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My Classmate - Tushar

Shared by Mohan KV on June 16, 2021
Tushar and I were classmates from Grade 5 to Grade 10 in DTEA School Janakpuri. Tushar played good cricket and was the opening batsman of our school team. He was cool, soft spoken and had charming looks. We had spent good time playing cricket after school hours occasionally. He introduced me to Delhi Public Library van which came every Friday near his home. I still remember reaching his home by 5pm on Fridays and waiting for the library van. We lost touch for many years post 10th grade but reconnected in 2015. I met him in 2017 twice but couldn't meet after that. However, we spoke over phone many times. Still unable to believe he's no more. I pray to God to give strength to his family to bear this loss. May his soul rest in peace. I have posted a group photo of 10th grade. Tushar can be seen standing in 1st row boys (3rd from left).
Shared by Deepa Nair on June 16, 2021
Dear older and wiser Arjun (grandson),
I sincerely wish you  grow up to be like your nana.
Your nana is one of the very few men who actually define how men in our society should be. 
A doting son.
Your Meemaw’s (Mini) best friend. 
One of the coolest dads, who has been more of a companion to his daughters. He is one of the reasons why your mema (Anandita), mousi (Arundhati) and meemaw are such strong, independent woman!
As a parent I look up to him. I hope someday you and I too share a similar ‘parent-kid’ bond as them. 
Above all, he has always been a very positive, jovial and calm person. Full of life! A favourite across generations. 

I wish you grow up to be an individual as vibrant as him. 

Tushar bhaiya you will always be with us 

Person with a Placid Smile ..( BALA NIIT)

Shared by Balasubramanian L on June 14, 2021
Tushar was my collegue at NIIT and joined as Faculty in Corporate Training Division, at Delhi from 1990-1994. 

A Pious, Quiet and Silent Person .  He lets his Actions speaks for himself .

A Perceptive Listener.  Always the last one to talk — Precise and to the Point

This Gentleman Does what he Speaks, Speaks what he Means and Means what he Says..

It is heartbreaking to known his Loss  ...

Tushar the people leader

Shared by Sunil Banare on June 14, 2021
Tushar was a people leader and was always approachable. His ability to get into the details only emphasized the perfectionist in him. You will be missed Tushar!

Humble and Guiding soul

Shared by Sanjay Mahajan on June 11, 2021

He has been Gem of Person. He has been mentor and coach for many of us in Avanade family. It has been big loss for us. My condolences with his family. MAY GOD give peace to departed soul. 

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