Sơn, Erich, and Tuan, for being with us. Your presence gave us support and strength to say our goodbyes to Trí. Trí was handsome, smart, quiet, kind-hearted, generous, forgiving, and our brother believed in "Luật Nhân Quả". Of all the sisters and brothers, he is our favorite. Every October, he came back to the US for our Dad's Giỗ and our Mom's birthday for 3 weeks. The siblings, nieces, and nephews never missed a chance to see Cau Trí. Of all the children, my Mom and Dad loved him the most. Every Saturday at 7:00am, Trí would call our Mom and tell her, "Má nhớ an cho nhiều , dầy đủ cho khỏe, con về chở Má di chơi. Con khỏe lam, di bơi mỗi ngày". I told Tri we would go to VietNam, and every year, we missed that opportunity because of conflicted work schedules. I said that this year would be the year for Viet Nam, and Trí meticulously planned out an itinerary for us. Trí would take us từ Bắc xuống Nam, to all the historical chùa chiền that he loved, and introduce his two cats, Kittie and Blackie to us. I don't recall that Trí mentioned anything about hot bia om places in town. Our trip would be in November. Trí and I shared a passion for traveling, but regrettably, our travel paths had never crossed. We did share our travel pictures and videos wherever we went in our siblings group texts. Last week, I shared a picture of my daughter and I in front of a glacier and waterfall. Immediately afterwards, Trí commented, "Nice picture, nature is the best". The next morning, Thursday, June 1, before venturing on the hiking trail, we stopped by a serene, iridescent lake and took a picture. When I was about to send the picture, I saw the text and received the heartbreaking news about what happened. I knelt down by the lake and I cried. I shared with Trí this video with the title "Travel, Before It's Too Late" and never thought in 3 short years, I would share this with you with a new title, "When Tomorrow Starts Without Me": Yes, this year is the year that we would go to Vietnam. After 42 years, Chi Hòa, Mỹ and I are back in Saigon, not in November as planned, but in June, to bring Trí back home to San Jose, where his family is. Rest In Peace, brother. We will always carry your gentle, sweet soul with us. Hien

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