Dedicated to sharing our memories of Tucker.
  • 18 years old
  • Born on April 24, 1996 in Houston, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on August 19, 2014 in Lubbock, Texas, United States.

Tucker was a sweet, smart, funny, caring, empathetic, loyal, earnest, enthusiastic, loving, sincere, bright person. He loved and was loved by so many people. He could not have been more proud of his family, both immediate and extended in many directions, and his heritage. He loved his friends and was willing to do as much as he could to help them when they needed help. He was thankful for all that he had, and he lived his life to the fullest.

Tucker is survived by his sisters, Eloise (Elli) and Lyda, whom he cherished, and by his parents, Gordon and Adriane. His grandparents are Grace Arnold and Brantly and Lucile Harris. His aunts and uncles are Annette Harris and Jim Cox, Eugenia Harris, and Vivian and Tom O'Leary. His first cousins are Owen Cox and Grace and Tom O'Leary. His grandparents who predeceased him are Tom Arnold and Eugenia and Charles Reynolds. The circles of his family are vast, and there are many others whom he viewed as his own (you know who you are.) He could not have been more special to his family or have had more people who loved and guided him. He will be missed by all.

Tucker's friends meant everything to him. He had many for more than a decade and many others for a few years, or months, or even weeks. His heart was big, and he loved to open his home and fire pit to all. He derived so much pleasure from pleasing, and will be remembered with a smile on his face. He attended T.H. Rogers, Second Baptist, the Tenney School, and Hargrave Military Acadamy. There, he served as the captain of the golf team for two years, and he was a Commander of Alpha Company. In addition, he loved hunting, fishing, spending time at Lake Conroe, playing Xbox, riding horses, playing guitar and drums, playing pool and ping-pong, listening to music, anything with wheels, sunglasses, and all things Texas. He was proud to have been accepted into the engineering program at Texas Tech University.

Posted by Trey McCorkle on 10th May 2015
Tucker, I, like yourself, am a HMA cadet, class of 2018. Our newest yearbook, Cadence CVI, has a memorial for you in the back of it, and your friends, Yurko and Phillips are still here and they mentioned you in the yearbook video. Rest in peace.
Posted by Debbie Debrick on 7th September 2014
I do not know Tucker but I have followed his story since it happened and called my son Dalton that day who was an incoming freshman to Tech as well. My son shared Tucker's story and 5 days later I lost my son at Tech whom was also an incoming freshman. My heart is in pieces and I am ready to wake up from this nightmare as I am sure his parents and siblings are too. We are with you in prayer and share your grief! God bless you'
Posted by Robby Stupp on 28th August 2014
I have been friends with Tucker since I was one and even though we split at the age of six and were a couple of states apart I can proudly say he will always be my one and only best friend. Have fun up there brother
Posted by Michael D on 28th August 2014
I did not know Mr. Arnold but I understand the pain. Two months ago I loss my nephew 25 years old. Much too early just like Mr. Arnold. The most comforting thing that someone mentioned was from the bible at John 5: 28, 29 I hope it helps his friends and family. You have my deepest sympathy.
Posted by Patrick Humphrey on 22nd August 2014
Tucker and I became very close friends this past year, and I can't comprehend fishing, sitting around a camp fire, playing pool, or doing any of the things we always did without him. I've never met anyone that has had such an optimistic attitude towards everything. I've had some of the best times in high school with him, and he will be dearly missed. I love you tucker and cannot wait to see you again in heaven.
Posted by Corey Draud on 22nd August 2014
I met Tucker while I was working as a lifeguard and swim instructor at Hargrave, he soon become one of my best friends. Tucker was always there for me, whether he was making fun of my eyebrows at work or standing up for me because of rumours being spread around school. I would always take unflattering pictures of him because it made him so mad, but I couldn't help but crack up! I remember sitting in class one day when I received about twenty ten-second videos of him dancing to spanish music, he always knew how to make someone laugh! I will never forget when he fell asleep on my floor with a drink in his hand, or all of the times he asked me what my "object" was, and I especially won't forget when I took him to see "Bad Grandpa" and he covered my eyes the whole time because he said I was "too young". I love you Tucker, keep watching over us and I will see you again soon in heaven!
Posted by Lenix Lechin on 22nd August 2014
I first met tucker when he came to a party at my house with Charles, the party was getting out of hand and even though I didn't know him he stepped in and helped me control the situation, tucker is and always has been that type of person. Since then we became close friends and we're very close for about two years, I will never forget him taking me to my first mudding experience, writing on forbes's windshield with lipstick, doing donuts in my car, and smoking cigars. I love you tucker, and thank you for the best times in my life. For ever missed, forever loved, and forever young.
Posted by Grenville Lines on 22nd August 2014
Tucker I knew your my whole life and it was allways a good time. You have a unique ability to light up any room you walk in to. You were a amazing guy and the best god brother I could have asked for. Your memory will always be living down here in bermuda. RIP
Posted by Caroline Schimmel on 21st August 2014
I love you sweet angel. Your hugs and smile showed how much you loved life and everyone in it. 18 years with you is equivelant to 50 years with someone else. I miss you more and more every day but all of those angels are more than lucky to have your silly loving self up there! Much much love tucker :)
Posted by Georgia Bates on 21st August 2014
I specifically remember meeting Tucker for the first time about 3 years ago, and saying to my best friend "he is one of the most charming people I have ever met." He was so full of life and love, his eyes lit up when he was around his friends and family. He was and forever will be loved just as much as he loved everyone around him. Even though he was taken too soon from all of us, I'm sure he is at peace in a better place. Rest in peace Tucker.

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