This memorial website was created in memory of  Trinity Rolle, born on August 9, 2000, and passed away on February 26, 2021. We will remember her forever.

To honor her memory we ask that you wear shades of blue.

Thank you for your kindness and sympathy at a time when it is greatly appreciated. It will always be remembered by the family of Trinity Kenya Rolle.

Posted by Afrika Karamo-Miller on March 24, 2021
My deepest condolences Sean and Jonetta. May the Most High give you comfort during this most difficult time. Praying for your strength. You had a beautiful with a beautiful soul. May she rest in peace.
Posted by Sanchia R on March 20, 2021
Rest in Peace, my “reverser.” Such a sweetheart, even from FGCS. You will continue to be missed.

Posted by Veronica Ellis on March 20, 2021
Love u Trini. You will forever be in my heart and that final hug u gave me with that big Jah Nyne and your mom smile on your face will never fade. You are an earth angel surely was a light in the dark for the average 20 yr old. we may think it a loss because we wont get to physically share you or continue to journey with u but the Heights and depths of your short lived life was fulfillment for many. You came here to do what u did and that was to touch hearts and minds which you did. u are so and will always be the wind beneath someones wings as u are a candle in the dark. shine your light now amongst the ancestors and take your rest from this dark and evil world my child. Love u forever
Posted by Geortavia Bain on March 20, 2021
Writing this feels surreal. Trinity, you were the embodiment of light and love. The energy you were radiated was so effervescent and infectious. From 2nd grade to high school, you've been an amazing friend. You were easily one of the funniest and most talented people I knew. I wish I could tell you just how much you impacted me in our time together. Our friendship is something I'll always treasure. Love you always. Rest in heavenly peace.
Posted by EDITH STALBORD on March 19, 2021
My condolences to Sean & Jonetta , I know your hearts are broken in pieces I pray your strength for tomorrow and each day ahead, may The God of All Comfort, comfort you both as only he can, (2Corinth 1:3-5). Trinity was certainly an Angel her smile her life her impact will not be forgotten. I did not meet her personally but I know her Dad Sean, all that has been said about Trinity Spirit I can see Sean as I do business with him. May you continue to hold on to All the Memories, may you feel her Love for you both and The Love of God as he alone can heal and give you continual Peace. Love The StAlbord's Family -"The Kitchen Gallery"
Posted by Hydeia Knowles on March 18, 2021
Trinity, no amount of words can express how much I am going to miss you. Your infectious smile, beautiful soul and refreshing demeanor was one like no other. After 15 years of friendship, I am truly grateful to have shared many of life’s joys with you. Heaven surely gained an angel. I love you forever. Rest in absolute peace my love, until we meet again.
Posted by Kartier Curry on March 18, 2021
My condolences to the family, and friends. Love and light always Rest in perfect peace beautiful
Posted by Tineilyah Martin on March 18, 2021
I will never forget the day I first came to BMES and you was one of the few persons who made me feel so welcomed. I was so nervous but you greeted me with your bright smile which made me feel so warm inside. We may not have been friends but you gave me something I’ll never forget .
Posted by Clevanché Lightbourne on March 17, 2021
A sweet soul, gone too soon. Trinity lit up every room with her infectious smile and that laugh. From we found out we were cousins ("The Clare Connection"- her grandmother on her mother's side had to call my grandmother on my father's side aunty), and we would run into each other, we would always hail and chat like we knew each other for years! She was truly an angel in disguise, her energy was unmatched, her generosity, kind-heartedness, and her good nature. She has touched so many hearts and lives, and she has made an impression on the hearts of many near and far. I am forever thankful that I was given the opportunity to know such a sweet individual. Trinity, you will always be loved and will never be forgotten. May your soul rest in sweet peace. My condolences and prayers are extended to the entire family and friends of sweet Trinity.

-Clevanché Lightbourne and family
Posted by Denise White on March 17, 2021
Your memories are so special to me, some days thinking of them saddens me because you're not physically here with us and other times I smile  thinking of your jokes, your sense of humor, your beautiful radiant smile, those moments are good one's. You were so wise beyond your age, so strong and purpose driven, God truly made you in His image. I hope you knew how much I love you, you were so easy to loveTrini, I am blessed to have crossed your path.
Posted by Ashia King on March 17, 2021
Trinity, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you. I’ve known you for years. From Freeport Gospel, to Sunshine musical piano lessons, to BMES, to FAI choir, and you have been the same loving, caring, genuine, talented and, unique person from day one. Thank you for being an amazing peer and a special friend. Your vibrant spirit will live with me forever. You inspire me each day and I thank God for the angel He placed in our lives. There is truly no other like you. Rest on love you forever I miss your smile ✨
Posted by Ambernique Monroe on March 17, 2021
Trinity I have no words to describe how to even feel right now. I still can’t believe that this is real but God knows what’s best. You were one of the reasons I could’ve enjoyed my high school years. I could’ve always counted on you to make me laugh and happy. Thank you for being a great friend and always giving me the best advice possible. I love you, until we meet again.
Posted by Jaque Wilchcombe on March 17, 2021
Oh Trinity, words can't explain the feeling of losing a friend. When you've been friends with someone for so long it's hard to let go. A beautiful soul is what I can truly call you. A smile that you can see from miles away, literally. 15 years of non stop laughter, motivation, encouragement, kindness and friendship. I am truly blessed to have experienced my journey with you. Sleep in perfect peace my dear friend. I love you.
Posted by Valarie Seymour on March 17, 2021
It’s hard to imagine that this occasion is here, I would have hoped in 2021 I would have seen you face to face and got to catch up on all that you were doing..... but The Master had other plans. Instead I reflect on the years I was your Math teacher and your beautiful smile & renditions at Mr. Thompson’s music recitals. My prayers are with your dear parents, but we remember God’s word and do not weep as those without hope, we shall see you again, in your glorified body. Take your rest, until we meet again.
Posted by Kyle Seymour on March 17, 2021
To my little sis Trin,

A golden heart has stopped beating.
The sweetest soul is at rest.
It hurts to see you go so soon Trin,
Our hearts are broken ,but the Father proves he only takes his BEST!
We love you and will cherish the many jokes and memories forever.

Smile on Trinity!

Kyle & Toni Seymour
Posted by Cherishe Hollingsworth on March 17, 2021
My fondest memory of Trinity was of a Beautiful African Princess playing her guitar and singing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" as we celebrated the gifts of students in B.M.E.S.' Fine Arts' Department.

She was a beautiful soul! She still is! "Now I sing with you baby girl.. this song of Freedom... it's all we will ever have...our song of Redemption!... Fly High!"

Posted by Karen Pinder on March 17, 2021
It is amazing how people come in and pass through your life, yours was just for a season. I am grateful to have known Trinni from a baby. You was like the little sister for Ja'ir as you both grew up so close. We all will miss your sweet humble soul, the infectious laugh and bright smile that could warm a heart. May your spirit soar with the heavenly angels and your soul continue to rest in peace.
Karen. John and Ja'ir
Posted by Charmaine Stubbs on March 16, 2021
To our beautiful niece Trinity; Your bubbly personality and the smile that light up a room like a ray of sunshine has touched us in so many ways. During the last few years we have spend allot of time with you. Picking you up from college and the fun talks and laugh as we drove back down. The days you were at the house during the last hurricane, popping out the room for dinner, shopping in the mall and picking out clothes. It was so much fun having you here. Our hearts are filled with pain and sadness now that you are gone, but our memories are filled with smiles and joy as we remember you.

May you gently rest in God’s loving arms!

Love, Trevor and Charmaine
Posted by Corissa 'Rsa' Stubbs on March 17, 2021
A Glorious Transition: From Glory to Glory

When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: "Death has been swallowed up in victory." 1 Corin 15:54

As believer’s when we transition, we do so from Glory to Glory, in life and through death.

Here are a few things to note...

• Death is not a final destination, it is a layover.
• We don’t pacify death but rather triumph over death.
• The true children of God are clothed in immortality.

…and then there are those. Those that are loaned to us for a set time, leaving an impression on the hearts of those they come in contact with.

Trinity was that person, with a large infectious smile and heart that matched. She embodied what the Bible declares as us being made in the image and likeness of Christ.

This tells us that the ‘Trinity’ was present from the very beginning, known by God before even being formed in her mother’s womb.

Her name matched the spirit that dwelled on the inside of her. Her life was poured out, that even at the age of 20 she planted Jesus and sowed seeds of Jubilee wherever she went.

Although heart broken by the transition of such a beautiful soul, I am certain of this one thing; God got glory from her life.

Although she may not have walked across the stage to physically accept her degree, she surely did receive double honor as she graduated to glory.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that age does not define our legacy but rather our impact.

So with confidence, as I write, I can boldly declare that Death has been SWALLOWED UP in Victory! 

With love to my beautiful cousin, ‘my lil’ Woah’ Trini!

Love Rsa. 
Posted by Charmaine Stubbs on March 16, 2021
Memories of your life will always live as a treasure in our hearts, in our prayers you will be remembered. Rest in pace beloved cousin.
Love Tre’von, Treasure and Treshaun
Posted by The Art Tutor: Tutorials ... on March 16, 2021
Losing A Daughter (for Trinity Kenya Rolle)
we weren’t ready for this one

i wasn’t prepared.
none of us was ready
for this news.
i’m not supposed to be
writing these words
with flooded eyes
while overwhelming emotions
make breathing arduous.

we watched her grow,
we walked through
the academic valleys together,
we laughed together,
we cried together,
got upset with each other,
we survived hurricanes
and rebuild shattered pieces together.

i know it's not my place
to question
the will of the creator
question i will!
why Trinity?
as my tears flow
few will understand.

i’m not just crying for me.
i’m crying for two parents
who lost an only child,
i’m crying for that little girl
who lost a role model,
i’m crying for a friend
who has lost a confidant
and trusted companion,
i’m crying for that young man
who will never get to feel
her genuine love,
i’m crying for Bahama land
because they’ve lost a daughter
who could have transformed things
for the betterment of her country.

i’m not just crying
because of the cherished memories
i hold close to my heart.
i’m not just shedding tears.
i’m crying because
the warrior family
has lost a daughter
and it hurts.
Posted by Reneee King-Fowler on March 16, 2021
A smile larger than life.
A time too short, but yet impacting.
Loved because of who you were
And how your parents raised you.
Trinity, you can lead the parade,
just the way you want it.
Take your rest baby girl.
Much love.
Posted by Talcur Stubbs-Wasike on March 16, 2021
Your departure from this earthly plane was a shock. We all wished we had the opportunity to say farewell, until we meet again. May you be delivered to the gates of heaven to rest. You will be missed by those left behind but not forgotten.

Love Always, Talcur Amos & Paige
Posted by Ricardo Stuart on March 16, 2021
To my beloved little cousin

Words cannot describe the joy I feel in seeing the intelligent and cherished young woman you have become. The memories you left us are enough to provide a lifetime of warmth. I find comfort in knowing you will once again be celebrating your birthdays with Grammy ❤️
Until we meet again Trinny❤️
Posted by lavanthe bain on March 15, 2021
To my cousin Trinity,

A beauty and a true gem, A smile that can bright up any room. Trinity i remeber when your parents just brought you over to freeport for the first time, and i was so excited to see you! We went by the harbour and was waiting for you guys to come out and there you were such a beautiful baby with a bright smile. You've grown to be such a nice, humble and smart young lady!
You will be missed❤
Heaven truly gained an ANGEL ❤❤
Posted by Ianthe Bain on March 15, 2021
To My Smart, Intelligent, Beautiful Aunty Baby, Trinity Kenya Rolle... You have fought a good fight, You have finished the race but most importantly you kept the FAITH.... We will always LOVE YOU.
Ianthe Rolle-Bain & Family ❤️
Posted by Carla Rolle Armbrister on March 15, 2021
My neice was ambitious, loving and unique. Memories of her helping me out in my salon...offering to help me clean, she was a little helper as a little girl! 

Trinity was a warm-hearted young lady. Although she is no longer with in the physical realm her presence and spirit will always be with us in the spiritual realm.

Kenya, auntie loves you! Always and forever!
Posted by Deryck Sonaram on March 14, 2021
To Jonetta and Sean, on behalf of my family I share your sadness at this time .
We were shocked to learned of Trinity’s untimely death. I remember seeing her three years ago in New York at her aunt Patricia’s birthday celebration. I admired her and her mom who looked so beautiful at the event. She had so much potential, I always inquired about her, and was happy to hear she was doing so well at college. 
May her soul rest in eternal peace.
You and the entire family circle are in our prayers.

Mavis Sonaram

Posted by Majestic Trucking on March 12, 2021
 My Beautiful Angel, You have always made daddy proud and happy. Your kind heart and humble spirit has always made my heart joyful. So many people have told me how you touched them in positive ways. I never knew that the lord had sent an angel to be with us until now that I found time to reflect. Daughter you make me feel so good within myself. Especially knowing that you walked with the word of the lord written on the table of thine heart. You exhibited a strength like none other. Courageous, brave and bold. From my spirit to your spirit I say this to you. I will always love you unconditionally. Spiritual power is the eternal guide.
Posted by Jonardo Ferguson on March 7, 2021
Heartfelt Condolences to Jonetta, Sean and the family. Rest in Peace Trinity. Heaven has gained an angel.
Posted by Tamara Tiffany on March 7, 2021
Condolences to the Rolle family.  Trinity was a wonderful young lady, with a sweet personality and loved by all. Trinity you to me will always be "My Daughter In law" as I affectionately called you whenever I saw you. Your smile will always be with us. Soar like the Warrior Princess you were. Forever in the hearts of my family and I. Sleep In Peace
Posted by Taz Henfield on March 7, 2021
Condolences to the family, such a sweet soul ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Eunice Clare on March 7, 2021
My daughters and I express our sincere condolences to Jo and her husband, our beloved Aunt Joan and the extended family in Freeport. I got the opportunity to meet this beautiful and graceful young lady years ago and was shocked of the news of her passing. God never makes mistakes and He has loan her to us for twenty years.Family cheer up God is still God and He knows best. We love all of you and sorry we won’t be able to hug and join all of you for her memorial service. Cheer up love all of you❤️❤️
Posted by Pamela Williams on March 6, 2021
Condolences to Sean and Jonetta on the lost of their daughter. Trinity heaven have gain a Angel. Gone to soon at such a young age. Sleep in peace.
Posted by Alice Mcgregir on March 6, 2021
Am sorry your beatiful smile will not be forgot and you are in the arms of the almighty
Posted by Treniece Stubbs on March 6, 2021
My Trini.. My songbird.. My "yellow gal".. if any one knows how much this hurts its you.. I love you beyond this life! My heart is broken but it is also at peace because I know your soul is at peace. Taariq and I will definitely miss you! I'm going to miss our late night conversations, your sense of humor (especially when you're mocking mama), the way you were so free-spirited, your encouraging words (especially in the last few months), but most importantly your smile which lit up any room you entered. You did well Trinity you did well! Your memories will continue to live on and I will forever love you from the bottom of my heart. Kiss Dada & Auntie Moo for me... I know they welcomed you with open arms and the brightest smiles. I love you Trini.
Posted by Mildred Johnson on March 6, 2021
You’re indomitable spirit was at all times reflected in your character traits such that your charming beautiful face, infectious smile, intelligence, respectfulness and the litany of excellent qualities you possessed makes the thought of knowing you are gone, having left us too soon Although painful we know that your healing was made manifest by God Himself and heaven has gained an angel adding to its angelic host as you’re now in the nearer presence of God. RIP/RIG Trinity; there’s a sunrise awaiting ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by GENEVIEVE MOORE on March 6, 2021
A light on earth has been extinguished but it is shining brightly above. Heaven is rejoicing, for an angel has come home. Words escape us at this time but the mark that Trinity has made in our lives will live on forever. She was indeed a beautiful young lady, inside and out. Sleep on Little One... we love you!
Posted by Meoshe Curtis on March 6, 2021
I will always remember your sweet smile and the warmness that emanated from your very presemce, without an utterance, when you entered any room. The heart of af an angel and the smile of a lion! Rest well Cuz in the arms of God with your Grand Dad...Mar Stell and others. You 're not alone! Loved Forever! Meoshe and family.
Posted by Charmaine Wilson on March 6, 2021
Omg lord my heart is torn to pieces knowing, I haven’t had that chance to get to know you Trinity, like I should have . One thing, I do remember......that was sooo amazing and special, is that breath taking welcoming smile, when ever i get the opportunity of seeing you, it was never a dull moment, it might have been brief moments, but were magical. You were an Angel that were only loan to us for 20 yrs, I just want to say THANKYOU lord Thy will be done we appreciate you lord S.I.P our beautiful princess cousin Miss Trinity Kenya Rolle ❤️❤️❤️you will forever live in out heart we love you and surely will be missed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️August 9 2000/February 26 2021
Posted by Kameisha Brown on March 5, 2021
There’s not much I could say except I still can’t believe that you’re gone. Our time was limited but the love I have for you is limitless and I don’t believe that I will ever forget your beautiful soul and infectious smile. My beautiful baby cousin, we may not have much memories but the ones I do have I will definitely cherish forever, take your rest and live in glory. Fly on songbird, I love you
Posted by camille brown on March 5, 2021
In Loving Memory of my beautiful niece...Gone too soon and so young before your life began....Heaven has surely gained an Angel...Trinity you will always be in my heart..Rest In Peace....You will be missed...LOVE YOU ALWAYS....
Posted by Estelle Cherenfant on March 4, 2021
What can I say that would describe what it is was to know Trinity. She was beautiful from the inside out and she had a way of making people feel special. I will miss our baking sessions, our game nights and just being able to enjoy family time with her. It has truly been a privilege and a pleasure to have been a part of her journey. Sleep in peace you!

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Posted by Afrika Karamo-Miller on March 24, 2021
My deepest condolences Sean and Jonetta. May the Most High give you comfort during this most difficult time. Praying for your strength. You had a beautiful with a beautiful soul. May she rest in peace.
Posted by Sanchia R on March 20, 2021
Rest in Peace, my “reverser.” Such a sweetheart, even from FGCS. You will continue to be missed.

Posted by Veronica Ellis on March 20, 2021
Love u Trini. You will forever be in my heart and that final hug u gave me with that big Jah Nyne and your mom smile on your face will never fade. You are an earth angel surely was a light in the dark for the average 20 yr old. we may think it a loss because we wont get to physically share you or continue to journey with u but the Heights and depths of your short lived life was fulfillment for many. You came here to do what u did and that was to touch hearts and minds which you did. u are so and will always be the wind beneath someones wings as u are a candle in the dark. shine your light now amongst the ancestors and take your rest from this dark and evil world my child. Love u forever
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Kindergarten - Calvary Academy
Primary - Freeport Gospel Chapel
High School - Bishop Michael Eldon School
College - University of the Bahamas
University - Bethune Cookman University

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