Oh Joy
  • 40 years old
  • Born on July 25, 1972 in Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on July 16, 2013 in Ohio, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Valerie Coffey 40 years old , born on July 25, 1972 and passed away on July 16, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Alana Thomas on 28th January 2016
Hello big sister. I am not sure why you are on my mind today. I have been missing you quite a bit lately. I wish you could be here to meet Addie. She is such a sweet little girl and hands down the light of my life. You would have been a great grandma. Sure hope I can do a decent substitution :(
Posted by Britney Couch on 19th February 2014
Please MOM come back, please you and Grandma come back! please mom, I promise to be a better daughter! PLEASE mommy! come back! Please! I promise I'll be better! Please!
Posted by Brently Hegge on 26th January 2014
Hows It Going Mama, Im A Friend Of Brittney From Nku And Have Heard A Lot About You. Just Wanted To Say Im Sad I Never Got To Meet You, But You Raised A Fine Daughter Who Is And Will Be Watched Over By good Friends That Love Her Like Family. Sincery, Ren
Posted by Maxwell Koffey on 25th January 2014
Mom, It's me--I know your up in heaven watching over me. I just miss you soo much mommy! I wish I could see you. I'm doing drag now on top of school and work. I made my last name the same as yours cause you I wanted something to constantly keep me grounded. But out of respect for you I didn't spell it correctly. I love you mommy!
Posted by Britney Couch on 16th November 2013
Wow mom not a day goes by that I don't think about you. And I can't believe your gone I just damn mom. This completely sucks and i wish I knew what to do. Life just seems to be going Stephanie and I are no longer friends she told me to leave her alone. School is just going I hope I pass but IDK if I will. Mom, things haven't been the same without you. Love Brit, your princess.
Posted by Alana Thomas on 26th October 2013
As horrible as it is, I have tried to avoid this site for the last month or so. I still can't listen to the whole song. I have to mute the sound because for some reason music puts a realness to my thoughts and I just can not deal with it. It is so strange, I find myself thinking of you at some of the strangest times and it makes me wonder if it is you...I miss you Sis.
Posted by Britney Couch on 25th October 2013
I love you mommy. Watch over me, Pat, and Robbie-please ask God to heal Granny...I can't believe that she has Lung cancer mommy! It's just so hard mommy knowing we just lost you, and now we Granny has lung cancer. It just sucks, I'll keep praying though mommy. Please pray with me and ask God to heal mamaw!
Posted by Britney Couch on 16th August 2013
Mom, Today I moved into my dorm, your baby girl finally left the nest. I wish you were here it'd make this a whole lot easier. I just wanna cry but I can't let myself start cause if I do I won't be able to stop. This is soo scary mommy, But I know your watching over me. Looks like your finally in college mom. I love you mom!
Posted by Britney Couch on 8th August 2013
Mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy, just saying your friends are worse than you about when I'm sick. Man mommy I remember growing up and when my tummy would feel yucky you'd make it feel better. And I could really go for some of your long noodles and a coke. I love you!
Posted by Tara Barger on 6th August 2013
Val I dont know how I am just now hearing about this! I just talked to you a day before....miss your crazy text and calls. I miss you so much already girl....love you.
Posted by Tara Silver on 6th August 2013
well a day hasn't gone by that I haven't thought about you. I miss you so very much. I miss everything about you. I cant believe you are really gone. there was so many plans that we had and now I have to do it by myself and think of you the whole time. I find myself crying a lot. just thinking of you. well I will see you sometime but not soon enough. I love you Valerie lynn coffey
Posted by Alana Thomas on 6th August 2013
Oh big sister. I am really missing you today. Here I am trying to get ready to go on a vacation of a lifetime and all I can think about is how you never got to go on a cruise. Im saddened that you were cheated out of it. I still smile when I think about the time you asked me if I thought you could fish off of the ship. I sure hope I am wrong about the whole God thing.
Posted by Britney Couch on 5th August 2013
So guess what mom, the head of physical security where I work he already has picked me out and likes what he sees. My boss' boss has pin pointed me and likes what he sees. Can you believe that!
Posted by Anthony Coffey on 2nd August 2013
I am thinking about you alot VAL! I miss you :(
Posted by Alana Thomas on 1st August 2013
Well big sister, I'm sure missing you right now. I don't ever know when to expect to tears but boy they sure get me sometimes. Patrick isissing you a lot right now too but I don't know how to help him. He needs to find his own way. Thank you for bringing him into this world, and I'm so sorry you had to leave before I could tell you that in perso . I love you so much!
Posted by Tara Silver on 31st July 2013
I miss you so much valerie there isn't a day that has gone bye that i haven't thought about you. It wasnt fair that god took you from us on such short notice. I just would have told you that I love you and I will miss you and love you forever and always you had the biggest heart of anyone I no. You would have givin the shirt off your back if someone needed it. That is probably why god needed you.
Posted by Tom Brightman on 30th July 2013
I was browsing this beautiful memorial site and saw your surname which is also mine.. Brightman Coffey..Although a stranger from across the pond, I wish you heavenly rest and my condolences to all your family and friends..... Forgive my intrusion.... Rest In Peace......
Posted by Britney Couch on 25th July 2013
Hey momma, well I started my new job yesterday. It was pretty cool...but I woke up this morning and said its mommy's birthday so happy happy happy birthday!
Posted by Alana Thomas on 25th July 2013
Happy birthday big sister. You would have been 41 today. You told mom that you didn't want to be 41 because it was too close to 50. Well they say be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. Sadly that is the case here. Hopefully this year you get to enjoy doing whatever it is that you want to do! Love you!
Posted by Rev Joe on 25th July 2013
Really bummed you did not make it to this birthday Val. I hope you do not mind us celebrating for you. Thanks for being my friend. You are missed :(
Posted by Trisha Joneswilliams on 25th July 2013
Happy birthday besty I will come see you later I miss you like crazy I love u birthday girl!!!!!!!:-( wish I could call and tell u that!!!!!!! The baby's really miss their aunt Val!!!!!!!!
Posted by Anthony Coffey on 25th July 2013
Happy Birthday Valerie, I sure do miss you.!
Posted by Britney Couch on 25th July 2013
I hope momma you like the blue birdie I got you for your birthday. Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear mommy happy birthday to you! Today mommy was my second day at my new job man momma I am tired! I love you! Happy Birthday!
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
To my one and only big sister. I can not believe I am sitting here right now writing a memorial to you. I can not understand why at this point in your life, you had to leave. I miss you more than I could ever imagine, and I feel a sorrow that is impossible to understand. May you now have the happiness and peace that eluded you throughout your life here on Earth. Love always, your only sis.
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
9:00 O'clock... good, 10:00 O'clock... still good, 11:00 O'clock....????, 12 Midnight.... Good, 1am, 2am, 3am.... Come On!!!! I can't rest in peace because the position has already been filled!!!!! I Love You Sis!!! And I am So Happy You Have Peace Finally.... But it's so hard to know I have sooo Long before I will get to Kiss and Hug you again....I Love You! Until Then!!
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
9:00 O'clock... good, 10:00 O'clock... still good, 11:00 O'clock....????, 12 Midnight.... Good, 1am, 2am, 3am.... Come On!!!! I can't rest in peace because the position has already been filled!!!!! I Love You Sis!!! taken from Valeries facebook page from Amy Brossart on July 18
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
Well I said goodbye to you today momma. Probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Too soon. I know you were excited to be a grandma. Wish I had one more day with you. Still confused. Amy, aunt Alana, and the army will take care of me so don't worry. from Patrick Couch(son) facebook page on July 18 tbc
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
I know your fishin up there someone. Me and dapper and hunter will catch some for you I promise. We had a lot of people come see you today. A lot come to say goodbye. I know your watchin over me. I love you momma. Can't wait to see you again.. cont. from Patrick couch facebook post on July 18
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
Today we laid my sister to rest. Thank you to all the people who showed up to say goodbye. Valerie I didn't know you had so many friends! RIP VAL I love you always. — with Valerie Coffey. from Tony Coffey on facebook
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
Look here just for one FLIPPIN SECOND...... As soon as we ALL STOP JUDGING OUR SISTER!!!! We will be able to once again take a deep breath and feel the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! She has for years, bestowed upon us all!!! Have, take, embrace the one thing she worked so hard for!!!!! HAPPINESS!!!! PEACE!!!! LOVE!!!! — with Valerie Coffey. Amy Brossart on July 19
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
this gary valerie. I just want you to no that I love you so much and miss your more than you will ever no. You were there when i had no one else. You always made me smile cause you were my little spaz my little hippie girl. Who I will never forget. We had so many plans. They would have been great. All thats missing is you. But i no that you are with me. I just miss your smile. tbc
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
I just miss your smile. And how we would hold one another. You maybe gone but never forgotten. I love you always and forever. There will always be a place for you in my heart. Love always and forever. Gary. Good bye my love. From Gary on July 19
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
valerie i just wanted you to know that i miss you more and more everyday. You were my rock. Now i have no one. Im so mad that god took you away before your time. But maybe he needed the best angel and you are that for sure. I just miss you so much. And so does your daughter and pat and robby and your mom and your family. I love you valerie lynn coffey from tara silver on July 22
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
Hey Val I love u so very much I am so sorry that I was not there I am such a shitty Betsy I just learned the other day that you had pasted away I didn't want to believe it so today I got on my page and seen a message from u on July 14 asking why I didn't call you when I got married so I messaged u back and said I was sorry and that I still love u with all my heart tbc
Posted by Alana Thomas on 24th July 2013
and asked u to write me when u got it then I got on your page and seen that it was true I never got to say sorry and that I loved u I hope you know that no matter what happened I still love u vCard with all my heart I am so so so sad!I wish it wasn't so there are so many things I wanted to say to u and now I'll never get too I am so sorry Val! I love you so much! Trisha Jones on 7/23

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