Shared by Richard Smith on November 2, 2020
One thing I admired about Father is that he always take pride in his appearances, especially when going to the meetings.
During those times he always called me "come here, grandson" and I have to make sure that not a gray hair remains is in his head.  All hairs have to be black and he had his looking glass, paying keen attention to what I was doing, so I have to make sure that his hair is perfectly groomed. No dandruff! No gray hairs!
His example has taught me to pay keen attention to my attire and grooming when going out, especially to the meetings.

Shared by Richard Smith on November 2, 2020
I am the first grandson, so I have the privilege of living with "Father" for a part of my life. During that time, I learned a lot from him and that time spent with him helped to chart my life course. He was a no-nonsense person, especially when it comes on to the truth. Let me give an example: Before coming in the truth, my grandmother used to go to the "Revivalist Church". I remember once, she and some of her church sisters were in the bedroom, in the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues and carrying on. No one heard Father, because he did not ride his bike from work that day. Stealthily, he crept into the house, under the cover of the noise and shouted at the top of his voice "OONU CUM OUTYA WIDI" The Holy Ghost disappeared. All the ladies scattered, including my grandmother.!!! So although at that time, Father was not that active as a of Jehovah, yet he did not tolerate Interfaith. And so his fine example has helped through the years to serve Jehovah, exclusively and without reservation.

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