My Love Forever, My Friend

Shared by Keith Manning on November 27, 2012

My love forever, my friend who will never be missed because you are forever in my heart, my mind, my soul.  I seen you grow from 1 years old to 14 years old.  You are always the beauty in my life.  My second daughter, one who stood by me when things got hard, when I needed a hug.  I remember the movies we would go to, not my but the ones you liked and I enjoyed seeing them because this is what you wanted.  I miss you and will love you forever. 

Like a flower, blowing in the wind, a field of flowers when you will stand out. 
You are life and love, where you warm peoples heart with your gift of giving,
You are one who showed me the fun that I miss when my kids would not there.
I miss and love our Christmas times, seeing your big beautiful smile.   I miss you going with me to Toys R Us and helping me fix up my section of the story.
Tender is you who has given to all making them feel good.  I love seeing you with you mother playing and laughing, building that bond between mother and child.  The fun of what you and your brother, share, even after you both would fight, you always had his back, giving all your love to him.  I miss seeing you with your little brother who you enjoyed and loved with a passion.  I speak to you every day and miss you seeing all the time.  You are a child of God, where you now play in a field of golden flowers, where a tender breeze blowing them back in forth and you trying to catch butterflies.  Always there, in my mind, I feel myself crying, but I am strong because you make me and others strong.  Like a comet blazing, like a rainbow, like the sun that warms, shinning is your smile and laughter, you make a cloudy day, bright.  On and on, you are my baby girl, and forever you are with me.  we will see each other one day, and enjoy the day, the day in the field of flowers, catching butterflies.  God forever hold my daughter, keep her and bless her.  She a child of God, there with you, share by all, loved by all.  Her family there and mines has given her a new family to help and be loved by.  Blessed be, those who share the love of you, be you strong in heart and mine.  Be you loved by each other, and remember the gift that was given to you.  Peace in you heart and make peace of what is and walk on to the life given to you by God.  Be at peace and hold dear her who is now and forever in our memory, or heart, or soul.  Forever love who are now connected, grow strong, be wise, be forever blessed.  In all that is.......................................................

Tuff Little Girl

Shared by JACQUELINE MARTIN on November 27, 2010

I remember one day Glenn (her brother) was running around in the back yard with their cousins and she was running right with them she wasn’t going to set down and let the boys have all the fun. Her attitude was “if you can do it, so can I”. When they came in the house Tyshell was upset about her leg hurting and Poo and I had to take her to Children’s Hospital, my baby fractured her leg. Even after the doctor put a cast on her leg she still wouldn’t stop. She had a determine mind, tuff little chick.

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