And if and when he passes from this place,one thing I think we’ll all know is that his legacy is one that will linger on throughout the ages.
  • 75 years old
  • Born on August 3, 1941 in Texarkana, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on August 5, 2016 in Downey, California, United States.

We wish to acknowledge the many expressions of love, concern, and compassion, from friends and loved ones during this time of bereavement. Words cannot express the strength you have given us during these most difficult of times. Van's loving spirit will continue to live on in us all. 

Please feel free to view Van's memorial video shown during the funeral. You can view the memorial video on this website under gallery followed by video.


-The Coleman Family 

Posted by Bonnie Coleman on 3rd August 2018
Of course I celebrate thoughts, memories, love of Van as I celebrate my son's (his nephew ) birthday. I think of Van often, miss him greatly but am soothed by the love, kindness and yes sometimes tuff love he spread to all of his family, his neighbors, and colleagues. Just look at his and Dorothy's children, grandchildren and now great grandchild to understand this man. Sending my love to the family. Bonnie Coleman
Posted by Janis Pittman on 3rd August 2018
Hello Dorothy, Wilson and I will forever miss Van. We really enjoyed celebrating all your very special family celebrations Please stay in touch. We miss you and your family.
Posted by Douglass Coleman on 25th October 2016
Tuff Love My dad is the eldest of the Coleman Brothers. Anyone who knows us knows you had to be strong to grow up with a Coleman daddy! Coleman daddies have high expectations, they are intimidating and they don't miss anything! The same way Van is forever part of the law enforcement community, my father is forever part of the Civil Rights community. Different strategies, but both with an unshakable faith in humanity's ability to rise. You have to be tough with one of these Coleman daddies! Old fashioned butt wuppins were always on deck when necessary("you better not fall asleep with that thumb in your mouth Jason!")! Texarkana, Olila's house, maybe 1975. Van sets me squarely in his gaze, he caught me looking wistfully at dessert(they don't miss nuthin!). I was paralyzed with fear. My parents were ahead of the curve on parts of the health kick: sodas, candy & Mickey Dees were never in my reach. "Don't even THINK about any dessert!" Van boomed. "Don't even THINK about eating your dessert, till you've finished your fried chicken." Not a bad deal after all! Discipline, sure, tough love, high expectations? Definitely. But the rewards lord! The rewards! Great role models for Derrick & I, and one day......? Thanks for the Tuff Love Van, Dad, Junior
Posted by Trish Aultman on 31st August 2016
Posted by Ernest Foster on 21st August 2016
Mrs. Coleman and Family, We were so sorry to hear of your loss. We want you to know that our hearts are with you and yours during this difficult time. May our Great God continue to bless and keep you during your time of healing. Ernest & Tinker Foster Powder Springs, GA
Posted by Cedric Mckinney on 19th August 2016
With my deepest sympathy....Van was truly a loving caring,giving and caring person.He would always make you feel comfortable no matter who you were.He will truly be missed.....Be encouraged Dorthy and family .May God strengthen you....Love you cousin Cedric Teresa and family.
Posted by Jean Reyes-Washington on 19th August 2016
I was introduced to Van by my cousin Dorothy before they were married in early 1960's when Dorothy was a student and Van was a security officer at Cal State L.A., Van helped to put joy in a lot of peoples lives including mine and he will be thoroughly missed. I still can't believe that the Lord has called him home. I love you all. Jean, Joe Washington
Posted by Samuel Smith on 15th August 2016
Dear Jason: Sorry for your Loss. May God comfort you. Love Mrs Beverly Clark
Posted by Janis Pittman on 15th August 2016
My husband and I grew to be very close with Dorothy and Van especially after I retired 37 years of teaching at Fremont High School with Dorothy in 2007. We've shared birthdays with Van and especially enjoyed the celebration of their 50th anniversary in Dallas Fort Worth at the Embassy Suites. Van and Dorothy loved to celebrate special occasions in a big way with a lot of style and class. I especially remember the beautiful wedding celebration for their daughter. We will greatly miss Van's cooking and love of life , family and his friends. Please know that we will remain even closer to Dorothy always. We love this beautiful family. Yours truly, Janis and Wilson Pittman
Posted by Bonnie Coleman on 9th August 2016
Van was my brother in law. Although my marriage to his older brother only lasted 5 years, my relationship with the family has lasted a life time. Van, Dorothy, their children and grandchildren have always included me into the warmth, love and support of the family. Van told me that although his brother and I had divorced, I was not divorced from the family. His humor, thoughtfulness, kindness and sometimes "tough love" will be a part of me forever. While we suffer from his loss, we are constantly enriched by the amazing children that he and Dorothy help give the world.
Posted by Joyce Talmachoff on 9th August 2016
We have been neighbors/friends with the Coleman family for over 40 years. Van was a very caring person and deeply respected by everyone who knew him. We often chatted when I walked my dog and he was watering or working in the front yard. We will miss him so much and feel blessed to have shared so many wonderful memories. My deepest sympathy to the Coleman family. He was truly loved! Joyce and Mary

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