Let the memory of Tyrone be with us forever
  • 56 years old
  • Born on October 31, 1957 .
  • Passed away on August 14, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Tyrone Bennett 56 years old , born on October 31, 1957 and passed away on August 14, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 18th September 2017
Hi babe it's me babe have you see her is she with you yet (crying ) talking about our baby toya have you seen her yet ,it's gonna be a month this week and we misss her like crazy ,like we missed you I gotta go iot hurts too much cause It 's still too early but you are still missed as well love you always and forever
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 4th September 2017
hi babe it has been a minute ,but bye now you know the news our Toya gone ,untimely & unexpectantly ,we just have a service unlike you we didn't have the insurance then and we don't have it now ,I can't believe my baby girl gone ,and it hurts like hell.now we morn you and her and now we gonna morn all our lost loved ones
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 14th August 2017
hi babe it's me babe it's 3 years still things are too fresh like it was recently but I always did and always will love you man and carry you with me in my heart and soul I'm just saying ,and just to let you know ok with much love babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 22nd May 2017
Hi babe its me again ,big heavenly shout out to you and to say I still love you
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 15th April 2017
happy heavenly Easter Holiday to you and all our family and friends up in heaven we love you all
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 10th April 2017
hi babe its me this here is my last week at this job ,so I wont be using this computer : but iam gonna keep in touch with you ok cause I still love you berry berry much ,
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 20th March 2017
with love to you on this first spring day 3/20/2017 I love you still and always will till my dying day always &forever
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 3rd March 2017
hi babe its been a while since I been on this site ,cause I usually use the first site but ,here are are few words I love you and miss you dearly and I will always love you always& forever ,we go a long way back :0
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 6th January 2017
hi babe ,its me babe how ya doing up their ,say hello to all family and friends ok even my newly R.I.P cousin Charles (chucky) well I just wanted to holler at you ,you still my babe ,you know I got a long distant affair going on now we have yet to meet but soon ,babe soon I am gonna meet him ok
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 1st January 2017
hi babe ,happy new year 2017 up their to you all up in heaven at work will text you again later
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 26th December 2016
hi babe ,merry Christmas to you all up in heaven ,I talked with carol yesterday she 's ok I haven't seen her in a while but I still keep in touch with her ,and Vanessa too who is really sick now too,the family still crazy ,the greatgrand boy's getting bigger by the day especially kymon,jamir is baddd lol ok gotta go now but ,I still love you always & forever ,your babe:)
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 21st December 2016
hi babe,it 's been a long time but I didn't forget you ,no computer but it's coming up on the Christmas holidays and I wanted you to know we ,especially me havn't forgotton you at all 'its just that we also lost my sister Tan too four months after you ,you may run in to her up there along with lots of others .Iam at work sneaking to do this but your every bit worth it ,I just wanna say I love you still always & forever babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 31st October 2016
Happy would have been your 59TH birthday to my babe ,my late husband ,love of my life ,shouting up to heaven happy birthday & happy holloween too love your babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 31st October 2016
happy birthday Shrione aka babe ,pop pop,Capone, Unk OLe head TY our family we love you babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 21st October 2016
hi babe (crying ) its been a long time especially sincei started this new job , that I am not able to get on a computer ,I can not get to the career link like I use to Iam working madd extra hours ,jawanna moved out got her own place ,so I got elect, gas,water,rent,cable to pay myself,plus your birthday coming up ,toya havin a party in your honor,even got a lot of holloween decorations outside ,you would love it well now my new job ,has this computer I can keep back in touch love you& miss you Babe
Posted by Latoya Bizzell on 6th August 2016
hey dad its been a while dont have to much to say these days but i just wanna let u know we miss u more and more each day. love Toya
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 24th July 2016
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 24th July 2016
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 24th July 2016
Posted by Rosaline Burnside on 13th July 2016
am so sorry for your lost Rhonda, I had no idea just thought he would out live me. I see its been almost 2 years now. am just finding out. his son is 15 now but I don't think I want to tell him that shrone has passed but however he looks just like him. so my condolences go out to you and your family may he R>I>P.
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 6th July 2016
Hi babe #
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 21st April 2016
Hi babe it's me babe just wanna tell you how much I still love and Miss you ,but I also wanna tell you about a new friend ,I have oh I meet him on Facebook and he lives in Tampa Florida ,we have Not meet in person and it will be a while before we problem do but He 's very nice ,he's Italian yes and he is in love with me can you Image that hey I really do like this guy ,&I thought god sent you to Me well he thinks God sent me to him ,I do hope to meet him some Day whenni get my grill& other things together ,I sent him a picture Of me the one with you and me at Chuck house and he loved it wow I think I look awful in it but it's the only one with us together
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 24th March 2016
Happy Easter Babe from latoya, Tawanna,Yasmin Dan ,Dave,Jawanna Janay ,Sariah,Alexis kayziah,Kymon,Jamir& your newest greatgrand baby girl Yara 2/6/16 this your gg girl we all love you
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 16th March 2016
Hey babe it's me babe can you believe this Toya finally got a car Yasmin got a car &pooda &boyfriend got a car
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 13th February 2016
Happy Valentine 's day to you babe Love you always &forever
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 6th February 2016
Hi. Babe it's me ,don't be too upset you know I've been busy , Yea man I still live you berry very much well Jawanna water Broke yesterday that girl of her's is being stubborn just like Her parents anyway not able to get to computer a lot lately In this phone WiFi act stupid a lot but it worked today so here I write you ,love you always &forever babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 26th December 2015
hi babe it's me again it the day after christmas ,I could not get this site to work on my phone for the last few day's now so i had to wait til i can get to a computer to tell you how much your missed this ,holiday as well as last year this being a accutal year your being gone thank god for family and being able to weather this holiday but your sadly missed
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 15th December 2015
Hey babe it's me sorry it's been a while but I've been a little busy Christmas is coming up very soon ,lastvyear I was able to give The family (grand&great grand )a very berry christmas from us Both (you & me) but I only work part time this year but I just wanted To say merry christmas up their to you and my many Others family members &friends and as always I still Love you always &forever babe.
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 23rd November 2015
hey babe it's been some time but I wanted to touch base with you and tell you that I still love & miss you dearly especially during the holidays coming up but I haven't forgotten about at all love you always babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 31st October 2015
Happy Birthday Babe love ya man R.I.P up in heaven
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 23rd October 2015
Hey babe it's been a while but I sure do still miss you like crazy you Know it's your birthday next week ,wow a year without you it's not as easy as I thought ,but without the kids ,&grandgirls ,my sisters . I don't know what I would have done to get pass losing you still In love with you your babe (Rhonda)
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 17th August 2015
hi babe Friday was a year we lost you and we had a small cookout in your hornor lotta people came your sister Carol ,vanessa,tockey hey we even ran into youngwho was surprised to hear and came to pay respect on Madison street it was nice tammy ,only thing I really wanted was to send off these chineses flying lanterns no stores down here carry them anymore we gonnna get them online and set some off on holloween on your birthday love you always babe your wife
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 12th August 2015
this candle I light in remeberence of you ,our family ,our love this a year later and we all miss you dearly Toya& Dan / Tawanna & yasmin havin a cookout in rememberence of you especially since you loved cookouts and we gonna send up flying chinsese laterns in honor of you ,you'll be forever missed by us all your made family & your blood family we love babe ( your babe) ;-)
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 8th July 2015
Hi Babe it"s me your wife sorry it's been this long ,but I been a little busy trying too get back home up here in Wilkes-Barre in my rightful place here with you ,plus I didn't like that job at the watermark it was a nice place ,but the people were too conceited,for me plus I missed you ,I'm not able to get on a computer as often as I like ,an my phone act's so stupid at time's ,but I'm back home with our family .love you
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 20th June 2015
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 29th May 2015
hey honey its me your wife i can't believe how long ago i was here ,but I have been working ,hey how bout,Im bout to go back to wilkes barre you like that ,being home in philly is ok ,but i'm gonna be able to complete my goals as planed
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 14th April 2015
Hey babe hi I'm sitting here with this picture of us thinking about you as I do often it's a month now that I'm back here home in philly I'm ok so far everybody back home in Wilkes Barre seem to be ok too,I start working this new job soon but I got a side job ,the my old friend you remember the Morris family ,I took care the mother for about a Year and a half and I keep in touch with them well a sister needs my help so I'm here side money and long work, Love you always &forever babe :-)
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 2nd April 2015
hey babe happy easter I'm still here in philadelphia two weeks now I did get the job at the watermark but it's pool position only so I'm still going for a second position parttime ,hopefully homehealth ,I don;t want to work two jobs but I have to so i can get housing, health care etc oh I carry the picture of us chuck took of us when we were over his house long ago you remember ,don't you before he moved to the penthouse like the jefferson's (smile) Hey I still love &miss you very much and think of you often love Babe (wife) Rhonda always &forever
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 18th March 2015
hi babe it's me babe I'm bout to go back to Philadelphia like I been planning but I wanted to say bye to you &I love you always& forever I'm leaving your Urn behind with Toya&Dan toya gonna keep watch over you ok we all do miss you dearly you should see your greatgrand boys kymon&jamir wow and kyziariah she something too the girls send their love also to pop-pop from all your girl's with much love Babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 9th February 2015
Hi babe it's me babe I miss you I love you next week my 56th birthday wow wish you were here everybody ok well except for me being loney without you I;m still working on going back to philly I can't stand it up here oh happy valentine's day my sweetheart you will alway's be in bedded (our love)in my heart always & forever love always babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 29th January 2015
hi Babe its me babe I been busy a lot lately but I did not forget you I seen carol yesterday she find we all are ok I miss you (smile) and I love you love you love you very very much Rhonda Burke Bennett
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 14th January 2015
`hi babe just a note to say I love you & oh we all moved out of 147 Madison street left it a wreck though landlord mad as shit but you know they stop fixing stuff up in house went their to finally move the rest of our stuff out and found the pipes in kitchen busted water was running all over and pouring & flooding 1st apt and extending outside really bad any way I just wanted to say I love you ,I missus saying it to each other hey I'm going to philly Friday Jawanna CNA class Graduate remember the classi helped you would be proud of her now cause she is already working &she did the homehealth class she rocking it now oh and I got a job interview to transfer to new location in willow grove pa out there by my sister Tamika but I will be staying with lil Tamika so you don:t worry I will be ok ,ok love loving you Babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 29th December 2014
hi babe its after Christmas I wanted to say merry Christmas toya put your picture up by the wall facing the Christmas tree so you could see all the gifts that you & I brought for our grand &greatgrand children the tree was filled kids loved everything and you were dearly missed oh we just lost my sister tan you remember her she was sick like you too well its just about new year also and Iam going back home Toya&Dan wanna keep you up here till I find a place for us to live ok I love you still very dearly and miss you oh 147 is shutting down 1/1/2015
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 10th December 2014
hi babe its been a while very busy trying to move but I miss you like crazy I got the kids a lotta Christmas from the both of us espically the great grand boys we did good all the gifts will read from mom mom& pop pop & GG MOM& GGPOp we love you very much Babe
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 1st November 2014
To the Guy who made it all happen a friend in need a friend in deed truly all of us friends R.I.P
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 31st October 2014
Happy Birthday love you &miss you Rhonda
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 28th October 2014
Hey Babe it's me again its almost your birthday and Toya &Dan and the rest of the crew wanna Keep you're spirit alive wanna pay tribute to you wanna have a Halloween party in your hornor we'll see how this plays out I just wanted to do a candle visual love you and miss you lots and lost without you until we meet again with all my love to you bye for now you're babe.
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 22nd October 2014
my Darlig babe In the time that we had together you made my sun rise on so many mornings -and I'm sure it was you who made my stars come out at night you;ve surprised me with the gifts of hope and laughter and love,and you;ve made mw a beliver in something I never used to have too much faith in; the notion that dreams really can come true .if there are times when you looked at me and seened my eyes filled with smiles and tears,it's only becausemy heart is so full of happiness and because my life is so thankful for having you in my life love always ''Babe"
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 15th October 2014
Hey babe its me babe just a few words I been having A few bad dreams lately and Im sad about them but it's almost time for your birthday and we wanna celebration for you we love you I love you very much till next time R.I.P Babe.
Posted by Rhonda Burke on 7th October 2014
Hey babe it's me I haven't forgotten about And yes yes I still do love you and miss you Oh carol stopped past just recently we gonna Keep in touch I'm busy working for Xmas for The kids to have a very nice Christmas from The both of us I know its what you would have Wanted too love you much xoxo

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