Tushar – Literally means fine, pure drops of water. A man of genuine smile and zest for life!

Much revered by all his colleagues, customers, and friends alike as positive personality.
A coach, mentor, guide, and a leader par excellence – Tushar personified the human touch in every interaction and was more than anything a great human being.

A father of 2 daughters, a caring husband and son, Tushar you have left a mark on everyone with your empathetic nature! You will be remembered forever

Posted by Ashwni Kumar on October 1, 2022
He was just not a mentor to me but was a father figure as well who helped me, supported me as well as showed me the correct path and tought me so many things which i will never be able to thankful enough. You will always be missed at each and every step of my life.
Keep giving me your blessings. 
Posted by Maneesh Kumar on July 17, 2022
I am missing a friend in whom i always felt free to load on with whatever i thought intricate. Tushar, you also must be be missing a lot of earthly matters. Be happy wherever you are.
Posted by mini menon on July 17, 2022
Happy Birthday Toshu..fondly remembered by all of us whom you left behind
Posted by Deepak Rana on June 21, 2022
Dear Tushar Sir,
It has been a year since you left us. I remember everything from my day one interaction with you in Boston till your last what's app message from hospital. When I got promoted this year, all your encouraging words came afresh in my mind. Miss you a lot.
Posted by Supreet malhotra on June 13, 2022
Tushar, you were one of the finest leaders I ever worked with. Your calm and composed nature and the desire to help and be there for people was phenomenal. You made us feel important and valued our suggestions. There is so much i learned from you. Will always cherish our association.
Posted by Deepa Nair on June 12, 2022
It been a year. It still doesn't sink in most times. I see glimpse of you in Mitthu and Bulbul, more now, when I talk to them. They too are turning into 'the wise owl'.
The memories that keep coming over and over whenever I think of you are when you were watching the sleepy baby Arjun in your arms, when you came over to meet me after the operation. There's something about that smile that still rings like 'main hoon na' (all is good). I will always always miss that comforting smile and hug.

Posted by Preeti Sharma on June 12, 2022
Missing you Tushar Sir...
Koi hai hi nahin aapke jaisa...
You were unique, special, simple, kind hearted and always ready to help others.
Sir, wapis aa jao na...
Posted by Sandeep Sharma on June 11, 2022
It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. I miss your presence Tushar, but you are always in our thoughts and prayers...
Posted by arundhati kale on June 10, 2022
In the madhouse that was our house, he was my quiet and calm; wise cracks, a smile and his flute to keep us company! Very few people make you feel like your opinion is worth something and I was lucky that he always saw our opinions as something which was constructive and not just a child's musings. He made sure to treat us like adults (when not a lot many adults do that) and for that I'm forever thankful.
Posted by Bharti Malhotra on June 10, 2022
Tushar,one of the most sorted ,
unassuming, n simple man l have ever met in my life.We were blessed n lucky to get connected to him through Minu and in this long association we never realised that he had become a part of our extended family.In this last one year,not a single day has passed without us remembering Tushar in one way or another...sometimes fondly missing him on happy occasions n sometimes angrily saying why he left t world so early.l always saw him as t most loving husband to Minu n t coolest dad to t girls.Maybe it's his love and unconditional support to his family, that has made them strong and independent and has also given them the strength to bear this loss with a smile on their faces.I have often heard people saying that God also needs good people around him and HE calls them back early.After your going I am convinced that this is absolutely true.Yes Tushar,you will be forever missed but we believe that you have gone to some other world to spread your positivity and warmth...Stay blessed wherever you are...
Posted by Raghuram Jembu on June 10, 2022
A great leader, very down to earth and humble. He has always been there for the team and be supportive of the team during difficult periods.

Missing you....
Posted by Shikha Sehgal on June 10, 2022
We always admired Tushar for his loving heart and his pure soul . A superbly wise, humble and down to earth person.
After looking at his attitude towards life I always used to realise how life is not to be taken so seriously, it’s just a play.
It had always been so comfortable to be around him. His very presence was like that.
Mini, I always used to admire you for your loving heart, full of gratitude towards life. But after Tushar, I am loving you more and more for showing us the courage in dealing with the loss . I have often seen tears behind your eyes but never your face without a smile . Same gratitude towards life. Tushar is very much here with you and all of us as he conveyed through me in my dream.
Mini and Tushar can never be apart!
And girls have been showing the same courage.
Hardly seen a family as perfect as your's.
Probably that was the reason for Tushar’s constant smile. His smile, his calmness, his warmth and stability are lessons that he has left for us and we shall honour him by keeping them alive within us always.
Posted by Bhaskar Babu on June 10, 2022
Tushar....I miss you dearly, my friend. Cannot believe it is a year now. Puneet and I were just chatting about you a few days back remembering you and the trip we did to Karaikudi in Feb last year. Your penchant for life, friendship and genuine love for others is something we all celebrate and miss....
Posted by Sanjay Karambelkar on June 10, 2022
Fond rememberance. A simple, kind hearted and always helping personality. miss you Tushar.
Posted by Bhavuk Singhal on June 10, 2022
Tushar.. you will always have a very special place in my heart! You were a great mentor, advisor & a great friend. I find myself alone now as you were the one with whom I could share my sadness, failures, disappointments, success & joys!

You will be missed forever. May God bless your soul!
Posted by Vipul Sharma on June 10, 2022
Tushar, as cool as his name, a gentle and straightforward personality.  Think of him and you will get to know the true meaning of simple, solemn, positive, compassionate, guiding, philosophical, egoless and most important 'the original'. There was no artificiality in him, nor could he pretend. A delightful charming person, who was ready to spend quality time with everyone at every sphere of life. His royal behaviour was so simple that all become his admirer. Such a person 'Tushar' was.

Being with Tushar was a blessing for me, in fact for all of us.  I learnt how to be calm in difficult times...and that we should not waste our limited energy on negative things…rather, to use that energy on our own personal development. He listened to things seriously, assessed them and gave the right opinion to all. To some extent he was reserve kind of person also. He was creative by nature, a true music listener especially he loved Opera. His seriousness towards his work was clearly visible. His support and companionship towards his family and friends was exemplary.

Though, he was much above in his life, he showed by his behaviour to not to take advantage of your power or position… he was never hard upon other people... he cannot be in any term. He was humble and never demeaned others…

He was such a person who was holding ample divine power inside him. By virtue he was a divine soul who came in this worldly planet to pay for his certain live to the fullest with his relatives, friends, colleagues and others knowingly or unknowingly came to his contact... despite the fact that the time was very little he was with us..he had much more to share, to give.. it is the irony of life that he left all of us too early. Wherever he is…he will be like he was. We miss you Toshu... If you didn't meet Tushar, you missed out on a lot. May we all get the kind of vitality like Tushar..

With love, reverence, and respect
Posted by Rajiv Khanna on June 10, 2022
Keep smiling Tushar, wherever you are!
Posted by Manish Taneja on June 10, 2022
Tushar, we miss you. God bless your soul. You were an amazing person who cared about others and went out of his way to help. 

Posted by Neelam Kapur on June 10, 2022
Tushar, man with a golden heart and very soft spoken. Reflection of his positive aura made everyone around him feel very special. Will always be missed !
Posted by Suresh Adiga on June 10, 2022

You will be remembered forever... Never forget the kindness & humanity you have shown during our short interactions...

With Love.
Posted by Mukta Mittal on June 10, 2022
It is one year since Almighty decided to take you to His Heavenly Abode. Continue to miss you my friend - as you were always there to listen without judging and a sounding board with whom to try out my ideas.

I am sure Heaven must be much better place with you there Tushar.

Rest in peace.
Posted by Maneesh Kumar on June 10, 2022
Tushar, it is one year we have met. Missed you on all important occassions in the family, in situations requiring consultation and advice, in casual personal meetings without any schedule and agenda and more than everything else a feeling of an unfailing Tushar, who is always around.
Posted by mini menon on June 10, 2022
It’s been one year today..and we 3 have managed to sail through…taking baba along. This one year and a month before that was painful..emotions erupted ‘just like that’… eyes filled up upon hearing the name ‘Tushar’..but also there were many many moments of silly giggles between ‘us girls’ including Sangita, Tushar’s sister. Reminiscing his innocence and infectious smiles and beautiful memories we have made together amidst ups and downs, remains our favourite bonding moments. His nieces and nephew still talks about how they miss his wise-advices and unconditional support to issues close to their heart. His easy pleasant smiling ways of hand-holding, making people comfortable around him is forever missed. And his love for western classicals was something we all use to be was like beethovan or Mozart trapped in Indian body
On this day I and my daughters thank our family and friends for the unconditional support during our journey to come in terms with the irreparable loss and giving us motivation to move forward with positivity. Though the life would never be same without him but his spirit, his soul, his amazing ability to give is still with us, like a true Guardian Angel. He gave us the experience of being deeply understood, truly supported and completely and utterly loved – and We will carry that with us… always…
Posted by Lavanya Bomboji on July 26, 2021
Dear Tushar,

You were a great mentor who was always reachable. I feel blessed to have worked under you.
I can only relate you to this great quote -- "Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." --by EmmaDoan

You will be missed. Rest in peace Sir!!!
Posted by Preeti Saxena on July 13, 2021
I wish, I could have looked up for him earlier. I cannot believe this. Today, while working on some documentation, I went to outlook to find him, when I could not find him there, I searched online to check his linkedin page and.. I do not have any words to express how sad I am to find this page. I worked with him in 2 assignments and have very fond memories, his easy pleasant smiling ways of leading, teaching/coaching, making people comfortable around him.
I will always remember you!! "Rest In Peace" Tushar.
Posted by Aaron Vakneen on June 23, 2021
Tushar - we will miss you greatly our friend. You have been a stellar leader to our people in Accenture India, a positive and calm force of nature. Thank you sir - i appreciate knowing you and rest in peace my friend! -aaron
Posted by Amithab Patnam on June 22, 2021
Tushar- Though I worked very short time with you, your gentleness and kindness and trying to support colleagues will be remembered forever
Its great working with you, rest in peace and we will miss you Tushar!!
Posted by Yathindhar Giridharan on June 18, 2021
Tushar Baba has been with us before I was even born. He has seen me in every step and every accomplishment I have achieved in life so far. Though my grief for him will never last, I will always remember him as a dude who was wise with age and young at heart. We shared many similarities, maybe that's why he was loved by everyone.  I will always fulfil his vision he had for me and cherish the memories we shared for the rest of my life.

Travel safe Baba.
Posted by Jairam Kulkarni on June 16, 2021
First thing you noticed about Tushar are his boyish looks and lazy elegance. His affable and approachable approach made him a popular colleague across a wide spectrum of colleagues/ co-workers at work. He had a calming influence on people. My first interaction with Tushar was at a Tech Summit conference in Seattle. I was a new joiner to the organization. I still vividly remember his discussions during the conference break outs sessions.

It will be difficult for everyone to come to grips with what has happened. Sometimes it is difficult to process our thoughts on why such a thing should happen to a person, that too someone as loved, respected, young as Tushar. 

It's an irreparable loss. I wish and pray that Tushar's family gets enough strength and courage to tide over the situation.

Best wishes to the family.

The work fraternity will miss you, Tushar

Jairam Kulkarni
Posted by Raj Koni on June 16, 2021
Dear Tushar,
You left us too soon, a loss that will remain vacant for ever. I feel blessed to come across you in my life, you will remain alive for ever. Every interaction with you was a learning, made difference in my work and life.
We may not see you physically, but your smile is still very fresh, and it keeps coming.
OM Shanti.
Posted by Yogesh Palavalli on June 16, 2021
Dear Tushar,

I have learnt how to be competitive and be nice at the same time from you. you were simple and humble at the same time firm and objective, these qualities in you inspired me. You were real example of truly human person i have come across. I will miss our 1-on-1 discussions on delivery and innovation topics.

We are unable to accept that you are not with us, we talk about you in every call and we miss your presence and smile in those calls.

I pray to god to give your family the strength to face the future. Rest in Peace Dear Tushar :(
Posted by Omesh Lalla on June 16, 2021
Tushar will miss your smile, your calming your presence
Posted by Vinayak Kale on June 16, 2021
Deal Tushar, I am still finding it difficult to believe that your are not amongst us. You have been a guiding light for me in Accenture. Many of our calls used to happen late in the night. We used to joke also around those timings. Will miss the gentle manner in which you used to question us and provide us the guidance. This is a personal loss for me. Will miss you, Tushar. May god give your soul 'Sadgati'.  I pray that your family finds the strength and courage through this very difficult time.
Posted by Ronak Sanghavi on June 16, 2021

My interaction with you started when you were visiting Houston and from that one visit you always remembered my family and me. Every time we spoke after that you would always ask about them and I have always been impressed how you took the effort to remember the small things and keep communications at a very personal level.

You have always been a great mentor and role model for me.

I pray that your family finds the strength and courage through this very difficult time.
Posted by Leena Rane on June 15, 2021
Dear Tushar,

It is still hard to believe that you are not between us. You guided us in right direction and shared smiles during team interactions. Your calm and cool nature was always an inspiration and I wished to connect with you often. Will miss you !
Posted by Abhishek Gupta on June 15, 2021
Tushar - you will be missed! I cannot fathom that we have lost such a dear friend and mentor so soon. You were always very calm and composed and solved difficult situations with good intent and positivity. Learnt a lot from you. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Maneesh Kumar on June 15, 2021
Dear Tushar,

You came in my life about thirty years ago as Dimple(Bharti) my wife’s closest friend Meenu(Nirmala)’s husband. I don’t know how this initial contact transformed into a close friend, much more than a relation. You were an unfailing help and support in every moment of joy and grief. I have yet to meet any one, who is more noble, soft spoken, considerate, unassuming, balanced, encouraging, pleasant, joyful with adorable life skills. Every moment spent with you, a man who did not have any knots and who always radiated positivity, will haunt my memory. Your long discussions, with patience, with growing children to appropriately guide and help them take decisions will be ever missed. You were a great capacity builder of children. Consultations and confiding with you on ticklish matters always helped me finding solution. Many people are capable of sorting problems but you were capable of solving problems.

I have countless memories of long hours of discussions with you on a wide range of matters of interests. Family trips together with you are unforgettable. Together we have enjoyed jumping into sulphur water ponds at high hills. Tracking with you, with no life support around, has been so full of fun and joy. Wherever you went, you preferred local cuisine rather than what we normally look for. I have fond memories of family gatherings with you where favourite numbers used to be played, food and drinks enjoyed. You always surprised taking out exotic ones from your jute bag.  Baba (Tushar’s father) presiding over and participating in all such gatherings was great feeling but now we all will miss you. At my home, I will miss the opening of main door, upon ringing of door bell, and unexpectedly finding you at the gate wearing pleasant and infectious smile.

An avid water lover as you were, joined holy Ganges, not to come back again as Tushar, as we know you. Although I have one obvious complaint to God, but I profusely thank HIM that you came in my life.

Posted by E McGuigan on June 15, 2021
You touched so many lives during your time from family, friends and colleagues - what an incredible impression to leave on this world. You will be very sorely missed - your humility, your leadership - we are all lucky to have had a chance to know you. 
Our thoughts are with your family, your friends and for each other as we navigate this difficult time. Rest peacefully knowing your footsteps will endure.
Posted by Deepak Rana on June 15, 2021
Dear Tushar,
It has been a wonderful experience interacting with you. You are such a gem of person, jovial as always and caring too. This is still unbelievable to me that you left the world so soon.
Your personal call to me when I got Covid stuck, ur text when I was in ICU and ur call when I got discharged from hospital kept me motivated.
You fought a long battle in the hospital. I pray, God will provide all the strength to your family to bear this untimely and loss.
Rest in Peace Tushar!
Posted by Deepak Rana on June 15, 2021
Dear Tushar,
It has been a wonderful experience interacting with you. You are such a gem of person, jovial as always and caring too.
Your personal call to me when I got Covid stuck, ur text when I was in ICU and ur call when I got discharged from hospital kept me motivated.
You fought a long battle in the hospital. I pray, God will provide all the strength to your family to bear this untimely loss.
Rest in Peace Tushar!
Posted by Bhushan Vashistha on June 15, 2021
Tushar was a great person, friend and leader.
Very disheartening!
May God bless the soul with place in His abode!
Deep condolences and God please give strength to Meenu, family and friends!
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Posted by Uma srinivas on June 15, 2021
" Fill not your hearts with pain and sorrow
  But remember me in every tomorrow,
  Remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles,
  I've only gone to rest a little while"

The tragedy of sudden death of a friend is often paralyzing. Tushar was a friend who had a great attitude towards everything. He was cool as cucumber and lived life one day at a time. I was still to spend more time with him and Nirmala, his better half.  Shall miss this guy. Shall always cherish his memories. Love you Tushar and stay fit in Heaven. May you find blessings in your next life.
Posted by Neeraj K. Goel on June 14, 2021
I am shocked to hear that Tushar is no more with us. It’s a very sad news. He was a pure soul. I am very sorry to hear about the loss. My sincere condolences! Rest in peace.
Posted by Bhavnesh Kakkar on June 14, 2021
Its hard to believe that Tushar left all of us. Tushar was a great mentor, leader and will always be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with family and friends.
Posted by Anupam Srivastava on June 14, 2021
One of the humble lead & a Great human being. Still not able to belive that he is not there with us, just few months back We were having discussion that once office will resume, We will have his style of get together.
Tushar Sir, you will be missed always, We will try to be like you & will try to continue your legacy on "Respect for Individual".
RIP Tushar Sir!
Posted by Mamatha Shetty on June 14, 2021
“The whole office is thinking of you, we are so saddened for our loss. You are in our thoughts Tushar!
You are gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.
Our deepest prayers and condolences to family!”

“We are deeply saddened by the news of Tushar’s passing. We pray for peace and comfort for you and your loved ones at this difficult time and offer our condolences to you all. His gentle soul will always be in our hearts.”

We will miss you and your guidance in every stage.

- By Team Eversource, Mumbai
Posted by Dinesh Kumar Gupta on June 14, 2021
Dear Tushar,

Still unbelievable that you've left us...

You've been a great inspiration, mentor, a true leader, who always behind people to support and help.. very caring nature and always approachable just like a friend. Your presence will be missed. You will always remain in our thoughts and memories.

I deeply pray that your soul rests in peace. Almighty, please give your family members lots of courage to pass this hard time.

Posted by Soniya Mistry on June 14, 2021
Dear Tushar,

You departed soon!

Your simplicity, straight opinions and guidance will always be missed. No NCR meetings will ever be same without your voice in it.

Rest in peace Sir!
Posted by Gishamma Xavier on June 14, 2021
Dear Tushar,

You will be missed.. True leader, gem of a person... You have treated everyone with same care and genuineness irrespective of level... Prayers.. Rest in peace.. 
Posted by Preeti Sharma on June 14, 2021
Tushar Sir,

Shocked to here, you left us.
We will miss you. We can't even imagine DDC office without you. We will miss your guidance, support and motivation. You are one of the best leader I have ever worked. Loosing you is like losing a family member.

Rest In Peace Tushar
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Posted by Ashwni Kumar on October 1, 2022
He was just not a mentor to me but was a father figure as well who helped me, supported me as well as showed me the correct path and tought me so many things which i will never be able to thankful enough. You will always be missed at each and every step of my life.
Keep giving me your blessings. 
Posted by Maneesh Kumar on July 17, 2022
I am missing a friend in whom i always felt free to load on with whatever i thought intricate. Tushar, you also must be be missing a lot of earthly matters. Be happy wherever you are.
Posted by mini menon on July 17, 2022
Happy Birthday Toshu..fondly remembered by all of us whom you left behind
Recent stories

My Classmate - Tushar

Shared by Mohan KV on June 16, 2021
Tushar and I were classmates from Grade 5 to Grade 10 in DTEA School Janakpuri. Tushar played good cricket and was the opening batsman of our school team. He was cool, soft spoken and had charming looks. We had spent good time playing cricket after school hours occasionally. He introduced me to Delhi Public Library van which came every Friday near his home. I still remember reaching his home by 5pm on Fridays and waiting for the library van. We lost touch for many years post 10th grade but reconnected in 2015. I met him in 2017 twice but couldn't meet after that. However, we spoke over phone many times. Still unable to believe he's no more. I pray to God to give strength to his family to bear this loss. May his soul rest in peace. I have posted a group photo of 10th grade. Tushar can be seen standing in 1st row boys (3rd from left).
Shared by Deepa Nair on June 16, 2021
Dear older and wiser Arjun (grandson),
I sincerely wish you  grow up to be like your nana.
Your nana is one of the very few men who actually define how men in our society should be. 
A doting son.
Your Meemaw’s (Mini) best friend. 
One of the coolest dads, who has been more of a companion to his daughters. He is one of the reasons why your mema (Anandita), mousi (Arundhati) and meemaw are such strong, independent woman!
As a parent I look up to him. I hope someday you and I too share a similar ‘parent-kid’ bond as them. 
Above all, he has always been a very positive, jovial and calm person. Full of life! A favourite across generations. 

I wish you grow up to be an individual as vibrant as him. 

Tushar bhaiya you will always be with us 

Person with a Placid Smile ..( BALA NIIT)

Shared by Balasubramanian L on June 14, 2021
Tushar was my collegue at NIIT and joined as Faculty in Corporate Training Division, at Delhi from 1990-1994. 

A Pious, Quiet and Silent Person .  He lets his Actions speaks for himself .

A Perceptive Listener.  Always the last one to talk — Precise and to the Point

This Gentleman Does what he Speaks, Speaks what he Means and Means what he Says..

It is heartbreaking to known his Loss  ...