This tribute was added by Nancy Beckett on September 26, 2020
Loved the visits we had with Val, Evan and Virgil.  She was special lady, with joy and love.  She will be missed by all.
This tribute was added by Kelley Ayres on September 23, 2020

10 years ago Val and I met when our babies were starting kindergarten. A small school were you couldn’t hide if you wanted to. I heard a laugh on that first day and thought “that mom has to be my friend”. Little did her family know they would be stuck with the Ayres family forever. Dinners that would last 7 hours, countless looks at each other while Evan and Virgil pulled something stupid or those same looks when our husbands did, endless text messages, recipe exchanges, and that laugh...that big, deep from her soul laugh. Her artful way of tossing out the F bomb at just the perfect time. The way she took care of us even when it was her going through this cancer battle. That was Val. She was simply one of the best. A little piece of our hearts are missing and our family is forever changed by her friendship. Until we meet again beautiful friend

Evan and know we are here. We will always have you. We love you guys so much! Family forever.
This tribute was added by Marianne Hernandez on September 20, 2020
I first met Val in 1993 when working at the State. She was a smart whipper snapper and so much joy to be around. We would commiserate over the usual state bureaucracy but we were happy to be there and working together. Low and behold almost 20 years later we were working together again! I swear she hadn't aged nor let the sometime drudge of work  change her joyful and optimistic countenance. She was so creative and generous always bring us special gifts from her trips. I miss her so much, hearing her laugh and her special friendship. Hugs to all!
This tribute was added by Vickie Blomquist on September 19, 2020
This is such a beautiful tribute to a down to earth, friendly, caring, sweet person that we have had the pleasure of her being a part of our Blomquist family. I am amazed how Val managed to get through the past few years holding on to the desire to remain on this earth with her family. My thoughts are with Evan and Virgil as they gather up all the wonderful years of memories with their wife and mother and how they will be sharing them as they continue on with life.
I have had a personal experience with the three of them as we stopped to have pizza together. Just the short time was enlightening and showed me how special the family was. Val, you will always be in our hearts.
This tribute was added by Victor Magistrelli on September 19, 2020
I have had the pleasure of spending time with Evan Val and Virgil over the years. I will miss Val and her infectious smile which will live on in my memory. I enjoyed visiting and have so many good memories its hard to focus on any special moment. The lemonade in knights Landing was especially fun as Evan and Val were so comfortable there life was just good. Val will live on for me not only in my memory but in Virgal. Im very sorry for this beautiful family's loss.
This tribute was added by EDNA PRIMROSE on September 11, 2020
I grew up with the Clark girls, with Denise in my class and Val in my sister's class. Val and Denise were as close as sisters could be. I don't remember a time when I didn't see Val smiling. She had this light, this way about her that would have you smiling or giggling in minutes. The last time I saw her a few years ago, she was in town and joined us for our annual Bowie girls' Oscar Showcase moviethon. She brought such good humor and fun to the day. Val was strong, a fighter, and a beautiful soul. I send you my heartfelt condolences and send my love to you and to our angel, Val.
This tribute was added by Carla Magnusson on September 11, 2020
Val, Evan and Virgil were always a joy to see with their beautiful welcoming smiles. It is hard to believe Val is no longer with us physically .
However it is easy and comforting to know we can share our wonderful memories of her and that they remain with us in our hearts.
My most vivid memories of Val are from experiences with her at Blomquist family reunions in Weed where we enjoyed her sharing in the festivities.
We were also lucky to have her visit us in Rome, Italy when she came to participate in Maren and Mat´s wedding in Tuscany. She was so happy for the opportunity to visit her Italian friends and see the sites . We feel grateful for these memories.
This tribute was added by Paul Dirksen on September 10, 2020
When Val left this world we all lost a soulful women who had an infectious smile and contagious laugh.  We remember Val for her spontaneous reactions, her love of music, family, and friends. I met Val through Evan and we have been friends for 25 years. We shared stories about children, but at very different times in our lives.  I will be forever grateful to have known Val and know how much Val meant to Evan and Virgil. Peace.
This tribute was added by Karin Lertora on September 10, 2020
I have know Val since she was a small child since her sister, Denise, has been my friend for 52 years. That’s right, I met this beautiful family a long time ago. Val had the most infectious smile and wonderful laugh. And a great sense of humor. I even lived with her one summer one she came to live in Ocean Pines, MD with her sister and me. One special visit with Val was when she and Denise had a girls’ weekend down in OC and Sue Kell (Val’s high school friend) and I all hung out together. It was definitely a special time with some wonderful women. Val will be so missed but her spirit will always be with everyone that she touched, especially her family. ❤️
This tribute was added by Carol Shipman on September 10, 2020
Beautiful is how I would describe Val. Beautiful inside and out!! I couldn’t wait to visit with her, Evan, and Virgil when planning their trip East. Late night visits and early morning coffee were the best. Years of exchanging birthday and Christmas cards , and so many pictures of
“our boys” made it feel like we were next door instead of across the country. Fond memories will always be close at heart. God Speed my West coast friend and cousin ❤️
This tribute was added by Mindy Compton Sideris on September 10, 2020
Thinking and praying for all of the Shipman family today. I am so deeply sorry for your huge loss, and I pray that Val's memory be forever eternal. 

For Virgil: I am always here for you, for whatever you need. Please always know that. Once your teacher, always your teacher. Whether it's math, science, or just another person to talk to... I'm here. Sending so much love and strength your way.  Love, Ms. Sideris
This tribute was added by Joanne Wellman on September 9, 2020
Val was a beautiful human being- kind, thoughtful, generous, upbeat, and oh so caring. When we first started working in the same office together at CDPH almost 10 years ago, we knew each other a little through our mutual friend, Nancy Guenther. It wasn’t long after she started working in the office, I had cancer surgery and had to take off a month from work. To help me out, she started a sign-up sheet for co-workers in the office to drop off food for me at my home. I will never forget what a selfless act that was. While our work took us to different programs within the department not long after that, we would meet for lunch on occasion and talk about our issues, what was going on politically, and have some laughs. She loved talking about Virgil and Evan. We managed to extend our 1-hour lunches to at least 1 ½ hours, as there was much to discuss! On one occasion, she gave me a book by Rick Steves, because she knew how passionate I was about traveling. The periods in between our lunches, I would receive detailed, lengthy and newsy emails about her life, which I always looked forward to reading. And I always looked forward to getting the holiday picture every year of her, Virgil and Evan. Oh, how I will miss her and her beautiful smile. RIP Val. And rest assured I will continue the cancer fight for you.❤️

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