This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Brigadier General Olayinka - Provost Marshall of the Nigerian Army. 

Posted by Olakito Olatunde on June 14, 2022
Happy birthday bro!

Still can not understand you’ve left us.
Not a chance to say goodbye…..

Posted by Sade Kannike on June 13, 2022
Hey bro’; are you boogieing up there? We celebrate your memory today, which would have been your 52nd birthday.

Your memory will live on with us forever ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Idris Olayinka on May 23, 2022
TJ, even after an entire year your loss hurts more than ever. Exactly one year to this day heaven gained a new angel and we lost a husband, a father, a son, an uncle, a course mate, a friend and a buddy.

Sometimes I just look up, smile, and say
TJ, I know that was you.

Rest on my dear brother and besto.
Posted by Adegbola Ige on May 22, 2022
Still can’t believe you are gone. It’s been a year
Posted by Hakeem Olayinka on May 22, 2022

You're the lovely brother I've adored since you were small. And for us the day you left us was the saddest time of all.

But all the memories that we shared. From when you were a boy,have only ever filled our heart with happiness and joy.

You grew up and proved to be A man both fair and true. And every day throughout your life.

We will think of you TJ.

Sleep on TJ LINO.
Posted by Olakito Olatunde on May 22, 2022
One year on…. Is this really really true?
O gaa o!
Having you as my older brother is a honour I’ll always treasure.
I regret being miles apart in distance meant we were miles apart in communication too.

Sleep on gentle soldier
Sleep on gentle giant
Sleep on gentle brother
Posted by Amona B. S on April 24, 2022
It's going to be a year since you left unexpectedly and sadly too.
You can't imagine how much pain and depression your demise has induced into the one person you loved the most, your mother.
Brother mi, death is a sure thing for everyone however it's a sad one for those who are left behind to mourn the dead.
I will be back brother mi, keep on resting and watching over your cherished relations and please don't stop the visitation just yet, it makes me feel like u are still here.

We all love u even in death and nothing can change that forever!
Posted by Amona B. S on February 27, 2022
If only you were alive now, everything your existence kept as one, all that you had craved to do and all those who depended on you as ur smile and presence lit their lives won't be crying and feeling alone.
God bless your soul brother mi.... It's is a sad thing to remember everyday that I won't see you again.
Posted by Amona B. S on February 12, 2022
I don't know if my constant writeups here is becoming a nuisance, however it may seem, I don't care because death didn't care when it took you away from all of us.
You meant so much than you can ever imagine and that's why I'll always be back to pour my heart especially now that I live each day finding it difficult to finally put to rest the feeling of you coming back in person or in my dreams.
Iku o nomo re!
Posted by Amona B. S on January 1, 2022
Oh! How I wish u are among the living at this moment of the new year.

How I wish you were at Yaba today to console your most loved and cherished relative.

It is a happy moment but without your attention and presence to usher in the new year.

God bless your soul brother mi. Amen
Posted by Amona B. S on December 26, 2021
I spent Xmas with mummy and like always, she cried and was so uncomfortable by the feelings your death has plunged her into since May 21st.

I had envisaged that I'll see the day you'll retire from the military,
I had envisaged that you'll spend many more years but all my expectations are indeed shattered.

One thing is clear, you are no more and no one can replace you in my heart because you were unique and special in every bit of your existence.

I'll be back again brother mi bcos right here is where I get to pour out my heart.

Sun re o Omo Olayinka!
Posted by Amona B. S on December 3, 2021
I used to find joy in wishing people a "happy new month" but since your demise, I have found out that the months aren't happier like it was because you aren't in the picture and that hurts.
I thank God that I knew and loved you but the emptiness your absence has caused makes me feel I shouldn't have because I still can't understand why death took you away when it knew how devastating your demise would be to the entire family.
I wish I can turn back the hands of time brother mi but what can I do than to gaze at your portrait and wonder how terrible I feel losing you to death.
Rest in peace brother mi, I promise to always be there for mummy in the capacity I can.
I miss you sir, I will always miss you till I finally go to the afterlife where I know I shall see you smiling and welcoming me with open hands. Say me well to Agboola, my father.
Odigba Eni rere!
Posted by Amona B. S on November 25, 2021
To know, understand and bear with the fact that I shall never see you again is a deep and unforgettable injury time can never heal.
How happy it would have been if you are still alive to hear your voice through your calls, read you messages through your text and also send you the new month messages I always looked forward to send to you.
I will be back brother mi, egbon re re bi ore. Mummy misses you like no other person can and it's not easy seeing her cry anytime she speaks of you.

Adieu my perfect General.
Posted by Amona B. S on November 17, 2021
How many times will I have to cry, see you in my dreams and deeply wish I could see you again as if my tomorrow depends on it?
What a life we live in where the most important things are often far beyond our reach.
Absolutely and truly, no one who has encountered you will say you weren't special.
You are special and a perfectionist in all that you did and I can only live my days trying to be better than you wished and tried to make me become.
The pics of you in my living room will never come down nor will ur name be forgotten brother mi.
I miss you alot and will never forget you.

I'll be back!
Posted by Amona B. S on October 14, 2021
I rеmember 25th of December 2018 when u invited me over to your house for a family getogether. I wondered in my heart what it was that I did to have earned such an invite from your referred kind, I also remember how u would smile and tease me by calling me 'Officer' throughout the day.
But now you’re not around and I’m just trying to find something else to fill the empty spaces you left behind. The same empty space that had taken over the hearts of all those whom u loved passionately
Nothing ever seems to work bcos I’ve been thinking alot about the few but deep words you told me, mostly on phone.
Even now that you're not around you’re in my head every day
But it’s fine I don’t mind, I promise I’ll be okay and help ur mother feel a little better in my own special way.
I, Isa, salisu, and all the men you have groomed and inspired owe you that promise knowing well that ur death denied you the one thing you loved most which was making your mother happy.
I'll never forget you brother me because I have always loved and respected you since I was a little boy.
I'll be back brother mi, I will never leave this place till forever claims my being.
Posted by Sade Kannike on September 23, 2021
My dearest bro, for some reason I resisted the urge to write on this page. Maybe because I hate its existence. But as four months have now passed, I can no longer deny that you left at the very prime of your life.

You died a day after my birthday. As we all congregated on zoom to celebrate my birthday as it had become our family custom since COVID, the worst news ever broke that you had died in a plane crash!! It was too surreal to take in. We prayed fervently that you were not on the flight, we declared prayerfully that God in his mercy had allowed you to miss the flight or that you had sought other means of transportation. But all our hopes were cruelly dashed when we were told that you were definitely on the plane. Your sister, Kito, hung on to a conspiracy theory that the crash did not happen as we saw no evidence of the plane. She said it was a coverup, some sort of secret military mission, and you would all return soon. Oooh, how I wished she was right!!! What an awful day it was to learn that a much-loved sibling had died in a fatal plane crash. I wish it ‘not’ on any family. The grief that we experienced was very deep and consuming. How could it be, we were expecting you to join us on zoom?  We were going to laugh and engage in our usual Olayinka banter - gist and tease each other. We would round up the zoom meetings with prayers. After my birthday yours would have been next. How can I ever happily celebrate my birthdays again?..... my birthdays now stands as a poignant reminder of your exit.

You were a very dear and loving brother, but I sorely regret that we did not spend as much time together as we should have. This was simply because the paths of life separated us. Five years age gap between us; we went to the same primary school - in the family only you and I attended Yewande Memorial. The strange thing is that I never really thought about that until you died. I now try so hard to remember days of going to school or returning home together probably me as your big sister holding your hand and guiding our route home. But this completely eludes my memory. What a treasure these memories would have been. Life is so strange at times.

Tj, I still, look at videos of you, this happens more often than I would like to admit. When I do tears still stream down my face.

Tj you were loved in life and death. Sleep on bro. You will forever and a day be remembered.
Posted by Amona B. S on September 9, 2021
I was with mummy yesterday and was happy to see her smile but surely, the signs of hidden sorrow were all over her face.
I'll keep on trying to always visit and be of help to her in every way I can because she misses your attention and care so much and I don't think the wound this has caused will ever heal except the impossible happens.
Brother mi, I don't think writing about you can ever stop for how do I forget you in a hurry or in a life time when all I did while growing up was loving and learning to be like you?
I am still wondering when I'll get to see you in my dreams again cos it's satisfying and almost real.
God bless your soul and all the people you left behind. Rest on brother mi.
I'll be back!
Posted by Amona B. S on August 27, 2021
How will I ever forget you brother mentor and champion.
Such a short but life long impression you have induced into my DNA.
I will never forget you and will try to live life more beautiful and honourable as you did.
It hurts and confuses everyone that you are no more, that someone so special and unforgettable is gone and never to be seen again but in heaven.

Sun re brother mi
Posted by Olakito Olatunde on August 22, 2021
Brother Tunji,

They say that time heals! I don’t think so.

Yesterday- made it 3 months you left suddenly; you took off on a flight and that flight became an eternal flight….

I am just here to say, I miss you, really miss you… little did I know you have a large portion of my heart until you left.
The ache and the pain of your demise lingers

Rest easy bro, rest well and rest in power!

From # 9 (to our #7)
Posted by Amona B. S on August 21, 2021
Today makes it exactly 3 months you left without a good bye to all of us especially your mum.
I am with her presently and it's hard trying to make her smile bcos the thoughts of you are all over her face.
We all love and cherish the times you spent on earth but take solace in the fact that you are indeed resting in heaven where no sorrow or hurt exist.
Keep on resting in peace and don't forget to say hi to 'my popman', your uncle.

Your loving cousin
Posted by Amona B. S on August 16, 2021
Brother mi
It was unbelievable seeing you in my dream. It felt so so real and I didn't believe it was a dream when I woke up.
Your looks and message were comforting however waking up was a step into the deeper part of my sorrow over your death.

Brother mi, mummy is finding it hard cope but it's never going to be the same without you bcos you meant more than you can ever think of to her.

All the soldiers and men you mentored are all demoralized, one even said he just understood what it means to suffer since you died.

You meant more than a million things to many and your death kept everyone absolutely confused.

I will live the rest of my life treasuring the little but life long moments I had with you because you were there for me and my family.

I won't leave this place permanently but will be back again bcos in here I get the chance to speak as I would have spoken if you were alive.

God bless your soul!
Posted by Ema Betty on August 13, 2021
Still unbelievable. Continue to rest,
When I learnt about the crash I didn't know you were on it too. Going through our last conversation, how you wanted me to send you some health products cos you said you need to stay fresh n young forever. We laughed about that. Oh dear you didn't deserve to die, ah this hurts, that's I'll never forget hurts even more cos you died on my birthday. I pray your family can bear this loss if I feel this way I wonder how they do. We miss you,
Posted by Olawanle Olayinka on July 31, 2021
Lukmon Mobolaji Olatunji Olayinka, my precious son of inestimable value,you left me without saying goodbye.
Whenever you are on any kind of journey, you'll always call before and after the trip but tell,who is going to tell me this now?
When you return or visit me, you'll hug me passionately ,the same passionate hug I'll get from you when you are leaving. Who will hug me the way you do now?

Death is unbearably painful, it has left my heart shattered.
Oh death, where is thy sting, oh grave, where is thy victory?

I miss you Olatunji, my hero, my star, my pride, the apple of my eyes, the joy of my life and my confidant.

My easy going,bridge builder and humble son.

Oko mi, omo ola, omo odiyan, omo ogunniwase....continue to sleep in the bossom of the Lord Jesus Christ. Until we meet to part no more.

Posted by Adegbola Ige on July 20, 2021
! Yéèpà! Erin wó! Àjànàkú sùn bíi òkè! Ẹni ire lọ!
Words fail me, still having difficulty with this we had plans to build a lifetime of friendship with our wives and kids… Wow can’t believe you left sooo soon. My brother, roommate( LASU), loyal and responsible friend. I promise to be there for your Mother, Toyin( Wife) and daughter…. suun re ore mi

-Adegbola Ige
Posted by Abisola Olayinka on July 3, 2021
Lighting a candle for you. Today, and always.
Posted by Olakito Olatunde on June 29, 2021
Hmmm- 40 days of not having you here!

I have learnt in these 40 days to be at peace, to love, to forgive and live my life here for my life there!

We miss miss miss you so so much
Posted by Amona B. S on June 29, 2021
Brother mi, many pleasant and unexpected events, as expected, have occurred since your demise. Not one of them is without a thought of you.
I will continue to remember you as long as I still have breathe.... I won't forget you easily and would immortalize your name in a special way in my household.
I wish I could report someone to you as I usually did just so I can get a wise counsel but now it's all in the wind brother mi.
Alaa nu Omo Olayinka sun re o.
Posted by Olatayo Bakare on June 29, 2021
It’s 40 days today Brother Tunji.
I’ve come back again to check, maybe they will say it’s not true and these past few days that have raced away were just a terrible nightmare.
It feels so weird seeing your name in a tribute…
I was afraid in the thick of Covid in 2020 but it was 21st of May 2021 that I should have feared the most.
We will never forget you.
We miss you.
Rest in peace.

Posted by Olakito Olatunde on June 21, 2021

How do I even start to put pen to paper? My mind is running riot with a barrage of unanswered questions. How can anyone understand that our story can not be contained in ordinary paper, or fully captured in mere words, because it is simply indescribable.

The Almighty God looked down on me from above and blessed my head with a crown - Olatunji. My husband, my lover, my ultimate best friend, my confidant, my gist partner, my everything embodied in an amazing individual. Your impeccable manners and love made Prince Charming a living reality for me. Your fearlessness left me in complete awe of you, and in every way, you were the man I dreamt of all my life. Every year spent with you was filled with unfathomable joy and love. To try to contain you in words is futile, you span the breath of human experience - full of laughter, joy, kindness and sometimes almost childlike in your ability to find something good in almost everyone and every situation. You possessed the gift to analyse a situation with incredible swiftness and accuracy, wearing your army toga with so much pride, your red cap you never took for granted. People keep trying to convince me that your journey/mission/assignment is done, but how can that be when I’m married to a fighter? A great man that will always be with me. I will continue to celebrate every accomplishment, minor or major, that always made you happy. I’m so elated that you knew God and always wanted to do good by HIM. My purpose partner with an excellent spirit that radiated in all you did. Thank you so very much Midor, for the goodness of your heart, thank you for loving me so selflessly, thank you for loving my Mom, my siblings, and the little ones, thank you for all the fond memories (I still have the butterflies in my tummy), thank you for an awesome relationship. The swiftness of your departure remains, not only shocking to me, but also very painful. However, I cannot fight God, HE owns your life and mine. In my eyes, death was no match for you, but who can say ‘no’ to the Almighty God? All we can and should do is to always bow to HIS Sovereignty. My love, I entrust you to God Who created you. May Christ who died for us, admit you into HIS garden of paradise, embrace you as one of HIS flocks, forgive all your sins and set you among HIS chosen. And may you see your Redeemer face to face and enjoy the vision of God, forever. To many, you are Brigadier General Olatunji Olayinka, but to me, you will always be my King, my heart, my soulmate. Forever in your corner my love.
Posted by Olakito Olatunde on June 21, 2021

We, fresh faced young officers from the NDA where our friendship started,
planned on traversing the ranks to Generalship.
We’d pound the streets of Surulere, which was home back then and would return home hungry and Mum would make diced plantain and eggs fried together.
I remember when your car was stolen from front of the house, and we went back upstairs to look for the car. That still gets me.
Reminiscing on our days, the laughs, the joys, the lows and the arguments, it all
just seems like yesterday, memories that will remain indelible through time. 
You remained besides me when my pop passed and sacrificed a lot more than was required of you.
Your friendship was always honest, straight arrowed and selfless.
We trodded many paths together and I always thought we’d be here
together till very late into our lives, forgetting nothing is assured.
Just on the cusps of the summit of your career, He called and you answered. 
Everything happens for a reason they say, even though we may ponder.
But we should never question God, as sometimes it’s not meant for us to understand.
I’ve come to terms that that message will not deliver,
I however take solace that sometime; I’d deliver the message myself.
So sleep on TJ, sleep tight, for now with you the sky is night.
Donec Iterum Conveniant, save a spot for me my brother.

Navy Commodore Oluwole Otitoloju Fadeyi
Posted by Olakito Olatunde on June 21, 2021


As I fondly call him, “Best Man” was a friend, buddy and brother. We reported to the Nigerian Defence Academy as members of 40th Regular Course on 10 September 1988 and have been in the Service as true friends for the last 32 years. We served puttee together and encouraged each other through the thick and thin of training in the Academy. Best Man knew everything about something and something about everything; a reference point for most of us. As an officer cadet, he was young in the Service but blessed with leadership wisdom. A soldier in every facet and an academician par excellence. Tunji’s prowess during the Camps INITIAL and FARUATA remains fresh in my memory. Indeed, Tunji wrote his name in brass right from the start by leaving no one in doubt of his competence. No wonder, he was a Battalion Senior Under Officer in the final year of our training. His drive for brilliance earned him the well-deserved selection to Sandhurst Academy in the United Kingdom to continue with his officer cadet training. 
Tunji, I recall our preparation for Pluming 101 and what followed during the break. No doubt, the stories remain in the minds of our peers, superiors and family members in Surulere, Lagos. Through our collective carriage, which was expected of gentlemen officer cadets, we raised the bar for those ready to sacrifice everything to join the military. I will not forget the usual foot powder gift from my dad, which we shared as brothers to prevent the common foot rot amongst cadets due to excessive wearing of boots. You always looked forward to it while resuming from our breaks. Despite the tough times together in training, the showering of prayers and advice by our mothers made our dreams come true. Clearly, our collective sacrifice, lessons and vision brought us closer than siblings. Tunji’s choice as my best man at my wedding was one of the ways to appreciate our friendship. His thoughts will forever remain fresh in my family‘s heart.
A sociable and professional gentleman officer, TJ’s dedication to Service, loyalty to friends and sacrifice to all was immeasurable. He proved this boundlessly to his superiors, peers and subordinates. Tunji left his mark everywhere he served and saw his time on earth as a call to service. His time in academia and contribution to learning will always be remembered. His sacrifice to put smiles on the faces of his course mates is also worthy of note. Tunji’s intervention through General Achibong to save the career of one of our own attests to his selflessness and love of others. I recollect my 2 day transit visit to the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College, while you served as Directing Staff; The time was short but the discussions and happy moments were just memorable. Wisdom and pleasure at same time as usual. The Chief Watch Dog, your tenure as Provost Marshal (Army) was short but the impact will last for long. The last time we saw was on Wednesday before your death, when we had brunch together and made some future plans. Unknowingly to us, your time was up.
I am convinced you served God, humanity and your country. You loved your family and you were inseparable from your darling wife. Your goodwill and name will always be with me. While we all mourn our loss, I smile in pain and pray you live in the bossom of the Lord. Surely, we will meet again in the house of God.
Posted by Olakito Olatunde on June 21, 2021

Our Brother, Olatunji - Our Perfect Number 7. The number 7 symbolises happiness, peace, and love which you embodied beautifully.
You bid no one a last farewell.

As we still struggle with the reality that you are no longer with us, here are a few words to say how much you mean to us.
You were more than a brother!
You were indeed a blessing in the Olayinka family.
Your 'one of a kind' personality exhibited the fruits of the Spirit:

- Love: You loved every one of us deeply and you loved us so indiscriminately, each of us felt your love personally and on an individual level.
- Joy: You were full of joy and a joy to be around. Never a dull moment with you around as you exuded joy consistently.
- Peace: Our peacemaker and Mr. Unifier. You were one closer than a brother.
- Patient: You were never in a hurry and gave each of us attention, you were a friend, a confidant, and a helper to each of us.
- Kindness: Always willing to lend a hand and always had a smile and a listening ear. Nothing was too small or too big for you to do for us.
- Goodness: You were good bro! Simply the best and we enjoyed listening to the “Olayinka gist and banter”.
- Faithfulness: You were faithful to your belief. Your siblings were the best siblings and you proudly identified with each one of us.
- Gentleness: Our gentle soldier; an officer extraordinaire - Olayinka's very own first officer and gentleman.
- Self-control: Ahh! you knew how to keep it all together and maintain your cool in every circumstance. 

Our brother in a million- TJ, your life was indeed a blessing.

You were full of humor and even when you were dubbed, “rude boy” you would indicate you were the “rudest”.

Loving memories are what we have left to treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Even though time stood still for us, we know you danced your way into paradise.
You left an indelible mark in all our hearts! Your legacy is for us all to continue to love each other.

Sleep tight, sweetest soul as you Reign In Power.

You will be loved and remembered forever by: Olawunmi, Babatunde, Olanrewaju, Olakulehin, Folasade, Oladunni, Olakito, Olatayo, Olakunle, and Abisola.
Posted by Bolarinwa Amona on June 21, 2021
Its definitely hard forgetting about someone whom you craved so much to be like in every way. At your commemoration service, listening to the numerous accounts of your enviable and truly unassuming character, I realized that I was far from being likened to you.
Brother mi, it is my promise that I shall; reach out to people in need of my help, be more concerned about showing love and care to my entire family, asking after friends and colleagues even as my schedule may proof such to be impossible, be firm and fair in all my dealings and most of all be just and generous with my smiles as you have been.
There can never be another Gen. OL Olayinka but there will always be many of those whom your care and person has inspired. May God Almighty bless your soul Brother mi.

I'll certainly be back!
Posted by Olakito Olatunde on June 13, 2021
Bro Tunji,

Happy 51st birthday today.

We decided to have a commemoration service today for you.
We celebrate you and we thank you for teaching us to love and live in peace with all men

If tears could bring you back, you’d have been back in a flash.
If screams could bring you back, we would have hired a million souls to scream day and night.

We really really love and miss you greatly and we we look forward to seeing you on resurrection morning.
Posted by v Oluwo on June 13, 2021
Thinking of TJ when we were boy soldiers at the Nigerian Military School in Zaria where he exhibited an easy-going personality and was a year my senior (NMS/81/579 Boy Olatunji Olayinka, Echo company), we were then members of the heartbreaker’s (school breakdance club) but I wouldn’t like to say much about it because it eventually got us into trouble. We travelled home together occasionally, and we then met again at Summer school a year later. At this time, even though we had a long way to go we always dreamt of eventually hanging our peeps (becoming officers). Tunji went on to realise that dream to become an officer and indeed a gentleman.
On passing out from NMS in 1987 I recall spending most of his Jackie (Money paid out by the army on passing out of NMS, circa 800 naira at the time) with him, enjoying freedom in Zaria. We travelled back to Lagos together and we then realised he had spent nearly all his money. What will I tell my mum he exclaimed, thankfully we found a way of managing that situation?
I recall us taking lesson classes together in preparation for JAMB at his home behind Latola films, Masha. I also spent some of my time visiting him then. We didn’t really plan on university then our main focus was NDA.
TJ eventually made it onto the Nigerian Defence Academy as a member of the 40th Regular Course and was deployed to Burma battalion. He played football and basketball from NMS all through to NDA. I’ll say no more about the breakdancing which eventually got us into trouble at NMS.

TJ was selected on merit from NDA to attend Royal Academy, Sandhurst in the United Kingdom. I had by this time settled to life in the UK, he linked up with me and we continued our Soiree at weekends in between the rigours of Sandhurst until he went back to Nigeria after his training.
TJ was commissioned as a military police officer, we subsequently lost touch. His name then came up in a conversation I had with another officer. I established contact with him again and we remained in touch till his death. On my trips to Nigeria, I always hooked up with my guy, he always made me comfortable and was an excellent host. When we went out in Abuja, he was a glue for salutations from different angles, admired by people, military personnel and civilians, male and female.
I once referred to him as my Oga (senior) at which time he said OGA or brother. Indeed, he had become a brother to me. When he visited the UK, we went round visiting his relations and he was indeed a unifying force in all domains. TJ loved his wife and had great plans for their future.
One thing you may or may not know is that TJ was a fan of the football club Chelsea to which I told him to find another one as the club had racism all over it but we joked about it. I promised to be on ground when he made General (one star) but life and events meant I waited for pictures. He shared pictures from different tours and courses he attended.

He told me once to live my life on my own terms and that we only lived once. TJ called me on Sunday (few days before his passing), before embarking on a mission to the northeast with the late COAS, I said you have become scarce ooh. He explained the demands of his office and that he left madam alone too for this mission, the conversation cut short because they were about boarding the plane. That was the last time we spoke.
I called several officers I knew in different arms of the Nigerian Military to establish if he indeed was on that flight (a fact that I knew myself). The reality of the accident was then communicated to me at which time I went quiet, my thoughts then went to his Mum, Wife, daughter and his family. To say I am pained by this loss is an understatement.

TJ excelled in all exams he sat and had a parka military record, a truly outstanding officer and a person. We had longed for him making 2 star this year in line with his appointment having risen through the ranks from 2nd Lieutenant to the envious rank of Brigadier-General in the Nigerian Army
but the cold hands of death denied us this privilege.

TJ bro, sun re. Egbon mi Sunre.
Posted by Amona B. S on June 12, 2021
Brother Tunji, tomorrow is suppose to be your birthday, the day I had gazed into 2 days before you died. I had started editing all your pics in my photo gallery so that I could make a wonderful video out of them. I thought I would be spending tomorrow like the years before but it's not and will never be the same again.
You aren't suppose to die now and not even in the next 40 years but God can never be questioned.
Now, I know without a doubt that the love I had for you was much, deserving and flawless as I should a brother and an inspiration to my being, however, missing you is indescribable and beyond worlds of words
I will never forget you and all you stand for because that's the only part of you death didn't take away from me.
Brother mi...... Sun re o!

Your loving cousin
Amona Segun
Posted by Oreka Osigbodi on June 9, 2021
What a perfect gentleman we will miss. May your soul Rest In Peace as your legacy lives with us continually. Adieu
Posted by Ajibola Bakare on June 8, 2021
"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: 

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them..."
Laurence Binyon

The great ones advised us that it's not how long we live, but how well we live...such the case with our dear departed brother, Brigadier General Olatunji Lukman Olayinka, in just slightly over half a century, he attained the very heights of his military career;
Nigerian Defence Academy
Military Academy, Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK
War College Nigeria
Provost Marshal Nigerian Army

Various military courses attended, all passed with flying colours.

Son, husband, father, brother, brother in law.
He was trained for war, but lived for peace, a consummate diplomat, always smiling, warm and friendly.
Shock doesn't adequately describe the emotions being felt right now...but as believers we must accept the Will of God Almighty...

We will miss him terribly.

At ease.

Rest in peace Gallant Officer.
Posted by HEYGATE PRESS on June 6, 2021
Brigadier General Olatunji Olayinka:
An Outstanding Officer & A Gentleman.

Our families can't yet fathom why it was Tunji - as he was so fondly called.

We are still enmeshed in a helpless state of self denial...
It was news we found hard to come to terms with several days after the black Friday.

Presently, it is still a mirage and the grief may take a while to wish away; we'll only struggle to smother it in our subconscious.

This event which happened at the summit of his impeccable career was sudden, painful & devastating to everyone connected to Tunji.

Tunji was an easygoing, diligent, humble and respectful gentleman.
He touched several lives & he always responded to phone calls whenever his assistance was needed.

It is God that can comfort: his mother (our sister & aunt), his wife, daughter, siblings, friends & numerous colleagues.

This was one death too many!

Adieu Tunji; A gentleman and an accomplished officer.

Amona & Adeyinka Families.
Posted by Olakito Olatunde on June 4, 2021
Tunji (Tj~locomotiv', Tj~loco & most definitely, Tj, are some of the other names, I have always called you), my brother and my friend.

Hmmm!!! Friday, the 21st of May, is still a rude shock and even days after, I still have my moments. I/we initially felt grief and sadness. For me, I personally felt you abruptly left us; and kept on asking, Why?However, I have/ we have resolved not to mourn but rather to ingrain you in our minds and in our thoughts. We'd rather we continue to be reminded of all the positiveness you stood for and the goodness you always exuded. We your comrades/ friends & coursemates have resolved to situate you in our hearts and be the best individuals that we can be, because that is what you would want.

Tj~loco, you continue to be my friend cum brother, Tj~Locomotiv' to Yewande; and Uncle Tunji to Jessica and Irene. We find succor and solace, knowing that you are resting with your Creator.

Toyin, Mommy, Tunji's siblings, coursemates, and the rest of us, we should not despair, Tunji is resting well in the bosom of the Lord. Tunji is in Heaven.

*Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.*

~*John 14:27 NKJV*

Tunji, bless you!

Posted by Sarah Badero on June 3, 2021
Tunji I can only ask this question 'isn't death a dreadful thing? But as George McDonald answered in his book, the answer depends on whether we regards it as fate or the will of God.

The obscurity is its dreadful, but as God is full of light, death death itself must be full of splendor, a splendor probably too knee for our own eyes to receive.

My darling Tunji continue to blossom in that light of God.

You were a friend that gave me entertainments without requiring any stipulation on my part. You were such a paradox in nature

We had it on, from Zaria to Kaduna to Apapa with the smiles and loud laughters. Love birds more like brother and sister the world could not fathom the relationship.

We parry and fend the approach of our relationship by complements, gossip, amusement, we covered up our thoughts from the world but God's will prevailed,

Sleep on my darling while I remember your everlasting laughter. God knows sweet Tunji.
Posted by Kamal Balogun on June 3, 2021
You were my best Freind growing up. Memories of growing up as kids in Nigeria over 40 years ago and what I can remember vividly is how close we were and the confidence you gave to go after my dreams. Recently we discussed doing some amazing things in Nigeria. Our plan was to start making a difference moving forward as we discussed months ago but God knows better. Am still in shock Tunji. But I know you are up there with our God pushing everybody down here to continue to be the best they can be. Gone way too soon brother. I know you haven’t left us alone because I know now you are one of Gods angels watching over us. I love you always and thank you for everything and I will continue the journey. God continue to bless your family and keep them safe. Thank you Tunji for every life you touched and affected.  Rest In Peace
Posted by Gbemmy Johnson on June 2, 2021
Losing people I know has to be one of my biggest struggle and I still find it hard to come to terms with your loss
Your humble personality and warm smile will forever be treasured.
Thank you Bro TJ for supporting my business. May God forgive your sins and continue to rest your soul in peace.
Posted by Olatayo Bakare on June 2, 2021
Brother Tunji,

If I write everyday, will you come back ?

Rest in peace. We miss you !
Posted by Adetoro Adebanjo on June 2, 2021
TJ, you were always a humble guy from the formative years back in YMS, James Robertson Rd, S/Lere; simple, unassuming and with that trademark signature smile which you maintained even as a brilliant soldier. You have run your own race, and I pray God will comfort your family (especially your wife) and friends well at this time in Jesus name.
Adieu bruv, one love.
Posted by Bode Ojuri on June 2, 2021
Up YMS..... Up SuruLere ... too soon but only God is knowledgeable in all things.. Brother your smile will linger on in our minds till we meet again. Bode Ojuri
Posted by Olatayo Bakare on June 1, 2021
Brother Tunji, I’m back again . I can’t really stay away .... it seems ...

I wanted to use this opportunity to thank you for the person that you were. Peaceful, loving, unifying, compassionate.

I thank you for the way that you honoured Mummy , in accordance to the word of God . You always said to me , let’s be here for Mummy for as long as she lives . But you’ve left and I’m now confused....

I pray that I/ we are all able to emulate the exemplary attributes that you demonstrated in the time that you were here with us physically .

I choose to trust God despite the circumstances that we find ourselves.

I love you my Apple brother.

Good night.

Posted by Gerald Ezeoke on June 1, 2021
Gone Too Soon
Words cannot describe the loss I feel saying farewell to you, but heaven chose to give you wings.
And now it’s time you flew,
I wish we spent more time together when we saw each other a month ago after 27 years at your place in Abuja.
I wish I had just one chance to see that tender smile,
To laugh with you again my dear friend just for a little while.
I can’t even say more because it’s too hard to believe you’ve gone my friend.
Gone too soon, but not forgotten,
God knows best.
Sleep well in peace ore mi.
Posted by Olatayo Bakare on June 1, 2021
My brother Tunji, Mummy’s Apple, our Apple this is so heavy. I cannot find words to express all the phases we are collectively going through, that we have been going through since the 21st of May 2021 . It still feels so,so surreal .

43 years of knowing you and then you are no more. I keep seeing this vision of all of us at a gathering, deep in discussions and of you being suddenly snatched from our midst without any prior warning. Mummy misses you exceedingly . I miss you too . Everyone misses you .

I can’t believe I am writing this at this time but may you rest in absolute peace. Amen .
Posted by Quincy N on June 1, 2021
I woke up to receive the news, for a min I couldn’t believe it. I was looking forward to seeing you this year. I am here to appreciate all the wonderful times shared, the laughter, you were always willing to listen. As you triumph with your military career so did your friends because we were always happy for you and wish you nothing but the best. You were a great man, always humble. I can go on and on but I pray that the good LORD grant your soul peace. Rest T.J ..You will always be remembered. My Brigadier General friend. Say his name- Brigadier General Olayinka.
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Posted by Olakito Olatunde on June 14, 2022
Happy birthday bro!

Still can not understand you’ve left us.
Not a chance to say goodbye…..

Posted by Sade Kannike on June 13, 2022
Hey bro’; are you boogieing up there? We celebrate your memory today, which would have been your 52nd birthday.

Your memory will live on with us forever ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Idris Olayinka on May 23, 2022
TJ, even after an entire year your loss hurts more than ever. Exactly one year to this day heaven gained a new angel and we lost a husband, a father, a son, an uncle, a course mate, a friend and a buddy.

Sometimes I just look up, smile, and say
TJ, I know that was you.

Rest on my dear brother and besto.
his Life


Omo onikoro mebimare , ikoro mebimare tin’ n wun omo elomi jee.... omo asheun mapekun, omo apekan Mafun obinrin je , omo iku meta ni’ salu , Agemo iku , Iyemoje iku, iketa o se daruko lowo obirin, omo ponle ejiran, omo Aromire  to nf’ogun sho gbagede, omo oro nje , omo oro nso , omo Aja nla to nse’nu gbogan gbogan, omo akenigbo Keru ba ara ona, omo ake lona keru ba ara Igbo, omo af’are fura omo afura faare, omo olowen Ajaiye , omo aba’jaiye ponsa logbogba, omo onile ate jeje , ajoji ate girigiri, omo ita terikodo, m’ase pa’gi loko, omo fa’aa gbohun Olorun , omo ojom’aworo, omo ojomul’ashe, omo aji’bolorun soro, Omo Abere meta ni’salu ikan se, ikan tee , ikan toku ni won fin se omo’raye lore, omo osho ologun abule sari , omo ede lokun, eja lokun gbogbo eee.........Lokun Lokun. Omo akesan ileri omo aketa kin se eru eni, omo papa kuku amu tan ona ijebe, omo kafi opa wa , kafi aje wa , kafi ogede gede owo wa oko dele Isheri mole , omo erin wopa egberun aje, omo babe re mu agbo Dudu won inu oko to di funfun nene, omo oniyan koko ti’megbe ju ako isu lo, omo epo wewewe lojude akesan ko se fi oko ro, ko se fi ada ro , ko se fi airo tibe kuro, omo o se owo opo ba ori owon pade eni aje nwa kiri.
Kabiyesi ooooooooooo omo Onikoro.
Suu re oooooo


Brigadier General Olatunji L. Olayinka was born on Saturday,13th of June 1970 to the family of Late High Chief Lateef Mobolaji Olayinka and Kikelomo Olawanle Olayinka. He was the seventh (7th) child of the Lateef Olayinka family.

TJ, as he was fondly called, had his nursery and primary school education at Yewande Memorial Nursery and Primary School before proceeding to the Nigeria Military School (NMS), Zaria for his secondary education. While in NMS, he was in Echo Company where he rose to become a Boy Sergeant of the School. While awaiting his WAEC results, young Private Olayinka was posted to Jos, Plateau State where he performed several military duties, including being a night guard in the home of some senior officers.

As expected, TJ passed his WAEC in flying colours and prepared to proceed to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna after being successful at the Armed Forces Selection Board. However, his Dad vehemently refused, stating that none of his children would join the Nigerian Army. Against this backdrop, TJ reluctantly sat for the JAMB examination and was admitted to the Lagos State University, Ojo. With the desire to join the military still strong, TJ “intentionally” flunked his first-year exams in LASU and was “advised to withdraw” from the Institution. He subsequently took the NDA Entrance Examination “again” and passed. Having been asked to withdraw from LASU, Dad had no choice but to grant his wish and bless his decision and choice to join the military.

TJ joined the Nigerian Defence Academy as a member of the 40th Regular Course to study Economics and was in Burma Battalion. In his final year, he was selected alongside one of his course mates to complete his training at the Prestigious Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, England. However, because of the June 12 saga and the tensions between the United Kingdom and Nigeria, they were withdrawn mid-course and had to return to the NDA to complete their course before being granted a Presidential Commission in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant on 17 September 1994. He was thereafter posted to the Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police (NACMP).

As a fresh Second Lieutenant from the Academy, TJ was posted to the HQ NACMP Apapa and appointed Platoon Commander. He was later drafted to HQ 7 Brigade ECOMOG Liberia as a Platoon Commander. Upon his return, he was appointed Company Second in Command at the HQ NACMP Administrative Company in Arakan Barracks Apapa. As a Captain due to his hard work and diligent nature to duty, he was appointed Aide-De-Camp to the General Officers Commanding 3 Division and 2 Division of the Nigerian Army at different times. Still as a Captain, he was posted to HQ Special Investigations’ Bureau as the Administrative Officer. He equally served as the Officer Commanding Ministry of Defence Provost Group before being appointed General Staff Officer Grade 2 at his Corps HQ. At different times at his HQ, he also held the appointments of Staff Officer 1 Grade 4, Deputy Chief of Staff Grade 3 and Chief of Staff. Once again, he was called to serve on the international scene as a Military Observer to the United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire. Upon his return, his instructional ability was required when he was posted to the Nigerian Army School of Military Police (NASMP) Basawa, Zaria as Senior Instructor. He had a spell as the Acting Commander HQ 1 Division Provost Group Kaduna before he continued his instructional tour of duty as a Directing Staff at the prestigious Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji. Again, his service was requested on the international scene this time on instructional appointment as a Directing Staff at the well-known Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College. After a notable career as an astute Instructor, he was appointed Commander Special Investigations’ Bureau and later Commandant of the NASMP before being posted to the National Defence College as a Directing Staff. Indeed, his instructional capacity was unique having bagged a triple dagger. The term dagger symbolises an embodiment of knowledge and the ability to tutor, mentor and impart knowledge at specific operational level and strategic level military institutions. Before his untimely demise, he attained the peak of his military police career when appointed Acting Provost Marshal (A).

During his meritorious career he earned the following honours and medals:

Distinguished Service Star

Meritorious Service Star

Forces Service Star

Golden Jubilee Medal

Silver Jubilee Medal

River Benue Star

Fellow Defence College (Dagger)

Pass Staff Course (Dagger Dagger)

United Nations Operations Medal

Command Medal

Training Support Medal

General Operations Medal

Corps Medal of Honour

TJ was a very brilliant, highly cerebral Gentleman Officer as evidenced by the 3 Master’s Degrees he obtained from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and the University of Ibadan. He was an officer with a great sense of purpose. He exhibited the traits of a professional soldier. Until his demise in the ill-fated plane crash, TJ was pursuing his MPhil/PhD in the Department of Peace, Security and Humanitarian Studies at the University of Ibadan.

The late Brigadier General Olatunji L. Olayinka left behind to mourn him: his wife,daughter, mother, siblings, cousins, course mates, colleagues, friends, and fellow soldiers.

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Shared by Olakito Olatunde on June 21, 2021

Can this really be true, that I am writing a eulogy for Tunji ‘TJ’ Olayinka – A Brigadier General in the Nigerian Army, a fellow Lagosian, a true friend and brother, a detribalised Nigerian and one of the most respected gentlemen officers of the 40th Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy.

I met Tunji in 1982 as Boy Soldiers at the Nigerian Military School, Zaria. At that time, he was a year ahead of my set and we didn’t really interact much because we were not in the same Company (House).

Our paths crossed again in 1987 when we met at the Lagos State University after leaving Secondary School and that was when our friendship started until 21 May 2021 when the unthinkable happened.

Our days together in LASU marked the period when as young school leavers, we began to explore life. Tunji and I practiced lyrics on how to toast babes, shared sticks of Rothmans until we reached “claro”, Tunji and I attended most of the raves and parties together in the University, waking up with hangovers and dashing to lectures the following morning. I met my very first girlfriend through Tunji’s girlfriend. The only time Tunji and I were not together was when we were in our separate lecture rooms. Alhaji Masha Street was a second home for me, and I knew everyone in the immediate Olayinka family. I was welcome into the home at any time.

Our lives continued until we both sat for the entrance examination into NDA, attended the interview together and threw one of the wildest parties on campus to celebrate our admission into NDA. We, along with others, trudged on with the grinding and rigorous military training and never missed an opportunity to enjoy ourselves to the fullest when on break. Back in the day, it was either one party or rave and of course Fela’sShrine at Ikeja. At some point in NDA, Tunji had to leave for the UK to continue his military cadet training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. When he came back, we continued from where we stopped. I recall he came back with so many CDs of hot jams at that time. There was never a dull moment around Tunji.

Our separate military careers naturally kept us away as expected. But that didn’t affect the friendship we shared even though we didn’t meet as frequently owing to exigencies of military service.

At about 1042 am on 21 May 2021, my phone rang, and it was Tunji who called me. We spoke for exactly six minutes, exchanged banters, as we always did, and planned to play golf together the following Saturday. Little did I know that I would be speaking to Tunji for the very last time on that day.

Tunji, you left this mortal world without giving me a hint......

Tunji, you never indicated that I would be speaking to you for the very last time on that morning of 21 May 2021. This wasn’t how we used to do it back in 1987....,

Tunji, you gave your life in service to our nation...,

Tunji, you sure made an impact in so many lives as your footprints would remain indelible forever.......

Tunji, you will forever remain a brother and a true friend........till we meet, again.

Rest on brother and may God bless your soul.

Adieu, Olatunji Lookman Olayinka!

Exemplo Ducemus!!!

- Olusegun Ferreira

Commemoration service 13 June 2021

Shared by Olakito Olatunde on June 21, 2021
Shared by Amona B. S on June 19, 2021
Brother mi, I know the Bible says we shouldn't communicate with the dead but inside of me says you live somewhere in my heart and my subconciousness.
If I knew you'll be leaving this soon, maybe I could have done something to make me see you smile at me for one last time. 
I have cried and cried and don't really know when this would stop. Sometimes I cry as if I had the power to bring u back or at least stopped you from boarding that plane.
Mummy is, with each day, finding it hard to reckon with the fact that she won't see you again. What saddens me the most is that I didn't get to see your remains nor pay my last respect as should before you were buried. Brother mi, it's hard and impossible to find someone of your repute and candor however I believe that I shall see you again in paradise.
I will certainly be back bcos here is where I can be myself and pour out my heart as it concerns your demise.
God bless your soul brother mi... Amen