What a wonderful woman

Shared by Ray & Helen Melius on May 25, 2016

Tricia always had a big smile on everytime we got to see her. One could not keep from smiling with her. She was just so loving, caring, and giving of her self that when we talked the energy was so wonderful I didn't want the time to go by.

I learned a lot from Tricia. Her knowlege of wine, flight attendant duties, overseas trips, music, politics, and life in general.

I used to tease her about how to drink wine, with a glass of ice and some wine added. That made her eyes roll and a few choice words to me. !!!!!!!!

Tricia could turn on the charm but she could also stand toe to toe with anyone and not take any BS from anyone.

Tricia's love of flying was so deeply inbedded in her soul that any time she could fly she would go. Whether it was on Delta Air Line Jets or with Mike and I in a Cessna. I like the fact that Tricia knew the difference between a white knuckle landing, a bad landing, a aircraft carrier landing, a good landing, and a woody landing.

I would of loved to see Tricia and the band she was in perform on stage. I know her love of music was so much that she would listen to any song or musician. I even got her to listen to Frank Zappa's music. And she told me she liked some of his songs.

Tricia was a woman who did so many things and gave so much of herself to others that made her a super wonderful woman.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Mike and the Calhoons and the McGregors and all the people who was with Tricia to help her, be with her, and comforted her with her battle against a heartless disease called cancer.

Helen and I are fortunate that Tricia called us friends (and she called me a few other choise names but they were all good) and that we shared some time and memeries with her.

My beautiful aunt

Shared by Dawn Brewster on May 22, 2016

My aunt Tricia was simply an incredible person and will be forever missed.  She was always positive and always had a smile on her face. She was an incredible influence on my life and always someone I could turn to to talk about anything.  You could always trust her and she was always honest with you.  She loved to have fun and anyone with her was sure to have a good time.  She loved to travel the world and experienced life to the fullest.  She loved her family and friends.

Shared by Holly Turley on Facebook

Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 22, 2016

Mike, the Turley family is so sad to hear the news of Tricia's passing. Brent, Bryce and I hold many happy memories from the years we shared as neighbors. Bryce enjoyed coming over to play with Fletcher and Chewy and hang out with you two. I loved working with Tricia to figure out the short cut path to connect our houses so we could hang out together on the hill top. Tricia was such a bright light, and her happy smile could light a room. What a joy it has been to call her a friend. All our love and prayers go to you.

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Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 21, 2016

RIP my dear sweet amazing friend. My heart is heavy that you are gone, I will miss you so much Tricia Calhoon. I am so grateful for your unconditional love the past 25 years.

Shared by Andrea Jerabek on Facebook, May 13, 2016

Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 21, 2016

It is with extremely heavy heart that I share that a beautiful soul just passed over to the other side. She was an amazing woman and quite the adventurer! Tricia was my friend and Reiki student. I met her through my practice but kept her as a cherished friend. I had so hoped on seeing her at my birthday party but she just didn't have the energy and I couldn't wait to see her and spend time with her again. Our times together were cut short. I had always hoped on doing things with her and hearing more stories about her exciting travels as an airline flight attendant. Sending love and prayers to her family and husband.

Shared by Amy Molnar on Facebook, May 13, 2016

Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 21, 2016

Today I lost an old friend. We became fast friends on our first day at UC. I admired her for her sense of adventure which I was lucky enough to be apart of in our young lives. She was always so full of life and had a wicked sense of humor. We shared many of life's ups and downs and I always felt lucky that she was in my corner. Even though life took us in different directions whenever we talked it was as though no time had past. RIP my dear friend.

Shared on Facebook by Pamela Mills-Feierabend on May 13, 2016

Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 21, 2016

Tricia, little did I know when I walked into The Wine Basket all those years ago, that it would open up so many doors - and so many bottles!! The good times and memories will live in my heart forever. I feel so blessed to have been by your side today, holding your hand, when you took your last breath here and your first breath in Heaven. You will be missed by so many! You brightened any room just with your presence! Cheers, to you my friend! It's time to drink the good stuff now, cause life is too short!

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Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 21, 2016

My heart is truly broken at the loss of my friend. Many miles have separated us over the years but I will always remember the happy times, the bad times but always a Good time. Our freshman year at UC in Siddall hall was a blast. She helped me survive nursing school always there to rescue me. I wish we had more time together. I just corresponded with her last week about her favorite things to do in Seattle, remembering the beautiful picture I saw her in on the mountaintop with her friends. My thoughts and prayers are with Mike and her family.

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Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 21, 2016

I have been very blessed to have so many caring and charismatic friends in my life. One very special friend left me too early! I wasn't FINISHED having adventures and making memories! My mind is flooded with wonderful memories of our apartment, vacations, bachlorette parties, weddings, wonderful talks, and fits of laughter. Tricia was a treasure that was always fun to be around and made everyone follow suit! I know you are in a better place and .. still with all of us. You are truly missed but we will find you again! God Bless you- Sweet Tricia!

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Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 21, 2016

Today the world lost a beautiful woman. I met Tricia when she began volunteering with Prison Pet Partnership. She used to teach class with me to female offenders at Mission Creek. She had a passion for people and such a zest for life! Tricia absolutely loved animals and always enjoyed the car ride out where she could sit in the passenger seat and hold my dog Tippy as we drove to Belfair. Tricia talked about her world travels as a flight attendant and the special group of friends she had known for years that would meet up even though they were scattered all over the country. Tricia I will miss you. You are such a lovely human being. The sky just got a little brighter because of you. All my love to your family as I know they are mourning such a terrible loss. Rest in peace deserve it

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Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 21, 2016

Two years ago I took up the frightening task of learning to ride a motorcycle. In the biker community, when we lose someone we put the back passenger pegs down and take them for one last ride. Today my pegs were down for Tricia. I turned on Pandora to John Denver and would you believe the song "Almost heaven ...... Country Road take me home" yes I cried the first couple of miles and smiled for the rest of them - I could imagine her giggling on the back. Rest in peace dear friend. — at Fox Island Boat Launch.

Rafting the New River, June, 2015

Shared by Laura Hemmerle on May 21, 2016

The gang from The Bluffs used to go rafting in WV back in the day. One year we did the Gauley River and put in at the base of the dam. It was cold! Tricia wanted to go back last summer. Chrissy's generous man loved up the RV and drove us girls down to raft the New River once again! 

Written by Tricia's friend Alison Pride:

Shared by Michael Calhoon on May 20, 2016

"All life is lived in the shadow of its own finitude, of which we are always aware — an awareness we systematically blunt through the daily distraction of living. But when this finitude is made acutely imminent, one suddenly collides with awareness so acute that it leaves no choice but to fill the shadow with as much light as a human being can generate — the sort of inner illumination we call meaning: the meaning of life." --Maria Popova

Today I post this quote in honor of my friend Tricia, who lost her fight with cancer earlier in the day. Because Trish, more than anyone I knew, filled "the shadow with as much light as a human being can generate." She had a smile to light up a room, never went anywhere (and, as a flight attendant, she traveled all over the world) that she didn't make another good friend, and embraced life and its myriad experiences to the absolute fullest. We met one day coming out of chemo and had many laughs together despite the suckiness of chemo and radiation. She was a loving wife to Mike and mother to several canine children, and had a compassionate heart that reached out to encompass the world. My heart is heavy, but I like to think of her free now to travel anywhere she wants to, unfettered by silly considerations like gravity and security lines at the airport, and those human political constructs called borders. Travel on, my friend.

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