Uyi Osamwanyi Ogunleye Ogunmwonyi
  • Date of passing: Jun 12, 2016
Let the memory of Uyi be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved husband, father, son and brother. Uyi Ogunmwonyi, 48, passed away on June 12, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Your prayers, words of condolence and love continues to strengthen and uplift our grieving hearts.

Rest In Peace Dad, Love Efe <3

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Abimbola Ogunmwonyi on 2nd November 2017

"Still can't believe it. We are coping. Thanks for everything, Continue to rest"

This tribute was added by Abayomi Oni-Williams on 19th June 2017

"My brother and my friend, so far yet so near. How is it up there in paradise? I really miss you bro.
Dear God, may your perpetual light shine upon our own Uyi and May you be the light that shines in the lives of his children, in your mercy protect his wife and let his memories in us remain sweet like that of the just. Amen"

This tribute was added by Abayomi Oni-Williams on 19th June 2017

"My brother and my friend, so far yet so near. How is it up there in paradise? I really miss you bro.
Dear God, may your perpetual light shine upon our own Uyi and May you be the light that shines in the lives of his children, in your mercy protect his wife and let his memories in us remain sweet like that of the just. Amen"

This tribute was added by Janet Faboyede on 13th June 2017

"Dearest bros Uyi, your legacy lives on. Your life was a blessing and your memory a treasure. May your soul continue to rest in peace and your loved ones be comforted always.
J Faboyede & family."

This tribute was added by Tayo Okanlawon on 12th June 2017

"Thank you Lord for the strength and grace given to our sister Bimbo, Abi and Efe to bear this great loss, may the Lord continue to strengthen u all. Bro Uyi, may your gentle soul continue to rest in peace.

George & Tayo Okanlawon"

This tribute was added by Tunde Akinyooye on 12th June 2017

"Our dear Uyi, how time flies but you'll remain forever in our thoughts because in the short time we knew you, you touched us in a unique way. Rest in peace gentle giant
Mr & Mrs Akinyooye"

This tribute was added by Jac Adeladan on 12th June 2017

"Our dear brother! Cannot believe it is one year already. Your loss has taught us many things and many precious memories of you. It broke our hearts to lose you but God took you home. You are now in a better place resting. May your soul continue to rest in peace. We thank God for giving Bimbo, Abi and Efe the strength to bear your loss."

This tribute was added by Funmi Karunwi on 12th June 2017

"OMG! 1 year already, just like yesterday.
Your fond memories will forever linger on in our hearts. We take solace that you are resting in the bosom of your creator, You are in a much better place. Till we meet to part no more.
Oba and Funmi Karunwi"

This tribute was added by Kola & Lola Olamiju on 12th June 2017

"Though absent, you are very near Uyi. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Continue to rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Oladipupo Alapini on 12th June 2017

"One year today you left your family and friends. Continue to rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Tim Badmus on 12th June 2017

"Osawonyi can't believe is been a year that you've left the world to a better place to rest in perfect peace. I really really missed you as a friend that only knows me in and out n can only relate to base on the trust we shared together. If I had another chance to choose a friend, definitely I would not think twice to choose you. I thank God for giving Bimbo, Abi n Efe the strength to go thru this trying period for the last One year and His goodness upon them. You will be forever missed and never be forgotten by my family. Rest in Perfect Peace

This tribute was added by Funmi Oluwa on 11th June 2017

"12/6/17- A year has gone by so quickly but Uyi your passing seems like yesterday. As sad as it is, we have numerous reasons to thank God for keeping Bimbo , Efe and Abi through this trying period. We thank God for the love of friends and family who rallied around them . We thank God that you knew him as your Lord and saviour - therefore we take comfort knowing you are in a good place.  Gone too soon but not forgotten."

This tribute was added by Abimbola Ogunmwonyi on 18th October 2016

"Honey, I keep dialing your line but no reply.Our friends are very helpful and supportive.Checking & Encouraging us.I know we'll meet again.

My car tyres developed fault and was in tears yesterday because you're no more for me to call, ask for next step or blame as usual LoL. It's all sorted now love. Continue to Rest in Peace"

This tribute was added by Abayomi Oni-Williams on 29th September 2016

"Hey Uyi, I told you, didn't I?.... APC won in Edo!! We were going to put a bet on it, remember? Sleep tight my friend... sleep tight."

This tribute was added by Abayomi Oni on 10th July 2016

"Uyistic, Uyistical.... you, me in your Lincoln Navi cruising the lekki -epe road (like the streets of cali) looking for where to eat one or two plates of good fish or hot amala..
Me, you in 'my' room in your house. U, me in 'your' room in my house, gisting, laughing, lecturing you on the ways of Naija.

Uyi but you said you would call me once you got to Lagos from Benin? why did you not call? we did not plan it this way bro.

I am yet to come to terms with your departure, someone asked of you in my village yesterday and I said you are fine. Yes, you are fine, you are a fine gentleman.

I see your mind and you saw thru mine, from that day at heathrow when we re-connected after University of Ife we stuck together, you would draw on my experience in Nigeria as a returnee and i drew on your energy and your clarity of thought.

I know how much you love Bimbo and how proud you are of your children, In one of our last gists, you emphasized how strong Bimbo is, I am sure that by God she will  stay strong to continue to nurture your dreams.

Ha my brother! so our joint search for fuel at 1 am in the morning is now over, we wont do Townsville together? the London roadshow? Oh death, shame on you!

On or around 20th of May, we were upstairs in your living room and i told you that my senior brother's burial would take place on 24th and 25th of June, you looked up and said 'awww, I wont be there because i have another burial that day', was it a coincidence that you were buried on the same day as my brother? i have been wondering if you really meant those words!

Uyiman, thank you for coming my way. you turned out to be a great teacher. your race is now completed and i salute you.

By the way, I took your advise and made up with Wale, is that a smile i see on your lips?

'Baba Ijesa, are you sure you don't need a beer before you go to bed?' you would ask - then i would grab a beer from your small fridge and as i walked down the stairs, you would say...Goodnight my brother! and my reply was always...

Thank you my brother, Goodnight.

To Bimbo, Efe & Abi, If it is this hard for me, I can't imagine how it is for you but I know for sure that you have a guardian angel in Uyi. May God be with you and fill this huge vacuum. May you be comforted. Amen"

This tribute was added by Yetunde Idowu on 10th July 2016

"I got this rude shock on Monday 13th June when my husband (Agama) sent me a message. I went downstairs to wash my eyes just to be sure of what I was reading. Then I read again. My heart beat slowed....I couldn't move for a minute. I stood still shivering ....and out of shock....o screamed out...."NO!!!". That was all I remembered and I carried my bag that morning, left the office and went home. Met my hubby devastated and all of a sudden he was running a temperature. I was short of words. Went straight to carry the pictures of him and a few other friends taken together hanging in the living room. Then I screamed again. Uncle Uyi touched my life since the day I got to know him. Now I can't count how many years back. Though it was not too long seemed I've known him for so many years. Every 26th of December we would go for his birthday. Every time we see....he's first question is "sho wa, sho toju e". I.e my hubby. The last time I saw him was January during aunty Bimbos birthday . Same words he said to me. We are still in so much shock over your death. It's hard to get out of it. I think about aunty Bimbo everyday and can't imagine what will be going through her whole mind and soul. The consolation I have right now is you knew Christ and you've gone to rest . Uncle Uyi...I would love to meet you again in my new world because you touched my life the little I got to know of you. It's a small world ...I know your brother Osa but never knew you were related. Rest in peace uncle Uyi. Aunty Bimbo, Abi and Efe....please know that God is gonna take charge from now and you all in good hands. Love you all. Yetunde (Agama)."

This tribute was added by Folakemi Adetunji on 9th July 2016

"I have put this off not wanting to believe but...
Indeed God you are awesome. We can't ask why but we have an understanding that God knows best. It doesn't stop us thinking why though!!! I remember how we came to your wedding in Lagos leaving London to celebrate this special day with you. It was such a joy even with the mosquitoes and all. Fast forward to when you and Bimbo visited us after having our son and you said "even though it was one and half hours drive, you just had to visit." This is the kind person you were. We love you but God loves you more. You would be deeply missed to say the least. We pray for strength and comfort for Bimbo, Abi and Efe. Rest in peace Uyi. Demola & Folake Adetunji."

This tribute was added by Adebola Omoegun on 9th July 2016

"Bro Uyi,

Never got to know you that well but always admired you from a distance anytime you were in church at CT.

From what I’ve gleaned from your lovely family, the things I picked up the few times I heard you speak, and the testimonies from those who knew you well, you were a man of great stature who carried himself with uncommon dignity and conducted his affairs with incredible foresight and vision.

It was Billy Graham that said ‘The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.

As I write this, I am confident that your legacy will live on through your family. That your calling on this earth to support and inspire that amazing woman, (aunty Bimbo), to raise that brilliant young lady (Abi) and that strong young man (Efe) will continue to bear fruit for generations to come.

May God in his infinite mercy grant your family, the faith, understanding, strength, peace and hope required to carry on at this time and everything they’ll need to fulfil all your dreams for their lives. May he grant all those who knew and loved you the strength and wisdom to achieve as much as you did in such a short space of time.

Adieu bro………"

This tribute was added by Kola & Lola Olamiju on 8th July 2016

"Ha Uyi!

That’s not what we agreed. You went rather too soon, but we take comfort in the book of Job 1:21, “.............the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh”. God knows best.

We write this with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of a friend. When we heard that Uyi had left us, everything came to a halt. How could that be possible? Uyi’s death continues to have a profound impact on us. When writing this tribute, I had to take moments off to wipe away the tears that welled up in my eyes. Is that how people go without saying goodbye, and never to be seen again?

We mourn with Bimbo, Abi and Efe the passing away of a good man. Uyi touched so many lives for good with his kindness. He went out of his way to support and encourage others, even in the midst of adversity. We pray that his sweet memories will bring Bimbo, Abi and Efe peace and joy at all times.

You will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.

Kola & Lola Olamiju"

This tribute was added by Sade Otegbeye on 4th July 2016

I am still lost for words till date. The news of your passing was a real shock. God knows best. I believe you are resting in the Lord. He giveth and taketh and that's our assurance in christ. We are consoled about the fact that you are in a better place. May the holy spirit comfort bimbola, Efe and Abi. It won't be easy but God will intervene. I haven't gotten over it to be honest. I will be there for Abimbola. We love you loads.

Segun and Sade otegbeye"

This tribute was added by Charles Oribabor on 1st July 2016

"Uyi our families are one. Your father is my Godfather and our families are one.

it is a faithful saying : For if we dead with Him, we shall also live with him. You have many good testimonies of your exemplary life in Christ. There is a word that applies to your life in Psalm 116:15 which reads......"PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD IS THE DEATH OF HIS SAINTS "
You gave your life to Jesus and were a  living testimony and the good works God has done in you will continue even now ! You have gone home to be with the lord but you left us with an excellent template of how to live a life in Christ! Thank you for your testimony .  God bless your family . I will surely miss you my brother in Christ."

This tribute was added by Tim Badmus on 29th June 2016

"Osawonyi, I have known you more than half of my life and we've been loyal and supportive to each other all this years. A lot of people that knows us, knew how close we are and they always see us together and never parted for the past 34yrs. We became friend from the first time we met since 34 yrs ago. You stood by me and you & Bimbo make sure I joined you in the UK in the 90's. You are not just a friend, you are a brother more than a blood brother from another parents. Proverb 18:24"A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother". And that's what you are to me always. You are not just a best friend from afar, but a friend in the time of needs. You will always look out for the best for me and my family. If there is anything that happened in my family , You and Bimbo would be the first people to be there to make sure we are ok and support in anyway you can if needed. You are the first UNCLE of my children that they knows and would forever knows, because they believe we r brothers not just friends. I thanked God you gave your life to Christ before you leave this earth. I never knew that when me and Abi spoke to you on that faithful Saturday evening, would be the last time I would hear your voice again.  I know you've gone to be with the Lord, I wish tears can bring you back. I would have cried for years. You showed true love and caring to me and my family. We will all missed you. Rest In Perefect Peace My beloved brother n friend forever. Adieu UYI.
The Badmus Family."

This tribute was added by Mausi Adewakun on 29th June 2016

"Our dear Uyi,we are so blessed to have met you
You truly are a Gem!You were such a lovely person
I remember the very first Christmas after we met you and Bimbola came over to drop my birthday gift and Christmas gifts for my whole family very early in the morning!!You definitely had other drops to make but it only proves how kind,loving and caring a person you were
You are sorely missed and our only comfort is that you are resting in peace with God almighty

Sun re o
Demola & Mausi Adewakun"

This tribute was added by Biyi Adewuni on 28th June 2016

"A tribute to our dear friend Uyi!
The the rude shock of your sudden departure was simply devastating. We couldn't and still can't believe that you have gone. 'Our Senator' as we fondly call you, we will miss you dearly. We reminisce with a warmth in our hearts the times that you would come and pick Bimbo from our office in Ilford and how we both would tag along home with you guys and just spend time together. Even though we parted ways for several years, when we were reunited it was as if you guys had never left our lives. Bimbo always used to remind us how much you rate us as friends and we were always truly touched.

Last year, about this time exactly we were both in your home as you supported us through the launch of our foundation in Nigeria. We were truly honoured and grateful for the love and support you showed us. We also had the privilege of spending your last Christmas and birthday together. Uyi, we have searched our hearts to find a bad word to say about you but can't find any.

We won't ask why, we don't know why, but we know that there is a special angel in heaven now called Uyi who I'm sure is looking down at us all smiling and telling us not to be worried. We pledge to stand by Bimbo, Abi and Efe and not let you down in our quest to ensure that they are cared for.

Farewell Uyi, we will miss you but be sure to rest in peace dear friend.
Tunde and Biyi Adewumi"

This tribute was added by Joe oluwa on 26th June 2016

"Uyi, you went too soon, i and my family are struggling to come to terms with your loss;It is with great sadness that i am writing this tribute.You are a lovely person to be around,always smiling,always pleasant.I remember me calling you to say i want to come and visit you and we were met to agree a date before you went back; not knowing that will be the last time i will see you on this side of the planet.God knows why?,may your gentle soul rest at the bosom of God Almighty.....RIPP Uyi.....God Almighty will give your family the substenance grace IJMN"

This tribute was added by Endy Okonkwo on 25th June 2016

"Bimbo, My wife and I are lost for words. The passing of Uyi is a great shock to us. Surely, God tend to take away his lovely saints early. Uyi, you touched many and your humility clearly defines who you are and your purpose. The time spent on mother earth was short but very purposefull. May God look upon your gentle soul and grant you eternal glory, till we meet again in his glorious arms. Sleep gentle Uyi, for only God knows why he took you so soon from us. Your race you ran well though the distant so short. It is well with your soul.
Bimbo, Our faith must not fail us now, for God shall stand and fill the vacum left by Uyi. For those who stand in Christ shall death not know. Uyi is not dead, but he is with Christ!!. On the resurrection day we shall all unite again.
Uyi we will no more cry for you but praise God. Amen.
Ichie & Lolo Okonkwo (Endy & Ronke).... London."

This tribute was added by Tayo Okanlawon on 25th June 2016

"My dear sister Bimbo, am so sorry and sad to hear about Bro Uyi's demise, may your loving memories brings you comfort and strengthen you and the children at this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, God knows best sis, may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace IJN.

Tayo Okanlawon and family"

This tribute was added by kemi Ajenifuja on 25th June 2016

"We are deeply saddened to hear about Uyi passing.........still like a dream to us.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Bimbo, the children and the entire family at this very difficult time. I will never forget the image of Uyi's gentle and bright face when I first meet him at Dennison Point in London Stratford.
May God give him eternal rest, peace and the family the strength to bear the great pain. SUN REE O!!!

Kemi Ajenifuja and family"

This tribute was added by Olugbenga ige Idowu on 25th June 2016

"Hmmm attah boy..... there is no word to quantify and or qualify your kind of person. If I go back to memory lane I will be lost and when I finally find my path sadness would overwhelm me knowing you are forever gone... you are cordially missed my friend, my condolences especiallyto your beautiful wife,woman of valour, a woman among all women and of course the children he left behind. Please take heart, may God continue to console you lot, Amen."

This tribute was added by Bose Atannagbowo on 25th June 2016

"What a brilliant, fantastic, witty, hardworking brother-in-law to have! You are truly an example to fathers, brothers, in-laws and friends. You are the kindest of kindest, considerate, understanding and caring.You have done well and evidence is showing in your beautiful family.  We will rejoice in the Lord for all the great memories you have from friends and family.

You will  live in our hearts and always be remembered. The most important is leaving a Legacy you have surely done this and more! You are truly love by all who have had the wonderful opportunity to meet you.

The Lord will keep watching over all of us.

Rest in the Lord.

Bose Alabi (Atannagbowo)"

This tribute was added by Bayo Oyekan on 25th June 2016

"My condolence to Bimbo and the children. May the Lord give you the fortitudetobeartheloss. May Uyi's soul rest in peace. In the face of the sorrow and sadness...We give glory to God for an exceptional life. Words cannot describe a gem taking away from us."

This tribute was added by Bose Opeseitan on 24th June 2016

"So sorry to hear of your passing Uncle Uyi. It is difficult to come to terms with. Most of my contact with you was at church- didn't get to know you personally but all I have heard about you have been kind words. May your soul rest in peace.
Praying that God's grace abound to Sis Bimbo and the children and,uphold  you at a time as this. May all the loving memories bring you comfort and keep your loved one alive in your heart."

This tribute was added by Fadeke Adesanya on 24th June 2016

"I still cannot believe I am writing this tribute. I write this with a very heavy heart. You were not just a friend, you were also a brother. You were loving, caring and generous. I remember the joy, laughter and smiles we shared. I remember your favourite words to me 'Are you alright'?, I remember the many times you stood up for me. I am deeply saddened by your loss but God knows best. You may be gone but your memory still lives on. You will always have a special place in my heart. RIP brother."

This tribute was added by Edosa Ogunmwonyi on 24th June 2016

"This is a very sad day for me,there is nothing I can say that can alleviate my grief,but I would like to share some very few but fond memories and personal attributes that made my elder brother, my father and friend such a wonderful person.
My brother mr Osamwanyi ogunmwonyi was always there for me, my brother was a character,he always had a smile on his face,his easy going ,relaxed nature made him a delight to be around with,he was a very peaceful and trustworthy brother to me and others he was closed to.
Some of the things I respect most about my elder brother was that even though he had such an easy going nature,he also had a serious side,he was very strict,very organised and clean, was a good family man,and will say things the way they are,very industrious,successful in business.
His last word to me was "don't worry Edosa,things will be better very soon".
I will miss my elder brother more than words can say,we should all be thankful for knowing him for the brief and impact full life he lived on earth.
I hope that everyone remembers how wonderful a person he was and that his memory will continue to live on in our hearts and minds.edosa."

This tribute was added by Funmi Oluwa on 24th June 2016

"The day we heard the news still seems like a dream - how could it be, its not possible, what do you mean! We question, we weep but God knows why. We say may the Lord give us the grace to accept the things we can't understand - this is one of those things. I remember happy times with  you & the family- spending Xmas day (your birthday)  together playing charades, New Years 2016, Bimbos birthday etc . These are what we have now - memories. We are comforted in the knowledge that you knew the Lord & therefore are in a better place able to watch over my dear friend Bimbo and the children. Your legacy will live on in Abi and Efe and we promise to be there for them always. Rest in perfect peace dear one.
Lanre & Funmi Oluwa"

This tribute was added by Aminat Ologunebi on 23rd June 2016

"To a kind-hearted man we called Uncle, your passing came as a shock to us when we found out. I couldn't help, but think back to our first trip back to Nigeria where you were there to help us with anything we needed. As your passing hurts the family, we know God knows best. You will forever be missed and we pray for strength for Aunty, Abi and Efe during this tough time.
Love always,
The Ologunebi Family x"

This tribute was added by Paul Obatuyi on 23rd June 2016

"RIP My Beloved friend Uyi Ogunmwonyi. You will surely be missed.
My beloved friend who just passed away recently we will miss you dearly. We became friends after we both Modeled and took part in the Maltonic malt drink advert and then after appeared in so many other adverts together. I even Modeled for him at the south bank Uni for his Uni project, i was the best man at his wedding when he married the love of his life and an amazing lady. We will always remember his white Toyota Supra when I live with him at Dennis on point Stratford we had so much fun he was a true gentleman.   Only God knows why he took you so early from us even though he was born on Christmas day I guess he knows best. Rest in peace my bother Uyi Ogunmwonyi. you have left so many friends who you were very dear to behind, we will never forget you. God bless his famity and close ones that he has left behind we are all still in shock but we know you will be by God's side in heaven."

This tribute was added by Adeboye Taiwo on 23rd June 2016

"I remember Dennison Point. We are all family friends and it's sad to hear about your death. You will be missed. God will comfort your wife and children as the Lord knows best. Rest In Peace Uyi"

This tribute was added by EHI OSAGHAE on 23rd June 2016


This tribute was added by meru olaosebikan on 22nd June 2016


What can I say, the last time I saw you after 15 years was at my dad's  service of song in January. Word cannot express the shock when I heard that you have passed to glory. I kept saying it can't be true and could not sleep. The only thing I can say is God knows best. I remember the love you show my family when we were in the states, looking after Niño when I gave birth to your Goddaughter Jadesola. You were there for us, your selflessness, always thinking of others.

I will surely miss your gentle smile, kindness, word of encouragement and charm. You indeed left too soon but the only consolation is that you are in a better place.

My heart goes out to the entire family,  especially Bimbo, Abi and Efe. You are forever in our thoughts. Uyi Sleep well, sleep well, sleep well.


This tribute was added by Adebanke Aboaba on 22nd June 2016

"I still think it's some kind of joke, where you would call me and say Aunty banke and you laugh. God know best. Uncle Uyi, you call me your first born, you were there when I was born, you've celebrated so many milestones with me from my first birthday to 30th to my introduction standing as my small daddy as you said, to me having my son. You've cried with me in my most vulnerable moment, laughed with me in my most happiest. I can't believe you're gone, but i know you're in a better place smiling at me.  Who will I call to report Aunty to, who will I call to ask for advice about marriage from, who will I call and suck up too, who will give me the big hugs you do. My heart is broken, but am consoled by knowing your smiling down on us and saying 'gba be o'. You've taught me how to be patient in life, alway think before acting or saying anything. My small daddy, I love u so much, I promise to be that woman you taught me to be, God fearing, hard working, respectful wife and a praying mother. I promise not to let you down, I promise Ayo will know of you. It breaks my heart you will not see him, but I know you're watching over him.  
Rest well my small daddy. I love you, Kunmi loves you and Ayo loves you."

This tribute was added by Peace Adetoro on 22nd June 2016

"Last week, I was given the saddest news ever; it is still hard to believe. It’s taken all this time to except that my friend Uyi has gone. I just want to wake up to be told it was all a bad dream. Each passing day just confirms the reality. Through the smiles on my face, I have been carrying a heavy burden of sadness in my heart. While life goes on for us all, its feels like the World as stopped moving for Bimbo and Uyi's children.

I was 12 years old when I was forced into a school, I didn't want to be in. I felt hopeless; Uyi gave me my sense of pride back. He was the President of the literally and debating society and he lead us to victory each time. I was so proud to call him my friend then and it didn't stop there. We enjoyed a friendship that lasted over 35 years. Even when we were thousand miles apart, be it in the US or Nigeria, the fact that he was there was good enough for me. Now that he has gone is too hard to bear.

Uyi my darling friend, has we prepare to finally draw the curtain on a life well spent; we will take solace in the fact that God always takes the best first. It’s not about how long you live your life; it’s about how well you live it. Uyi, you lived your life so well. Rest in Peace my brother; till we meet again, you will always have a place in my heart. Sleep well my Gentle Giant."

This tribute was added by Kemmy Owolabi on 22nd June 2016

"Unquestionable God........Who are we to question His Authority.  With deepest heart and SHOCK, we write this tribute to our beloved Brother UYI. Gone too soon to meet with His creator at his prime.....
He was a man of kind heart, friendly, warm to be with and ever smiling. Words cannot express the feeling of pain, your darling... Sister Bimbo, children Abi and Efe are going through, but one thing we know for sure..... God will give them the fortitude to bear your departure.  
Rest on Brother UYI in the bossom of the Almighty.  Till we meet to part no more.
Rest In Peace.

Kayode and kemI Olu- Owolabi"

This tribute was added by Moses Idowu on 22nd June 2016

"Why do the good ones have to be taken so soon ? The planet just lost a star. BFG, calm nd easy going. Always asking if you are ok. Jide he said to me many years ago 'it should be about what u need nd not what you want' and that has help me all my life. Bro UYI myself, my family nd the many life's you touched will miss u. Rest well in the hands of the almighty."

This tribute was added by Abimbola Ogunmwonyi on 22nd June 2016

"Honey, my Gentle Giant, your departure is still a SHOCK to me. What can I say other than memories of 35yrs will forever remain in me. You were the most AWESOME and KIND man on this earth. I can't use enough words to describe my Honey - Loving, Caring, Selfless, Knowledgeable, Peaceful, Smart, Gentle, A Giver, Dependable, Approachable, Humble and Modest, Confident, Adviser,
Affectionate and playful with his girls in the house - (his daughter and wife),

I still can't believe my soulmate is gone to rest with the Lord. My husband rarely gets upset, doesn't like arguing, always wants the best for his family, Honey doesn't like anyone being moody around the house, he keeps me company every Saturday in our kitchen while cooking for the week, He'll make me a cup of tea every weekend in the morning while I'm still in bed, he'll tell me "Bimbola you are always right" after most arguments and apologise. He always says he'll give up his life for me and our young adults. Every 1st day of the month my husband fasts for the family. He refers to this day as his children's special day. He'll ask our young adults to send him their Uni coursework/assignments for him to review before submission, always advising them of the real world and how to be successful. He tells them failure is not an option as far as he is concerned.

Honey what is going to happen to all our grocery shopping trips to Tesco, Sainsbury, Costco and Makro, you pushing the trolley and I pick items?
Who will now be chasing and tickling Abi and Myself in the house when our mood change?
Who is going to do all the fasting?
Who is going to make my weekend cup of Tea in Bed?
Who is going to continue to push me to attain my dreams?
I have a lot of questions to ask but as it is God's know best.

I am definitely sure you are in the right place watching, protecting & fighting a lot of battles on our behalf. I was blessed to have had you as a Husband, Soulmate, Friend, Companion, Partner and a Confidant. I will forever cherish all the years and love you have shown me. I will always remember your statement ~ 'I will die for you and our children Bimbo'

May your good soul rest in perfect peace. I definitely know you are in a better place. You left a great legacy behind and that will be cherished forever.  I love you and forever will. Rest in Peace my WHOLE!!!"

This tribute was added by Bayo Bello on 22nd June 2016

"Brother Uyi, it was like a terrible nightmare! The news that you have departed left everyone of us a bitter taste in our mouth. How I wish it is just a nightmare! I pray that your gentle soul will rest in perfect peace, and the good Lord will give the family behind the fortitude to bear the loss."

This tribute was added by Tunde Akinyooye on 22nd June 2016

"Our dear Uyi, we thank God for your life and glorify the name of the Lord for leaving a legacy of love and devotion for us to emulate. You're a kind, generous and a devoted family man. We'll forever be grateful for your unconditional support for making our son's wedding in Sept 2015 a massive success it was.  Your friendship has been a blessing to us as a family. We'll forever cherish your love. Mr & Mrs Akinyooye"

This tribute was added by Olukunle Adebayo on 21st June 2016


This tribute was added by Olatunde Adedeji on 21st June 2016

"Uyi!!!Your Death leaves a heartache.But Love u showed leaves a memory no one can steal . Writing what you mean to me is a difficult task/undertaking. A million computers working in synchrony can never fully enumerate the depth of your personality . Your departure is not entirely a loss . For you it is a gain ;to be with the lord . For us ,it is a deep lesson in the things of God. It is also to warn us  that the great day of the Lord is coming. You are surely in a better Place. That is good for us,but also a challenge for us . You were a rare gem and special in the creature of God. You lived an exemplary life of love . A lot of energy channelled to appropriate and worthy causes . Generous to a fault,compassionate,always looking out for the well being of others ,giving your time,energy and resources to the benefit of all around you.Your various trips to visit me@ibadan with your ENTIRE FAMILY anytime u were all on holiday in Nigeria epitomise u as a genuine brother;Your reliability was never in doubt;A part of you which of you which no one ever mentioned in tributes is that u were a wonderful son&never a son in law to Bimbo family;I'm privilege to attend Bimbo maternal grand mum  80th birthday with u@Abeokuta;Bimbo grand mum burial&8th day Fidau@Abeokuta with u;Your warm&good disposition to your in laws challenged but motivated me to be more like a son to my own in laws;  
Bimbo has lost not just a husband ,but a friend ,a confidant ,an alter ego ,a third arm and a dependable and trusted ally. The children,Abi and Efe has lost a popsie ,a pop fun," a groomer who instilled them strong christian and family values.   You cloned yourself in our minds.My kids mourn you; You have left an indelible footprint of what true friendship is in my heart. You deserve praises, not tears, smiles not sorrows,happiness not sadness . May God continue to protect and provide for the loved ones you have left behind. God will give you eternal rest. Our love for you is a memory no one can steal from us ,you are forever in our hearts . Rest in Perfect Peace "BIG JAY"as I used to call u&u 'll beam your infectious smile&grin!The unquestionable God definitely loves u more JAY
Tunde&Bola Adedeji"

This tribute was added by Francis Bolaji on 21st June 2016

"Mr Uyi,  I just met you not too long and it feels like I have known you for so long, you're a gentleman but why go now? Who are we to judge the almighty God because he knows best. It's a shock though to everyone, because I was chatting with you on Friday to sort out your server email box and I said you will get it by Monday. Monday comes, I was speechless to hear the sad news but my thought is with Abim and the children, Oluwa aduro ti won. May your soul rest in peace. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Olatunji Adesida on 21st June 2016

"Sad news, I remember you and the lovely family.
May the LORD grant you eternal rest.
Rest on Sir till resurrection with CHRIST."

This tribute was added by Dorcas Aina on 21st June 2016

"Dear uncle Uyi. It is so sad to hear about your death. Words are not enough to express how sorry we feel. We cannot imagine the pain and sadness your family is going through right now. We pray to God that he will give them strength they need to overcome the pain they are feeling. Dear Aunty Bimbo, pls accept our condolences. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time.
May God keep uncle Uyi by his side. Amen.

           Dorcas Aina and Family"

This tribute was added by Mj Oshati on 21st June 2016

"Uncle your gentle face will forever be missed. Sitting at the adjacent to the choristers in the church yoir humble deeds, always with your family. Hmmm! The news of your passing on was a total shock to everyone but I believe that God knows the best who are we to question Him. You have left a footpath that can never be earsed.  May your soul find rest at the blossom  of our Lord. Sun re o till we meet and path no more"

This tribute was added by Tolulope Dairo on 21st June 2016

"I only met you once (and probably saw you in CT briefly) and that was last year during CT's Sports day. You were going to the judges several times fighting for your house because you wanted your house to win. We've started planning the sports day for this year and we were actually thinking of adding you to the judges for this year's sports day not knowing you'll be no more. As people will say, Man proposes God disposes.
Auntie Bimbo and family, No one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. However, take comfort in knowing that he is now resting in the arms of our Lord. My deepest condolences to you and your family. May God send you the comforter to comfort you in all areas and may he grant you the fortitude to bear this loss.

He'll surely be missed!"

This tribute was added by Nelson osaghae on 21st June 2016

"Bros Uyi is a man I have little or no time to relate with, although I admire him and his family,  right from the day sis Bimbo told me and my wife that her husband is from Bini , where me and my family hail from. his death is a great loss, may God Almighty grant his soul rest and grant his entire family the fortitude to bear this great loss. he will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Oyinda Kesinro on 21st June 2016

"To a wonderful, kind, gentle-spirited soul. Uncle you are and will be sorely missed but the impression you have left is a testament to your amazing character. You were a joy to be around and it was always lovely to see you, you were always smiling and checking on how each of us were doing with your classic phrase 'are you alright darling?'. We will never forget you and you will live on in this family through Aunty, Abi and Efe and we will always be there for them. May you rest in perfect peace. We love you very much and will remember you fondly, always. Love the Kesinro family x"

This tribute was added by esther Adesanya on 21st June 2016

"So sorry to hear of your death I have always seen you as a quiet and humble man, I pray that God will comfort Bimbo and your children at this very sad time. I always thought you and Bimbo would grow old together but God knows best. Rest in eternal peace Uyi."

This tribute was added by Oba karunwi on 21st June 2016

"The curtain had fallen on a GENTLE HUMBLE GIANT, I believe the first test of a truly great man is in his humility, you are one, I can testify. And a great man is one who leaves others at a loss after he is gone, you left us with more than a “loss”. I know that it is a curious thing, the death of a loved one because we all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up underneath some sheet, never to wake up. And yet it is always a surprise when it happens to someone we know… but yours was too much of a SHOCK… Rest in the bosom of Our Lord Jesus, my friend, my Brother and CT Sports Housemate."

This tribute was added by Efe Ogunmwonyi on 21st June 2016


My father is my role model. Whilst you were alive you were the person I looked to for advice and the person who guided me through life.

I will truly miss the discussions we used to have in the office or on the phone; about school, work or how we could each better our own lives.
The advice you gave me was best to none and it deeply saddens me that you are no longer here.

The love you showed me was phenomenal and you taught me so much in 20 years that words can't even begin to describe. I am yet to meet a person with a kind soul like yours and I don't believe I will in my life.

The love you showed our family was remarkable and I know what you would want me to do now, and as long as I am alive I will do my utmost best to make you proud and protect this family as you have taught me.

May God bless your soul and our family. May he continue to guide us through this ordeal and may he continue to protect us.  

I love you with all my heart and may your soul rest in perfect peace "G"."

This tribute was added by Abi Ogunmwonyi on 21st June 2016

"No words could describe the pain that we are in. To lose someone so close to you so suddenly with no warning is the definition of heartbreak I keep grabbing my chest thinking this is some sort of sick dream.
Thank you for all the love, my dad was the most loving, calmest, peaceful, funny, smartest man I've ever ever known. I know exactly what he would want right now so we are trying to do that but it's hard. We continue to pray that his soul is resting in as much peace as he bestowed upon us.

Everyday is precious. Value your loved ones, never take them for granted. My dad made a habit of saying "I love you" at the end of every conversation and that was the last thing we said to each other. I love you daddy."

This tribute was added by Janet Faboyede on 21st June 2016

"It is so sad to hear about your death brother Uyi. God will comfort your lovely family with his love.  God will wrap them in his strong embrace and calm their grieving and anxious minds always . Tope J Faboyede & family."

This tribute was added by Ayoola Ayinde on 21st June 2016

"Uyi, its still like a dream to me that you are no longer with us here on planet earth. I look through the pictures and realise that is all we now have as memories of you. Thank GOD for time well spent and good memories. You are indeed gone to soon❗️However the good news is that those who are in Christ Jesus leave here to go to the place that is prepared for us according to John 14:3. Rest in perfect peace, GOD will watch over Bimbo, Abi and Efe."

This tribute was added by Omosigho Eboreime Okunrobo on 21st June 2016

"Dear Uncle Uyi,looking back to the first day l melt you at CROYDON Tabernacle with Anutie Bimbo, you were so down to earth When you interacted with me, it was as if you knew me before then. I struggled to accept the fact that you are gone but l know that you are in a better place singing with the Angels and am consoled by the fact that you were indeed a rare gem never to be forgotten. You were kind, humble,very friendly, approachable and loving but God knows it all.l can't ask God why. I pray that the good Lord will give Anutie Bimbo, Abby and Efe the fortitude to bear the great loss.Amen

Adieu uncle
You will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Yinka Popoola on 21st June 2016

"I've known you for over 35 years Uyi. I can confidently say your kind of person is rare, and I've only met 3 other humans like you. Your good nature, kindness and loyalty is uncommon. You're not a friend but a brother. Words can not describe how we feel but the most important thing for us now is to support Bimbo n your children. RIPP my King Kong brother."

This tribute was added by Funmi Karunwi on 21st June 2016

"Gone too soon Bruv! I am still struggling to come to terms with the fact that it's true and real that you are no more .i believe God knows best as he is unquestionable.who are we to query God and ask why? You will be fondly missed Brother Uyi ! You have left a place for your memory to linger on,in our hearts,especially your smile, your kind and giving heart. We all miss you @ CT. God loves you most, continue to rest in the bosom of your creator . You have fought the good fight of faith as we see your demise as the exit of a legend in my family. It is well with everyone you have left behind. We will surely meet, to part no more .
Adieu  to a "great man"             Funmi Karunwi"

This tribute was added by Martins Odigbo on 21st June 2016

"Uyi, My heart still bleed for Bimbo and the children as you departed so soon.  No amount of words can bring you back, but your death is teaching us to learn how to live our life for the appointment we have no control over.  You are one of the quiet guys, and I can remember now how you used to work hard at school; carrying all those big text books like lambert, Hume to mentioned but few.  May the Lord uphold Bimbo, the children and the people you have left behind in shock, only the God of all comfort can comfort everyone in time like this.    

When death has come and taken our loved ones
Leaving our homes so lonely and drear;
Then do we wonder how others prosper
Living so wicked year after year.

Farther along we'll know more about it.
Farther along we'll understand why;
Cheer up my people live in the sunshine
We'll understand it all by and by."

This tribute was added by Uche Wemambu on 21st June 2016

"I remember the first day we met you and how you took my Tobe as ur third member of ur family and you were there for her all through until 10th June! Uncle Uyi, you will forever be missed by my family! You went too soon but God knows best. Your memories will be with us forever! One thing I'm confident is that "whosoever believed in Jesus shall not perish, but have everlasting life" uncle Uyi, I know that you are very much alive and in a better place. You were a wonderful Father and husband that had evidence 24/7. You will be missed greatly!
I pray The sweet Holy Spirit will comfort Aunty Bimbo,  Abby and Efe and grant them the fortitude to bear the loss IJN.

Lots of love
Paul, Tobe and Uche Wemambu"

This tribute was added by Oladipupo Alapini on 21st June 2016

"Yoruba adage goes "Iku ma ni ka ooo" Dear friend,  I never knew talking with you just 5 days before this sad incident will be my last time of talking to you. Was waiting patiently for you to get back from Benin on Sunday for us to conclude our discussion only to be confronted with the sad news of your death. Still finding it hard to believe. However, God knows best. May your gentle Soul continue to rest in the blossom of the Lord. May God give you Wife and Children the strength to bear this untimely death of yours. Amen."

This tribute was added by Jac Adeladan on 20th June 2016

"O death! Where is thy sting? O grave! where is thy victory?" Your passing Uyi came as a rude shock to me and my family. I remember those years at Dennison Point in Stratford and the times our families spent together in London visiting each other, having fun at one family party to the other. You were always cool, gentle, humble and charming. We all had great times and fun memories together. Uyi you went too soon but we thank God for your life because you are in a better place.We know you are in heaven without any worries or problems. For flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God but thanks be to God who giventh us the victory over death through our Lord Jesus Christ.You were jovial, peaceful, respectful and loving brother to everyone. You were an amazing father to your kids and wonderful husband to Bimbo. May your soul rest in peace. May the Lord give Bimbo, Abi and Efe the fortitude to bear this loss. You will surely be missed.Rest in peace and in the blossom of the Lord brother. The Lord will protect and watch over Bimbo and the kids.

Dotun, Wemimo & family"

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