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Summer 1956

Shared by dorothy rogerson on July 10, 2012

My dad, Harold Rogerson died in Dec. of 1955, he had promised me he would take me to Nigara Falls. My mom deceided to take a trip to Pa. in the summer of 56. We stayed a few days with Twyla and Paul. Paul had just got out of the hospital for hernia surgery. I was crying outside one evening and Paul ask me why. I told him about my dad'a promise. The next moring mom woke me up at 6 and said get dressed we are going to some place. We got in the car, Mom, Tywla, Butch, Paul, Aunt Elsie, and me (John was scout camp, I think) We drove and drove I kept asking where we were going, no one would tell me. Then I saw a sign that said 30 miles to Nigara Falls, I cried for a long time. I was happy that I was going to see the falls, but sad that my dad wasn't there. Mom told me he was with us. We had a great couple of days. We took a boat under the falls, we got to walk under the falls, we stayed in a nice motel,  we even got to cross the border into Canada, and visit a museum. What a trip! I will always be thankful that Twyla talked Paul into taking us.

Theme parks

Shared by Norm/Virginia Stone on June 7, 2012

When our kids were "babies", and Twyla and Paul went to a theme park, and Norman would working, Twyla would take our kids along. We'd give them money, and she would pile all the kids into the car and off they would go, often other relatives, like the Taylors, from Pa. She never complained. She never came back with horror stories including our kids. That was so appreciated, because we couldnt afford for an adult plus kids, so she would accomadate. That's the way she was.

Twyla, the baby sitter.

Shared by Norm/Virginia Stone on April 3, 2012

If you don't know, 'little Norman" was a hand full. Very bright, stubborn, and ADD. When I was working at Patten State Hospital, and Norman was working at Kaiser Steel Mill, Twyla was hired to baby sit Little Norman after our local sitter moved. Going to Fontana from San Bernardino was quite a trip in those days. Even tho' gas was cheap, so were wages.But, it benefited all of us that she was willing to take care of him when she had three of her own, Cary was a little tyke.Little Norman was aggressive. If he didn't get his own way, he would bite. We were stimied how to break him of it. One day when I got to Twyla and Paul's house on Fairview, Twyla said,"I don't think Normy is going to bite anymore." I said,"Why". She said," Because I told him if he bit one more time, I would bite him back. So,,, He bit me and I bit him back, and he hasn't bitten anymore." ALLRight, Twyla. Fixed that problem.

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