Trista Mae Lindstrom
  • 17 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 21, 1995
  • Place of birth:
    Lima, Ohio, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 1, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Yellow Springs, Ohio, United States
We love you, Beautiful Girl and we will never forget.

This website was created in the memory of my beautiful daughter, Trista Mae Lindstrom. She was born June 21, 1995. She crossed over on June 1, 2013. She was 17 years old. She is missed so much by her family and friends. We love you Trista Mae and we will hold you in our hearts forever.

Child of the Sun

There is about her, fold on shining fold,

A radiance, an aureole of gold.

Yellow is soft upon her cowslip hair.

A warm ray finds her mouth and lingers there.

In a bright spreading pool of light she stands

Holding the overflow in small cupped hands!

This sun will never set, for some will stay

Forevermore in an unending day.

It will go on and on; it will be part

Of growth of mind, of spirit, and of heart.

To one who has known time so sweetly light

How could it ever be completely night?

~Geraldine Ross~  


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Laurie Rauk on 26th June 2017

"Trista, thinking of you and your family this Angel Birthday. May you fly free and high.

~Jesse David and Taylor James Mom Forever
Indigo Forum"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 29th December 2016

"Leaving a note tonight, Angel Tris. Just want you to know that I am happy and at peace. I still miss you so much but I have comfort in knowing where you are and that you are happy also. I often wondered in those first days how anything could ever be "normal" again. I thought that whoever said that just never lost a precious grandchild. Well, it turned out they were somewhat right. Not the same normal but a new kind of normal. And it is not so bad. Your brothers, cousins and all those so close to you have been filling our lives with joy. New babies born. Lori's little Keaton you would love so much. Aiden in school learning to read and write. He still talks about you.  He knows you are in spirit and that you still visit him from time to time. So things are as good as they can get for this passage of time. Looking through pictures bring fond memories....sometimes tears....sometimes smiles....but all so precious. A day never passes tho that you are not on my mind. I doubt that there ever will be a day without you in mind. By God's Grace and Mercy I will unite with you and Papa again. I still have things to do here and plenty of love to share with those you and I both love so much.  So, until we do meet again....I love you my precious girl."

This tribute was added by Shannon Lindstrom on 20th June 2016

"Thinking of you tonight, Tris... Aiden fell asleep on the front porch watching the moon with me. The Summer Solstice Starts early this year... and a full moon... Show us you're close, Baby Girl... Love, Mom"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 15th May 2016

"Hello Baby Girl. I am having a hard time tonight. I seem to have you on my mind so much lately. I haven't visited this memorial page for some time. Guess that means I am doing what I should be doing after almost 3 years. You know like they say, getting on with my life and things should be easier by now. Well to be honest, it is more or less like that. More for the most part but less when that pain of first grief hits you right in the gut and won't leave you alone. That is where I am at this point. Your 21st birthday is coming up soon. Just seems like I don't want it to happen because it makes me think about all we, as a family, have missed in this 3 years.  I wanted to see you dance, watch you with your little brother, pick on your big brother. I wanted you to be there physically when Zak graduates high school.  wanted to see you off to college and start your first job. I know it will be a tough day on the 21st of June. But I know you will be there with us as we celebrate with you in spirit. I will be with your mom and brothers during that time. Just show us in many ways, as only you can do, to let us feel you at that time. I love you and miss you so much right now. Your smile always made my heart happy. As I prepare for sleep now I have hope that I will see you in my dreams. Your Nana loves you today and forever. Untill we meet again. (HUGS) Trista Mae."

This tribute was added by Wade Greenlee on 22nd April 2016

"Just wanted to say hello.  Maybe you can pass this on to Brooks. It is peaceful here, like when I visit him.  I miss him like I know how much your mom and brothers miss you.  It is hard to grieve for someone you love so much and can never touch or hold again.  It messes with your mind and creates doubt where there was no doubt before.  I hope I see you again, because I have that doubt too.  I just can't imagine my life being ok without you, son.  Be with Trista and all your friends and have fun.  I love you, Brooks."

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 30th December 2015

"Christmas 2015 is behind us....I know there was a hole in your Mother's heart in the shape of you....I can only hope she and your brothers felt your presence in some big way...or maybe a dozen small ways....we miss our child....so very much."

This tribute was added by Wade Greenlee on 19th November 2015

"Life is moving on a little, but there is still sorrow...

Sorrow was a stranger
So I knew not his name
But then he made me play his game

He came unexpectedly one day

With a heart-stopping blow

And reduced me to tears of unending flow

Sorrow played my heartstrings
Sometimes slow, sometimes fast

A haunting rhythm of times now past

Sorrow knew no boundaries
Endless tears brought no relief
He flourished in their salty grief

As time now ebbs slowly by
Sorrow wears a gentler face

Smiles and laughter I carefully embrace

He still plays his music
Sometimes slow and achingly sad
Sometimes fast, brimming with joy

Sorrow now plays bittersweet memories of long-ago

Give Brooksy a big for me please!"

This tribute was added by Wade Greenlee on 19th November 2015

"Thinking of you today as I think of Brooks.  Happens a lot.  You are loved by someone who never even met you.  I know there's a heaven and Brooks is up there with you.  I feel that connection sweet girl.  Some day we will meet and all of us will be together again.  Be with your mom and brothers, Trista.  Visit them in a way only you can...love ya, butterfly!"

This tribute was added by Ashley Weyandt on 1st November 2015

"Hey darling, Halloween just wasn't the same without you. I miss you so much. I carved you a pumpkin this year, moon and stars because you're my moon princess. I love you, bb."

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 31st October 2015

"I remember your Mom telling us about how you loved Halloween...so sweet girl....please let your Mom and brothers know you still are celebrating with them....Shannon....I hope you are doing 'ok'...it is so hard some days...I know...just wanted you to know 'each' of you are thought of...."

This tribute was added by Wade Greenlee on 21st June 2015

"Happy Birthday, Trista!!!  You are being thought of in so many ways and missed so dearly.  There is a party in heaven today with all of our angels singing to you and showing their awesome love...  Say hello to Brooks for me, and give him a hug."

This tribute was added by Wade Greenlee on 1st June 2015

"Happy Angelversary, Sweet Angel!!!  Your mom, Zak, and Aiden found a nice place...one where your garden will bloom and show all the love for you.  Be with your mom and brothers today and let them know of your love.  Say hello to Brooks and give him a kiss for me.

Thinking of you today, Shannon, and sending you love!"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 9th April 2015

"I am laying a flower for you today as It is getting close to the time of blooming. Spring has been wet for the most part. I am looking forward to sun and warm weather so I can sit on my patio and watch the birds and butterflies come and feed.  It has been a hard few days. I have been helping your mom pack and clean in anticipation of the move. There are people who are trying to control the situation to the point that your mom is being hurt by it. Please be near her daily with your light and give her strength to get through this. Help her to stay strong to fight against their control of her life and your brothers.  Let her know you are near. I love you Angel Trista."

This tribute was added by Shannon Lindstrom on 7th April 2015

"Hello Sweet Girl, I'm laying a flower today. A reminder that these Spring rains will bring the colors and fragrance of Summer time. Your garden will grow and we will walk in the sunshine again. You are my Sunshine, Tris and I love you and miss you with every part of me."

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 1st April 2015

"We know so many hearts were broken when you took your wings and flew away from this earth home...use the moonshine and sunshine to give us your light..."

This tribute was added by Shannon Lindstrom on 31st March 2015

"I walked outside and the moon was out. Every time I see the moon out in the day time, I remember how when you were little, any time this happened, we had to sing the moon song... and I smile at the memory of my sweet little Girl. I love you, Sis.
Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon,
You’re out too soon.
The sun is still in the sky.
Go back to bed,
And cover up your head.
And wait ‘till the day goes by!
P.S. Thank you so much for shining your LOVE on me today. You are my Angel. Love, Mom"

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 31st March 2015

"I think you are leading your Mom and brothers...."

This tribute was added by Carly Wiener on 30th March 2015

"I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I remember all the fun times we had in the spring. I hold those memories dear to my heart. I'll be bringing some special things to your site soon. I promise. I've been so busy, but I always find time to think of you and our friendship. I miss you dearly Trista. You're one of the greatest friends anyone could have asked for."

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 26th March 2015

"Hi Sweetheart, I haven't been on for a long time, Trista. Life has become so busy. I still go to see your mom and your brothers every week. I still go to your site and visit and help your mom decorate. We just went out and put on spring flowers. It looked so pretty. I always stop to make sure everything is good when I go into YS. and visit awhile with you alone. I love that time with you. I put a pretty little blue bird there for you the other day. I still miss you as I always will. You were such a big part of mine and your papa's life growing up. You left a huge gapping hole in my heart as you did in the hearts of us all who love you. I just arrived back in Wapak today. I went with Aunt Sue to  Emily's teacher conference when I got back. All was good with her. You would have loved Emily. She is hard to understand sometimes but you and she would have clicked right from the start. Because that is the way God made you.  I love you, Honey. I see your signs in YS. (the lights) Thank you for that. ((((Kisses)))"

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 13th December 2014

"Shannon...Zak...Aiden....I just want you to know that we have never met in person....but....I am thinking of each of you...as the days and nights go and come without your girl..your sister...Grief and Christmas is not for Sissies....it is hard....but we will hold hands and survive...survive in a way that we never thought we could...and survive in ways that we will figure out as each day comes...and night comes and then...we will arise again....I know it is hard...it is harder than I ever thought...and I wish I could take some of the 'hard' from you...so...all I can give is my  blessing that you find Mercy and Grace in the days ahead....."

This tribute was added by Barb Burden on 12th December 2014

Thinking of you every day Sweetheart. I love you."

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 19th August 2014

"A lot has happened since I was on here last around your birthday. I had an accident and totaled your little VW on I-70. I must have had my precious Angel on my shoulder because all I got was a broken foot and broken ankle. Not that that was a piece of cake. I had to wear an ugly black boot for 9 weeks. But today I got to take it off and all has healed. So today is kind of a special day. Getting the report that my foot has healed. Also, I belong to a group called grieving grandmothers. And August 19th is a special day called, "Remembering Our Angels." I remember everything about you. When you were a tiny baby holding you and rocking you. When you got a little bigger and you used to love swimming in your little float boat in my pool. When you and Dani, Jessi and Kerri all played in the little play area under the deck of the pool.. As you got bigger how I wanted you all to stay little but you grew up anyway. Such a beautiful young lady. I couldn't have asked for anything better in my life than to be able to come to Yellow Springs to share time with you and your brothers 3 days a week. I love you so much, Trista and I miss you every day. There is not a day goes by that you are not thought of and I thank God for my blessings of having you as my granddaughter. So today as everyday I am Remembering my Special Angel.  I LOVE YOU FOREVER. Your Nana."

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 3rd July 2014

"Well sweet girl, the month of June has come and gone. I was with you in Yellow Springs on your angelversary and we celebrated your life and memory together with family and friends.  This has been the hardest month for me since you left. I don't know how to do this. I went on a retreat with my church the weekend after your birthday and it felt so good. Then came your birthday on the 21st of June and we again celebrated your life and honored your memory with the Glo Run. I had a wreck and totaled your VW just a few days before. I know you were with me as I am not sure how I would still be alive if not for my angel riding with me. I have felt so bad about wrecking your little car. I did the 5k in a wheel chair with your mom, Aunt Steph and Lori pushing me all the way. I know I sound like I am on a pity party here and perhaps I am. I am glad June is over.  I know that you are near and that you know all these things I am telling you. Guess I just need to see you in my dreams tonight. I love and miss you so much, honey.  Your sad Nana XXXOOO"

This tribute was added by Lorien Folk on 22nd June 2014

"Happy birthday!!!! Love you!!"

This tribute was added by Carly Wiener on 21st June 2014

"Happy 19th Birthday Trista. I love you. I'll forever cherish our memories together. <3"

This tribute was added by Barb Burden on 21st June 2014

Happy Birthday Trista Mae"

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 1st June 2014

"Shannon....many are thinking of you and yours today....

and we can only hope that Mother Nature...the Angels...the comfort of prayers...the circle of family and friends...God/Mother/Father of the Universe will be touching your heart with Grace and Mercy...and strength and stamina will be given to the heartbroken pieces of your heart and soul....and that you will find that tiny mustard seed of Faith to give you the comfort of Hope."

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 1st June 2014

"Shannon...your husband...Zak..Aiden..Nana...and other family and friends...I know how hard this day is to meet and greet..I pray that you all hold each other with care, consideration and courtesy in knowing how very vulnerable you will be feeling..."

This tribute was added by Wade Greenlee on 31st May 2014

"Hey, Trista.  Be with your mom, brothers, and Nana tomorrow.  You are missed and loved.  Say hello to Brooks for me."

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 29th May 2014

"Trista, it is going on a year since you left this world and us with such a void in our hearts. I am leaving tomorrow for Yellow Springs and on Sunday, June 1st. I will go to your site where you were laid to rest to Celebrate your life of 17 short years and to honor your memory.  I will be reading something I wrote for you. There are so many emotions that come from recalling memories of you. Sometimes they bring tears and sometimes they make me smile. I still miss you so much I can't stand it and other times I get glimpses of you in ways that lets me know you are in no hurry to leave us. I love you, sweet, sweet girl. Forever Your Nana."

This tribute was added by Lorien Folk on 14th May 2014

"Think about you everyday!! Love and miss you so much. Give your mom and brothers some extra love these next couple weeks. They all miss you so bad it hurts. Love you"

This tribute was added by Laurie Rauk on 3rd April 2014

"Thinking of your Mom and you today...you would know my son Jesse now...

In this music video, Dancing in the Sky, the ballerina at :56 reminded of you sweet girl:


Jesse David's Mom"

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 23rd March 2014

"Trista ....you Mom posted a photo of Spring growing from the earth...and we simply weep with your Mom..and for her...she is struggling and there is nothing we can do except stand by and with her...but you in your Sweet Spirit...can blow her a kiss...that will give her heart some sweet Grace...."

This tribute was added by Barb Burden on 17th March 2014


Tomorrow is always a day away
Today is here and now
Yesterday will never stay
For God will not allow…

We must take this day He’s given us
And hold it in our hearts
For each day does slowly fade away
And today will soon depart…

He has given us something special
We hold it deep within
The special gift of memories
To retrieve and live again…

I miss you Trista Mae."

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 7th March 2014

"well Trista...since I have known you..your Mom...I finally see...'some' things that remind me of you...and ...I never knew you..but that is the magic of your Mom letting me know you...I know you are with her...so let her know where you are and where you are in and around her heart...it is a small thing and really...that is what you are about ...isn't that right ?"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 6th March 2014

"Trista, I wrote a poem for you based on a dream I had the other night.
                                          My Angel Visit

I stood at the foot of a winding staircase
At the very top I saw your face
A radiant glow shown all around
Soft, soft music was the only sound.
I took one step to begin my climb
You said "Don't come up, it's not your time."
I just wanted to touch you ever so bad
My heart was breaking; I felt so sad.
That staircase inviting; I wanted you to stay
But you blew me a kiss as you faded away.

I miss you so much, Honey. Thank you for coming in my dream.
I love you forever.....Your Nana"

This tribute was added by Shannon Lindstrom on 5th March 2014

"Hi Sweet Girl. I've been missing you so much every single day since you left. It has been nine months. Nine months without you. I couldn't help but realize that's the same amount of time I carried you. For nine months your little heart beat inside my body and now for nine months I've been without you here. I talk to you every single day. I know that you hear me. Every day I think of you, talk to you, say your name. I find ways to honor your memory and hold you close... everyday. I will forever until I'm with you again. I promise you that. I love you, Sis. Love, Your Mom Forever. <3"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 4th March 2014

"It is March 4, Trista. 9 months ago 4 days ago. I am in Yellow Springs with your mom and your brothers. I feel so close to you here. Perhaps because it is your home and also the last place I saw you. It has been an emotional week for me. It has been so cold that I can't go out doors to talk to you so I went to the window overlooking your memory garden. It looked so pretty with the soft lighting and the snow.9 months is way to long without you here. My heart took on a new longing this week and I have shed more tears than I have for awhile. May you rest in peace baby. I love you forever.  Perhaps I will see you in my dreams. Your Nana."

This tribute was added by Lorien Folk on 15th February 2014

"Miss and Love you so much!!! Keep showing everyone your still around.  We all need a Trista's touch in our lives."

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 1st February 2014

"I am lighting a candle for you tonight, Sweet Trista . It has been 8 months since you left this earth to be received by Jesus and His Angels .I know you are happy there because that is God's promise to us. So I know in my heart it's true. But I miss you here. This has been an emotional day for me. I have shed more than the usual amount of tears. I know the grief is no way near over. But my faith tells me I will see you again. Probably sooner than later. So all I can do is light this candle in memory of you for now. I love you with my whole heart.    Your Nana"

This tribute was added by Shannon Lindstrom on 31st January 2014

"Hi Sweet Angel. I haven't left a message here for awhile. I've been in a place of 'no words'. I know you know. I know you hear me when I talk to you every day. It's been very hard. January... usually a month of 'new beginnings'. It's been something so very different for me. It's saying good bye to the last year that I will ever see your face here in this life. There will be no new memories this year. Part of me will always be there... that day, before everything changed. Part of me will wait there, for you. Until the day that I see you again. The rest of the world moves forward, as it should be, but I will be always be waiting... counting the days, minutes, seconds... Waiting for you. It was a rough night last night and sometimes I wonder if you work through your friends and family to bring us together and give each other some comfort. Last night I got a message from Lori that she had lit a candle for you in a memorial service that day. I then saw posts on your page from your friends. I saw that they were loving, and missing you too. I know in my heart how you are remembered and loved but sometimes it helps my heart so much to 'see' it. I got that last night and it was so needed. You have beautiful friends but that's not surprising. It's a testament to your beautiful soul. I love you Beautiful Girl. Tomorrow will be 8 months and it is impossible to believe. Please, let me feel you close. <3 Love, Your Mom Forever."

This tribute was added by Ashley Weyandt on 13th January 2014

"When we were younger I always told you when you went I'd come right behind you so we can always be together, best friends forever. Now I know when you did go to your place in the sky half of me went with you because I can never leave your side, and the other half stayed her to live in your memory and to honor your life. I love you Trista, best friends forever. I miss you bea <3"

This tribute was added by Susan Stavinoha on 2nd January 2014

"Your loving family is inviting the New Year in without you...in human form...but your strong and soft spirit is with them..I will pray that their Faith and the Gift of Grace be with them.."

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 1st January 2014

"Hi Honey, Christmas just wasn't Christmas without you. All your family missed you so much. Especially your mom. I just so want her to feel your presence more now than ever. This has been such an emotional time. Danielle was here with Aunt Stephanie and Abby. We lit illuminary lanterns and let them float toward the heavens. They were beautiful. We; lit candles  in your memory and talked about you. Dani has such fond memories of a life you shared. Then New Years eve came and went. It was hard to leave 2013 behind because we shared at least half of it with you. Going into 2014 is new turf for me because your footprints have never traveled there. So,I will let God guide me and heal my heart eventually. Just be with your mom and give her the feeling of love and comfort she needs right now. I will love you forever, Your Nana"

This tribute was added by Wade Greenlee on 9th December 2013

"I'm adding your new heavenly friends to your page Trista.  I know you guys are all ok...be with us here and let us feel you.  Uploaded Brooks first...I know he's looking out for you cuz that's what he always did for others.  Tell him I love him."

This tribute was added by Wade Greenlee on 3rd December 2013

"Hi Trista...Say goodnight to my son please.  Tell him how much I miss and love him."

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 2nd December 2013

"Well, Angel, I got through one more day. 6 months seem like just yesterday and sometimes seems so long ago. The hurting seem just like yesterday when it began but the missing seems like I have been doing it forever. Thanksgiving was hard and I imagine all the days of December will have that missing feeling about it. But nothing is really the same. God will heal my heart because that is what He does. But He knows the healing of missing you won't come until we meet again. I love you Sweet Angel. Stay close to me and your family during the holidays. Let us feel your presence in the sweet ways only you can do."

This tribute was added by Shannon Lindstrom on 1st December 2013

I love you, Baby Girl. This is all so hard but I'm doing everything I can to be strong and make you proud. I know you would never want me to give up and so I keep going. Knowing that I'm needed here, knowing that I will see you again, knowing that you are with me in all the ways you can be... those are the things that keep me going. I love, Beautiful Girl. I'm holding you close in Spirit, Baby. <3"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Sprague on 29th November 2013

"Well, Baby, Thanksgiving came and went. Our first Thanksgiving since the accident. But you were right there with us. We lit candles. Talked to you and you gave us courage to go on. You were so amazing all the time you were physically with us and you are still amazing how you can make us feel your presence. Give Papa a special long hug for me today and thanks for the special hug you gave me as I fell asleep last night.  You were so close I could smell your hair. My love to you, Sweety."

This tribute was added by Shannon Lindstrom on 21st November 2013

"I love you, Sweet Girl. I miss you so much. I took Aiden outside to play today. He wanted to swing. Your empty swing hurt so much. Aiden said he wanted to pretend he had a rocket swing and could swing to heaven to see Sissy. We all miss you, Trista Mae. I love you forever. Love, Mom"

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