Posted by Tonya Powell on October 23, 2014
My heart cried out this morning with tears streaming down my face. However, my heart and mind want to praise GOD for picking such a beautiful flower. OMG, I pray that her grandmother, my first cousin, Sandy is a strong as she was in her much younger life. Otherwise, her own health might be compromised. LORD bless this family on this day. Watch over us and I pray that each of us will allow your presence, holy and right name to ring throughout this day. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! AMEN.
Posted by Tonya Powell on May 31, 2012
All I can say is that she had a sweet spirit when I was around her and of course she was gorgeous. I think about her often and I and still shaking my head over her death. Her life was so short lived and I can only imagine and dream of what a difference she would have made in someone's life. PRAISE GOD FOR HER SWEET SPIRIT THAT I STILL SMELL
Posted by tonya powell on December 2, 2010
Such was a BEAUTIFUL and PRECIOUS JEWEL that is thought about everyday. As her Aunt Jackie mentioned, GOD makes no mistakes. PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD, PRAISE OUR GOD. What a beautiful song in memorance of Tyshell. We LOVED HER SO MUCH
Posted by donna hayes on November 30, 2010
Where to begin. I remember Tyshell when she was young. Her nd rachel nd glenn. We use to play outside together. Them were sum. Gooood days. I cant beleive dhe gone though. At her funeral wen i was lookin at her it lookd like she was jus sleeping. FOREVER REST IN PARADISE.
Posted by Dana Harrison on November 28, 2010
Man, what do I say. I cant even put into words what I feel about my baby. Me being like sisters with Jackie and Poo....this was my niece and my mothers only and favorite great niece. When she was young she spent alot of time in my household. Her personality was unmatchable.
Posted by Dana Harrison on November 28, 2010
I was with my sister the night this happen to her, and yes Jackie our sister is in alot of pain over this and until this day, I continue to "ride" wit my dawg. We goin get through this together. For whoever is running ur mouth and saying bad things, were you their, who told you,
Posted by Dana Harrison on November 28, 2010
you dont even know nothin so keep ur mouth off my sister and let her walk through this trial, she is strong, and if ur family thats talking try shutting ur mouth and supporting her, she needs all the positivity that she can. You NEVER get over the death of ur child so say what u will "she is Gods child, and HE got her 100 percent so lets keep Tyshells legacy alive by being loving, positive and su
Posted by Dana Harrison on November 28, 2010
supportive to a mother who has had to be faced with the thing that no mother would want to be faced with, luv u poo, always and forever, luv u too sis for putting this together, words cant describe how much i miss and luv u, tyshell thanks for looking down on us with ur angelic eyes, luv u "Pookie".
Posted by JACQUELINE MARTIN on November 27, 2010
Tyshell McDowney was my only niece. Words can’t explain how much I miss her. I wish I had one more chance to wrap my arms around her, kiss her all over her beautiful face. God doesn’t make mistakes. Thshell left us for a reason that only God knows. The pain that me and my family feel is unexplainable and with gods help will heal in time. People need to stop speaking on a painful situation

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