Hard Shell, Soft Interior

Tyler Smith is the toughest, hard as nails son of a bitch you'd ever meet in your life. I don't think in my 18 years of knowing him anyone had ever truly gotten through to him. He put up such a rough exterior and never did he let his true colors show. But if you got to spend as much time with this young man as I have, you would know him for who he truly is. A young boy, looking to fulfill his childhood dreams by any means necessary. He had so much sympathy for those around him that he never let himself show to others, but kept inside.

Tyler Smith was a puzzle, no doubt. He was talented, yet humble. Inconsiderate, yet so gratuitous. A douchebag of sorts, and yet... so charming. You can attribute all of these things to his upbringing, in the backwoods of Maryland. With three older brothers, it is no surprise he has grown up the way he did. Constant mocking and bickering with his older siblings almost made him appear jaded, but the truth was he was just putting up a wall so no one could ever hurt him again like his relatives had.

Tyler was one of those guys who could beat you at anything, and not care. It was his second nature to be good at things. Beating someone was nothing more than just another hurdle he had overcome in his life of trials. Over time, people had start to call him "Ole Grizzle" for his perseverance and determination, and also to make fun of the new beard he had begun to grow. But Ole Grizzle didn't care, he knew the image he wanted to portray, and at this point he had achieved that.

However, God decided that Ole Grizzle was too much for our world at this time, and plucked him like a delicate, ripe fruit from our tree. On January 1st, 2011 Tyler was standing on an escalator shopping for his new girlfriend at the time, Claire, and tripped. His beard got stuck in the escalator and pulled him upwards, ripping the hair from his chin. Blood started to spout all over the place. Dizzy and confused, Hazzerd stood up and fell backwards, tripping down the flight of moving stairs. He bumped his head one too many times, and the medics pronounced him dead at approx. 6:54 PM. His funeral service is to be held January 8th, 2011 at the Ole Grizzle Memorial Station in Atlas, Texas.

We miss you, Tyler. You had so much to give to this world, and yet our Lord took you so soon. No one can replace what you brought to us, even though at times we couldn't recognize exactly what that was. God needed you more than we did though, and one day I look forward to seeing you again.

Godspeed, Ole Grizzle. Godspeed.