This tribute was added by Mark LaMoreaux on September 25, 2020
I have to agree with what everybody’s been saying about Tyler. I was a Bowl patroler also and had the pleasure of lodging up at Solitude with him and his trusty dog ‘Bud’, who was probably the coolest dog I’ve ever met in my life -went with the coolest guy and I’ve ever known and I can say w/o question that he was THE MOST DRIVEN guy I ever met!  During my periodic return visits, I always got a big bear hug from him, and, for being a flatlander I really appreciated that. Proud to have been a friend over the years. Part of the lodging arrangement usually involved that I was put to work, which I excepted and then got to see how he operated.Taught me how to back up a trailer, his advice was to “put that boat in the water!” I survived the peer pressure - I recall it was “the beer is on ice and the girls are in bikinis!” relished any chance to visit. Seeing and being with him and Deb when the Broncos won the Super Bowl was really great. He always bent over backwards to get me equipped so I could enjoy the slopes upon arrival. We’ll just have to soldier on without him. Will miss you, buddy. Hope to see you again someday.
This tribute was added by Sue McGrath on September 24, 2020
I worked with Tyler on the “Bowl Patrol” at Copper Mountain 1979 - 1983. He was always so full of life, he had that contagious laugh that I’ll never forget. When he told stories like when a pine marten was in his closet when he lived at Solitude Station, the story got bigger every time and we all just laughed harder as the story grew. He was bigger then life! Sending prayers to his family, what a void he has left but also How lucky we were to have him in our
Lives, there’s no one quite like Tyler MYERS!
This tribute was added by Philip Huff on September 24, 2020
Kristie and I remembered Tyler from when we both came to Copper Mountain in 1979. He was a friend who we skied with and at different times worked for in his cleaning and maintenance businesses. Tyler would be there to support us at our wedding as he was in the beginning of all of our adventures. Just a few years ago we jointly rented the largest houseboat available on Lake Powell and took all of our families. Tyler was tireless in taking the teens and pre-teens out to water ski. He did so while suffering great pain and we will miss him so much.
This tribute was added by Thomas And BJ Daniel on September 20, 2020
Sadness in our hearts to hear this news. Remember the wonderful dinner at your home.
This tribute was added by John Aldrich on September 20, 2020
I realized what a good guy my brother Tyler was when he started sending my Mom Roses at work, sometimes for no particular reason. When Ty wanted to do something he always worked hard and found a way to get it done. His love of the outdoors began when he joined Outward Bound to learn how to survive in the wilderness. After Outward Bound, he enrolled in the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) He wanted to build on the experience.

For many years I have watched Tyler set, then achieve, one goal after another. He like to ski, so he moved to Summit County and lived in his Camper on BLM land. He wanted a job at ski resort (Copper Mountain). He started shoveling snow for them. Before long, he was in charge of building maintenance. He decided to start a small side company to handle the daily cleaning and swapping-out of all the floor mats at the resort. He bought equipment, rented a small space, bought hundreds of floormats, and started working 12-hour days to make it succeed. Before long had developed other customers and ended up developing one of the most successful carpet cleaning and flood restoration business in Summit County.

There were a couple of important people in Tyler’s life that had a positive impact and helped him set goals. Tom Needham was one of Tyler’s fist employers. He worked so hard, and did so well, helping Tom run his Dry Cleaning and Tuxedo Rental company that teenage Tyler was often left in charge of the whole operation. Chuck Bristol was also a great friend and role model to Tyler. He helped him realize many of his goals. Chuck regarded Tyler like his own family and many of Tyler’s values came from his relationship with Chuck.
Tyler was an original self-made man, if there ever was one. I loved him, I admired him, and I will forever miss him. My brother was a kind and gentle man—I am proud to be his sister.

Sharon Aldrich
This tribute was added by Larry Turner on September 19, 2020
I don’t know how to upload songs, but I have been going back over all the good tunes that Tyler and I use to listen to back in the day !!
Hello Old Friend !!
This tribute was added by Larry Turner on September 18, 2020
The Tyler Myers that I knew as a friend was always truthful and transparent. Tyler did not take any shortcuts in life. He lived life to its fullest.
He loved all his friends and he especially loved having a family !! 
The true definition of Live, Laugh and Love !!
You will be missed here on earth and looking forward to seeing you on the other side my friend !
This tribute was added by Claudia Kreamelmeyer on September 17, 2020
Both Jon and I will always remember Tyler’s wonderful smile and contagious laugh. We will dearly miss him, and will always remember what a gift he was to us and our children . I was lucky to know the Myers family when I went to Aurora Central High School. Patty, Tyler’s sister, was a friend of mine and Tyler was too ❤️❤️. We are so sorry that we will be out of town during the memorial but send our love to all of Tyler’s families.
This tribute was added by Vicki Pinnow on September 17, 2020
Tom and I were fortunate enough to meet Tyler on several different occasions. Each encounter we were impressed by his charisma, confidence and fun personality. " He is a kindred spirit gone too soon".
This tribute was added by Garry Payne on September 17, 2020
We first met Tyler in 2010, when we organised a Home Exchange with Deb and Tyler in Australia. We had a meal with them the night before we departed for Colorado. My first impression of Tyler was a man who was extremely genuine and fun loving. Despite the issues with his back, he was determined to continue enjoying those things which were important to him. His relationship with Deb was obvious, totally committed to each other.
We maintained contact and caught up with Tyler on three successive trips to Colorado and Utah. Tyler always wanted to make our stays inclusive and we always felt very welcomed. Lovely invites for meals and inclusion in his friends SuperBowl parties. We will always remember skiing together at SnowBird. We became very good friends. We loved his "naughty" sense of humour, always keen to chase a laugh. What shone through every time was Tyler's zest for life and his sincerity and generosity. We are shattered to hear of Tyler's passing and he will remain in our hearts forever. Our thoughts are with his beautiful "hon". Despite the distance we will be thinking of you both on September 24
Garry and Mas Yamba Australia
This tribute was added by Vicki Keefe Frank on September 16, 2020
Patty, Sharon, Kathy and the rest of the Myer's Clan,
I am so so sorry for the loss of Tyler I am just so sad at his passing. I have know you guys since Patty and I were in the 3rd grade so like forever. We lived down the street from each other. Tyler was just like my little brother too and we all liked to mess with him, but in a funny & nice way. Everybody just loved him and his great smile and laugh and he was just full of "chuckles". I just want to tell all of you how much I love you and care and think about you. May God Bless And Hold You In Your Time Of Need. Love you all, Vickster
This tribute was added by Cathi WINGATE on September 13, 2020
I've been really struggling with the news of Tyler's passing but want to share how we feel about Tyler (& Deb ).
Our hearts are broken for Deb & ALL of their family & friends who will miss out on sharing the future with Tyler.
One of the blessed days in our life was buying our home in Ruby & then receiving an invitation to their annual summertime BBQ, where I might add the ENTIRE neighborhood was invited! It was here where we met Tyler & Deb. TYLER WAS THE PARTY! He made us feel so welcomed, made sure we were having a good time & introduced us to ALL of his family & friends!
Deb & I became friends and Dave & I were lucky enough to be able to reap the benefits of Tyler's friendship, as well. He was so caring & would do anything he could to help you out, no matter how big or small.
Tyler, we'll miss that smile, that laugh, & most of all how much you loved & adored DEB!

Rest in Peace, we know you'll keep them smiling up there!
Love you both very much,
Cathi & Dave
This tribute was added by Lynn Hoffman on September 13, 2020
Tyler was a treasured friend and such a great guy—smart, athletic, funny, caring, generous and loyal. He worked hard and played hard, and didn’t take things or people for granted. He lived his life fully, like he knew this day was coming! I’m pretty sure Nike stole “just do it” from him and I know he was saying “life is good” long before it was showing up on t-shirts. Tyler had so much love in his heart and you could always tell how much he cared for Deb, his family, and his many friends.  I will miss the good times we had, his smile, that laugh, and his energy, positive attitude and great sense of humor. He meant so much to me and my family! We are heart-broken at his passing but also very grateful for the years of fun and friendship we did have. Tyler, we will keep you always in our hearts.
This tribute was added by Kim Corenman on September 13, 2020

We miss you so much! Going through your photos and memories of your life has brought us to a full breakdown. Your upbeat, happy, smiling face is one we will never forget. Even when times were really tough you pulled out that smile! May you always have the best powder day and the flattest water when you ski. Rest In Peace my dear friend, where every day now for you is a great day! Although it is so difficult for your family and friends, we will all try to comfort ourselves knowing you are now at peace. We love you Tyler!
This tribute was added by Diane Kleager on September 13, 2020
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Dear Myers Family,

Tyler is my first cousin and I grew up with him. Many here have talked about his laugh and beautiful smile. He was always that way. So genuine and had such a dear soul that even as a young boy, seemed to know if you needed to talk and would listen and help if he could. He had a joyful energy that few people posses and I will miss his beautiful spirit until I'm gone. May you hold him close in your hearts and remember how truly special Ty was. My deepest sympathy to all the Myers and all who knew and loved him. God bless you Ty.
This tribute was added by Mike Bryant on September 12, 2020
I met Tyler when we were both kids, growing up in Aurora, CO. Aurora was a nice suburb at that time, and we both knew a lot of the same people. I must say, Tyler was a person people would gravitate to. He did have an infectious smile and a great laugh that could put people at ease. I’d like to tell you about all of Tyler’s many accomplishments, but this page isn’t long enough! He was an exceptional individual, and truly a pleasure to know! He’ll be missed by a lot of old friends. Rest In Peace brother! Aloha
This tribute was added by Susan Thompson on September 11, 2020
So many memories from way back when at Copper then later on hanging out with Rick. Such a great guy. You will be missed by so many Tyler. Always willing to lend a hand, or an ear or whatever it took to help a friend or a stranger. Your generous soul and spirit is one we should all try to emulate, RIP and I hope you're adventuring pain free now !!!
This tribute was added by Deborrah Tolson on September 10, 2020
Tyler Myers... cutest guy I ever met. My husband Ray and I first met Tyler and Deb in St. Lucia more than 20 years ago. He came into a restaurant as we were eating and that infectious laugh and cute smile just told us we needed to introduce ourselves. That began a week long adventure for the four of us. Though we didn't see each other often because we live on the east coast, we always loved Tyler. We'll see you again, dear friend. We love you.

Debbie and Ray
This tribute was added by Julie Magliocchetti on September 10, 2020
Our Tyler....what can we possibly say about someone that touched everyone as much as Tyler did. His smile always lit up an entire room of people. That laugh was infectious and being with him and Deb was simply awesome.  We will remember him fondly for his stories, laugh and his incredible love for family and friends.  He will be deeply missed.  Julie and Mike Mags. XOXOXO
This tribute was added by Harold Jacobson on September 10, 2020
In 1995, my wife Rose and I were winding up a career in the energy industry and while we were natives of the South and had lived most of our lifetime there, we decided to find a summer home where I could play golf without my glasses getting wet with sweat. We looked and decided on Colorado, Summit County and Silverthorne. The house we bought was, to our great advantage, next door to Tyler and Debbie Myers. While we obviously were substantially older than the Myers, they could not have been better neighbors. Tyler was a great help for whatever we needed - oversight during the winter months when we were mostly away, taking care of tasks that needed to be done, loaning equipment and tools. You name it, Tyler was a great friend and neighbor. Tyler and Debbie were many times on the road during summers - in the RV or boating on Lake Powell, but they were there for about ten years next door and then superb hosts for dinner at their next Siverthorne residence. It was a sad shock to learn of Tyler’s death; someone who could ride a bike from Frisco to Vail Pass easier than I could drive the same path could not have passed before me. It does not seem fair. We will deeply miss this wonderful friend.
Harold “Jake” and Rose Jacobson
Houston, Tx
This tribute was added by Ryan Schaefer on September 9, 2020
Tyler and I's relationship began professionally. We stayed in touch often, years after our business dealings had concluded. He was a good friend to many, me included. I much admired his can do attitude, zest for life, sense of humor, and strong values. I relished the opportunities I had to introduce my wife, children, and father to my friend Tyler, he of the iron work ethic and heart of gold.  I wanted my children to benefit from his example, as I had. He was a "true American success story" and living proof that good things happen to those who consistently work smart and hard, while treating others the right way. Tyler often spoke lovingly of Deb, their children, and grandchildren. He was very proud of and grateful for his family - often sharing stories of your travels together, new grandchildren, etc. Godspeed, my friend. You are missed. I'll see you when I get there. 
This tribute was added by Michael Anson on September 9, 2020
You will be deeply missed my friend! We loved spending time with you and Deb!
This tribute was added by Deb Myers on September 9, 2020
What can you say about a man that was bigger than life...People gravitated to him like none I have ever seen. He never met a stranger and made everyone that he met, no matter who they were or what occupation they had, feel welcomed. From Janitor to CEO's of large companies, he treated them all the same. He loved his family and friends and was very generous to us all. Tyler loved to travel, ski, hike, bike, and golf (perhaps better stated that he "tried" to golf!). Anything that was related to the outdoors, Tyler loved to be a part of it; whether it was Heli skiing, skydiving, kite boarding, wind surfing, hand gliding, you name it, Tyler probably did it or at least tried it. I could never keep up with his endless activities and adventures. I loved this man with all my heart and always will. He made me feel special, needed, and very loved. He always said, "Good morning, Babe" and "Good night, Hon!" Tyler, you will always be forever in my heart! The Blonde Love of Your Life (Deb)

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