Tyler MD Wheaton


 Tyler was wanted way before he was conceived.I  knew when the time was right..and conceived days dater.

Tyler presented as an old soul..a caring beautiful soul who was very compassionatetowards others and cared deeply for animals and nature.
He loved all his friends like family.
This beautiful boy allowed me to love and be loved unconditionally.

A bond I wish for all humanity.

 He  loved art ..was into graffiti fonts  and went by the name "Ink Man" :)

"Music is my Drug" is the motto we both shared in life.
BE YOURSELF is what he learned from me.
He was so thoughtful ... I wish more boys were just like him . Not a day went by that I didn't feel so blessed to be his mom.

HE IS  Extremely  LOVED. My soulmate for eternity.    Tyler was so humble  that he never realized just how much his friends  cared about him. . He would give away his favourite things if he knew someone really liked it. Tyler has 2 very best friends ..Parker and Brandon who are so very missed around the house.   He grew up with The Teixeiras 2 doors down. The memories  of Jeremy, Josh and Tyler  having so much fun over the years...flood my heart .
Bobbie-Jean..his childhood bff ...he'll forever be her gaurdian angel .
I see him when I look at her little Brayden . .... My twin Flame.....Gone too soon.......