Ty would be 20 years old

Shared by Linda Trainor on May 3, 2013

Not being able to see you grow into the ever so special man you would be is the hardest. Although your heart and soul are still with me ..it hurts so much still.
Your bright light keeps me alive.
Our loved ones are doing a great job too...surrounding me in love.

My heart is so damaged but yet so much stronger .
I miss you being here my Twin Flame
Can't wait to be there


In Honour of Tyler's Birthday

Shared by Frank & Gabrielle Trainor on May 4, 2011

Tyler passed ever too soon - he was only 14, yet to enter manhood.

He was a wonderful young man and a great help to his mother.

As his grandfather I wonder if I did well by him. Did I love him enough? Did I visit enough? Thiese painful questions may never go away because maybe I didn't act soon enough, and the tears that flow now do not help. Now is too late.

I dedicate the song "Footseps Walking With Me" to Tyler.

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