Let the memory of Tyler be with us forever
  • 18 years old
  • Born on May 1, 1993 .
  • Passed away on January 18, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Tyler Snoke 18 years old , born on May 1, 1993 and passed away on January 18, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Dana Snoke on 18th January 2018
Today marks the 6th year that you have been in heaven, time has been swift these last few years and missing you more with each passing year. We visit your resting place as often as we can so we can talk among the silence of the cemetery. When I close my eyes I can hear your voice in the distance and that makes me smile. When I left for work today there was a feather on the ground by the door of the truck. Did you leave a sign that you are ok and that all is well, I hope so. I look for reassurance each and every day that you are with God in heaven and that you have the peace and tranquility for resting forever. Thank you for touching our lives for the short time you were with us, we shall all learn something each and every day. All our love, Mom & Dad
Posted by Dana Snoke on 21st January 2017
Time has passed so quickly that year 5 has come upon us. I can not believe it has been that long already. Time just heals everyday loss but not the pain of your entire loss to us. I will never be the same person that I was before you returned to heaven. I miss you each and everyday you are gone and visit with you as often as I can. I love you Dad.
Posted by LORI WEBBER-CONNELLY on 18th January 2017
Thinking of you Dana and Family. Always in my thoughts and prayers. xoxoxoo
Posted by LORI WEBBER-CONNELLY on 18th January 2016
Prayers for you all. May your pain be eased a bit. xoxoox
Posted by Dana Snoke on 18th January 2016
Today marks the fourth anniversary of your passing into heaven. Time seems to have gotten a little faster these past years. To me going forward without you in our life is something that I will never get used to. We miss you with all our hearts and I know that all the people that you touched miss you as well. I strive to be a better person each and every day because of you my son but I would do anything in this world just to have more time with you. I would like to share the poem with everyone that the good Rev. Powers spoke the day you were laid to rest with America’s best and courageous souls who gave their best just like you gave your best with everyone you had touched. I love you and I miss you, Dad.
Posted by Spencer Gaalaas on 16th February 2015
It's been almost a month past 3 years without my best friend and it hasn't gotten any easier with the time. I don't even live in Santee anymore yet still find myself out front of your house at least once a week. Waiting..as if you'll be walking out to come hang out with me and chuck. I miss you brotha and can't even imagine what my life would be like if you were still here today. You were always a positive influence on me with hockey, school, or any dream I wanted to chase. Im proud to say I carry you with me everyday and can't wait till I see you again. Love you Tyler Snoke.
Posted by Dana Snoke on 18th January 2015
Today marks the third year since you left us. This day never gets any easier, just knowing that you are now at peace is how I cope with your passing. For the past three years I have checked your Facebook page when I can and thank everyone that posts something for you. This is the very least that I can do for my sons friends that take their time to acknowledge who he was and just what he meant to everyone he touched in his short time here with us. Please continue to post to his page; it helps everyone who knew him to get thru their day when just missing him seems to take over. Then you remember the funny things that he said at times when you were down to make your day a little brighter than it had been. These are the days and times that I miss the most about him but just plainly I do miss my son. I have shared a song from the big man from the islands who also left way too soon. The name of the song is “In this Life”. Please listen and hopefully it will make your day a little brighter knowing that we are all loved by someone. I along with my wife have decided to place Tyler at Miramar National Cemetery. When we have more information on this I will post that to his page. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for remembering my son Tyler and your friend, thank you.
Posted by Dana Snoke on 21st January 2014
This is the second year you have been gone from us. I have had a hard time dealing with all that has taken place since that morning you left, but I know that I will get through each day talking to you before I leave for work each and everyday. I just wanted to say that I miss you so much son and that Im working very hard on your foundation to help other people see their dreams come true. With all of our love Mom & Dad
Posted by Barbro Liven on 16th February 2013
It's been over 1 year since you slipped away from us...time goes so much faster when you're old like me,but you never got old enough to experience that phenomenon. It hasn't helped the pain of your loss,for me and I'm sure your family and friends either.I miss you still so much but I feel or sense your hints that you are not far from our hearts thru our thoughts and memories of you.<34ever
Posted by Yolaine Hudson on 18th January 2013
Tyler, I think of you everyday and even more today. Give your parents hints of you watching over them, they miss you so much. Visit them in their dreams and give them one of your famous smiles, let them know you are OK and you will meet them again someday on the other side. Give them strength and peace. Miss you so much, rest in peace Tyler. You are much loved..
Posted by Kory Bennett on 9th November 2012
im sitting rememebring all the good times we had i hope you and artie are having a blast up there i hope you and him will be at the gates when its my time i love you brother. there was no one like you. hope your smiling down. REST IN PARADISE <3
Posted by Ira Morgan II on 23rd October 2012
Dana and Julie - My heartfelt condolences.
Posted by Julie Snoke on 21st October 2012
Tyler there is not one day that goes by that I do not think about you. I miss you so terribly much. Im so sorry for not being there for you when you needed me. I wish I would have been a better a better role model for you. And I wish so much I would have come home that night. I love you so much Ty I hope you know how much you're missed. Love mom
Posted by Megan Bohlman on 16th October 2012
My dearest cuz, to many years we spent apart although you were always near and close to my heart...may peace be with you sweetness...let your spirit forever live on within all of our hearts for ever and always until next time we meet....with grandpa by your side...I love you with all of my heart Tyler... Love your Cuz...Meg
Posted by Barbro Liven on 16th October 2012
My heart aches everyday for julie and you especially Dana. You're usually a lone wolf but you have shown how deep your love is for your family.and that deep sensitive side isn't afraid to come out to let your son know he will always exist in your heart and mind and many many other too.This is a beautiful post..he was my little man if only for a while, but I loved him like my own.PEACE Dana
Posted by BobbyandTiffany Nothwang on 14th October 2012
You will be in our hearts forever Tyler. Until we meet again keep an eye on us and watch over your beautiful niece as she grows into a young lady. I know you would have been her biggest fan and I promise she will know you as if you we're here the whole time. I love you little brother, keep your head up and we will kick it again, I'm sure of it
Posted by Sheri Langmade on 9th October 2012
We all miss you sooooo much Tyler!!!!! WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome Dana, Way to keep his spirit alive
Posted by Sharon Mitchell on 8th October 2012
Dana...This is beautiful!!! Always thinking of you and always in my prayers. Hang in there, always here for you!!!
Posted by Sarah Pishny on 7th October 2012
Miss you bud! Thinking of your smiling face a lot today!! <3
Posted by Dana Snoke on 7th October 2012
There are no more good days since you left us, only so, so days. As I try to work through the grief of your last day with us. I hold close to my heart in believing that we will see one another again someday. I miss you each and everyday. I Love You Son, Dad

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