His Life

"The Amazing *Tupac Shakur*"

Tupac Shakur is a World Wide Legend, He is loved all across the Globe (World) 
Tupac "What can I say? Tupac is so wonderful and special, I look forward to heaven so I can chill in Thugz Mansion with him.  I suggest if you are not familiar with this Awesome Legend that you watch "Thug Angel", Ressurrection" B4 I wake" Tupac Vs" there is so many bio.'s about this amazing young Angel, Tupac was a poet, lyricist, singer, rapper, actor, great humanitarian, Simply to say he was sent here by God to help many many many people thru his messages, and his beautiful spirit and giving and loving heart, Brilliance, and intriguiging to Many Millions, Tupac is alive in all of us who keep him alive in our hearts, he is the only artist who ever captured my heart and mind.  "2pac I love and miss you always c ya in heaven one day"  Tupac Amaru Shakur, Always The Best**xoxoxoxo