A great friend

Shared by Rob McDowell on April 26, 2019

Ty was a great friend. We went through many journeys together in the earlier chapters of his life. We were best friends in school and enjoyed the summers in the Okanagan. We had so many adventures - I recall finally being allowed to go out on Friday nights and we walked around our small town, looking for trouble. Of course, it was summer and it didn't get dark until after 10pm, long after we had to be home. I remember when we snuck alcohol from his parents liquor cabinet, and, since they cleverly drew lines on the label to show whether any was missing, we took just a bit from every bottle, and mixed it together to drink. That did not work out well for either of us! I remember the day he got a turntable stereo system for his birthday, and we would play his "Venus and Mars" album (the only one he had) over and over, listening in amazement. Or learning to swim together and going to the swim meets all over BC, and later becoming lifeguards. Ty taught me to sail, and we certainly had countless adventures on the lake on windy (and not so windy) days. Heading to university, we were room mates and had more crazy adventures. Our paths have not crossed much in the last few decades, as life took us down different paths. Good luck on this next journey my friend. I will miss you Ty.  

Shared by Elizabeth Murphy on April 24, 2019

Ty entered my life as a tour guide.  I accompanied my sister, Susan, to the TNC Boulder office before she relocated to Boulder with the company.  His immediate warmth, humor, gorgeous face and heavenly eyes met us at the door to show us the lay of the TNC land.  But that was only the auspicious beginning.  Our paths would cross many times over the years to follow as he and Susan became very close friends, roommates, artists in union, The Voice viewer compadres, and such...We were lucky enough to spend time with him whenever we visited Boulder over the last decade.  He made music with my kids, painted with them and me, walked the dog, cooked and dined and simply graced our lives with time together on many occasions.  We were lucky enough to meet Mary 4 years ago at Susan's going away party in Longmont.  He and Mary were not yet coupled, but the spark was palpable.  For Mary we are so very grateful as she spun a web of golden thread around Ty for this chapter of his life.  What a joy to have known about his joy with her.  As I write, I stare up at his picture above my computer.  Thank you for you, Ty Cameron Guthrie.  What a pleasure you have been.

impact on TNC Hawaii chapter

Shared by Stephanie Tom on April 22, 2019

Ty was the first person to personally invite me to use arcgisonline.com to fulfill a specific business need at TNC in 2009. I am grateful for his introduction to this tool as we in the TNC Hawaii Chapter have begun using it to meet our staff's data collaboration needs.  Ty's positive and direct communication style made it easy to collaborate across much distance. He is missed.  My deepest condolences and aloha to Ty's family and friends.

Shared by Jon Fisher on April 22, 2019

I learned so much, and had so much fun, working with Ty over the years! Whether we were talking about biking or data nodes, vegetarian cooking or ecoregional assessments, he was always friendly, insightful, kind, and wise. He will be sorely missed by the people who knew him, and I know there are many people that he helped and impacted even if they never met him. Hugs and best wishes to all.

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